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The awesome panel that Greg Weisman did during MechaCon 9 :) Watch to find about the next Gathering of the Gargoyles in the CONvergence convention! Also, a lot of Gargoyles stuff, and some personal stuffs :)

Hey! Greg has a new book coming out! It's called Rain of the Ghosts, and you can get it from right here: . If the first 2 books do well, we'll get a whole series :D

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MsMoon wishes her mum a happy birthday, references the recent trip to MechaCon 9, fangirls over Greg Weisman, Power Rangers, & Bulk and Skull, and gives a few details about the upcoming NaNoWriMo trials :)



Please, please, please get a copy of Greg Weisman's new book!



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MsMoon takes some time to reminisce with an old friend :3 There's fond memories, and cool throw backs for all the kiddies to look up :)

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MM wishes her dad a happy birthday! Accompanying those birthday wishes are new news, random creepy owls, and a rant about Disney and the series Gargoyles :3 Please do enjoy.

Fighting Distractions

2010-Jul-17, Saturday 10:53 pm
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Yeah, I keep meaning to write a blog entry and then...I keep getting distracted or not caring or having something else to do...hate that. And for some odd reason, my Twitter posts haven't been posting <..< hm.

So...what’s new? Well. Paid for tuition at school. Never thought I’d spend so much money on something that wasn’t an electronic o..o’

I kid you not, I just started typing this and then immediately got distracted -..-

Anyway! Yeah...paid for tuition.

Also, my laptop, Makoto? Yeah, it’s sort of gone down for the count. It kept shutting itself off for no reason. I assumed it was that it had somehow over heated and just needed to cool of...but then, the other day, it shut down and started making this very weird buzzing noise in a repetitive almost beep-beep-beep- fashion -..- Bub seems to think it may just be that the fan in it has broken and it’s not turning on until that’s fixed. I’m hoping that he’s right...and that it isn’t too much to actually fix it. We both laughed about the irony. Just about to start school next month and the laptop dies. And I am very unwilling to actually bring it in to be fixed until I’ve bought the books I’ll need for this semester. And no one seems to know what books I’ll need or when I’ll be told what books I’ll need. I’m hoping that is what orientation on the 10th is for.

Oh yeah! Bub is visiting us again. He just moved into a new apartment, but he has literally nothing to put in it as he’s been rooming in a single room no bigger than the size of my guest bedroom. So he came over to stock up. Luckily, Contact was on my Netflix queue, and we just got through watching it. A thoroughly engaging movie if ever there was one. I absolutely loved it :)

Also, I joined a group on FaceBook called
Make a REAL “Gargoyles” movie, Disney!. They say that Disney is looking at making a live action Gargoyles movie...but isn’t basing it at all in or from the old show. So, they’ve given out work addresses and asked fans to write in, with a polite tone, notifying the higher ups on the projects that the original show is what we love. I fully believe this, so I have written up two letters to go to both of the addresses they’ve given us. I really hope they listen to us about this too. It wasn’t too long ago that The Last Airbender disappointed its fan base so horribly, and a few people had mentioned that it was kind of why they were glad no one had tried that with Gargoyles. Kind of ironic really. If they do move ahead with this project, I really hope they realize the gold mine they’ve been sitting on and take cues from the fans.

That’s really all that’s going on...I still haven’t filmed anything new. I really just haven’t been able to force myself to do so. But, maybe I’ll get around to it later on. I did do 4 videos all in one week, so that should buy me some time...least-ways, that’s my opinion of it all.

Well, it’s pretty late and I have to wake up early for church tomorrow. I’ll write later.


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6-21-2007, Thursday 5:10 / 4:10c pm

Wow. What a long and tiresome trip. Though, I must say, it was quite enjoyable towards the end. After the first four hours, I got so bloody exhausted the giggles set in. I was still dreadfully tired, but Mom and I took turns driving. I drove from 10 to 12, and Mom said she couldn’t sleep and would rather drive. So, I tried to sleep and failed miserably. I ended up staying awake to talk to Mom and keep her awake. I ended up driving again from 3:30 to 6 ...or 7...considering that we did loose an hour when we crossed the time zone.

We picked up Jen (my Twin-san) and headed to McDonalds for breakfast. Then we made her drive the rest of the way. My God...such an excruciating task. Driving 4 hours, insanely giddy from not sleeping at all in the past 24 hours, getting more and more car sick but the miles just keep stretching on. We finally got here around 11:30 and while our room was empty, it wasn’t clean. So we waited 45 minutes till it was ready. Gotta say...this hotel has been a tad on the weird side. Forget the fact that there’s some major construction going on in the lobby, but when Mom went to check in and get the key, she mentioned to the front desk man that we had Jacuzzi and he offered to “help us test it out”…*fake laugh* no.

When we finally got to our room, which is on the 3rd floor, and hanging right over the pool, we unpacked a bit. Then we headed to Wal-Mart to buy things we’d need (disposable coffee cups, paper plates, cups, food stuffs, etc).I also managed to get some post cards to send to everyone back home.

So now, we’re just relaxing...occasionally watching Retrace & snacking. That’ll be all for tonight...I hope.

6-23-2007, Saturday 11:43 pm

Wow. You know, we haven’t been half as busy as we could’ve been, and yet I still haven’t written much of anything. First off I have to say…this hotel is just weird. Not only are their cracks in the balcony above us (causing rain to trickle down onto our balcony from those cracks, but Jen says she only walks around barefoot in the hotel room and her feet are black. And that’s not even mentioning what happened late Thursday night. We were getting ready for bed, and Mom had decided to let us have the king size bed and she’d take the sofa sleeper. Well first off, we couldn’t get the sleeper out of the sofa =..= So, we call for help down to the front desk and a nice chinese man comes up, takes a look around and says “I know this room. Hole in couch.” There is a hole in the back of our couch, and a tiny pointy metal thing sticks out of it! He asked for a towel, and put the towel over the whole and told us not to movie it….O..O Que? Later we found out that the toaster and blow dryer didn’t work either. Then my cousin Faren comes over, and he’s a builder, and he says this place looks like it’s about to fall apart...great. Oh well. On to the good (no great!) parts of the convention.

Friday was easy-going. I think I woke up around 8, but I didn’t actually get up till 9. Our first panel was at 11, so we didn’t need to hurry. We went to FanFic 101 with Kathy Pagge. There might’ve been 12 people there. It was a great panel and I recorded it with Zeis, learning to use my fanny pack as a base for the camera.

