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An important day to take a look at a bit of history...because the present looks bleak, and the future is daunting :|

140630 - My Sims

2014-Jul-01, Tuesday 12:24 am
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I went down this rabbit hole called Sims 3...

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This video is horrible because of Lokitty....that's my story & I'm sticking with it.

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Just a table full of friends playing Cards Against Humanity :3 What could happen?

MI13 - Day 1

2013-Dec-26, Thursday 08:22 pm
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I wouldn't say it was eventful, but it was fun :3 We game, we make food (burritos, yum!), aaaand despite the ice we went shopping!

131021 - Association

2013-Oct-21, Monday 09:29 pm
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Because Raiden was on Sex and the City... :3

180913~ Updates from Bear

2013-Sep-18, Wednesday 10:50 am
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In this video, I give a few updates about my life and the things I've been up to.


2013-Sep-17, Tuesday 09:31 am
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In which our Sir Moose relates an update unto his fellow Knights and various Squires.

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We start off on a subject we don't know very well (football), Crystal talks Pokemon, and Dan and Emily go over the play that they're gonna be in :D

8-Bit Decor

2012-Jan-22, Sunday 05:40 pm
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EDIT: This actually happened March 8th of 2011, but I evidently forgot to post it here... so here it is! Enjoy.

I am on a mission...kind of like the Blues Brothers :3

Much love to Think Geek for the awesome decor!


2010-Mar-10, Wednesday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 09:30 Coffee =..= #
  • 10:08 Excuse me >..< There seems to be a mudslide in my throat. Dang allergies. #
  • 11:04 Brb. Setting fire to everything and running around in my knickers :3 #
  • 11:07 Whoa! O..O Those files from Skype are still downloading...... #
  • 11:08 I didn't expect my connection to actually last that long.... #
  • 13:05 No live Essence of RP this week... sadness -..- #
  • 14:06 Totally just cleaned out my closet. There's a huge pile of clothes on the floor that I need to bag for donations. #
  • 15:16 Heading over to Mom's for noms. #
  • 18:15 @Kexman .... #
  • 18:24 Yay! I took out my fist set of earrings and put the pretty crescent moon ones Reiko got me without Mom's help at all. #
  • 18:49 Ok! Church times! Cell's on silent :) #
  • 22:26 @AlmightyFarseer ...and we all know, AF has more important things to do with his very valuable time >..> #
  • 22:28 PS: Dante's Inferno the anime is pretty awesome, even if I can hear Dante thrashing in his grave. Thanks @mr_nnj! :D #
  • 22:37 ...I need to go shower -..- #
  • 22:42 @Gamori_Rep wow... that's a lot of enthusiasiam about a shower. #
  • 22:48 Ok. Tiny earrings are back in... I'm surprised and relieved it wasn't painful like last time -..- #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2009-Dec-11, Friday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 08:58 Making pancakes. #
  • 09:35 Well, I suppose if you can find Heaven in Iowa, then you can find Hope in Wyoming :3 @rebeccacurrence #
  • 10:01 ... Oh God...either this shirt has shrunk, or my boobs got bigger -..- #
  • 13:13 The towels are on to dry and the dish washer is on. Once they finish, I'll shower. #
  • 16:33 Watching a little gray birdy hop around in the grass through my office window... in a minute I'll be giving everything a final check over... #
  • 16:33 For now, I'm enjoying the birdy :) #
  • 17:00 Reiko just called. Evidently my godkitties are over weight, and I'm no longer cool -..- #
  • 17:36 Waiting at church. I decided to come early -..- #
  • 18:30 Ok. We're off! #
  • 19:28 Oh yeah. We're here. #
  • 20:12 ZOMG, this is already the best lock in EVER :D #
  • 20:24 We're watching Ernest Saves Christmas!! (God rest Jim Varney's soul) #
  • 22:02 Worship service... #
  • 23:21 That glow in the dark marshmellow fight was awesome! :D #
  • 23:40 Ohhh, the kids are cleaning up. Too bad some of the marshmellow got into the carpet -..- hello, scrubbing brush! #
  • 23:41 ... Mike just played Darth Vader's imperial march on his guitar ... he's a talented bloke that fellow :3 #
  • 23:42 ........... vacuum fight? o..O' #
  • 23:43 :D Julian just yelled "Die, thy mellow!" while scrubbing at a particularly tough marshmellow stain in the carpet! #
I text way too much, yo :D

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Holy Cow. So, we won't be doing another lock-in for a very... very.... VERY long time =..= If only to give ourselves time to forget how grueling it can be. Alicia and I were the only ones who didn't sleep at all. The others stayed up a lot, but each one of them did end up falling asleep, even if it was for a brief period of time. Billy swears he wasn't sleeping, he was on stand-by :) But I'm getting ahead of myself. OK! Let's see.

