My Day Out With Reiko

2011-Jul-05, Tuesday 03:32 pm
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Here's the video I've been working on for a while now :) Just me and Reiko trolling around Houma together. Good times, good times :3


2011-May-22, Sunday 09:54 pm
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Just checking in with another (enormous) vlog. I wanted to show something that I found, that I almost forgot I had...not to mention announce (formally) big news for August :)

21 - The Masters

2010-May-27, Thursday 09:41 am
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2010 Seems to be the year for big things. So, I thought I'd take time to check out one of the Masters :) For your viewing pleasure, I submit Chibi's Graduation from College, which took place on May 8, 2010. Please do enjoy...




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2010-May-08, Saturday 11:45 pm
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  • 07:13 =..= blarg #
  • 07:39 Continental breakfast nomnomnom =..= it's still too early... #
  • 08:00 Almost time to pack everything up and head out -..- oh, internet on my laptop, I shall miss you ;_; #
  • 09:58 This university edjamacashon stuff is insane o..o #
  • 10:13 At Harding University, watching @kendramasters graduate. BBS #
  • 14:05 Q:When did you start liking/eating sushi? A:Hmm.. Not until Zen was well established in Houma... ... #
  • 14:44 Just had some awesome food, said goodbye to everyone and now we're on our way home. #
  • 14:46 Oh, and we got to see a replica of a sabertooth cat's skull. #
  • 17:11 Home :) #
  • 19:32 Watching While You Were Sleeping with Mom and giving her a pedicure :) #
  • 22:16 ...I suddenly wish I knew where I could buy an affordable saber tooth cat skull. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-May-07, Friday 11:45 pm
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  • 08:22 O..o ... -..- #
  • 08:42 Headed to Mom's for breakfast. #
  • 09:59 Getting a pedicure, and boy do my feet need it. #
  • 10:00 ... I want a message chair like this -..- #
  • 12:43 Setting off to Cabot, Ar :3 #
  • 15:49 I claim this land -..- #
  • 16:09 Wow. We have a suite... We're some classy chicks now. #
  • 16:14 @rattgirl - omg... are you sure? You look like you're in a hospital... and that's sort #
  • 16:25 Q:Sneakers or sandals? A:Depends on what you're doing. I prefer bare feet :)... #
  • 16:27 Q:If you could be on one TV show which one wou... A:Supernatural :D ...or Extreme Makeover Home ... #
  • 16:46 Yays! We're gonna go eat sushi tonight with Chibi :D #
  • 18:09 Getting very excited .... we get foodz soon :3 nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnoms! #
  • 18:10 Oh! And I have new awesome shoes! Snazzy new slightly heeled sandals :D #
  • 18:12 Q:Your favorite Ice Cream A:How can you pick! Right now, I'm loving chocolate chip cookie dough..... #
  • 18:18 We're off! Bonzai! #
  • 20:56 Sooo full :) Gonna go shower now. Alas, I has no music/show to shower to :| #
  • 22:16 Wah! My iPod isn't working! It won't let me scroll at all! D: All I can do is turn it on and off and select whatever it's already on ;_; #
  • 22:18 Think! Think! Think! What to do!..... Maybe I'll find something on the apple web site! >..< #
  • 22:27 Yes! Reset was a success -..- oh, I feel so relieved now. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Apr-22, Thursday 11:45 pm
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  • 11:49 Editing... #
  • 12:08 =..= I made coffee and breakfast, and while the coffee finished brewing, I went to turn the computer on and forgot about breakfast >..< #
  • 12:53 Finished uploading yesterday's pictures to FaceBook. Gotta pause in editing as everyone next door wants to see the pictures :) #
  • 13:17 Damn straight >..> RT: @ZodiacFacts Dont cheat On a #Libra you will never hear the end of it. #
  • 13:26 Yayz! @kendramasters invited me to her graduation on the 8th of May :D #
  • 15:09 Almost done with my next video =..= #
  • 19:11 At church, for the practice :| #
  • 20:44 Ok. Tuesday at 9, I have to bring my car to get the window fixed. #
  • 22:42 Just spent the past couple of hours showing my cousins my pictures and being told I need to make a book of them :) #
  • 22:43 Have sinus headache. Must shower =..= #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Apr-19, Monday 11:45 pm
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  • 13:03 Omg, srsly. When you make oatmeal with milk instead of water, it tast so much better. #
  • 14:38 I liked a YouTube video -- Serious Business #
  • 15:22 Q:Are you interested in anyone at the moment? A:For some, love is cheap, but for me it's treacher... #
  • 15:23 I'm tired and drugged...but I need to finish washing clothes =..= #
  • 15:46 Watching The Day After an effort to stay awake =..= #
  • 15:48 Tho, this movie is usually reserved for very bad weather. Used to watch it durring hurricanes and tornado watches/warnings. #
  • 15:50 This movie's score is so awesome. #
  • 16:01 Day After Tomorrow Soundtrack is $17 on Amazon. The Holiday is $13. On iTunes? They're both $9.99... #
  • 16:11 @Umamor1 I have no idea what you're referring to... #
  • 16:57 Heading over to Mom's. #
  • 17:17 Our neighbor, Mr TJ, died today... Mom just told me. #
  • 17:19 I'm really going to miss that old man. #
  • 20:28 Showering. #
  • 20:31 Kinda just want music right now. Gonna listen to the Children of Dune soundtrack. #
  • 21:06 Feel a little better now. Being clean feels very refreshing. I really need to get more men's sleeveless shirts, tho. #
  • 21:19 XD OMG, yes thx #
  • 22:17 ... RT:@ZodiacFacts #Libras are scared of failed relationships, that are filled with problems like stalking, clinginess, abuse and jealously #
  • 22:18 Concerning the tweet below... isn't everyone? o..o' I mean... srsly...stalking, clinginess, abuse and jealously? Not heavenly. #
  • 22:19 Sometimes, @ZodiacFacts, I wonder. I mean at times you say things that are so obvious, they're redundant -..- #
  • 22:20 ...just sometimes. Didn't know that thing about #Scorpios hypnotizing people likes snakes before gorging on them and all that... #
  • 22:21 ...not too sure I wanted to know. Srsly, tmi much? #
  • 22:22 @DJTimeKiller It's funnier when you read something that's totally untrue. #
  • 22:31 *Chuckles* Bajingo lol #
  • 23:06 I want beef jerky, and there isn't any in the house -..- dang cravings. #
  • 23:21 On this day in 2006, @kendramasters got hit by a minivan and lived to tell the tale :3 Ding-grats! #
I text way too much, yo :D