There are 30 minute breaks between the panels. So we went to the room for food. Then we attended a “Grimorum Making” panel. It was actually some artists/art students showing us how to make books. They’re usually used as sketch books, but you can use them as “convention books” or anything else. It was a lot of fun because everyone’s so relaxed and fun.

There was a long break between then and the “Opening Ceremonies” which was fun, if slightly excruciating. They usually have a projection screen, but this time they only had a big screen TV…of course that meant if you were sitting anywhere behind the 3rd row, you were unable to see said TV. So we all stacked our chairs on the sides of the room and sat on the floor. Jen and I kept having our legs fall asleep, even though we were on the front row. They showed us the original preview for Gargoyles given to the press when Disney decided to go ahead with the show, and they had the volume up really really loud to mimic the effect it had on the reporters. There was a lot of crashing and roaring, and when the lights came on and Greg Wiseman started out with “So...” I said “What?!”. My ears were still ringing slightly @..@ But he went on to tell us that all of the reporters had kids and Disney was releasing this ‘kids show’ that looked and sounded very scary. So the obvious question was, ‘What type of kid show is this.’ …the obvious reply was ‘It’s better than Barney ^..^ Very cool.

We were also shown the preview for Bad Guys and an Atlantis/Gargoyles crossover...and we were assured that the comic book would be a continuation of the Gargoyles series, with Pendragon, Timedancer and Bad Guys to follow. That will be something to look forward to. I’ve already bought the 4 issues of the Gargoyles comic that are out, so I can’t want to see everything else. There was so much discussed at the Opening Ceremonies, but I only taped the first part of it, because I knew a lot of it was ‘off limits’. Jen got up and just left because her legs were killing her. I followed not too long after because they didn’t last too much longer.

Now today was much the same...till evening. We attending “From Fan to Pro with Karine Charlebois. That was interesting but really better for artists. After that was “World Building” with Daroneasa, which was very fun. We all talked with her about building the worlds in our story from the ground up; everything from society to religion to families. It was great. But it only lasted till 3, so we headed back to our room. Mom and my cousins (who’d come down from their place to go sight seeing with Mom) wanted to go to the Aquarium, but they decided to wait till later because it doesn’t close till 11.

So, Jen called her boyfriend and told him about what we’d been up to. She eventually got around to telling him that I’d purchased some swords from a place called China Bazaar, and he told her that was what he wanted as a souvenir. So we headed back (and I bought a couple other things). Then we got back and went to the Aquarium. Well, we went to Gatlinburg and ate first. Then we went to the Aquarium. Twas fun, but my legs and feet were killing me. I bought Jen and me some sea turtle souvenirs.

We went back through Gatlinburg, and she got us these things from Kilwin’s...they’re rice crispie treats on a stick, dunked first in caramel then in chocolate and laced with darker chocolate. ...her Mom calls them sex-on-a-stick. We also stopped at a little shop called Lavis Jewelry that had these really cool fairies. I bought a mage-looking fairy with a crescent moon staff, and Jen bought a hanging fairy holding a hatching dragon, it’s just like the one I got for Reiko last Christmas. She said that she has a lot of dragon figures, and it wouldn’t make sense to just buy a fairy. There were some lovely dragons that both of us loved, but the smallest was $50 and the price kept going up from there O..O

6-24-2007, Sunday

Wow. What a busy day. Evidently the Radio play was pretty awesome last night (or maybe it was the blue mug..yeah, definitely the blue mug ^..^). Our first pane of Costume Tip Trading with Jennifer Anderson …turned into Costume Tip Trading with Lynati. I don’t know where the head of the panel was, but she couldn’t make it so Lynati (who’s a veteran of Gargoyles everything) took over and answered questions and included everyone. It was great…but I’m not into the costume thing. I thought Jen would enjoy it though, since she likes to cosplay a lot.

Next we went to Gargoyles Physiology & Culture, and that was headed by Greg Weisman, Lynati and Jade Griffin. That was only getting good towards the end, and then we had to leave because we were dying of hunger. But I did manage to tape all of what we did see. So that was good. I’m not so crazy about evolution, so the whole first part about their actual biology and how they may’ve evolved wasn’t thrilling. But to see Greg Weisman light up while discussing Gargoyles culture was great. It’s funny too, because he’s not an expert in biology and such so he’d ask Lynati and Jade Griffin questions like “Would that be possible?” or “This is how I see it, tell me if I’m right in my layman’s terms.” It was really great.

We had wanted to go to the Bad Guys panel that was going to be a showcase for the upcoming Bad Guys comic, but we ended up being late, and then decided we’d rather not disturb them and walk in right in the middle. That was a bit of a bummer, but hey, we had to get food @..@

The Banquet was fun. We had one of the girls who joined the “Order of the Phoenix Gate” sitting at our table. Turns out, Thom Adcox had decided to get a tattoo after one of his panels. Well the people in the panel were like “What’re you doing now Thom?” and he said “I’m going to get a tattoo.” So they all went and got the same tattoo of the phoenix gate. The girls got it on the small of their backs and the guys got it on their bicep except for Thom who got it on his ankle. It was pretty sweet. I have to say, that’d be one awesome tattoo to get, and I don’t even like tattoos that much. *shrugs*. After seeing that, Jen was itching to go out and get a tattoo. I think she must’ve thought about it the whole time we were at the table ^..^ I don’t even know the names of the people at my table, but they were all cool. There was one girl that actually had a tattoo of wings coming out from her shoulder blades. That was uber leet as well. The only thing that was annoying was that there was one girl (whom I shall not name) who kept barraging the guests with questions, mostly about Puck and all running together. At one point I leaned over and said “Maybe one of us should ask what Puck’s favorite color is before she gets the chance to ask another 3 questions.” It was annoying, but funny at the same time.

We headed to the room again for the break between things, and a storm cropped up. It wasn’t mush, just a bit of rain with high winds and thunder and lightning. Of course, this hotel is so shoddy that the door started shaking. Jen was on the phone with her boyfriend, and she was laying on one side of our king size bed while I was on the other side writing post cards. The wind kicked up, and suddenly she’s launched herself into my lap O..O Twas amusing. Then she says to her boyfriend that “It’s like a hurricane outside!” and I’m like “Turst me, hon. This is not hurricane worthy ^..^” That made it even funnier.