I got to the church around 4. Alicia had stressed about everything, and thus, showed up mega early to make sure everything was set up. So, I got there and unloaded all the snacks and drinks and such, and then Alicia wen to pick up Takara and Lamarr and their cousin. Well, not too long after she left, the Tyree brothers showed up with their friend Buddy. Billy, Jesse and Julian I knew, but I'd never met Buddy before. He's energetic, and rambunctious, and loud... and after a while, he's really annoying -..- But, they were hanging out and talking and then a few minutes later, Takara and Lamarr show up with their cousin. Their parents had dropped them off o..o' So I texted Alicia to let her know that they were here... and she came back. I should say, Takara's cousin was Timmy, which was confusing because Alicia told me it was a girl named Penny =..= So, essentially, the only girl was Takara.

The boys started playing PS3, and I mean really playing. They played Rock Band first (until the pizza arrived). My parents had shown up then, but I told them they didn't have to stay if they didn't want to, because Dad had only gotten home that morning at 9 and he had been driving for about 2 days =..= So, they left as soon as we were all fed. They reminded me that they were only a phone call away, so that was nice.

The boys hopped back onto the PS3, and Takara jumped on Alicia's computer and played games there. Alicia had brought a game called Dance Dance Dance... which is a Vegie Tales version of Dance Dance Revolution, but it didn't work. The game would run just fine, but the pads that you're supposed to dance on would not. So... that was shot. For a long time, the boys just took turns playing fighting games like Soul Caliber, Call of Duty and...other such games O..o' I lost count of all the games they were playing. At one point, the older boys (the Tyrees and Buddy) got really bored, and they noticed it was raining outside, so they tried to force random members of their own group outside in the rain. I would then stand by the door and say "Oh! He's running around to the other door!" and when they'd race over to the other door to intercept, I'd open the back door and let the guy in -..- guys. After that, they discovered a ping-pong set and used the entire fellowship hall to just smack the ping-pong balls back and forth to each other. Was amusing, if only because they kept trying to keep more than one ball in circulation. ... it wasn't so amusing when they just started throwing the balls at each other -..- again, guys. It's all funny now, but at the time it all just seemed kinda annoying.

Everyone was getting kinda bored with the games. I had forgotten my iPod at my house, so I said I was going to run over and get it. T (Takara) was bored and annoyed with the boys, so I asked her if she wanted to come along for the ride, and she jumped at the chance. She looked around the house, and I showed her the library... and she ended up borrowing Breaking Dawn from me o..o I suppose it's only fair, since I brought that Ultimate Guide to Transformers for Lamarr. So, she got that book and I got Calliope (my iPod) and then we headed back. During our absence, Alicia conducted a small devotional about acceptance (whatevs), and then it was decided that we'd stop playing the games and head upstairs to watch the movies.

We actually put the movies on around 9ish... we struggled with trying to get the sound to work. See, the movies were played in the Sanctuary. We have a projector hooked up to a laptop in there, and so we just put the movies on the laptop and projected them onto the screen.... but the laptop isn't hooked up to the sound booth, so we had to hook speakers onto the laptop and then put a mic between those speakers.... but we couldn't put the mic too close to the speakers, because it would feed back terribly -..- It really didn't help that Buddy would not shut up. He talked almost all the way through Prince Caspian. At one point I told Alicia to just put subtitles up because that would be the only way anyone would be able to know what was being said ... of course, then he started reading the subtitles outloud -..-

After that, there was a 30 minute break in which everyone went to the bathroom and got something to drink (energy drinks) and snacked a bit. We didn't allow them to bring food or drinks into the sanctuary, so of course they had to wait to snack (of course, they probably snuck stuff in >..>). After the break, we started Iron Man which was awesome, as always. I'm fairly certain that T fell asleep during that, and she had borrowed my iPod. She turned it off when she felt herself slipping and just passed out.

We were all pretty tired after that... so, once again, there was about a 30 minute break. Alicia asked me to play some loud music that would wake us all up, and she'd turn the speakers on in the fellowship hall where the food was so that everyone would hear it. So, I played a lot of Thousand Foot Krutch (one of my favorite bands), and that was really energizing. Then Alicia came up and asked if it'd be a good idea to play Mortal Kombat as opposed to The Dark Knight or Hellboy 2, because both of those movies are really long (meaning we'd all probably have a better chance of falling asleep in there) as opposed to MK and MK:A which is maybe an hour and a half at best each. So, we decided on Mortal Kombat, and as a way to signal that we'd soon me starting that movie, I put the Mortal Kombat: Annihilation soundtrack on :D

Jesse and Buddy came running up the stairs and started dancing around, and they were very closely followed by Billy and Julian. It was hilarious to watch them dancing around, because they weren't really trying to dance .... it was more of a ' jump forward while punching straight up in the air' dance.... so it covered a lot of ground and looked very funny.