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Well, Reiko has said that this is the best video I’ve made yet, and there’s also a demand (from her) for a sequel… <..< Make one little video, and already she’s a diva -..- Guess it can’t be helped. Oh well. Hope ya’ll enjoy :3




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2010-Jan-26, Tuesday 11:45 pm
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  • 00:38't... Z..Z #
  • 09:59 Awwww. There, there @Davlenagain. It'll be alright *pat pat* #
  • 10:50 At Wal-Mart with Dad. Mako-kun isn't taking a charge again so I'm gonna bring it back in after this. #
  • 11:28 Ok. Mako-kun has been dropped off. #
  • 12:19 Just uninstalled the old receiver. About to install the new one... Somebody pray -_- #
  • 12:48 I'm connected. The signal strength is still fluxing =..= But! Even with me at 'low' connectivity, it has yet to drop me *crosses fingers* #
  • 14:55 I've been editing since I last posted. I'm now going into over-drive editing <..< Must be finished before Thursday... #
  • 16:43 Done with the editing -..- Next episode should be fun...although I'm going into hiding... at least I'm hiding from Chibi, Reiko and Scamp :3 #
  • 17:41 Eating gumbo at Mom's :) #
  • 20:58 So...Reiko is on FaceBook >..> and she some how failed to mention that to me... *pout* #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jan-19, Tuesday 11:45 pm
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I text way too much, yo :D

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2009-Nov-15, Sunday 11:45 pm
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  • 06:30 Set the alarm for 6:30, but I actually woke up at 5:30 ...well, it gave me the chance to actually have breakfast :) #
  • 06:31 Oddly enough, Mako charged all night and is still connected to power even at 100% <..< weird...really really weird -..-' #
  • 09:49 I'm all up in Searcy, watchin squirrels run around :p #
  • 11:34 Up in @kendramasters lab, tweetin :D #
  • 11:40 ....and...I'm slowly watching @kendramasters build herself into a panic ... #
  • 11:41 So, for some odd reason I thought the art show was at 12 and really it's at 2 when I got here at 9:30...I was extraordinarily early... #
  • 11:42 Not that @kendramasters minds. I'm now her devoted slave :) And the voice of reason... #
  • 16:42 Holy bovines, my feet =..= But it was really awesome to see all her art and meet her friends, which were equally awesome. #
  • 21:32 Home. Safe and sore :) #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2009-Nov-10, Tuesday 11:45 pm
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  • 11:05 I think I've decided that no matter how much oatmeal you eat, it may be filling at the moment, but it just doesn't last you... #
  • 11:18 OMG, @kendramasters is gonna be in an art show! Road trip!!! XD #
  • 12:56 @alyankovic - Is that like having a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks? #
  • 13:34, I finally got up offa my butt and straightened my hair. #
  • 18:46 RT @Twilight #NewMoon is in theaters in 10 days! #OfficialNewMoonCountdown #
  • 19:36 Just created a FaceBook event for our movie trip to see #NewMoon :) #
I text way too much, yo :D

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blarg *cough cough*

2009-Sep-14, Monday 11:45 am
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Chibi came (to my place), Chibi saw (Supernatural), Chibi left (her cold germs).... I understand hospitality is all about sharing, but I really wish she would've kept that last part to herself =..=

So, yesterday it started out with a persistent 'throat itch' cough around late afternoon. By the time I got home, I had that searing feeling every time I coughed, and every cough caused near convulsions. I had hot miso soup, it did not help. I had hot green tea. It did not help. I had my usual cereal, and then searched my medicine cabinet, thanking God almighty when I found I had NyQuil and DayQuil. The NyQuil helped a little bit. To be honest, it really suppressed the cough, but it didn't take it away. Still, it deadened my throat some, and it probably helped me to sleep. Until 5 am, that is. Then I started coughing again, so I ate a bit of cereal and had some more NyQuil (it had been 6 hours since my last dose or...whatever).

I slept again ... till about 8. I made myself get up, even though I was still very groggy. I fixed a small breakfast and some more hot green tea, took a dose of emergen-c...and put my clothes on to wash. Oh, watched The Musketeer too. That's the second adaptation of a Dumas book I've seen in a week. I just watched The Count of Monte Cristo Thursday.

Oh yeah. Anyway. I called Mom's family doctor, who I've yet to actually see (we's po).... but they said that one of the doctors is on vacation so the other one is covering their patients and they don't have anything open for a new patient at all =..= Just my luck. I've also called Dr. Sims (our chiropractor) and told them it would be better if I canceled my appointment today. I do enjoy sharing, but I'd rather keep this to myself. She thanked me profusely and told me to call whenever I came back from the reunion.

