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MM takes a tiny trip down memory lane :)

Scars...I have a few

2007-Aug-05, Sunday 10:23 pm
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As I haven’t made an attempt to do a quiz-spam post, I thought I’d go ahead and type up something I was thinking about while I was showering. Yesterday, while boxing up some of my things and carrying them out to my Dad’s shed, I ended up tearing a piece out of my pointer finger. It was an accident (as most injuries are). I was opening up one of the sliding doors, and the tin caught me the wrong way in the crease of my knuckle tearing a small part of skin off. It’s my pointer finger on my left hand. It’d nothing huge, but they say the wounds that hurt most are small in and plain sight, right?

My parents are huge Neosporin advocates. Every possible cut, abrasion or bruise should have the proper application of Neosporin, be covered with a band-aid and then have Neosporin reapplied every evening before bed (and a fresh bandage should be added every few nights if the spot that’s been cut is out in the open and in regular use). As for me...I kinda like my scars.

Don’t get me wrong. If there was something that happened to my face, I’d probably be applying Neosporin every night just like they say. But most of my scars, I tend to enjoy seeing. It’s like ...a weird way of viewing life experience. Everything turns to callus eventually anyway, right? This body wont be young, strong and beautiful forever (hell, it ain’t all that right now!), so there’s no use pretending that any such up-keep will keep me from getting old an frail. I don’t have that many scars really. But, there tends to be a story behind each one.

There’s the ones on the top of my right arm. The tiny pock marks that I’ve had since I was a tiny baby, when I wasn’t old enough to realize the difference between dirt and an ant mound. I stuck my little chubby right hand right in that ant hill, and I still carry those scars on that hand. It an experience that I’ve been told about a dozen times that I don’t even remember. And that old burn mark on the underside of my right forearm. That I got when I reached around a popper at the theater the wrong way. It’s still there. I can see it and remember where I got it and it’s a reminder of that place, in an odd way. My left arm has a tiny hole near the crease of my elbow where I accidentally forgot a pencil was sticking straight up and slammed my arm down on my desk. It’s still the color of pencil lead. And now my left pointer finger will have such a mark on it, and I’ll say to myself “I got that when I was packing up stuff so I could move out of my parents house and into my own.” It’ll be a memory. Not to mention the scars I bear from my surgeries. I don’t see them as something that needs repair…just another story to tell...Of course...there are scars that I wouldn’t mind some explaining the one on my right leg, just below my knee cap…a long scar that I have no memory of. Maybe I should just make up a cool story to go with that one ^..^

Maybe it’s silly...but I actually like my scars. It’s another thing that makes me different from other people. And God help me if ever I am like them.

That’ll be all. I’m tired and I must get up early. G’night, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon
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Beware, for I am: Pleased Pleased

Wow...yeah, today’s been good. Didn’t get up till 11. I say ‘get up’ because I was awake, I just didn’t want to drag myself out of bed till then. Got up, had breakfast and started playing EQ2.

I now have six characters on EQ2; all of my characters are on the Premafrost server. First is Illisse my Barbarian Mystic. She’s level six. Then is Silivren my Dark Elf Wizard that is currently level 3. Followed by Miiriel, my Erudite Illusionist that is level 7. Followed by Vicraxx my Iksar Bruiser of level 5. Next is Allasante my Ratonga Warden of level 3. Finally I have Anvanime, my Wood Elf Ranger of 3 levels. And I must say, it has been a fun day. The names of all but one are all elvin to my knowledge...Illisse means All Sweetness, Silivren is Glittering Silver, Miiriel is Glittering Jewel, Allasante is Joy Bringer, and Anvanime is Most Beautiful. Vicraxx is just a mix of Vicari and Caxrass. Most of it’s been fun, the only real drag is when tons of people get on and my computer gets all jumpy when I (or anyone else for that matter) moves. There was this time when Vicraxx grouped and I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but the guy kept bugging me! He asked me to group four times, and I kept declining. Finally I just accepted. I hardly ever group, because I have to do things at my own speed. Most guys that play operate on years of experience and just do things all ‘bam-bam-bam-bam-bam!’ like. I like to take my time, look around, smell the roses so to speak. These guys would just attack stuff and then move on, and then go on and I wouldn’t know where they were and they’d have to come and get me, and then the computer got all laggy. I think my chat bar was going crazy too, because I’m pretty sure they were talking but it never showed what they were saying. Finally I was just like, “Melt down!” and logged off. I went and ate lunch and came back about an hour later. Things were a tad bit better by then. So, for future reference, never group! yeah. All new characters, all new game (you can see them here).