Anyway, we started the first movie and continued with our '30 minute break in between' routine before starting Mortal Kombat Annihilation. During the break there, I was just sitting in the sanctuary reading... and I hear the floor start to squeak (which means someone has entered the sanctuary) and I look behind me and Jesse and Julian are sneaking around, ducking behind furniture and making their own dramatic spy theme music. There was a part where Julian ran by on all fours and then ducked and rolled behind a pue... I thought I'd die laughing. But the point was that at some point, Jesse had brought up a can of Mountain Dew, and they were trying to sneak it back out... I was so amused by their antics I couldn't be angry at them for breaking the no food/drink rule =..= I'm a bad disciplinarian. But, after that we put the MK:A movie on....I think Alicia had tried to sleep a little, because she had intended to start cooking breakfast around 8, but wanted to sleep some first. She didn't really manage it, so she just decided to go downstairs and cook breakfast right then so that it'd be done whenever the movie was over.

She and I were the only ones that didn't sleep at all.... the older boys were all awake by the end, but they had napped a bit during the movie. And Takara and Lamarr were OUT. Dead to the world and all. So, while I was hooking up my iPod to the sound system to play some stirring music, Buddy ran downstairs, got some of my fingernail polish (I'd brought it for Takara, in case she wanted a manicure or something) ran back upstairs and painted some of Lamarr's toes =..= Was funny when Lamarr woke up, but at the time I just kept wondering why Buddy was running around laughing like a maniac >..>

Alicia cooked breakfast and we all headed down to eat. She had made boy-scout breakfast, which is a pound of potatoes, a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon and a pound of cheese all stirred together in one skillet. She also made biscuits, which I thought were awesome :) The kids settled in the youth's Sunday School room to talk and eat together... but afterwards, when we asked them whether they wanted to watch Hellboy 2 or The Dark Knight, they couldn't make up their minds. So, Alicia and I decided to start the clean up process and we made them stay there and play the quiet game.

I put Harvey on in the Sanctuary upstairs after I made sure that everything was picked up off the floor and then went downstairs to see what needed to be done. I have to say...The kids did stay there and they were fairly quiet (the game was that if anyone made a noise, the entire room could smack them on the rear... that was Alicia's idea =..=), and I washed all the dishes (by hand, because a lot of them really needed it and Alicia still hadn't unloaded the dishwasher) and Alicia swept. She got the kids to help her arrange the tables in the middle of the fellowship hall, and then they all went up to the sanctuary to get their stuff... somewhere along the way, Alicia told them that Harvey was up there cleaning and not to get in his way... so they all got their stuff, but then they just sat there and watched Harvey bump into things o..o it was really funny to see them so enthralled by my vacuum :D I realized that everyone yells at the roomba too, because they kept yelling, "Harvey! Come back here! You missed a spot!"

Anyway, I finished up the dishes and cleared off all the counters, putting trash in the trash can and putting food where it was supposed to go. Then I wiped off the counter tops. After that, I got the old vacuum out off the cabinet and vacuumed the youth room. I went up stairs to watch Harvey, and Alicia made the kids find all the ping-pong balls and put the set back in the youth room where it belonged. After we checked everything, we turned off the lights and air and then locked up and it was all over.

I know I headed home and showered... I do not remember much of it. But I wasn't feeling good at all... so I took my pills along with half of a muscle relaxer and slept for quite a while. Mom called me for supper, but after I'd eaten and talked with them a bit, I ambled back over to my place. I didn't want to sleep because I was afraid it'd mess up my sleep schedule, but I really wasn't awake enough to do much.

Today I am almost just as exhausted as I was yesterday =..= So, like I said, we're gonna be waiting a long long time before we do this again... if only so we can remember why we shouldn't. I do intend to have another movie night some time in August before school starts... but other than that, we really don't have any definitive plans for the youth at this point. We're just happy to have survived this event :)

I guess that's all... My account for the days of the lock-in are finished and I've nothing more to add :) Later, Sunshines.


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Yaviel Isilmiel

Breaks are Good

2008-Apr-02, Wednesday 03:22 pm
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Today is Wednesday, the 2nd of April (So you can be assured of no foolish shenanigans from me at this point), and I swear to you that almost every night has been occupied with World of Warcraft since my last post…and quite a few days actually (especially a few daze =..=). But tonight I fully intend to break pattern, because tonight there’s a company crawfish boil and we’ve all been invited. And one does not bite their thumb at free crawfish. Oh no! There are an expensive and valuable delicacy of late, and though not as useful, far more fulfilling than gasoline. So, Mom and I are going to be leaving here around 4:30 and heading over to…where ever that place is. The girls from ISR, Sans Lori, will be coming too if all goes well.