I'm tired, miserable...and I have to pack =..= Why couldn't this have happened a week ago? I'd probably be over it by now. Oh dear. Well, we may be leaving like... tomorrow morning early, but at the very least we'll have a few days before the reunion really starts. I'm gonna continue taking DayQuil and NyQuil, of course...I'll take double shots of that Emergen-C stuff, aaaand... Ricolas... lots and lots of Ricolas =..= What really sucks, is that I'm sore all over my torso. I mean, my chest of course, but my lower back and sides are killing me too.

You know, before I kept saying, "I can't wait till the reunion is over, just so that I'll have the memories as opposed to the anxiousness of getting it together." but now... I really I'm thinking the reunion is the least of my worries at this point =..=

<..< I think I need to eat. Besides, I'm just too exhausted to keep myself going. I'll post later. Bye, Sunshines.



You See the Glass as Half Full

No matter what's going on in your life, you can always find something to be thankful for.

You try to remain positive and focus on the good. It's not as easy as it seems, but it's always rewarding.

Your optimism and joy inspire the people around you. You make the world a happier place.

By seeing the glass as half full, you're sure to have more peace and contentment in your life. You might life longer too!

My view of the glass really depends on whether we're judging it before or after I touched it >..>


Yaviel Isilmiel

Job Fair's UnFair >..>

2009-Feb-21, Saturday 11:50 am
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I went, I saw, I applied. Job fairs are not places to invest all your hopes though =..= Most of the booths were handing out pamphlets that directed you to their web site. None of the booths accepted Resumes (which is a bit disappointing, as I printed 20 copies of my resume -..-), and I filled out only 2 applications. But, I did get a lot of pamphlets, like I said. Some of which, appear to not be my field or even a place I could apply (nurses positions and such), but that won’t stop me from trying :) Even those places need office peoples.

Of the two places I officially applied to, I am obviously more enthusiastic about one than the other. I applied to Big Cedar Lodge, which, I don’t even know if they have one of those around here, but I do know that they are like a Bass Pro shop, and there’s one of those in Branson (at the Branson Landing too). They have offices, so I would definitely be eager to work in that division if I could. The drive to Branson would be...well, at this point, not that big a deal.

The second place I applied to would be awesome if it worked out. It’s a radio station for Arkansas stationed out of Branson as well. It would be starting small of course. But who knows! Getting experience there, networking a bit....that would be an awesome gig....could you imagine me on the radio? Lord knows I have the perfect face for it =..= Besides that it would just be fun. I can easily go on and on about any topic, and I’d like to think I can speak openly with just about anyone...who knows right? What a job to have.

I did stop at a both for the local community collage here (fondly referred to as NAK). They weren’t hiring of course, merely offering info for potential students. But the lady I spoke with was very helpful, and she said they do have a program for getting a degree in graphic design....which I’d love to do. Photography or Journalism could be something too, if they have sufficient courses for that, but graphic design would just be awesome :) Of course, I did mention to her my previous experience and schooling and she said to apply for an office position at the main campus in town, because they never know when they may need someone and it’s just good to have your paperwork all there.

The only other thing was a local coffee house called Uncommon Grounds....they weren’t hiring, just selling ‘breakfast’ (if you can call pastries and coffee breakfast), but the place really is the only coffee shop in town. And, free wi-fi :)

So that was my morning. I got there around...9:15/9:20ish and I was about by 10:30. Oddly enough...ok, this is totally off subject and all. But, Mom has these boots right? They’re nice boots that she got from Wal-Mart that only go up to her ankle and they lace up. Nice, sturdy boots. Well, she wasn’t wearing them a lot, and when the ice storm rolled in I had no shoes sufficient to walk in. So, she lent me her boots. They were too tight and hurt my feet, but it got the job done. So, today, it’s cold out and I needed boots. Not high-heel one (like I have packed away somewhere) just nice, sturdy boots. Well, Mom offered to lend me hers since she’s pretty sure I stretched them out during the ice storm =..= Well, I walked in them the whole time...and they didn’t hurt o..o I was a little shocked. But I got back home and sat down after taking them off, and then I got up again....and my left leg was hurting. Like in my thigh muscle...I don’t really know if it’s related to the boots or anything but >..> It’s just odd.

So...Mom went to Mrs. Karen’s to learn how to make bread. She had me drop her off before the job fair. She said she’d get a ride home with Aunt Carolyn or something. I kinda have the house to myself. Speaking of ‘house to myself’, next time Dad comes in (the 5th perhaps) Mom and Dad are getting ready to head out to New Orleans for another one of Dad’s training things. They’ll be gone all week from the 8th to the 13th/14th of March. I told Alicia about it and invited her over. She’s always eager to get out of her parent’s house, and we get along well. Besides, I don’t have any friends in the immediate area other than her. At least none I’d feel like I was imposing on. I mean, seriously. Chibi’s my old previous friend who lives marginally close, and she couldn’t come on a weekday to visit me. She lives 3 hours away -..- Admittedly, I could spend the whole week alone and be just fine...still, it’s usually more fun when someone else is here.

/looks about. Well...I guess I’ll sign off for now. Maybe I can watch a movie or something before Mom gets in :) Later, Sunshines.

Your Gemstone is Emerald

Balanced, liberated, and peaceful.

You bring luck into any situation.

Yaviel Isilmiel


Jim & Reiko's Wedding

2008-Dec-27, Saturday 08:29 pm
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What a couple of nights. Reiko is officially married, and the whole thing went off without a hitch. The rehearsal was maddeningly long, if only because after the first clueless dry run the bride’s maids broke everything down and rewrote the hole thing. Seriously, we kept just thinking of ways to make it more streamline and just put little hints of tradition. So, we rehearsed one, figured out all the problems , redid everything (which took for ever), then there was the dinner for everyone who attended the rehearsal.

