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2015-Aug-30, Sunday 06:26 pm
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So...this is Dream Width, huh? .....hm.....alright.
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You Should Have Wine

You are a complex person, and no one can quite sum you up. You are both laid back and extremely driven.
Whatever you do in life, you do well. You believe that practice makes perfect, and you never shy away from practicing.

You can be a bit of a minimalist in life. Less is truly more for you, and you always are focused on quality.
You have impeccable taste, and you just have an intuition for picking well. Many people depend on you for recommendations.


2014-Nov-13, Thursday 10:04 am
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I feel like a lot has been happening, but most of it feels like 'first world problems'. I really don't like complaining about that. But here's something serious to talk about... So, I got this ticket see...and it doesn't take me to a chocolate factory.

140721 - Many Things!

2014-Jul-21, Monday 11:48 pm
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AWOL Knights, Moving Stuffs, and Marvel Comics... There's really SO much more that MM could've talked about, but she had to limit herself to 5 minutes :| Also! Comment about Theme Week!

...and I got to use the term 'Mjölnir Mojo' in a sentence :3

So This Happened....

2014-Jul-17, Thursday 04:09 pm
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First ever, 'So This Happened....' Starting with the lovely people of Wally World!

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An important day to take a look at a bit of history...because the present looks bleak, and the future is daunting :|

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There are so many days when I feel like I don't accomplish much....today is not one of those days.


2014-Jul-03, Thursday 03:25 pm
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I don't want to jinx anything, but you may not see me making videos here any more...

140630 - My Sims

2014-Jul-01, Tuesday 12:24 am
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I went down this rabbit hole called Sims 3...

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MM takes a tiny trip down memory lane :)

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MM has a guest over! We're having fun with collaboration :)

140609 - The Change

2014-Jun-09, Monday 05:27 pm
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MM and B~Bear both had really challenging days today...here's MsMoon's contribution.

Special thanks to Mr. Caruso for loaning me his super powers...though they were not entirely wanted.

No Excuses

2014-Jun-06, Friday 10:58 am
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MsMoon fights the urge to submit to NyQuil so that she can finally post a video! =_=

Much Love to SkahfeeStudios on Etsy for their awesome WoW Text Art :D They have a ton of other text art things that you should go look at!

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MsMoon's here to talk about 3 things....well, sorta 4 things, 4 things!

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MsMoon's very lengthly shuffle through her shuffle :3

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It's the Final Finals Week for Finals!! Ugh =..='

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There wasn't really a theme week challenge this week...so I had to make my own challenge :)

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It's a human past-time to just look forward to things. What are you guys looking forward to?


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