As you can see (or not, if you’re reading this on your friends page and just don’t care) I’ve totally changed my layout, but I think I like this one better. The icon position could be better, but oh well. I do like the placement and colors. So it’s cool.

In WoW news, Yaviel (blood elf hunter) is now level 25 and has a new pet, Tsume (big black wolf from HELL!). Agaruwen (blood elf warlock) is now level 20, and fairly besotted with Hothien (Scamp’s blood elf hunter guy. <3 Hottie-n). Nostariel (blood elf paladin) is level 12 and though her temperament has yet to change, I find she is a little nicer to those around her…even if just as stonily silent. My new character, and Agaruwen’s older brother, Dûrien (level 5 mage) is still only level 5, but I’m pleased with him. Who I’m not pleased with is Eglerion (level 2 rogue), if only because I can’t enjoy playing him…which means I’ll probably be deleting him soon enough. I also have 2 low level Tauren (Suzii – shaman, & Ukishen – hunter) and two low level Undead (Desetra – mage & Toxeus – rogue) who I do enjoy playing when I’m not on my mains (Yavi & Wenny mostly).

……..*thinks* that’s all I can think to report at this point…


Later, Sunshines!
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Harvest Moon

I am alive, I swear

2007-Oct-12, Friday 12:47 pm
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Wow. What a weekend. I felt like I was dashing about madly all last week. And I’ve been either so tired or so busy this week, I haven’t had time to even write about it.

We didn’t exactly sleep in Saturday. I believe it was around 8 when we got up. While I’m used to sleeping in till around 9/10, I knew I’d need time to wake up, and then I’d be off to town to pick up the trays I’d ordered with a few drinks.

And that’s pretty much exactly how it happened. I learned that if you’re going to pay for a tray for a party, they start at a bare minimum of $40. Sam’s gave us a nice croissant sandwich tray, and from Chick-Fil-A we got the Large cheesecake tray (sinfulness, anyone?).

We actually had everything ready around 12; partially because I’m OCD that way & partially because Misty had said she needed to come early. In fact, everyone showed up late. Reiko had called around 12, telling us she’d be a little late. Dena, one of our three nurses, showed up first around 2:20 with her two daughters Erin & Casey. Reiko followed around 2:30, & Lori and Lenda (our other two nurses) showed up around 2:45. Misty and Lacey did not attend.

I welcomed everyone, gave a small tour, had Happy Birthday sung to me, talked, opened gifts and then let Reiko take over the entertainment...which worked well, since she has no shame ^..^

Over all, my gifts include a $90 Wal-Mart gift card from my CoWorkers, 1 plant shipped over via delivery service from my boss, 2 movies (While you were Sleeping & The Princess Bride) from Chibi, 1 painted pony and a beta fish from Reiko, a Moon fairy figure from Scamp, the Black Beauty figure from my Twin, and 2 Beta fish in a beautiful bowl with a calla lily on top and a rock fountain from Mom. O..O Pretty decent birthday haul if I do say so myself. I named my three betas Lincoln, Blinkon and Nodd (Lynx, Blinky and Noddy).

Sunday was crash day. I remember very little about Sunday when I first think about it. I know we went to Taco Bell after church, then I blew my gift card @ Wal-Mart. Aside from the many groceries (and a new bowl for Noddy), I got a bunch of movies which include: 300, The Prestige, Transformers the Movie, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Ghost Rider, and Labyrinth. Indeed, not a bad haul at all ^..^ After we got back, Scamp showed me Fable, which I think, if I had the computer game, I’d like.

We then watched Labyrinth...which put the Goblin King on my ‘List of Guilty Pleasures’. This movie quickly became another one of my obsessions. I should’ve known I’d love it since I love all things Jim Hinson. But honestly, David Bowie is not on my list of hot guys, but damn! Him as Jareth I’ll take any day. I think it’s the cool clothes and makeup/hair...especially those pants...I told the girls at work that I watched it 3 times before I really looked at his face. I mean seriously, either those pants are super spandex two sizes too small or someone invested in a very large potato…

Monday wasn’t my best day. I wasn’t really feeling well, poor Noddy finally kicked the bucket (R.I.P., Noddy =..=’), and we took Scamp to be picked up by her parents. After that, I came home, showered and watched Labyrinth in Japanese. What? I said it was a new obsession!

Tuesday was a dull blur. Even my coworkers pointed out that I’ve been extremely quiet. Wednesday, I bought 3 LSU shirts, beings as we’ve officially switched from wearing Saints shirts on Friday. I also bought proper food for Lynx and Blinky, along with water diclorinator. And my Roomba came in. I’ve named him Harvey ^..^

Last night, I finally got all my movies over from my Mom’s house. I went through them, and what I could put in the stand, I did…then I realized (after seeing there was about 20 movies that wouldn’t fit), that they would fit perfectly between the sloping wall and the floor…so I stacked them that way…….it looked kinda cool. With my new movies, I now have about 139 movies in my movie collection (and that doesn’t include my Anime/Box set collection).