In other RPG news: I got an invite on MySpace to join an RPG Message board all Pirates of the Caribbean-ish. I was tickled that someone actually went through MySpace and said to themselves ‘oh, she might enjoy this type of thing!’ and invited me. Of course, I’ve done Message Board RPGs before and I’ve never had much luck with them. To me their too slow. By the time some people reply to what’s going on others have lost interest and you can’t move forward without everyone interacting. It’s why I prefer IM-RPG; it’s all instant (well mostly -.-). Of course that got me thinking about the Tenshi again. Man, we would’ve rocked a Pirate-y RPG. Of course, that for us would’ve been someone playing Jack Sparrow and/or Will Turner and every other character dressing like pirates (whether they wanted to or not). I can so see Lina as a pirate /nod nod nod. Buffy too probably. And maybe Magoo would through in Larry as her pirate person. And Duo would be the finest looking one of the bunch! Not that we’d all be limited to one. The Tenshi are many things, but we’re never limited ^____^. Man, that brings back old times. I miss our RPGing, but I think I’m probably the only one who’s interested in it anymore. /shrug What ya gonna do?

And that’s been my day. All-in-all, not a bad way to start off the first of the month. I shall now conk out and have peaceful dreams and then tomorrow try to dream up more to either the EQ Saga, Different from Me or the EQ2 characters’ bios...that is, if I don’t get exhausted from being up so early and all that. Ja!



MM’s Aliases
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Wow…that’s way too funny. That Apathetic Orb thing is kinda cool though ^_____^


The best laid plans

2006-Apr-09, Sunday 12:51 pm
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Beware, for I am: Drained Drained

Ok. So, today’s nothing special. It’s church, which is normal. Linuxman is planning on doing research on different religions and belief systems and having a lesson or semester on that, which should be really cool. I find other religions and faiths to be interesting. Especially their origins.

Mom and Dad kinda changed their future all over again. Ya know, years ago, they said that when I was ready (aka when my car was paid for) they’d let me move into the A-frame house and live there. Then they decided they wanted to move to Tennessee (well, Mom decided, and Dad was game). Especially after the hurricanes and all. Then Dad realized that they have snow in Tennessee, and that plan went out the window. Now they’ve decided that they want to buy a huge camper/motor-home and drive it all over the U.S. helping people. It’s a Christian organization where people go all over the world and they help build homes for the needy (kinda like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, only with less publicity and glamour). So now they want me to stay here at this house, and they’ll drive all over helping people and seeing the beauty of the U.S. (because God knows there’s beauty out there, it’s just hard to find with all those people in the way -.-), and they’ll call and write and check in every now and then when they feel like it, and then they’ll be off helping others whenever they get restless.

Fine with me. I get to live alone and do whatever while they play hero. No big deal. Ya know as a home-body I really don’t understand the restless urges and need to change. I adapt to circumstances and then get used to them. I enjoy my routine. I’m a creature of habit, I like planning ahead and having maps and schedules and so forth. If they wanna go off and be helpful in their golden years, that’s fine with me. And the fact that they want me staying home so they’ll have something to return to when they get tired of the road only makes it better.

So, now it looks like I’ll be staying down here in South LA unless I actually get out and move myself (which is also a possibility in 10 or so years). Now, all I have to worry about is getting another job -.-

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Non-Existent List

2006-Feb-23, Thursday 09:20 pm
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Today was really good. Work was challenging as usual, but good. The weather’s changed again and we have a pleasant north wind blowing around. It was very nice after being cooped up in the office to step outside and be greeted by that nice, fresh wind. Got home, showered, watched last night’s American Idol with Mom. We watched the first few minutes of the one tonight too, but we quickly lost intrest and changed it to Survivor.

I am sorely displeased about CSI tonight. Total rerun. But lately, everything’s a rerun. Either that, or there’s something in its place. I mean CSI: Miami rerun, Gilmore Girls and Supernatural not on because something else is showing, Bones taken over by an unnecessary 2 hour long American Idol, and tonight CSI a total rerun. Such a drag.