The Masquerade was fun, but shorter than I thought it’d be. We did get there early, just to make sure we’d have good seats. Of course, Jen’s camera died 3 seconds into the whole thing =..= Oh, and of course, we were sitting in front of a lot of uber leet people, and I was too paralyzed to introduce myself. I just figured I’d be bothering them. I mean, they came to have fun at the gathering, not be pestered by some fangirl . So, I held my tongue and place and just watched the Masquerade. I tell you what, they had a lot of really nice dresses on the contestants (that I’d never have the courage to wear), but the Gargoyle that won for best in show was just awesomeness on a stick. And they had a lady that was a “Belly Dancing Fae” and let me tell you, she could really belly dance well for a lady her age. I hope I have that much control over my body in 20 years =..= She was awesomeness. It really made me want to get those belly-dancing pants that I’d see in the dealers room too. But alas, my Jen had inquired about them and the lady had only brought one. Anyway, after the awards were given out, we left. We’re not good dancers (or minglers evidently >..<).

Oh yeah, speaking of the Dealers room, we had so much fun there (and I spent a lot of money there). I bought 2 chain-mail bracelets from Vox, a ‘sea horse’ painting from kth-dragon, and a fairy painting for Jen. It’s really great to buy from artists directly, because they’re always so happy that you’re buying from them. We spend a lot of time there just talking and hanging out. There was a beautiful replica of the Phoenix gate that was a necklace, and I really wanted it, but it was up for auction, and we weren’t staying that long, and I didn’t have the money for it anyway. The artist alley was pretty cool too. I recognized a lot of stuff from artists I've admired for such a long time. It's a little sad that this is our last day too. On one hand I really wish I could stay, but I know it's not at all practical. Ah well. Such is life I suppose.

6-25-2007, Monday

Probably the most miserable day, but only because I get so car sick and we were traveling all damn day. We decided to leave that morning, if only because we had spent so much money and we just really needed to get home. So, we left around 10 that morning, after loading the car down with all our crap + all the crap we bought ^..^ We headed to Gatlinburg as a favor for a friend. Lori had given me money to buy her some wine. It’s her favorite and it’s only sold in that area. So we go and find it…and they don’t have it. It wouldn’t be ready for two more weeks. Le sigh. It would’ve been a total loss except that we saw a pet store right next door, and the owner had her pets in the store with her. I love those types of shops. I got myself a Doxxie shirt, and I think Jen got herself a English Bulldog shirt, pen and bookmark...she and I are such dorks. We’re not even dog owners yet! But anyway.

We drove for hours till we finally got to Atlanta. Jen drove the whole way (thank God). And we ended up leaving Atlanta right in the middle of rush hour traffic. We were not happy campers. It took us about an hour to 45 minutes to get out of Atlanta. Just down-town Atlanta, not the whole city, mind you. I think we left around 3:30 or 4ish, and Mom drove for a while, but she wasn’t feeling great. I was borderline panic-attacking, so I just laid back and tried to relax. We pulled off around 5 to go to the bathroom and get some nachos and cheese (gotta have the basics), and I took over driving. I drove from 5 to 11 that night, and we were about 60 miles away from New Orleans when we pulled over to get gas. Mom took over after that, and I just stayed up to keep her company and talk. We got home around 12:30ish a.m. I think I showered, and then went to sleep. We woke up…I think at 12 p.m. We were unpacked and happy…even if the day was very short. I guess it made up for the day before that was so damn loooong.

That has been my gathering experience. I enjoyed it if only because I got to spend a lot of time with Jen. Spending tons of money on cool swag was fun too ^..~

Harvest Moon

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What a whirl wind of a week, and I tell you what. Monday was us all looking forward to Tuesday because we all had Mardi Gras off and all. Mom and Dad’s anniversary was the 20th, but Dad had to be driven to work in Sabine Pass on the 21st, so instead of driving out there early in the morning and Mom having to drive all the way back with little sleep, they drove up there on the 20th (their 25th anniversary) and got a hotel in Sabine Pass. Mom called me laughing about how they got a room in the biggest hotel in the city. It had a whole 30 rooms! Man, Dad sure knows how to show Mom a good time -.- At least he takes her places…

Before they left for the hotel we had our whole family breakfast and I had to help them set up Mom’s gift. Dad got Mom just what she wanted, a GPS for her car ^__^ …then he broke the stand that it’s supposed to go on later in the day, but still! It’s the thought that counts right? We watched Smoke & The Bandit 1, 2 and 3…quite the trip, I’ll tell you that. The third one was almost risky and raunchy...I mean, I know they felt they had to try harder since Burt Reynolds wasn’t in it but for a minute, but do they really need to show/imply all that sex and have all the naked people running around. I’m trying to watch this with my parents people! (it almost sounds like I’m the parents and I’m saying “I’m trying to watch this with my kids!” or something).

One good thing that came of Mardi Gras holiday...I was bored and I wanted a Moolate. But I knew I’d end up committing justifiable homicide if I even tried to get out into traffic. So, I pulled out the coffee icecream I bought for myself, some milk, chocolate syrup, ice, and hazelnut cream, put it all (carefully) in my bullet blender and I’ll be dad-gum if I didn’t make myself a Moolate! It tasted so frikkin good. So, then I was like “Hm, if I could get some whipped cream and chocolate turtle and caramel to go on top, this could be the best damn snack ever!” You know what I need to do? I need to go to Dairy Queen and ask what type of shavings they put on the Hazelnut Moolate. If they ask why I want to know, I’ll say that I have allergies and I want to make sure it isn’t anything that’d aggravate my allergies =^.^= Hee! I might be able to start my own thing whenever friends get together! MM Moolaties

Ok, enough diabolical planning. Oh, Yesterday was rough. I didn’t get to sleep till late, and what’s worse I was watching the X-files. So, I’m alone in my house, I’ve over-dosed on WoW, X-files and sugar…yeah. I was up till like 1 and even then, my deams were wonky. I dreamed there were all these little gargoyle statues in my room, and every time I’d go to sleep they’d come alive and make a mess all over the house. Then I’d wake up and they’d be back where they were as if nothing’d happened, but the mess would still be there! It was so aggravating.

Later, after having a panic attack and crashing at work (not a good combination, I assure you =_=), I was relieved to get home. Mom had gotten home safely too. We talked for a bit, and then just as I was about to shower, I got a call from Reiko. She was coming from her boyfriend’s house, and he was being an ass. She wanted to know if she could come and hang out and watch movies or whatever. I hurried up and changed into something comfortable, then I started making Moolates ^.^ Reiko drank all of hers in less than 20 minutes O.o So yea, I got the Reiko seal of approval on the Moolates. Mom said they were awesome too, but she can’t take that much sugar. But, since Reiko was having romantic troubles, I put on Pride & Prejudice; the ultimate romantic movie for those with romantic troubles. She thought it was great, especially since she’d never heard of the book. I was shocked to hear that, but then it’s another testament to our fine schools -_-‘ Then she realized the time and knew I was getting up uber-early, so she went ahead and left. Twas fun to rewatch P&P with her giddy excitement close by though…though, I’ve yet to have a bad experience watching P&P. It’s just good like that.