I actually love living alone. I’m sure at some point I’ll get tired of it, but as for right now…I’m enjoying my house. After work today, I’ll be doing some laundry (towels & sheets I hope), taping some more of Supernatural - season 2 for my cousin, and picking up wires and clutter so that Harvey can do his first job and vacuum my living room. I’m just glad it’s Friday. And that’s all for now, sunshines. Later.



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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (XME - Rain)
Even a long weekend isn’t long enough. Man, I can’t wait till the two weeks I’m off at the end of June =.= But that’ll pass quickly too and then I’ll be back in the grind. Geeze, would you listen to me, little Miss Sunshine. MM’s all “glass half full” today. Of course the glass’s half full! It’s been raining all day. But I love the rain...I just like it better when I’m home so’s I can enjoy it.

Ok, enough of that. The weekend was nice...Any day I don’t have to wake up at 5:45 is a good day. Saturday, Scampers went home. Her parents and older brother Josh came over. Josh played some WoW. We talked a lot. Ate. Uncle Steve went over and looked at the Nexus and gave Mom a page full of stuff that we need to remember. He said if the house is empty as it is now, he can paint the whole thing in one day. That’s very promising. We had wanted to go with paneling upstairs because the paint keeps peeling, but he says that it’d be cheaper and easier to just spray on that stuff that we have on our ceilings now (popcorn ceiling). He says he can smooth it all out and it’ll be all professional. I wonder if we can paint it...I hope so.

After they all hightailed it, Mom and I decided we should go shopping. I had seen some nice tank tops in the JC Penny’s catalog that I wanted to see about getting. We were disappointed to find them in the juniors section. But we reasoned that if we got an XL, it’d fit. Well, it didn’t =.= So, we’re gonna end up returning 4 tops if we can. We did find some uber cool PJs for me. That was nice. We then went to Target and I bought a bunch of crap (and Mom did too!). I got Firefly, Pan’s Labyrinth, Second Hand Lions, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I now have a desire to buy as many Mel Brooks movies as I can lay my hands on ^.^ And Second Hand Lions is still one of the best movies. I’m still not sure if I liked Pan’s Labyrinth….it was beautifully made, and the Spanish language really embellishes it…but, I’m not sure if the ending was really a good one, or if the end justifies the means. It’s just…disappointing. Firefly is still coolness on a stick. I can’t see why anyone would’ve canceled that.

Speaking of disappointments, saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End with Mom and Scampers Friday night. /sigh …thanks a lot Disney. Sorry, but I didn’t enjoy the ending. It was all good…until the end. Hate what they did with the Turners. And another thing… um, Disney? Why does everyone of importance on the boat have to scream “FIRE!!” before the cannons can fire? I’m just curious.…I mean, is there a contract somewhere? Or is that just your way of expressing chain of command or something? I Loved Jack. That never will change. Gotta love Jack. Scampers tells me that they’re thinking about making two more movies about just him, and they’ll be like a prequel and a sequel. That’d be much coolness.

I worked a bit on my web site Monday as shocking as that sounds. I’ve been tweaking things quietly for a while now, but just recently I took down the hidden “Original” section that was all about my story and world, and I started working on my Warcraft section. It’s made me want to redesign my City of Heroes section too. I only just noticed that all of the characters that I have up there, are characters from my first run with CoH…So, I might-should update at least the characters that I actually had the last time I played =.=

Mom and I were talking the other day, mostly about our future plans and all. She said that eventually, she and Dad want to travel a bit before he retires (while they can still afford it). There’s a lot of the country that they still haven’t seen, and Mom’s always wanted to sorta tour the US. She was saying that Dad asked her not to get a dog while they’re traveling around (which is totally weird, because Mom’s the last person to have a dog when she’s home in every-day life much less when she’s traveling all over). And she said that while they didn’t want to get a dog, it might be a good idea for me to get one, at least as a guard dog and companion while they’re away. I am on the back half of the two acres and all. Mom and I searched for Large Breed Dogs, and we found a web site that has information about Giant breeds and Lage breeds and even some medium breeds. It has their temperament and such on there along with how they look and what they were bred for.