What else did I want to rant about? Oh yes. I noticed this early on, but I never mentioned it because I have a terrible memory. I actually had never even looked at previews or reviews or anything that had to do with the newest addition to my DVD collection Batman Begins. I bought it because a friend who’s seen it said it was awesome, and I know that he has very high standards. So, I bought it. And when I put the DVD in my DVD players an odd thought crossed my mind, “I wonder who they got to play Batman.” So, the first thing I said when I saw Bruce Wayne was...

“Dude! It’s Laurie! OMG! He grew up!”

That’s right. This man will always be Laurie from Little Women. That’s where I loved him first (probably because it’s where I saw him first...). The whole way though I kept hearing that stupid speech he gave poor Jo when she rejected him only fall in love with Amy...Amy of all people!

Ok. Next on the list. I don’t have a list, but I seriously think I should actually start making one because I’ve gotten so tired lately that I’ve been more forgetful.

Where was I? Oh yes. Next on the non-existent list. Fan fiction. Today I did a lot of work, but there was a lull around 3:45 where I didn’t really have much to do. All I had in my box was one thing, and it was a huge project and I didn’t want to start it if I was going to have to put it off till tomorrow. So I opened up my jump drive and started writing. Mostly working on the next chapter of my EQ Saga. Not too bad of a job, if I do say so myself. I’d ht a hump that I hadn’t been able to get over for a few weeks, and today I got over the hump and landed in the valley below said hump and plopped into a nice field of wild flowers. I’m finding it a lot easier to write now, so that’s going good. Also, I got the first two reviews for the last two chapters that I put up. For a while there, I thought no one had really noticed that I’d updated with two chapters, one of them extremely huge. But I got a review on both chapters from a nice person who asked me to marry least I think he’s a him. There’s no way I’d accept a woman’s proposal. There can only be one Ms Moon after all.

I really need to write a letter to Chibi again...I sent her one a while back, and she never replied so I never wrote again. But I’m sure she’s very busy with school and all so I’m not very mad. I’ve always been the one who has to make the time for everyone else (especially Chibi and Reiko). I can’t expect that to change at this point.

And the sleeping pills are really starting to kick in. So, I’m going off to bed now. Goodnight.

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What a day. Ok…desperately in need of an update. Friday was oh, so much fun.


Here Be Pictures and incessant babbling from days gone past )

I got to Chibi’s([profile] amai_tenshi), and realized that Reiko wasn’t there. So I called Reiko and asked where she was and she was like, “When ya’ll want me to be there?” and I was like, “Uh…now.” And she’s like, “Why didn’t you call me?!” and I’m all like, “You’re gonna be 18 in March. I kinda figured you could set an alarm or something.” So Chibi and I had hot-mocachino-hotchocolate-coffee-goodness and made small-talk till she got there. We then talked a bit and made Reiko a drink like ours, and then we exchanged gifts. But not before Reiko made fun of Chibi’s cheeks. Chibi had just gotten her wisdom teeth pulled Wednesday, so her cheeks were still huge.
Image hosted by

Here’s Reiko’s gifts. Some MeruPuri Manga (I think) from Chibi, and from me she got Ju-on and Ring-U the original Japanese versions of the Ring and The Grudge.
Image hosted by

Chibi’s gifts! She got the first season of Firefly from me, and from Reiko she got The Last Samurai, the cute round-top red&black purses and the bath-scent stuff.
Image hosted by

And MM’s gifts. Princess Mononoke from Chibi, and The Brothers Grimm from Reiko along with the square red&black purses and bath Reiko trying to tell us we smell? No, her mom got it for us...that’s just as bad I suppose. Oh well.
Image hosted by

Ok so now we move on to checking stuff out on Chibi’s computer, and since Reiko hasn’t had the internet in ages she’s usually stuck to the monitor.
Image hosted by

But watching someone fool around on the computer can be boring. I think that’s what Chibi’s cat was trying to say with this body language.
Image hosted by

So, we decided to watch The Brothers Grimm in the family’s Chibi trying to work the DVD players.
Image hosted by

Reiko reapplies makeup while we wait. I choose to continue taking pictures...obviously.
Image hosted by

Well, I got my ‘Moto-chan picture for this year I suppose. All is well with the world.
Image hosted by

After going online and watching the Emo Video to our hearts content, Reiko did a few Emo shots for us.
Image hosted by

I’m an Emo kid! Non-conforming as can be. You’d be non-conforming to if you looked just like me!
Image hosted by

Stop my breathing and slit my throat! I must be emo!
Image hosted by

But Reiko had to leave for work...that didn’t stop her from turning up the stereo and making an exit.
Image hosted by

Chibi and I went back inside and Chibi had a little too much fun with my picture and the photoshop program.
Image hosted by

The End. Of the pictures at least.



