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MM has a guest over! We're having fun with collaboration :)


2014-Mar-03, Monday 12:22 pm
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On March 1, B and I embarked on a journey into the unknown on the suggestion of two of our teachers. We were not disappointed, as our adventure gained a sense of kinship with our fellow warriors, and even a bit of loot :3

Christmas 2013

2013-Dec-24, Tuesday 10:48 am
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The real meat of our Christmas :D With accompanying background music as well :3 Many thanks to Kevin MacLeod for making Deck the Halls all Royalty Free.

Pre-MechaCon 9 Trip

2013-Aug-22, Thursday 04:58 pm
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ZoooohmG, the trip to MechaCon was loooong, and we're loopy... But we're here!

Short & Sweet

2013-Aug-21, Wednesday 06:17 pm
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So, there's a lot of stuff happening, but I'm really crap at talking about it all, so here's a tiny blurb of a video... Enjoy!


2013-Mar-23, Saturday 09:18 pm
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What did we do for Spring Break? Well... we went on a little road trip to the lovely town of Eureka Springs :3 Sure, we didn't have a ton of money, but we had fun strolling through the shops there. It's such a lovely town with so much to offer!

My Stay at Scamp's

2012-Dec-04, Tuesday 06:03 pm
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The one where the title is only slightly misleading :) I took a 740 mile trip up to Wyoming, Michigan (bet you didn't even know there WAS a Wyoming, Michigan :D). I spent 10 days visiting my cousin, Scamp and her hubby Bear :D

The Cosmic Café

2012-Nov-15, Thursday 04:50 pm
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Appreciating something awesome...even though it's gone :(

Awesome Kidnapping

2012-Oct-23, Tuesday 03:49 pm
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In which I kidnap my unfortunate friend :3 Bethany missed out on our trip the the Sushi House Saturday, so I decided to kidnap her :) I was really happy to share her first sushi/Branson experience with her :D

Oct. 6

2012-Oct-06, Saturday 08:52 pm
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So this happens around the same time every year :|

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...but which one of us is which :3....A very random video (I know, such a shock) of me and Kallie and Dan just hanging out at different times :3

Potter3000’s video with all the fun Hiddleston stuff is here.

Jurassic Tom

The video with Tom saying “Dad, I think that’s Thor and Loki” is here. Go to 2:34 and enjoy :3

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Oh noes! We're friends to the end, and it's nearing the end, my friends :| This is the week most of our classes are ending! Everything is due, and everyone is in a mad (rainbow)dash! ...and Daniel's leaving...could this be the end?

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There's a lot going on with the local Lyric Theater. There's scare crows and squirrels and Prof. Psychotic! o..o

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Kallie gets pierced...the hard way. There's some big bang activity going on. Oh, and NerdGasms abound do to 90's nostalgia :) I turn my car into a taxi, which isn't that safe when you think about it.... Dan engages in Gym Tennis. There's lots of singing and shenanigans as always :3

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The last of our Con videos from A2F! And, oh, we were feeling the post con crash :|

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What Would Zordon Do? That's not exactly what we asked at this panel. But there was free candy and guess who games that resulted in a lot of fun :3

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More sights & sounds from A2F! A walk-through of the dealers' room and meeting up with some friends!

A2F.12 - 01

2012-Mar-17, Saturday 03:50 pm
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Friday Evening :) Still kinda pre-con madness, but it's all in good fun :D

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Oh the things we keep ourselves busy with. Kallie and I get really excited to know that people we dream about miss us :3 Also, there's some singing... and discussion about being a broke college student. New segment with Josh! It's really the natural progression of a conversation with us. Oh, and the hilarious discussion of the Little Robert De Niro Mermaid :3

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New Episode! It's kinda short, but it' fun :) The discussion of a compilation of Firsts, Captain Jack's Cupcakes, A new Segment Featuring Kallie, Daniel invents a new game I still don't get, and Adorable Level: Dog :3


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