I think I’ve finally decided….on a Great Dane. I want to get a great dane puppy ^.^ So, that means I’ll be tracking down my cousin Angel to pick her brain about the breed, what type of nutrition and training they’d need and all that. I figure, I’ve got at least an acre to myself and I know my parents don’t mind sharing it with me, so I’ve got plenty of room to exercise her. I think Angel works at Pet Smart with obedience classes and such, so I could start with that while she’s a pup and then keep up the training at home. Plus the temperament is perfect for what I want…and it’d be real nice to have a dog to come home to. The only thing I really want to check out is if the pen that Uncle Charles gave me is big enough for the dog when she’s full size. I’m thinking that I can leave the dog there when I go out to work, and then come home and exercise with the dog by walking or playing or whatever. Then it’ll be time to fix supper and eat. I’m also thinking that if I fix the dog’s food before mine, she’ll be so busy eating, she might not pay me any mind while I fix my food. So…I need to know about space, food, training, and any other needs the dog may have...Should be a piece of cake ^.^

Oh, and guess what? Chibi's home! Yeah, my 'Mouto-san's finally come back. We've talked about getting together sometime this Saturday. I'll have to call Reiko and see if/when she can make it. So, I'm wondering. I had these gifts that I had wanted to give them for Christmas last year, but I forgot that they were there (there was so many other things to remember!). So I'm wondering if I should just give them that now or wait till Christmas again....

I was just thinking how interesting it’d look if I got all set up and I got my dog and all, and then if Scamp came to visit (which I’m sure she will) with her dogs….that’d be a funny picture.

I guess that’s all for now...I can’t think of anything else to write. Pay day comes at the end of this week…so I’ll be broke again soon ^.^ Later, sunshines.


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Yaviel Saerwen Isilmiel

Giggly Post

2007-May-02, Wednesday 12:18 pm
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This have been going great lately. My cousin is over visiting (Bogarting my Warcraft), and we’ve really just been enjoying one another’s company. Where as the times she visited before, we were always trying to cram in the movies and crap that we wanted to do together. Now, it’s a bit more relaxed...and that makes it fun.

Last night we got all giggly because Mom was craving a Moolate. So I made us all some moolates, and I guess we were just a little high of the sugar rush. We’re laughing as she’s trying to drink her moolate, and she says “Would you stop making me laugh, I’m trying to suck.” And we looked at each other and smirked. And I said, “It’s much bigger when you see it up close...” and that sent us into all out gales of laughter.

We also took turns playing Warcraft. I showed her how to get to the Undead city, and I helped some guy do the “Night Elf Plans” quest. It was fun to do again, but it made me cringe in a way. This dude was just not the type of hunter that I am…our styles were very different. I felt sorry for his doggie. That’s when Scamp calmly told me that it had been idiots day on Warcraft, because she’d been bothered by n00bs too.

Oh, and I have a yahoo e-mail. I had no idea really, but I realized at some point that since I have a yahoo music account, that automatically signs me up for a yahoo e-mail. So yeah. I now have as my e-mail as well, and I’m thinking that’s gonna be my anti-spam mail, since my current e-mail is constantly being assaulted by spam.

Oh, Lacey dropped by today. It was fun to see her again. I even brought my camera to work and took some pictures. I also took pictures of Lori when she jumped on top of the table when a bug crawled across the floor. So, I might actually have some interesting things to post soon ^.^

Well, I’m guessing that’s all for now. I still gotta eat lunch…/looks at unappetizing lunch. Yeah. So, I’ll talk to ya’ll later, sunshines.



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Yaviel Isilmiel


Oh yeah, Scamp, if you’re reading this; I have two servers that I play on. Icecrown for Alliance and Senteniels for Hoard. Just in case you didn’t get the message on FaceBook ^.^

Woe unto Warcraft

2007-Apr-20, Friday 12:13 pm
msmoon: (Warcraft - Friends)

So, of the many things that devour my money, I’ve realized that I’m going to have to sacrifice a lot. I won’t have to pay for Writter’s Digest for another two years or so, so it’s not like that’s an expense that I have to worry about cutting. But, the Writter’s Digest Book Club …I don’t know. I mean, you can just ask them not to send you this month’s selection each month, but what’s the point of being in the book club if you don’t get their book? I guess, just getting the magazine with recommended books. But, I’m not sure. We’ll see. If there’s a renewal fee, then I won’t be renewing it. That’s all I have to say about that.

And then we come to the biggest expense in my budget. World of Warcraft…Let’s face it. I’m not going to even have internet in my home for a while, and there’s really no sense in paying for a service I won’t be using. As much as I’d like to keep it, it’s too costly. So, whenever I do move into my house, I’ll ask the WoW people to bill me for whatever it is I owe at the time, and then discontinue my service. But, once I get everything stabeled out, I’ll go ahead and reinstall it..on my new lap top ^.^ So at least, it’s something to look forward to.

I made this icon of my character Yalisilwen with her pet Ghostclaw Lynx, Kyo. It looks like I’ve edited the two of them, but really, he’s just on a hill behind her and the camera’s angeled well (if I don’t say so myself). She’s my favorite character to play, so I think I’ll be playing her more from now on, while I have the chance.

So! With cutting WoW out, that means all I’ll have to pay is tithes, car insurance, and light and water bills. That shouldn’t be too tough to pull off…I hope.