So, that was all that’s good about Friday. Sloths’ Cons are so much fun. Ok, moving on!

By Saturday, I was sick. Very very sick. Sicker than a dog...why do we have that expression? Dog’s are famed for being sick...Anyway. I think I had a sinus infection, because I hacked, coughed, wheezed, and my voice became qualified for that of a phone sex operator. I did very little of anything Saturday, but laze around and tried to find something interesting to do. And worse, that night Mom started showing the symptoms that I’d been showing Friday night.

That’s right, Sunday we woke up with both of us coughing, hacking and wheezing. What’s worse, our air conditioner decided it didn’t want to cool us off any more. We had to open all the windows, which wasn’t terrible since it was pleasant out. Is it really January? Well, if the weather’s any indication for LA the new year will be great. Can’t say so much for Texas, California and all the other states that are getting flipped off by Mother Nature. Sorry guys. So Sunday was much like Saturday, only in stereo.

Monday, Mom and I finally started moving about more, not that we wanted to, we just knew we needed to. I got a call from a place I’d sent a resume to... HRM. It’s a graphics place that makes business cards, stationary, posters, maps (for tracking hurricanes and otherwise), and anything else that can be put on paper. Wanted to interview me and asked if I was free today at 2. I said I was and that was that. I also called my Sunday school teacher who’d been “working” on AMOS here. I shall from hence forth call him…



…because that’s the name he choose for himself. So, I called Lunixman and he said that there was no doc for the hard drive to sit in so whoever told me that there was had lied. So he said my best bed would be to just get a USB thing that I can plug the hard drive into and I can’t do that right now. It coast at least $80 the last time I checked, and I can’t afford that. So I told him to patch AMOS up and I’d pick him up today sometime.

Today...God, today was so emotionally draining. Got up around 8ish this morning. I slept pretty well, but that’s partially due to the fact that I haven’t slept well the nights before. I was either ill and coughing and all, or I had to sleep with the window open for air and I couldn’t sleep because some douche-bag was popping fire works, or a dog was barking, or the wind chimes constantly gonging, or know what? I’m not gonna relive that. Anyway, I slept really good, only I felt like I could go on sleeping. But if I wake up fully and then go back to sleep, each time I wake up I feel like I’m more tired. So, I got up and drank two cups of coffee. I went and picked up AMOS from Lunixman’s place. Set AMOS up and posted here with that brief thingy there. Mom had called the air conditioner people and he was check out AC. Turns out we have a Freon leak. So he filled the thing up with Freon and told us to watch it, because he couldn’t find the leak. Just great. The thing is almost 3 years old and in ACs that’s still new. It shouldn’t be turning on us like this. Mom had to pay the guy $110 too, and that’s money we didn’t really have. I went on my interview, and dropped a resume off at a local place that wanted people to come and drop the resumes off in person instead of mailing them in. The interview didn’t go too well. I got that impression at least. But what can you do?

After that I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things that we needed. I didn’t spend but 15 minutes there. My shopping style is really get in-get out and that’s it. And since I was dressed up and in heels I really didn’t want to be there any longer than necessary. I mean, the whole purpose of putting on a pair is heels is to make your legs and butt look good. So here I am walking around Wal-Mart and I can’t really help but walk that way right? I mean, I’m a boutylicious girl as it is, so there’s motion in the ocean with or without heels. And I hate to get the idea that people are staring at me. I don’t like actracting attention...unless I do. But then it’s different.

Anyway, I got home, and Bub was still MIA, and Mom was upset about it so when I told her that the lady who interviewed me told me she had 20 other people to consider she took it out on me. I didn’t really mind too much it was just slightly depressing. But I got online and tried to forget about it. She kinda apologized a little later, and I could understand it. I mean she’s sick and feeling miserable, and then her son is gone and his buss leaves tonight at 12 midnight, and he’s no where to be found and...ok these issues are getting to angsty for this journal. I’ll have to put them in [profile] ruby_unicorn later...if I have the energy.