One thing that was really cool was, Chibi came to hang out with me around 2...well, the rehearsal was at 3:45. Reiko told her that she was invited to the rehearsal and the dinner afterwards, but Chibi had said that she had made dinner plans with her Dad. She said that she would hang out till around 5ish, and then leave to eat with her dad. Chibi hung out with me while we waited for everyone to arrive, and she hung out while we practised, which must’ve been boring. I looked up at like 4:45 and she was still there, and I was like, “Uh, Chibi, don’t you need to leave?” and she was like, “No. Dad called me and said he has to stay at work, so I’m gonna just stay here.” So, it was so fun. After the whole process of, you know, rehearsing. We went and hung out and ate and made fun of each other and had fun! It was great. The most fun wedding rehearsal I’ve been to...actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m wondering if it’s the only one I’ve been too...O..O

We came back here, and Jim and Reiko opened their Christmas presents, which was fun. Then Reiko asked Chibi and I if we’d go back to her house and help her pack up some stuff. I was exhausted, but so was Reiko, so I couldn’t really say no. We went there and came back, and tried to help Reiko’s mom with decorating the reception hall and all.....but I really was exhausted at that point. So I got upstairs and took my shower. It occurred to me that I wouldn’t be as alert the next morning as I might have hoped. So I sprayed some of that stuff that helps your hair to keep heating products from damaging it, and then I let it dry natural for a bit and then blow dried the rest of the way. Then I just straightened it as much as I could. By the time I passed out it was nearing 1 in the morning.

I woke up this morning around 7:15...I was kinda surprised, and seriously dragging, but I made myself get up and straighten my hair. I got dressed and went downstairs. I’m walking to my car and I hear someone call my name and it’s Jim and his family. They want to know where we could go and eat breakfast. We ended up at Wafflehouse and even if the it a skeezie place, they did make an excellent sausage, egg and cheese biscuit. I have to give them that. We had fun talking and enjoying our food and coffee. Jim’s Uncle told him, “It’s not too late, Jimmy...we could take you back to Kentwood.” and I turned to Jim with big pleading eyes and said, “It’s a better life for you there, Jim! It’s a better life for you in Kentwood!” he cracked up and said, “I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. Then..I’m not sure why, but we went to the Harley Davidson shop that was right next door. I was like, “So, more of an ‘Easy-Rider’ man or a ‘Crotch Rocket’?” He grins and retorts with, “Nah, Reiko’s more of the Crotch Rocket. I’m easy rider all the way.” I laughed myself silly at that. We looked around a bit and then just headed back to the hotel.

I made sure my hair was read and put on all my make up. Then I went to the church. Since I was the only one who had their hair and make up right, I went ahead and put on my dress first. It was a fight to get it on, and really I didn’t like it very much. It was too broad up top, and the sleeves weren’t as nice as I thought they’d be, and it wasn’t low in back but it was low enough that I couldn’t wear my bra =..= But I dealt with it and just sucked it up. Tabby (one of the other bride’s maids) had brought that skin to fabric tape, and I needed the side of the dress to be taken in slightly under the arm, so we did that. Then Tabby put on her dress....

Oh...sweet....God....Tabby is small, right? Like, make you sick small. She had told the dress shop that she’d probably be fine in a size 6, but they insisted she get an 8 and then allow them to take it in. Well, she went along with it, but she didn’t realise they were going to charge her over $80 in alterations. Then...she put the dress on....and it hovered over her chest so far, if she so much as moved she’d end up flashing us. She was so upset, and rightly so! So, we took it in ourselves - first with safety pins and then with actually sewing it. Then she just used the tape, and there was a shall/wrap that came with the dress, so she used that to make sure it didn’t seem weird.

Hollis, on the other hand (the only remaining bride’s maid) looked awesome, and needed almost no alteration to her dress. I mean, we all needed help situating ourselves and zipping up and adjusting our trains and sashes, but over all, I think we just pulled together and helped each other out and that’s what made it all great.

While we were getting ready, Reiko was taking her pre-wedding Bridal pictures. Then, once we were all as ready as we were going to be, we all took pictures together. The photographer girl was smart enough to set the camera up to take like 5 pictures one after the other, so if any of us blinked or our faces just didn’t look right, it would continue to take pictures. We tried various poses - some silly (shocking I know!) and some formal. By the time she was done with us and ready for the boys, she came over to us and said “ that’s 630 pictures taken, and the wedding hasn’t even started yet.” We laughed at that.

We waited in the rooms adjacent to the baptismal while the boys filed in through the side doors, and then when the pastor assured us they were all inside and wouldn’t see Reiko, we all left out the bak way to the next door area to wait till the ceramony started. When it was finally time for us to go, we gathered in the foyer. Mr. Ernie, Reiko’s dad, came over and thanked me for coming down and going through all this. As we were talking, I mentioned to him that, when the pastor asked “Who gives this woman to be married?” he kept saying, “I do.” and it was a little odd to me. He asked why and I told him that it should be “Her mother and I do.” because Mrs. Marry Jane has been orchestrating all this and she’s giving Reiko away as much as (if not more than) he was. So he nodded and said it did sound better.

The Wedding itself....was a very big slice of awesome. Everything pretty much went off without a hitch. And I find that the bride’s maids really did work as a unit. I mean, in the foyer, while we were waiting, I check both the girls’ trains and make sure their dresses are situated. And then whenever I’d have to move (to adjust Reiko’s train and help her, or to give the rings or sign as a witness), Hollis would lean in and tell me if I needed to move a smidgen, or she’d adjust my train. So, we really watched out for each other and helped each other out. I really think that’s why the wedding went off without a hitch.