Today hasn’t been much. Work was work and it just dragged by. People’s kids seem to be having serious problems though. Lacey’s son Trystin had fractured his collarbone a few months back after taking a spill on his motor bike…today he was complaining about how it hurt him, and Lacey’s dad called to say that he had taken yet another spill on his bike. Lacey says Trystin isn’t the type that complains about things, so if he does start complaining it means he’s really hurting. Nicole’s youngest, Maddy, had come down with the flue over the weekend, but she was able to recover. She said she didn’t have a fever, so she went of to school (even though Nicole objected). But last night her oldest girl, Morgan, ran 103 fever and was miserably sick.

...well, there’s not much else to talk about and Supernatural will be on soon. That’s reason enough for me to go ahead and close out. Later, sunshines!



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First thing’s first…

Vote for me!

Gosh...I sure do know how to disappear don’t I? Well, it takes time and energy to read LJ Idol posts. Oh! And the marvelous C.S. Hayden posted another chapter of Koiji! Totally rocked my socks and I’ve read over it 3 times already ^___^ ! God, I hope it’s not long before the next one! I wanna see Kirin (or Ari-chan, or Kai-sama, or hell even Master Setsu and the hatchlings) whip Happa’s tail! He’s the type of male that really puts a bad name on the sex. It’s like he’s personally defeated when Ari-chan chooses someone else, and what does he do? He takes it out on Kirin! It’s not Kirin’s fault Happa wasn’t chosen (well, maybe partially his fault, but still, his attitude could be better). He doesn’t even notice Galena, who’s obviously lonely from lack of attention. It’s like, there are more females than males…it’s not like you don’t have others you can consider. And it’s not like you’ve gone out of your way to make her feel like you’re interested in her. Geeze!….ok, enough ranting about fan fiction =.= I promise.

Work’s been draining too. I had sugar crashes two days out of this week and ended up going through work like a veritable zombie. D-Monthly is over for the month, thank you God. The nurses and my mom both think I’m anemic because I take two B12 complex pills every morning and have been for four months now, and it does absolutely nothing for me. The nurses suggested taking iron supplements, but mom’s afraid it’ll make my joints swell up (which is what happens to her when she takes them). But at some point you just gotta risk it, you know? It’s either that, or I should start taking something specifically for energy. As it is, I take the two B12’s, C, E, Fish Oil, and Clairton D every morning. Oh, but to report some good work news, they now have Barq’s Root Beer in the vending machine downstairs ^__________^ So happy!

Now for stories from work. Yesterday, Karen (office manager down-stairs) loaned us both Taylor Hicks and Katherine Mcphee’s CDs. We listened to Taylor’s and all agreed that it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been and we hoped the next one would be better...Then we put in Katherine’s…At first it was like, “Hmm. It’s good…but it sounds like other people. Like not original. That one sounds kinda Christina-ish, and that one’s a bit Britney-ish...but none of it is really original.” Then came the song Open Toes. O….M…..G…..We had such fun with this song. Ok, so evidently it’s about her open toed shoes right? Well she says she’s got to have them when she goes out at night because “Them boys, they like them open toes.” And I turned to Lacey and said, “I’m sorry, did she say ‘Open Toes’ or ‘Open Hoes’?” So now, it has been christened Katherine’s Open Hoes song. We laugh every time someone brings it up.

Another amusing anecdote: Lacey asked a few minutes ago “So, Mardi Gras is on a Tuesday right?” and I was like “OMG, you did not just ask me that.” And she was like “I haven’t looked at the calendar! I don’t know!” and I’m like “Lacey…Mardi Gras if French for Fat Tuesday…” /insert giggle-fit here. That was just priceless.

Speaking of Mardi Gras, I searched online for the local parades, and printed out a new calendar for the month at work so that everyone would know when and where the parades were rolling. I also went through my uber-calendar that I keep in my purse which has the holidays on it. I used it as a reference and put the holidays where they go. Then I updated vacations and who was going to be off when. My nerd points increased once I finished ^.^

Ooooh…thank God it’s Friday. Even if there’s supposed to be rain and parades. I’ve never been much of a parade person. The only thing I enjoy about Mardi Gras would be the king cakes ^.^ I haven’t had the chance to get one, but I’m hoping since I got paid today I’ll be able to. Oh happy day.

Well...I guess I’ll be heading back to work. Later, Sunshines.


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M is for Magnificent

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Harvest Moon

PS: I <3 Yong!

Fixing and Gathering

2007-Jan-03, Wednesday 04:43 pm
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Today on my lunch break, I went ahead and called the geeks over at Best Buy just like linuXman said to do. He said they’re the cheapest in town and all. It costs $199 for them to remove a virus from your computer…$199! I mean, OMG, if they’re the cheapest, I’d hate to see the most expensive! I went onto Yellow Book and printed out a list of computer service and repair places in the area. I’m thinking of calling around and asking them their prices too just in case.

Oh, also, an update on the Gathering Convention comingum in June. I was talking with my Mom and I decided to reserve rooms for the 21th – 26th of June so that gives us plenty of time to arrive and loung about before leaving. She then told me that Dad had told her to go ahead and put the ammount of the rooms on their credit card and that’d be my early birthday present…omgsquee, anyone? That has to be the coolest thing every. In fact, I think I’ve pretty much decided to pay them back a little with that...because it may just be too much O.o Or maybe I’ll just pay for all of our eats and such on the trip. We’ll see what we work out.

Also, Nicole announced that she’s throwing Mrs. Mary (her mother-in-law) a birthday party this Saturday. She invited all of us to come and said something about it being an all-girl party and such. That sounds like fun. Heck, any reason to celebrate would be a great idea if you ask me. We aren’t offered that many chances to do so in life so we should take them as they come. So Saturday, I will be heading over to Nicole’s place for the party...if I can find it...

That’s all for now. Here’s to hoping someone can fix AMOS cheaply -.- Ja. 

You Are Vixen

Sexy and sultry, you're the one all the other reindeer dream about.

Why You're Naughty: That fur pulling spat you got into with Dancer over Santa.

Why You're Nice: Because even when you're nice, you're still delightfully naughty!



Harvest Moon

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Beware, for I am: Giddy Giddy

Allrighty! So Chibi just left for church. We had a good visit considering we were pressed for time. I have so much work to do. I let her go through my DVD turny-thing and pick out the DVDs that she hasn't seen, right? Well I've made a list of all the ones and here it is!