I edited chapter 26 of the The EQ Saga. I still haven’t put it up on yet...but I think I’ll do that on the 5th...just because I like the number 5. I was thinking of using 5’s as a element in the story now. Not in the plot or anything ya know, just maybe update the story on the 5th or 15th or 25th of each month. That gives me a goal to work towards that would be more regular. /shrug. Just something to think about.

Also, I got on AIM, and suddenly a buddy alert popped up and said that an old friend of mine was on. And I hadn’t talked to her in a while...I don’t remember exactly how long, but it had been a while. So, I IMed her and we got to talking. We had a nice long talk, and eventually she was like “Do you have any recent pics of yourself?” and I was like, “Uh, sure.” And she gave me a link to her Photobucket and so I gave her a link to mine. Then I relized she was on, and LJ. So I have now added [profile] chaineddove to my friend’s list on both journals. Thanks again to Allah Sulu's Massive Tool for the cute little Shampoo icon near her name! This girl and I have been friends for like 6 years or so. She and I would send anime to each other all the time back and forth. She had a ‘moto-chan just like I did, only their Sister-Sister group was Odango and HamHam. It’s great to know that we both have a lot of stuff still in common, and we both enjoy talking to each other still.

So now, Bub finally got home, and Mom hurried him to pack and bathe and all that so that they could leave. They’re gone and I’m holding up the fort. If I don’t hear anything back from Chibi soon, I’m gonna go and take my shower and then check back. I can’t wait till we can go see Narnia again...I know I’ve seen it already but it’s seeing it with her! Oh well. I’m gonna rest my eyes for a while and then go shower and then that’ll be it for me for tonight. Goodnight!




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Alliance: Light

You are a caring soul and somewhat of a people
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The Year's End

2005-Dec-09, Friday 02:32 pm
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Go back through your journal and post the first sentence of the first entry of every month:

January: NA

February: NA

March: NA

May: Greetings everyone.

June: Yesterday and today were days that I’d rather not remember so I decided to procrastinate writing till now *smile*.

July: OMG, ever since I actually started writing down my dreams in here, I’ve actually started to remember them.August: Today wasn’t too bad of a day, considering.

September: I LIVE! *cough cough sputter, clears throat*.

October: Today unreal.

November: Today was another day.

December: I didn’t get the job today.

So, year in review: At the beginning of the year I was working for AMC and still going to Fletcher. After I quiet and graduated, I started taking an interest in my old journal. I’ve been posting ever since. As I look back over my entries, I realize the only one constant in my life is my parents..makes me a little lonely.


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Yo. /sigh. Right. So, yesterday wasn’t one of my better days. Today hasn’t been an absolutely great one either. Anyone who’s actually friend listed at [profile] ruby_unicorn can read about the other day, and if you aren’t friend listed at [profile] ruby_unicorn...then, my God, but you haven’t been trying very hard, have you? /sigh. would [personal profile] tinhuviel put it? Ah yes, ‘my moon’ came upon me. It was utterly wretched because the day was supposed to be great, and here I was in labor. Then we went to church and that was a whole ordeal. That’s a small summary of yesterday.

Today wasn’t too much better. Thank God for the good things, because otherwise, I would be one very depressed psycho bunny...and we couldn’t very well have that now could we? I decided today to copy all of my journal entries from now on and send them to my Twin-san ([profile] animequeen). Including this one (/waves. Hi, Twin-san!). She never posts to her journal, so of course she doesn’t see mine, and I don’t send out e-mail updates because I assume everyone can just go to my journal. So, it’s a terrible mental trap that we’ve fallen into, and thus we have not really spoken at all in so very very long. I thought about it the other day, and I still find it amusing. She’s always online by all appearance, because her screen name is always active...however she’s never really online because she’s always away. I’m hardly ever online, but when I am on, I’m totally there. Funny, no?

What else did I do today? Oh! I did start using the moods that I made for myself in both my journals (both [personal profile] msmoon & [profile] ruby_unicorn). [profile] ruby_unicorn didn’t take too long, because the entries weren’t too many. But [personal profile] msmoon has far too many posts for me to do the entire journal; so, I just started with the post where I showed off my moods and continued on from there. Even with that, it was still a lot...geeze that was back in September after all. I got to the point where I liked them so much, I figured I’d better start using them at some point or I never would.