Now there are things that I need to save up for and buy now for the house. If I can get all that taken care of along with the group Christmas & Birthday gifts, I’ll be just fine (can you tell that I’m OCD?). Things for myself are just a few small things that add up. There’s some bathroom stuff I’d like to get at Wal-Mart, some luggage, a couple of fans (fancy ones that have remotes and all that jazz), and that TV table that I wanted to get from Amazon. So yeah. I’ve already taken care of Reiko’s Christmas gift, Mom’s Mother’s day Gift, Chibi’s birthday gift, and Scamp’s Birthday gift (that other present will be part of her Christmas gift). All of this means that I’ve totally tapped this weeks check for spending money on Amazon ^.^ I’ve got my bills paid for this month anyway, so it’s not like I’m in the red or anything. So, let’s go to the chart!

2007 Gifts




Special Occ.
























X Reiko’s the only one I reall don’t have to worry about…My Dad’s gonna be the hardest to buy for. At least with the girls, Mom and Bub, I have a few ideas of what to get. I’ve no idea what to get Dad…othe than gift cards, and that’s just lame. Anyone got any suggestions?

I guess that’ll be all for now. Thanks for bearing through the ramblings. Later, sunshines!



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Yaviel Isilmiel

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Well, today was fun to start off, a tad on the miserable side towards the middle, and it ended fairly well all thing’s considering. My cousins (Scamp and her older brother Josh) came over this morning (oh yeah, they brought their parents with them too), and I showed Josh Warcarft *cough*warcrack*cough*. I really should see a doctor about that cough too... ^_^ Anyway. Yeah, after showing Josh a few videos on YouTube, I let him get on and play. He made an Orc Warrior, which I must confess is a tyle of character that I never play. Evenditly he’s suited to the big, brutish tank style. Which is really great, because we DoT dealers, Mages etc. really need someone like that around to absorb a foes blows….dude that almost sounded like poetic in some weird, geeky way =) Anyway!

I finally got the Brit boy’s package(s) to Scamp for her to add to her…uh…things she’s sending them O.o And I also got to give her the Red vs. Blue tapes that I made for her….which will go to Josh whenever she moves in with me ^.^ I’m not certain how, but they also managed to make off with a good deal of my anime collection….not that I mind really. I know how funny Scamp can be about the care and condition of such things (books, anime, oh hell, anything!). Besides, no one here is watching it. That reminds me, I really need to finish watching Rune Soldier. I bought the box set and I haven’t even watched it all! I guess that’ll come after I finish Lori’s X-Files. I swear, it’s going on two weeks that I have this, and I’ve yet to get through the sixth disc! I don’t know what’s been wrong with me lately, but I guess my attention has been a bit divided.Or just not there at all O.o But, yeah…anyway. I loaned them /thinks Slayers (the first season along with Next and Try), and Fruits Basket.

Mom had made a nice, big taco soup since they’d taken the trouble to come all the way over here hauling Aunt Lane/Conni’s chair. The adults talked (and ranted) while we camped out in my room and talked (and ranted ^.^). The taco soup was really good...I think the difference is in the Fritos...I’ve eaten it before without the Frito chips and it wasn’t one of my faves. But it is very easy to make, and it is warm and tastey. After some gaming, a bit of talking, and then wishing them well as they went on their way…I came down with a serious headache. It felt like a sinus head ache, so I can only assume it’s just my allergies. Yes, Spring has definatley sprung. I can feel it in my nose =_=

Other than watching a bit of X Files and laying around, I did nothing but feel the effects of the sinus/allergy medicine. Then mom poked her head in and asked if there were any other epsidoes of Bones that we could watch…and considering we’d only gotten the first disc watched, I said there was quite a few. So we got through the second disc today ^.^ And the evening ended really well.

I must say though...I’m afraid that I’m becoming a little obsessed with spending money on Amazon…or anywhere else really. Sure, I don’t do it when I don’t actually have money...but think about it. Friday, once I’d gotten paid and found out how much I made, I went to Amazon and bought The X-Men Trilogy (because even though I dispised the last one I still love the X-men), Robotech - The Shadow Chronicles, Howl's Moving Castle, Can't Take Me Home by P!nk, Don't Fear the Reaper: The Best of Blue Öyster Cult, and Numb/Encore by Linkin Park & Jay-Z (because Amazon stopped selling it or something)…it was like…I really just couldn’t help myself. I had done the math and figured what I’d have left over after tithes, savings and bills and then said “Yeah, I’ve got plenty left over.” So I spent some. /nod nod nod. I really should focus on not doing that for a very long time…

Other than that purchase…and my lingering headach…everything’s pretty ok. Oh yeah. There is that one thing…Mom and I were trying to move that chair that Scamp and Co. brought…and Mom tried to move it too soon and the wrong way and…well…right onto my right big toe. Yeah, the nail kind of cracked down the center to about half way down the length of the nail...and the edge around the nail has turned a different color. Trying to file that nail evenly was terrible. But! Other than that and my headache, I’m doing ok. And now, I’m really tired…so I’m gonna go ahead and close out now that I’ve written here and to Scamp. See you later, sunshines!