So yeah....We didn't really accomplish much. I did show Chibi The Soup! That was a lot of fun...even if she didn't understand what the heck they were talking about. She doesn't watch much American Television after all. Oh, and we finally got to break in The Movie Journal. Movies are such a bit part of what goes on at a Sloths Con that I got us a little journal called The Movie Journal. It has a place to write reviews of movies, to mark favorites and who's favorite and what they liked, and who's borrowing what movie from whom and all that. It's really neat. I was thinking, once we're through with it, we can take the stuff we like out of it and just make a thingy out of it ourselves. That'd be cool!

In other totally unrelated news; I've just now found out that the Gathering of the Gargoyles will be held June 22-26, 2007, at the Grand Resort Hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I called Mom and Dad and asked if they'd seen it since they're in Pigeon Forge and all. Dad's all but sure they have and it's right across from their hotel, but Mom says he's full of hot air and she's seen no such creature. Either way, Mom's all for going to that convention, too. It makes me all the more giddy for MechaCon, which is fast approaching! I just can’t wait! I'm sure I'm setting myself up to be disappointed somehow, but I really can't help it. At the very least, I'll be staying at a wonderful hotel that's not too far away, and I'll have all the access to anime paraphernalia that a girl could want. ^_______^

Oh, also, Chibi left her Firefly over here. Not that I mind at all. I love Firefly. But I'd borrowed it for a month and had it all ready to be sent back and given it to her and she forgot. Oh well. She borrowed my Daria DVDs so it's ok I guess....still. Oh! Chibi! How about for our birthdays I get you Serenity and you get me Firefly!........of course, that totally takes away from the surprise of things....but who needs surprises?!

Oh well. I need to go shower. I'm tired...I didn't get the chance to sloth around all afternoon or take a nap or anything. So later, Mina-san.

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PS: It's raining again! Yatta!!!!

Summer Cleaning

2006-Jun-03, Saturday 09:46 pm
msmoon: (Gargoyles - Ooooo)

Beware, for I am: Productive Productive

Well today was a good day. Woke up to an empty house (I love it when I have the house all to myself), then after breakfast, I started cleaning. I managed to get my closet (or at least the bottom of it) all sorted out so it doesn’t look like a dumping ground. I also cleaned up the rest of the room, though it’s not as clean as I’d like. I’ve still got tomorrow though. I’m hoping to finally get some of those bins to go under my bed. The last ones we got were too big and wouldn’t fit. I now know that anything over 9 inches high is too tall. But the ones we did get have made my closet look nice, so that’s something. I put my fabric that’d been overflowing from my old sewing kit into one and the left-over batting I have in the other. Next I’ll work on moving the books I want under my bed and getting my movie closet sorted out nicely. But for now, I’m going to go shower and then continue watching Firefly as I it’s the only other thing I’ve been doing all day. Later!



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PS: I just found out the next Gathering of the Gargoyles will be held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. My Mom loves Tennessee and I love Gargoyles! This is a perfect excuse to take a trip! And since it’s in 2007, I’ll have plenty of time to save!

A very pleasant day

2006-Feb-17, Friday 11:44 pm
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Well today was a rush. I actually was busy all the way till lunch. Then...well, I was just as busy after lunch too. Mostly typing stuff, copying some stuff, and staying on the phones and such. Oh! I did do one fax. I love faxing. To me it’s fun. And I could totally kick myself because I forgot to bring in my time sheet for the staffing place. I was in such a hurry /rolls eyes. I’ll have to try and get it to them tomorrow...or something. I dunno. Oh, and I also learned that they do casual Fridays. I wish someone would’ve told me that before I dressed up. But I suppose it can’t really be helped.

Yesterday, Mom had called and said that the pork chops that she’d planned to cook were bad, and that she didn’t know what to fix. She’d already fixed smothered potatoes and green beans, but she didn’t have any ideas for the main course. So, I offered to get some Poppy’s fried chicken for us. She liked that because it meant she didn’t have to cook anything last-minute! Whenever I request a 2-peice white meat over there, they give me a breast, a wing and a drum stick...doesn’t really make sense, but that’s me requesting a 2 piece and they’re giving me three. So, I ate the wing and leg and had the breast today at work. It was so good. Sometimes they just cook it so well.

There was a small lull at work around 2, and I took that time to check LJ and then sneak over to [profile] bri_chan’s deviant art page. She had some new stuff. Her Alice in Wonderland art is amazing. You can see her love for the characters showing through. And the picture of Sata and Brooklyn with their wing talons clasped /sigh so sweet...I’m still not quite sure what I think of the mansion maid...but still it’s very well done. I almost expected to see some Bambi art after her last post. Her ‘review’ of the movie only reinforces the want to buy the DVD too. And now that I’m making money, I can actually start getting stuff off of that enormous wish list of mine.

Oh also, I was reading over my Writer’s Digest during my lunch break. I have 3 of them all piled up that I haven’t been paying attention to for a while, and I figure since I’m stuck here anyway I might as well read them. I’ve been wanting to, I just never seemed to find the motivation to actually sit and read them. Anyway, I came across the whole writer’s digest book club offer, and I thought, “Hmm...that might actually be fun.” So I’ve decided to join. You get 3 books free for buying one for $19.98, and that isn’t a bad deal at all. And besides that, you don’t have to purchase anything afterwards...though it’s more than likely that I will be purchasing a few things /grin. I just never figured that I would join a book club. I mean, it’s one of those things you think about and say ‘yeah maybe someday’ or ‘that might be fun to do later’ but I’m actually gonna be able to do it now. I find it slightly thrilling...then I remind myself that I’m all excited about joining a book club, and I tell myself to get over it. I think I’ll wait till my second pay period though...I’m still not sure what my checks should look like, so I don’t want to risk spending too much on other stuff.

One thing’s for sure; if my next pay check is big, I will be paying my insurance in advance. I want to get that out of the way. I’ve always been the type; I want to pay my bills as early as possible so that I don’t have to worry about them till the next time I have to pay them. Then I can divide up the rest of my check into savings, checkings of the fun fund /wiggles eyebrows.