I went over to my old (old, old, old, really really old) web site, and I read over the web page Chibi([profile] amai_tenshi) had made me for my jellies, and I nearly died laughing. I’d almost forgotten about that web page...and it’s not like I can update it because Chibi’s the one who made there’s just one little lone comic up there. It all started a long time ago. I always joked that I could never draw anything but sickly stick-people, and someone said something about how they were sure I could draw something. So I started drawing little jellyfish characters, each one with a different set of eyes. The eyes came mostly from computer symbols. This one ^.^ is the happy face, =.= is tired etc. Well, I was somewhere, and I wrote Chibi a letter and I made a comic with the my Jellies on it, and she scanned it in and fixed it up and made a web page about it. So now I have my own trade mark “MM’s Jellies”. If I had Corel Draw on this computer, I might try to make a jelly theme to this journal. I now have my own stationary set with the jellies and I doodle them all over everything. So that was a nice trip down memory lane. I only wish Chibi would send me the files and stuff so I could continue to add to it. Oh well...

I finally got a call back from Reiko, and we are going to the movies tomorrow. Which is good, because I really need to get out of this house and Reiko always manages to cheer me up a bit. She said the day I called, she’d given blood and she doesn’t remember anything that happened that day. But she does want to go with me. Mom also wants to go with me, but she can’t because tonight’s a women’s thing at the church...she said she’d take me Tuesday if she could. Which would be nice, ‘cause Mom’s never gotten into C.S. Lewis’s stuff, and only saw my enthusiasm from it.

Oh, another funny thing that happened today: I installed City of Heroes on my computer. I ended my subscription at the beginning of this year, but for some strange reason I have a yen to plan the damn thing again. In fact, I want to play CoH more than I do EverQuest. I think that’s weird and funny, but I do not often deny my urges. Now, I don’t have my subscription renewed or anything so I can’t actually play. Why did I install the thing? Because I’m a moron, of course. I do want to play, and one day I will play. I don’t know when or how I’ll come to that point, but I’ll get there. And when I do, I won’t have to install the damn thing. It’ll be installed already. I was thinking of saving up a lot of money, and just buying a year’s worth subscription. It’s like $143 something for that, but it boils down to you paying a little over $11 per month. If you buy for 3 months it’s a little over $13 per month, and if you buy for six it’s a little over $12 per month. So this way, I figure I’m actually giving myself more options and saving more money. /shrug. In some universe, that does make sense. Maybe not this one, but somewhere it does.

Ok, so I’m now officially zonked from the meds and all, and I don’t see how anyone else really cares about the crap I talk about. So I’ll just go to sleep now, shall I? Good. Very good. Goodnight everyone.

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Feeling too much

2005-Aug-09, Tuesday 11:14 pm
msmoon: (Scruffers)
Yo. Hm...Today wasn’t fun. Went and applied for something (anything) at the local hospital. Then I went and—under the insistence of my parents—filed for unemployment. /sigh. But anyway. Came home...did stuff...that’s life. God, I hate my life.

I finally started working on tagging 2002. I did from October – December, but I couldn’t find the motivation to do anything else. The truth is, everyone’s been trying to get on the computer right as I try to sit down and do stuff. So, I finally gave up, and let them have it. Now that it’s late, no one wants it. But of course, since it is late, I don’t want to stay on too long. Complications.

Called Chibi today, because I knew she wouldn’t get around to doing it. We’re all set to get together Saturday, if nothing else comes up that is. I can’t wait. I always laugh a lot, and get in a good mood around her (whether I want to or not). I could use the encouraging.

After sorting through various entries, I came across one that had me laughing so very, very hard. This entry back in Oct. of 2002, called Weird Dreams O.o;;;;;. It was a half-dream entry that I didn’t even remember having. The idea of what I’m wearing and what I’m going through in the dream is so bizarre, but fun at the same time. I totally went analytical on the thing though, and I was like,

“Hmm...well, you can tell I wasn’t pleased with my brother at the time...and the unknown husband shows a bit of my wanting to be loved and safe...and ...well...the EQ stuff is just from playing Shenna too much on EQ -.-”

But it was fun reading over it.

My prayers go out to [ profile] bri_chan who just lost her cousin in a car accident. Just reading her words makes me so sorrowful...Like I want to consol her, yet anything I could do would seem so inadaquite. I barely know the girl...Damn empathy...

It’s been a long day...and I’m getting tired. I’d prefer to sleep in tomorrow, but with the way my dad’s been lately, who could tell? So goodnight, minna-san. Sleep well.

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