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What a whirl wind of a week, and I tell you what. Monday was us all looking forward to Tuesday because we all had Mardi Gras off and all. Mom and Dad’s anniversary was the 20th, but Dad had to be driven to work in Sabine Pass on the 21st, so instead of driving out there early in the morning and Mom having to drive all the way back with little sleep, they drove up there on the 20th (their 25th anniversary) and got a hotel in Sabine Pass. Mom called me laughing about how they got a room in the biggest hotel in the city. It had a whole 30 rooms! Man, Dad sure knows how to show Mom a good time -.- At least he takes her places…

Before they left for the hotel we had our whole family breakfast and I had to help them set up Mom’s gift. Dad got Mom just what she wanted, a GPS for her car ^__^ …then he broke the stand that it’s supposed to go on later in the day, but still! It’s the thought that counts right? We watched Smoke & The Bandit 1, 2 and 3…quite the trip, I’ll tell you that. The third one was almost risky and raunchy...I mean, I know they felt they had to try harder since Burt Reynolds wasn’t in it but for a minute, but do they really need to show/imply all that sex and have all the naked people running around. I’m trying to watch this with my parents people! (it almost sounds like I’m the parents and I’m saying “I’m trying to watch this with my kids!” or something).

One good thing that came of Mardi Gras holiday...I was bored and I wanted a Moolate. But I knew I’d end up committing justifiable homicide if I even tried to get out into traffic. So, I pulled out the coffee icecream I bought for myself, some milk, chocolate syrup, ice, and hazelnut cream, put it all (carefully) in my bullet blender and I’ll be dad-gum if I didn’t make myself a Moolate! It tasted so frikkin good. So, then I was like “Hm, if I could get some whipped cream and chocolate turtle and caramel to go on top, this could be the best damn snack ever!” You know what I need to do? I need to go to Dairy Queen and ask what type of shavings they put on the Hazelnut Moolate. If they ask why I want to know, I’ll say that I have allergies and I want to make sure it isn’t anything that’d aggravate my allergies =^.^= Hee! I might be able to start my own thing whenever friends get together! MM Moolaties

Ok, enough diabolical planning. Oh, Yesterday was rough. I didn’t get to sleep till late, and what’s worse I was watching the X-files. So, I’m alone in my house, I’ve over-dosed on WoW, X-files and sugar…yeah. I was up till like 1 and even then, my deams were wonky. I dreamed there were all these little gargoyle statues in my room, and every time I’d go to sleep they’d come alive and make a mess all over the house. Then I’d wake up and they’d be back where they were as if nothing’d happened, but the mess would still be there! It was so aggravating.

Later, after having a panic attack and crashing at work (not a good combination, I assure you =_=), I was relieved to get home. Mom had gotten home safely too. We talked for a bit, and then just as I was about to shower, I got a call from Reiko. She was coming from her boyfriend’s house, and he was being an ass. She wanted to know if she could come and hang out and watch movies or whatever. I hurried up and changed into something comfortable, then I started making Moolates ^.^ Reiko drank all of hers in less than 20 minutes O.o So yea, I got the Reiko seal of approval on the Moolates. Mom said they were awesome too, but she can’t take that much sugar. But, since Reiko was having romantic troubles, I put on Pride & Prejudice; the ultimate romantic movie for those with romantic troubles. She thought it was great, especially since she’d never heard of the book. I was shocked to hear that, but then it’s another testament to our fine schools -_-‘ Then she realized the time and knew I was getting up uber-early, so she went ahead and left. Twas fun to rewatch P&P with her giddy excitement close by though…though, I’ve yet to have a bad experience watching P&P. It’s just good like that.

Today hasn’t been much. Work was work and it just dragged by. People’s kids seem to be having serious problems though. Lacey’s son Trystin had fractured his collarbone a few months back after taking a spill on his motor bike…today he was complaining about how it hurt him, and Lacey’s dad called to say that he had taken yet another spill on his bike. Lacey says Trystin isn’t the type that complains about things, so if he does start complaining it means he’s really hurting. Nicole’s youngest, Maddy, had come down with the flue over the weekend, but she was able to recover. She said she didn’t have a fever, so she went of to school (even though Nicole objected). But last night her oldest girl, Morgan, ran 103 fever and was miserably sick.

...well, there’s not much else to talk about and Supernatural will be on soon. That’s reason enough for me to go ahead and close out. Later, sunshines!



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