I remember the last time Dad and I went to the movies I told him, “When I get a good paying job, I’m gonna wait till I’ve paid my bills, then I’m gonna get a $50 gift card to AMC for myself! That way, if ever I want to go see a movie, I’ll have the ability to do so.” Now I’m kinda like, “ that really so important?” I know the answer is no, because it’s not really important. I don’t need to have a huge AMC gift card in order to survive and be sane. But it’s kinda like accomplishment thing...that’ll probably be something that I’ll be doing with my second pay check. So what does that leave us? So far the list is;

1. Join the Writer’s Digest book club.
2. Get $50 AMC gift card.

...And the rest can be tithed and saved for whatever may be coming down the road I suppose.

Gosh this entry turned out to be long. Probably because most of it was written up at work when there was nothing to do. I’ve tried to keep from bouncing around and yet still touch on all the subjects I wanted to talk about.

Oh, another thing that I wanted to mention. I’d really love it if I could find a place that teaches html. I see all sorts of things going on on web pages and I’d love to know what type of html the people are using and exactly why. I find it interesting...but it’s one of those things like the hobbie thing. I’ve always said that I’d love to take classes in wood work and carpentry just so that I could have those skills. I love being able to think up things that I could make with wood. Just the other day on Trading Spaces they wanted to frames some pictures and put them on the wall. Well, instead of measuring around the picture and building the frame, the carpenter measured the picture, got a piece of wood that was a little less than an inch bigger than the picture, and routed around the edge. Then, they just shellacked the picture onto the wood (which had been stained and varnished by then, of course) and you have your very own picture plaque instead that looks like a picture frame! Ingenious! I told my mom that I want to do that with my posters and such. I could even do it with my diplomas.../light bulb.

Reiko came over around 6 ish too. We had such a blast. We never would’ve had that much fun if Mom would’ve been home though. We tend to be loud and rowdy and more free when we know we’re alone. We teased each other like crazy, watched a bit of Gundam Wing and she read some fan fics while I jeered at the anime. It was fun. Oh, and she introduced me to Jamaican hard core music...yeah. The really crazy part is how much I liked it. It’s funny and it does have a good beat. We’ll see.

And I’ve basically been reading fan fics since. And that’s it. I’m gonna go ahead and go to bed. I can’t wait to just laze around tomorrow. Goodnight.



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Rambling on and on

2006-Jan-30, Monday 11:22 pm
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Wow, what a day. After I posted here...what did I do? Hm...I know I watched the second season of Gargoyles again. Oh yeah, I was making raspberry green tea and Reiko called. She has a new boy friend (wonder among wonders), but this one actually seems to have his act together. 24, has a good job, makes $500 a week. We’ll have to see how things go. Anyway. I started watching Gargoyles while we were ‘talking’...she was crunching on ice and talking about...what the hell was she talking about? At one point it was about a Mexican rapper or something...And somewhere in there my sexuality came into question since I kept saying that Fox was really hot. But, come on, her name is Fox for the love of pizza! They don’t call her Fox for nothing, ya know! Reiko said something about me being a lesbian, to which I responded with something like ‘Nuh-uh! I’m bi!’ and she’s like ‘Seriously?’ and I’m like, ‘No, dumbass.’ And she’s like ‘Oh, cuz sometimes…’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, you backstabbing, cockbite!’ and she laughed because it’s a red vs blue thing! I then calmly explained that I like guys, but even I can tell when a chika is hot. After all, I didn’t hear her complaining when I compliment her very nice ass. after that, I read some more in my new D&D book. I enjoy reading RPG books for the simple fact that they get my creative juices going. It makes me want to write stuff. And MM writing is a very happy MM. I think it’s one of the reasons I enjoy buying RPG books so much. I’ve got all these ideas for my different races inside my head, and I’m not sure how I should describe them, or how the science of the race will work. Seeing how other people work science on the other races gets my brain working in a scientific way, thus solving the problem. [personal profile] rattgirl sent me a guide to the Dark Sun RPG, which I will be eternally grateful for. They have some races and classes in there I’ve never even heard of before, which is a first for me. Usually when someone mentions Wizards I have an idea of what they are, but it sounds like they’re something completely different in Dark Sun. And the Half Elves seem way different from what I’m used to. I mean, I’ve mostly got all the EverQuest RPG books, and I’ve only recently started getting the D&D books...I only have the Draconomicon and now I have the Races of the Wild book. Other than that, I got nothin’ D&Dish. Which, in an average RPGers collection, is basically nothing. I swear, this has become a terrible obsession >___< Oh well, it’s helping me to develop my world and all the characters in it better. Either that, or it’s bogging me down, and I’m drowning in the fountain of too much information.

What else did I do today? Oh yeah, I updated Sloths Gone Mad. Nothing really huge, I just removed the frames...which, was really huge...for me, but not for anyone else. I’m getting ready to put up new stuff...the Orvil page along with the Color Bar page. I just have to tweak the graphics.

Watched Gilmore Girls rerun with Mom right after we watched Wife Swap or...Trading Spouses...I think it was Wife Swap. One comes on on Fridays and the other is Mondays. I just can’t keep them separate. Then we watched CSI: Miami. So glad that they aren’t rerunning anymore.

Speaking of not rerunning, can’t wait for Survivor this week. I used to have that show, but since I started taping it for the rents, it’s become a family tradition. We all watch Survivor together and talk about the craziness. And CSI should be interesting as well...then again they all are. I find myself even watching reruns...I know what’s gonna happen. I remember everything. But I still enjoy watching them. I’m pretty sure that’s some part of the OCD contract.

My hair is now dry...and it’s crinkly and curly and sticking out from my head with strange twists in it...The bad part about cutting my hair is that it makes it high maintenance. I told Mom that I’d love to be able to just shave my head. She said I could, but then I asked her what she think that’d do to my job prospects. We both agreed that it wouldn’t be a good career move considering my chosen profession.

Man...there are a lot of tags on this entry. Maybe I should shut up before it gets to be too long.

On that note, I’m hungry. I’m gonna go get something to eat and then take my pills. Goodnight.

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Yo. Today was another interesting day. I got up around 9 as usual. I poked my head out of my room, and my parents weren’t there. They certainly hadn’t left the house, but they weren’t in the living room. So, I quietly fixed my breakfast and got a cup of coffee, and then I went to my room. I started updating stuff on my web site from behind the scenes so that no one will know it’s being updated. Then Mom poked her head in here and asked when I’d gotten it. An hour and a half had already gone by. I gathered up the laundry and put that on. Mom’s still feeling terrible so things like that are up to me. By the time it was 1 I had finished the laundry, put up 3 parts of my web site, and written more in my fan fics. I was exhausted.