I had Jim’s ring...and it’s a simple silver band with a celtic weave inlay into it.....and I have no pockets. So I kind had to slip it only my thumb and hide it under my other hand as I clutched my bouquet. Though, really, aside from handing over the rings and signing as a witness (my name’s the first signature on that paper!) my job was really to see that her train was fluffed and out behind her....then return to my spot. That was it. I must say that I did tear up just a tiny bit when they were reading their vows to one another and when her Dad walked her down the isle. But I kinda just made myself get over it and focus on what I was doing.

After Reiko and Jim went down the isle, I joined with my groom’s man and when we got to them in the foyer, we all high fived each other! It was hilarious! We were all high fiving, like total dorks. Then they received a few congradulations and made their get away. We lingered for a little while, mainly talking amongst ourselves. Then...we gathered up everything (along with a few of Reiko’s things) and headed back to the hotel for the reception.

Chibi and I were the informal well as the Video-ographers....Chibi had to record everything while the ceremony was going on (I couldn't do it being a bride’s made), but during the reception, we shared the ownership of both titles. We worked the music and the camera. When I had to take pictures, Chibi had the camera. After all the pictures were taken, it was time for the bride and groom to have their first dance. Chibi was supposed to announce it, but she didn’t really want to (nor did she have the voice for it really), so she asked me to do it. So I told her to record me and I’d do it.

Admitedly...I have s et of pipes on me...a strong voice really, one that cuts through noise and above chatter. I boomed out, “Can I have your attention, please!” then once the hush had fallen, I followed with, “It’s now time for the first dance...will the lovely bride and her dashing groom please report to the dance floor!” ....and promptly came to near tears again at the sight of them slow dancing. It was very nice and very sweet. There were a couple of moments like the last real dance which was between Reiko and her dad and Jim and his mom. Moments that just hits you, you know? And it made all the joking fade away, and the gravity of the event settled with a profound clarity. I was happy...and I wanted to cry.

Then, we ate cake! Oooh, and it was some good cake! Reiko remarked that the frosting was amazing, and I have to agree, but the cake in general was just good. Then she reminded me of the price, and Ladies and Gentlemen, I can now say that I’ve tasted a $300 cake and it was good....not as good as my sushi, but definitely good.

There were a few more silly dances. We caught some great stuff of the reception on the DVD....we were some of the great stuff on the DVD XD. But...the time ran out. About 45 minutes afterwards, I really couldn’t take the pain in my feet any longer. There were maybe a dozen people in there, and I knew that I had blisters and aching feet now with a down bed and wonderful shower upstairs. So I quit decided to quit the party. I gave Reiko a hug and a kiss and told her goodnight and the same with her mother and father. I looked at Jim and said, “Permission to hug?” He looked away, let out a sigh and nodded reluctantly, giving me a one-arm embrace. I’ll take what I can get.

I limped upstairs and then, my feet were so bad and I was in so much pain, I made sure to do very little walking. Mom took pity on me and rubbed lotion on my feet and massaged them carefully for quite some time. Tomorrow is church, but afterwards I intend to go to the movies with Chibi...she won’t be in town much longer, and I would love to spend more time with her. Then Monday, I’ll be driving to Abbeville to pick up Scamp and Brian for a day together with sushi and just hanging out. was the most wonderful day...


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Holy Crow, and Super Pig! S’been a while…um, updates are…Ike was terrible in the way the Rita was terrible. Gustav and Ike were very much like Katrina and Rita. Gustav had terribly high winds and storm surge, but Ike had a storm surge too! And the rain! Half of my backyard was underwater. My yard almost dried up, but then more rain came yesterday…so yeah. Back to the mud pit takes on a whole different meaning.

Power, running water and internet…we have that, but no cable still. Some people have gotten it back, but my cable’s pretty much been out since the 1st. There’s nothing to really do about it, because the crews are working as hard as they can and as fast as they’s just an annoying dilemma. I totally missed the first episode of Supernatural, and I’m hesitant to buy it on iTunes...I bought all of season 3 on iTunes, and even if it made it easy for me to catch the episodes I missed, I still was a little less enthusiastic about the 3rd seasons box set when I actually got it. I haven’t gotten the second season of Heroes yet either (trying to save money) either…I know I’m going to miss the third season opener – or at least I’m preparing myself for that since I don’t think I’ll have cable by then. /sigh. what a mess these hurricanes are.

I finally placed an order with the other day (I had a $24 gift certificate too…which…I don’t understand, but thanks to whoever got that for me!). So now, my list of gifts has included Scamp’s Birthday and Christmas presents (which I’ve had for a long time now), Part of Dad’s Christmas present, Jen-Lyn’s birthday and Christmas presents (I got more than one, so I just figure I’ll call them both) and Chibi’s Birthday Present. I still need to buy Christmas presents for Mom, Chibi and Reiko...But, I’m working on it.

Big dent in my money – Reiko called me yesterday saying she’d found a shop in New Orleans (or somewhere) that had her perfect wedding dress and perfect bride’s maid dresses. I needed to call them, before 4 pm that day, and give them my measurements in order to not have a rush order and pay $40 more. Oh, and of course, it’s my job to throw the bachelorett party…which would be just fine if that meant that I had to invite girls over, decorate my house, and put on Supernatural, but I have this bad feeling that Reiko will want alcohol involved, and I’m not up on buying booze so…yeah. I may just buy the decorations I was looking at and tell everyone BYOB if you must. Pull out the futon and air mattresses and let everyone sleep over…….oh, also, I’m designing her wedding invitations. I’ve done it before, but never someone who was so important to me. I really hope I can give her what she wants.

