2014-Nov-13, Thursday 10:04 am
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I feel like a lot has been happening, but most of it feels like 'first world problems'. I really don't like complaining about that. But here's something serious to talk about... So, I got this ticket see...and it doesn't take me to a chocolate factory.

So This Happened....

2014-Jul-17, Thursday 04:09 pm
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First ever, 'So This Happened....' Starting with the lovely people of Wally World!

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An important day to take a look at a bit of history...because the present looks bleak, and the future is daunting :|

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There are so many days when I feel like I don't accomplish much....today is not one of those days.


2014-Jul-03, Thursday 03:25 pm
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I don't want to jinx anything, but you may not see me making videos here any more...

Like we Like

2014-Feb-15, Saturday 01:00 am
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Video, Vlog, Glitch, BBear, Branson, Road Trip, Sushi, Sushi House, Branson Landing, Earthbound Trading Company, Fun, Music,

Yet another jaunt to our favorite sushi place in Branson :

Oh, and the song playing while the train is going and we're looking around is Imagine Dragon's TipToe :) It's an awesome song, and you should check it out

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Just a table full of friends playing Cards Against Humanity :3 What could happen?

Poster Project

2014-Jan-08, Wednesday 08:44 pm
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I've got a few artistic projects going...but first, the easiest!

18 Hour Madness

2014-Jan-07, Tuesday 08:38 pm
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Trip. Must. Home. For Aslan.

Pre-Blizzard Excursion

2014-Jan-04, Saturday 08:33 pm
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Evidently there's a storm about to over-take the country....but that won't stop us!

Now & Again

2014-Jan-02, Thursday 08:30 pm
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First check-in if 2014!...things and…stuff.

MI13 - Day 5

2013-Dec-30, Monday 08:27 pm
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MI13 - Day 3

2013-Dec-28, Saturday 08:23 pm
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We finally ventured forth...but not for long. We were going to do more...but then, we didn't get our sushi until after the movie started. Then we went back to the Bear Den and gamed, and watched movies, and cuddled puppies, and played Cards Against Humanity... :3 It was a great day.

MI13 - Day 1

2013-Dec-26, Thursday 08:22 pm
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I wouldn't say it was eventful, but it was fun :3 We game, we make food (burritos, yum!), aaaand despite the ice we went shopping!

Traveling to MI

2013-Dec-25, Wednesday 08:15 pm
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Looooong trip is long :|

4th Circle

2013-Dec-24, Tuesday 04:59 pm
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So we're brave souls. Beth is in need of a few last-minute, forgotten things... so we must venture forth... to Wal-Mart...on December 24th....dang.

Theeing Thor 2

2013-Nov-09, Saturday 02:09 am
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We knew we would need nourishment and sugar and giggles to survive...and survive we did :3 Spoiler free btw!

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The awesome panel that Greg Weisman did during MechaCon 9 :) Watch to find about the next Gathering of the Gargoyles in the CONvergence convention! Also, a lot of Gargoyles stuff, and some personal stuffs :)

Hey! Greg has a new book coming out! It's called Rain of the Ghosts, and you can get it from Amazon.com right here: http://amzn.to/18mpmuf . If the first 2 books do well, we'll get a whole series :D

Farewell to 29

2013-Oct-05, Saturday 10:36 pm
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I spent my last day of my 29th year hanging out in Branson, MO, with my Knights :D So much singing, joking, and Tom(Hiddleston)foolery went on, I'm glad I managed to record some of it :3

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Dear God, it's been a long con :3 but such fun has been had! Much love to anyone who managed to get the KoS stickies x3 We had fun trying to ninja them into places that wouldn't be overly imposing :)


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