So I ate and relaxed for a little while re-watched episodes of Gargoyles. My favorites to revisit are of course Double Jeopardy, Upgrade, The Mirror(everyone’s favorite). Those are the ones that I like to watch that don’t make me feel like I need to sit down and re-watch the entire season. I hate going into the Avalon episodes in the last DVD, because it makes me want to watch all of the World Tour section, and I only have like 3 episodes of it. That’s the next part of the second season. I can’t wait till the next installment of this series comes out. Honestly. Way to keep us hanging, Mr. Wiseman!

Anyway. I went and did the dishes with Dad too. They were seriously piling up, and sick or no, I know my mom hates to see a dirty kitchen. So, we got that all cleaned up and then I re-read all of Lady Rheena’s LOTR Fan Fiction. I know. I’m a sap. I admit it, and I don’t care. Deal with it or be dealt with. I only just noticed a little while ago, that if you click on the stories “To Have and To Hold”, “To Love and To Live”, “Interlude”, and “Epologue” a quote from that story appears at the top of the thingy! I’ve been clicking on each one randomly just to get random quotes. I’ve been laughing about it too! God, I wish I could figure out how she did that! It’s genus. The woman is pure genus. If you read one LOTR fan fic, read that it really 2? To Have and To Hold is the first one, and then it’s followed by the Interlude semi-fic which is just a one-shot story to pick up where it left off no more than a chapter long, then there’s To Love and To Live which is almost better than it’s predecessor, followed by the Epilogue. God...this has turned into a terrible plug. And I don’t even know this woman! /shakes head New subject!

I find that my Twin ([profile] animequeen) and I never talk anymore...well, depending on what you call ‘talking’. When we do happen to catch each other on AIM we’re not actively focusing on what the other is talking least that’s the way it feels. It makes me feel so guilty. Like I should be doing more. But I don’t know what to do...

Ok...after that, I showered...and then I checked to make sure the stuff I’d put on the web was ok (it was only then that my headache had died down, so it was ok for me). I fine-tuned the web sites as much as I could and now I’m calling it a night. I’ve already taken my pills and I look forward to just plunging into my disc-man. Oblivion awaits. Goodnight.

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I shot the sherif

2006-Jan-18, Wednesday 09:26 pm
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Ok, so today...lots of good things happened today. Today around 10 a.m. I got a call from the staffing place. They got an interview for me tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. I just have to zip on by there sometime before 3 and pick up a ‘packet’ that has stuff in it like a thank you letter from the staffing place to the dude who’s interviewing me. How nice of them.

I folded the towels, and Mom and Dad got back from their bill paying/grocery event. My package finally came in. Gargoyles Season 2 Volume 1, at last. I’ve been watching it all day long. It’s sublime. It’s got me thinking about the show all over again, and possibly writing a fic or something. But it’s just passing thoughts, I assure you. Until I actually start writing and keep writing till there’s something worth showing, I won’t say anything about fic ideas.

Wednesday night service was the usual unusual. We went to Wal-Mart afterward to buy me an outfit. They have this combo of a skirt and a nice shirt in these three different options that I like. I chose the brown shirt with the peachy-brown flowers on while skirt. I’ll take a pic tomorrow or something and post it. We’ll be going for the shoes tomorrow too. I wanna get some nice brown dress shoes to go with it. I’ve only had those open-toed, backless black shoes for ever, and they’re not very attractive. So, hopefully we’ll find something at Payless tomorrow and that’ll be that.

Ok, I’m off to go shower and eat and then to bed (I hope). Goodnight.

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Yo. It feels like I haven’t posted in forever when really it was only a day without posting. For someone who can do up to 4 posts a day when she gets excited, that feels like a stretch.

Ok, so yesterday I was just feeling blah, you know? It was just a bad case of restless indifferent slothfulness. It sucked. I wasn’t feeling great about where I was or what I was doing, so I did what I always do when that happens; I submersed myself in fan fiction and did nothing else.

By night, I realized I really hadn’t done anything. So, I got on AMOS and hacked away at the old web site. Found a few things that were wrong with the EQ Characters site that I fixed. Then, I started looking over the unfinished site, and realized I have a hell of a lot of work to do.

I did a lot of stuff graphics-wise and sorting-wise, but it feels like I’ve done nothing. I went to bed around 10:30 feeling kinda bad.

I woke up around 2:43 a.m. I was nauseous and hungry-ish. I had gone to bed kinda hungry, but I really didn’t want to eat since Mom and Dad had already gone to bed too. So at 2:45 I slipped into the kitchen and poured out the reminder of the freshly squeezed orange juice Mom and I had made together a couple of days ago. I took a couple of sips, went to the bathroom, and threw up. It was one of those things where you feel terrible while it’s happening, but once it’s over it’s like a relief...kinda like peeling off a scab or something. My relief didn’t last too long. I tried to go back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. So around 3:20 I slipped back into the kitchen for some water. Threw that up too. I tossed, I turned, I hoped, I prayed, I debated whether I should wake the rents (they’re always so concerned about those things, even though they can’t do anything about them). Then I said to myself, “I’m not sleeping anyway, I might as well try a popsicle.” Mom buys these Dole popsicles. They’re supposedly made from real fruit juice, and there’s less sugar than other brands. So, it took me a while to eat the thing, because my stomach was still so jumpy. I just layed there and bit off a small chunk, then sucked on it till it had melted. After the popsicle was done, I tried to get back to sleep. It took over an hour for my stomach to stop rolling, but I finally did get to sleep.

I slept so hard though, that I didn’t really enjoy it. Then I woke up feeling weird, and told Mom and Dad what had happened. I had a cup of coffee and some peaches for breakfast because I was still feeling terrible.

Then Mom announces that she and Dad need to head to Wal-Mart. And I know that I should go with them, because a lot of the times, they don’t know exactly what to buy me, so it just helps things go a lot smoother if I’m actually there. So, I agreed to go. I dressed comfortably and we headed out. While there, there were a couple of things I noticed, that I’d really like to point out right now.

Our Wal-Mart is being remodeled inside. At first, things were really subtle...a few of the tiles on the floors were missing, some of the departments had actually been moved without anyone seeing it happen, Wal-Mart employees doing a rather impressive impersonation of headless chickens. That sort of thing. But then, we went today and the clothing department had wood flooring. Or at least mock wood flooring...The eye glasses place is boarded up, meaning we’ve got more of a bottleneck to get across the store after check out. All the aisles are facing a different direction, and almost all of the departments are in a different place. The only places thus far that have yet to be moved are the pharmacy, hair, makeup, soaps, and grocery sections. The clothes are all in the same place (mostly), they’re just mixed up...they’re still in the center of the store and all, it’s just that the women’s clothes are where the men’s were...I don’t know where the men’s clothes are; I don’t shop for men.