Dad finally came in from offshore. What a fiasco that was. I’ve never hated a company so much in my whole life. He had been told to drive to Lafayette, LA when Lafayette was being evacuated thanks to Gustav, right? Well, they rerouted him to Houston, TX, and flew him out to Mexico from there. When he come in, they brought him to New Orleans, then fueled up the plain again to fly him to Memphis, TN (Quoi?) and then back to Lafayette, LA, where he had to catch a hot-shot drive to Houston, TX………….WTF, People!? Seriously! Is that not crazy? He finally called me around 10 pm Monday night saying that he was safely at his truck in Houston, and that he’d be driving over to my place. I told him I’d leave the door unlocked for him. It’s a good thing I did, because he didn’t get in till about 3 am.

He spent the next two days helping me buy some groceries (my fridge was virtually bare), mowing the lawn, fixing busted pipes, and mending the roof to both our houses. I mentioned to him about this printer I’ve been having my eye on. It’s the
Kodak EasyShare 5500, which I’d seen advertised one day. Sure it’s a great printer and everything, but what really got me interested in it was the fact that the black ink cartridge is $9.99 and the color is like $14.99 – together you can get them for $22.99. And that’s an amazing savings right there. Plus it’s a superior printing product. So, after I’d told him about it (Because I knew Mom needed a new printer too) he says, “Well, you’ve got my credit card. Why don’t you just put it on the credit card and buy that?” So that’s my birthday present from my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

A couple of nights ago, I read a lot of the Twilight saga before bed. Then I had a dream about it...and it wouldn’t go away. So, I decided to write a Twilight fan fic…Which is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. If only I could channel my inspiration and just work on my original story! But, alas! I must write within a world of hot vampires and werewolves…../sarcasm. woe unto me. I’m surprised at how quickly it’s coming though...maybe because I’m making myself get into the characters and stare at the computer screen…really flushing out what I want from this story and who the characters are and all that jazz. I have 2 chapters and one’s all small stuff…but then again that last little fic I wrote about my and my cousin’s WoW characters was small too….maybe I’m expecting too much of myself. Maybe I should focus on smaller chapters. /shrug. who knows. Either way, at least my creativity is going and not dead.

Work’s been work….it has actually been somewhat bearable if only because it’s all-consuming. I work on a mountain of files and don’t notice what time it is for hours. I find myself saying things like, “Whoa…it’s already 12 (3, 5)?” It’s actually pretty awesome. Oh, and you know what else is awesome? For the week of the 1st through the 5th (you know, when Gustav hit and power was out and all that?) my boss is paying us without taking away from our vacation/sick time. How cool is that? My bosses rock.

….what else is there to talk about? Hmm….well, I finally got back on WoW the other night…well, night before too. I got together with my cousin and we did some RP. But last night, I took Agaruwen to ….wherever she was before I stopped playing =..= I don’t even remember the name of the place! I might’ve played for about an hour...just doing the quests she had and all. But without anyone there to talk to, it’s sort of boring, wasn’t long before I called it a night. Still. At least I’m playing a bit.

…Kinda feel a little pleased with myself. I woke up this morning, put on a pot of coffee, swept my kitchen, washed the dishes and set the clothes to washing….now, I really should go and have some breakfast =..=

Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

P.S. Most awesomest icon EVER! Dramatic Dean – dun dun dun!!!!

msmoon: (Supernatural - Bad day?), I have my new car stereo. I took my car in at 9 this morning and around 10:45 I had it all paid for and was on my way back in to work. But let me tell you what happened after my post yesterday.

I called Circuit City to ask about that guy who was supposed to call me, and they said that he hadn’t come in and that they couldn’t find him. I spoke with the manager directly, explaining my problem. I was called back a little while later by a young lady saying that he had told them that he had told me to bring my car in Wednesday or Thursday morning...which, is crap because I firmly remember him telling me he was booked up all for Monday and he’d go in to Sam’s Audio early and get the part he needed, and call me at nine to get it installed. I asked if I could make an appointment for Wednesday morning at open. Then after thinking about it, I called Sam’s Audio asking if they had a similar stereo system, and how much it’d be to install it. They gave me a quote and I made an appointment for this morning at 9. I was so furious and anxious about the whole thing, that I gave myself a panic attack. My doctor had given me some pills to take when I have a panic attack, so I broke the pill in half and took half of the pill, hoping it’d help to calm me down.

….I broke out in a clammy sweat all over my body, it was very hard to breath, I was dizzy and drowsy and nauseous, I got the shakes, and everything, even sitting in my chair and staring at my monitor, was taxing. I finished the work-load for Saturday’s mail (God knows how), and told Lo that I had to go home. The girls looked at me and told me they were not comfortable with me driving myself home, because I’d gotten very pale and just didn’t look good at all (not to mention that I’d gotten deathly quiet the moment the pill kicked in, and they know that means I’m really not feeling good). So, I called my Aunt Carolyn and asked if she could come and pick me up. She said she’d come with Uncle George, and she’d drive me home while he followed in their car. I am glad they picked me up too, because I kept feeling like I was going to throw up at every turn. I got home, made myself some dry toast (the girls had recommended it) and went to bed. It felt like I wasn’t really sleeping, you know? Like I was motionless and my eyes were closed, but I was aware of everything. And yet, it was like no time had passed. I have to admit, other than feeling like my stomach was made of lead, all the other symptoms (save the grogginess of course) went away. So maybe it’s just that I couldn’t be up and moving around under those meds…lots of good that’d do me.