Ok, I did not know this, but evidently everyone else did. I hate it when people think you know something, so they decide not to tell you. Honestly, how’s anyone gonna learn with that philosophy in mind? Anyway, I found out that Wal-Mart sells Pocky. Seriously. My Wal-Mart has dark chocolate and strawberry flavored Pokcy. And since Strawberry Pocky is one of my favorite snacks, I’ve been buying like 2-4 boxes every time that I visit Wal-Mart. When I tell all my friends that there’s Pocky at Wal-Mart they’re all like, “Oh yeah. I knew that...” and I’m like, “Waterfalls?” In our place it’s near the coffee section, in with other Japanese-ish stuff like Meso Soup and such.

Also another thing that’s always made me laugh about Wal-mart; birds. Alfred Hitchcock would be scared shitless! There are crows and other types of birds all over our parking lot. And not just Wal-Mart (although there seem to be more of them there), they’re in all the parking lots. Now, I’m sure that that isn’t anything new. I’m betting that anyone who reads this will think, “Yeah, my Wal-Mart has a lot of birds in the parking lots too.” This is what I’ve noticed though. Sea gulls. That’s right, sea gulls. They’re all over the parking lot all the time. It’s weird. I mean, they’re sea gulls, right? Shouldn’t they be at the Sea? It’s like that old joke, “Why do Sea gulls only fly over the sea? Because if they flew over Bays they be Bay Gulls.” Well, I guess we have Parking Lot Gulls. Waterfalls? I mean, I often wondered if the states that are close to large bodies of water have sea gulls in their parking lots...

Ok, rants over...for now. I’ll get my second wind eventually. So, yeah, we went to town and I still felt miserable, but it was one of those ‘just deal’ moments. I came home, and I finally wrote out that letter to Odango ([profile] chaineddove). I only started writing the damn thing 4 days wait, I started writing on the’s the 13th...that’s like, 6 days. Dude. I suck. Oh well, I finally got it all typed up (even the envelope) and it’s stamped and ready to go. It’ll go out with Monday’s mail.

Speaking of mail; yesterday, I ordered the first volume of the second season of Gargoyles. I ordered it yesterday.../thinks...yesterday mid-morning I suppose. I just had the extra money, and I was like, “Ok, I have $50 extra, I’m bored outta my mind...oh...second season Gargoyles...Cha-ha-ha.” So, I ordered it, and then 2 seconds later I get a confirmation of the thing going through, then I get a note from the seller (I bought used/new) saying it’s in the mail today. I was so stoked. So, it went out with Friday’s mail. I was happy about that. It means I’ll be getting it sooner. I’m so happy.

Other than that I’ve been varying between working on my web site and watching Tenchi Universe. I know it’s not the best anime, but it makes me laugh. That’s all I need. I’m still a bit confused why Tenchi in Tokyo doesn’t have it’s on box set...I don’t buy individual DVDs when it comes to anime. If it’s not in a box set, then I’m not gonna get it...9 times out of 10 that is.

Oh well. I still have a few things I’d like to tweak on my web site, and tomorrow will come early as always. So I shall now sign off. Goodnight.

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Hello, everyone. Today has been interesting to say the least. Went with Mom to the doctor this morning and Doc gave us medicine. I gotta say, I feel worse today than I felt over the weekend. Mom had a sort of relapse thing, and now I’m afraid I might do the same thing. God, I hate being sick like this.

Ok, so Mom and I got food and medicine while we were in town, and if felt like it took us everything we had just to do that. So, we got home and took our meds, and the meds made us a little woozy. But, I still got on and gathered up pictures to make color bars. I present to you the two Johnny Depp color bars that I made for Chibi ([profile] amai_tenshi).

Image hosted by
Made by [ profile] msmoon

Image hosted by
Made by [ profile] msmoon

I have posted here, in her journal, and sent her the raw html codes. I found out that the link that I use through the Massive Tool Thingy to link back to my journal can be used on any web page unlike LJ’s ljuser html thingy.

I also made these three colorbars for Demona my favorite character from Gargoyles. Tada!

Image hosted by
Made by [ profile] msmoon

Image hosted by
Made by [ profile] msmoon

Image hosted by
Made by [ profile] msmoon

I just can’t decide which one I like better! They’re all good and all true, so I kept them all. Yeah. I’m a looser.

Reiko came over afterward...I think it was afterward...yeah it was. ‘Cause I showed her all the colorbars and Johnny was among them. I had been bugging her about her books that she’d left over here. She brought chocolate chip cookies, we watched many videos and had some delight even though I was ailing thusly. Dude. No matter how hard I try to use cool words like that, I never sound as good as [personal profile] tinhuviel.

Oh! I got an e-mail from an old friend of mine who saw my profile on MySpace. Good old Senshi (not that he’s old or anything). We kinda lost track of each other and got busy with life. You know how that goes, you forget to drop a line and life just goes on without you. But he sent me an e-mail and got a song stuck in my head, and got me to rambling and made me totally forget what I was doing, so we’re all good. /stops and looks back and forth confused Uh...whatever. Anyway, yeah so, it was great to hear from him again. That’s the second old friend that I haven’t talked to in what felt like ages that I’ve gotten in touch with lately. I hope it keeps up. I’ve gotten to where I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to through e-mails and AIM and such before all this.

Ah well. Other than that...not much has happened. I started writing the beginnings of another EQ chapter. But it’s probably barely a page long. I’ll have to see what I’m doing and how I’m feeling tomorrow before I can say how that’ll develop.

Well, I’m really tired and I’ve been fighting off this feeling all day long. I shall now submit to the meds and sleep. Goodnight.

You Are Dublin Mudslide Ice Cream

You won't remember any of this in the morning


survivor and such

2005-Dec-01, Thursday 08:34 pm
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Judd got voted off of Survivor tonight...that made my day a little better...

I've been considering perhaps making my own would probably be one of the Demona wall papers that I had up here so long ago. God...that seems like so long ago. It was the July 22 post of this year. I'm still not sure which one I should use, but I think it'll be the "My Vengeance is all you've left me!" one. It just looks better. Though I could put some other phrase in there..I dunno yet. We'll see.

One more week till The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe comes out. I'm so psyched. I can't wait. I really must see if they'll let me come to the Thursday night screening...we'll see.

I guess that's all for tonight. Later.

Your Heart Is Pink

In relationships, you like to play innocent - even though you aren't.
Each time you fall in love, it's like falling for the first time.Your flirting style: Coy

Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park

Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant

What you bring to relationships: Romance



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