Around 6, my parents called – and I thanked God I’d had the good sense to keep my phone with me. I talked with them for a bit and then, I think I fell back to sleep. I woke up again around 7ish. I got up, ate a bit, watched some TV (mostly my Daria DVDs), and worked on organizing the pictures for the Mecha Con Scrap book. I did get some of my clothes washed, but I went to bed right after my shower.

I only took half of that pill, and I still feel drugged. But I felt well enough to come in to work and bring my car in, and the whole mess is over. This morning, after I dropped my car off, I texted people….because I was bored just sitting there. I hadn’t thought to bring something to read. Reiko was busy at work, Chibi was at chapel, and only asked texted back to ask when I was going to Arkansas. Scamp, got my text message and called me! We talked…for about 45 minutes or so. Which was sort of funny, since she’s spending time with her honey, Brian. I hope he didn’t mind =..= Still, after I hung up, we were still texting. Twas amusing...even if I was still bored all by my lonesome.

Now, the only thing I have to worry about for my trip, is packing! I’m so ready to just be gone! Tonight, I’ve gotta finish packing, load up the car, wash the dishes and try to straighten up some, make sure TomTom’s all ready to go, and...and….ummm….oh! Wrap Mom’s gift =..= Yeah, I got her the card, made it all out for her and I even used my stamps on the gift box, but I’ve yet to actually wrap the gift. Nice right? Doh...

I put my jeans on to wash this morning when I got up, and then when that was done, I put them on to dry. That’s the only reason I couldn’t finish packing last night. My jeans (the most integral part of my wardrobe) were still in the dirty clothes pile. Dad left a pair of his jeans and a shirt behind, so I need to remember to bring that too. My brain keeps going through all of the things I need, and I’m like “Can I pack that yet...I don’t think I need it, so I think I can.” And then I keep reminding myself, “Don’t forget Wednesday, after you use that, you’ll need to pack it.” It’s insane. I’m thinking of bringing the little thing of Folders coffee...I know my Dad doesn’t drink coffee as much as when I was there. So, it’d be a good idea to be prepared.

Oh well.. I can’t think of anything else, and there’s work that needs doin’. I’ll talk later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

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Hanging out with Chibi is like smoking marijuana without all the harmful side effects (there are side effects to Chibi’s presence, they just aren’t usually harmful). Last night, we consumed sushi and watched more Supernatural. After an episode, Dad called and said he was in Biloxi and would probably be home in two hours O..O’ So, we watched and waited. Dad got there around...9ish. I think. Or it was close to 9. Chibi couldn’t stand the cliff hanger we left off on, so we watched one more episode (Dad can sleep through anything, so he just crashed in my spare room), and that put us seeing Hunted last. I did tell her a lot of what happened in certain episodes and stuff...but, only because I know she might not see me anytime soon (and God only knows when she’ll manage to watch the rest…unless I get it for her for her birthday…). I didn’t get to sleep till well after 11 =..= So excessive doses of Chibi causes massive giggling, ridiculously silly jokes, and extended euphoria...quickly followed by sleep deprivation and eventually exhaustion.

Anyway! Woke up this morning feeling exhausted and wishing I’d been able to sleep more. But, I got up. Dad got up. I got ready and ate breakfast. And then, I drove to work with Dad. After we got here, Dad took the car and went to shop around for tires and get the battery checked and everything. He picked me up for lunch, and we went to Arby’s. He pointed out that I had brand new tires (and I was a happy bunny). The lunch was pleasant…at first. When we were leaving, we saw a lady on the sidewalk just laying there in a pool of her own blood. Not a nice sight. We immediately rushed back in to say that someone was hurt outside, and the manager at Arby’s said there was a medic in the building (really?). When the medic started tending to her, we left, knowing we’d only be in the way. Evidently she tripped and when she hit the pavement, she blacked out.

Then we went to Circuit City, because I hd 30 minutes left to my break, and Giggles told me she got her husband’s car stereo there, and it wasn’t as expensive as the clods at the Ford place had quoted me and they install. So, I went in to price the cd/radio thingies and ask my questions. I have to set up an appointment to get it installed in my car. But, after looking around on line, I’ve found the one I want. It’s the Jensen Phase Linear 160W Car Stereo…and not just because it’s the cheapest (or because it's named Jensen ^..^). It just has everything that I need, so I see no reason to pay more for any of the other ones. I see nothing wrong with the product or price so…that’s it. I’m gonna call and make an “appointment” to get it installed in my car…I’m hoping for Friday…but we shall see. If not then, it’ll have to be Monday or Tuesday (…I dunno if they’re open over the weekend…I’ll have to ask!). It's just good to know that everything in my car is going to be taken care of...even if I will owe my parents over $500 for it =..= I'll pay 'em back too. It might take a while, but I will.

I’m leaving next week...I have a note on my calendar to pack Monday =..= So, OCD of me. Oh…and Reiko’s leaving for GA at the end of this week! She’ll finally get to see her man...but, I won’t be seeing her for a while. But at least she’ll be happy.

…I want today to be over so that I can sleep =..=’ That’s so very sad. I feel like I’ve been going in slow motion all day…well, for the past few days actually. I am looking forward to my Aunt Carolyn’s fried fish for supper, and seeing Celeste tonight at church. With Chibi down, I totally missed Sunday night…so yeah. I’m over-due.

I can’t think of anything else, and I should most likely get back to my work…later, Sunshines!



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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Trust Me)

Thank God for unwinding time. I was lucky enough to have Giggles (a coworker =..=) bring me to the Ford place to pick up my car (she lives near there). I picked the Puma up, and I was very happy to find the charge was only $110. I called Chibi, but she didn’t answer. So I waited till I got home and then messaged her. She didn’t respond. So, I went ahead and took my shower. She finally responded, saying that he mom had the van so she would be late. I told her that was fine, I would make Gyoza and Ragoons. 40 minutes later, I got a ‘OMW’ message. I don’t think she got to my place till after 7...But I got to take my shower and cook a meal (in the sense that it came out of a box and I heated it up properly).

We started watching more of Supernatural, when my Mom called. She had set up an e-mail account for my Aunt Carolyn (who’s now living with the rents), and she couldn’t access it (or just didn’t know how -..-). After about 20 minutes of struggling to get them to the hotmail web site, she read me the “you’ve tried to log on to many times, so you’re locked out. Kthxbia!” message, so we decided to put off that trial till the next day. We gabbed back and forth for another 15 minutes, and then she said goodnight.

Chibi stayed for a little while longer. I showed her the YES dance – which has scared me for life – and the Urban Ninja – who I want to be when I grow up. We stopped...when did we stop?.../goes to the Super-Wiki. Ah! No Exit! The last one we watched was No Exit. Talk about a creepy episode. Possibly even more creepy than Everybody Loves a Clown. That was creepy too, but I’m more of a claustrophobe than a clown-o-phobe, so No Exit gives me the willies. I’m also a little creeped by, you know, psycho-serial-killer-ghosts-that-like-to-drag-you-off-and-paw-you-while-you-slowly-die-or-are-smothered-by-chloroform... That sorta freaks me out too...I suppose Dean said it best when he said, “The only thing worse than a pissed off spirit, is the pissed off spirit of a psycho.” Man...even if Asylum didn’t have too much creepy stuff in it, just the thought of the ghosts of inmates at a psych ward is freaky. The possibilities, you know?….

….what was I talking about before? Oh…right. The evening we had -..- But yeah! After No Exit we knew it was a little late to start watching another episode, so we just talked a bit about our plans for today. We decided that I’ll order something from Zen’s to go (Scamp, don't hate me), and she’ll just meet me out the Nexus. Just so’s we can watch more Supernatural (because God only knows when I’ll see her again ;_;). I do want to catch up on her life, and plans and…just talk and everything.

…I think that’s everything. I feel so much better in comparison to yesterday. No more days like that anytime soon, kthxbia! Later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

PS: Both my icon and my title are a terrible inside joke from last night. So, I don't expect anyone to really get don't worry about were confused...
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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was awesome. Now, I REALLY have to watch the other movies…and possibly buy them ^..^

OK…what else happened over the weekend? Well, it rained….a lot! Which is normal at this point, but it sorta needs to stop now. I have Lake Pontchartrain all around my house. Of course, rain is perfect weather to clean house to, so I really didn’t mind so much…except when I had to actually go out to do something and ended up doing the Louisiana Shuffle (you know, when every piece of ground is either soggy mud or a puddle).

I’ve pretty much decided to make two copies of my Mecha Con pics and make a scrapbook for Reiko and myself. Of course, I don’t really know much about Scrapbooking, but after talking with Mom a bit over the weekend, I found out that my Aunt Batty knows how. So, I’m definitely going to be consulting her. I get the idea of printing out the pics and putting them on card stock and writing something clever in and arranging them on the page with embellishments here and there (but nothing too crowded), but what I’m not sure about is how it fits into the book =..= It’s the practical side of things that I can’t wrap my head around. I’ll go ahead and make mine first though, that way I’ll have it all worked out by the time I get to Reiko’s and her’s will be better ^..^ I did go by Hobby Lobby just to see if it’d inspire anything, I have a few ideas…but nothing definite. I’m still unable to get past that initial confusion =..=

Chibi came over Sunday. She finally made it to my house around 5:20, but she came bearing pizza, so I didn’t mind so much. I finally got her to see the whole first season of Supernatural and we even started in on the 2nd season. We only have one more episode, and the whole first disc of the second season will be watched...only 5 more to go and she’ll have the whole 2nd season down too! I know I’m not going to be seeing her for quite some she’ll have to come and spend several days with me in order to catch up once I finally own the 3rd (and eventually 4th considering how slow we’re going with this) season(s). I also showed her the first disc of Reiko and my Mecha Con adventure. It was amusing to show her the pictures.

I brought the puma in this morning for the service. I asked how long it would take and when I could come and pick it up, and the guy said, “It depends on what we find with the brakes.” =..= Which, is exactly the opposite of what I want to hear. A part of me is slightly panicked at the notion of not knowing (as it usually is), but I keep reassuring myself that even if it does take more than the day that I allotted for it, I do have a few people that don’t mind toting me to and from work. Still, it’s just one of those uncertain incontinences. Still, I hope my baby’s just in need of a quick fix. And..I hope it isn’t too expensive.

Dear, God. Please let this work day be over quickly, and let my car be fixed by the time it is. K, thx, luvya, bia!

So, tonight, Chibi’s going to come over too. Or at least, she’d better since she made off with volumes 5-9 or my W Juliet. If I can just pick up my car, I’ll call her after I’ve gotten the car and we’ll meet at my place. If not…well, I’ll just be giving her a call one way or the other. I think she might be coming over tomorrow night too…or we might go out to eat at Zen’s. I told her about it and she agreed that I really must show her what it’s all about. I know Dad’s coming in on Wednesday and we’re going to my Aunt Carolyn’s for supper and then to church (note to self: bring a change of clothes to work). So that means RP with Scamp gets pushed back to the latter half of the week (if you can call it that). And I know her beau is coming to visit sometime (I think she said the 24th), so I’m pretty certain we won’t have as much time as we’d like. Still, it’s always fun when we can manage it.

I guess that’s…everything. Or everything I can think of right now. I’ll talk later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon


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