No Excuses

2014-Jun-06, Friday 10:58 am
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MsMoon fights the urge to submit to NyQuil so that she can finally post a video! =_=

Much Love to SkahfeeStudios on Etsy for their awesome WoW Text Art :D They have a ton of other text art things that you should go look at!

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There wasn't really a theme week challenge this I had to make my own challenge :)

First Flight

2010-Oct-08, Friday 10:58 am
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Mom and I are flying to Atlanta! Mom hasn't been on a plane in 39 years, and this is my first flight! :D We set out from the Branson Airport (beautiful place) and landed in the Atlanta Airport (dear God, the madness). Here's our trip.



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Dad's Tractor

2010-Sep-28, Tuesday 12:00 pm
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This is one of those adventures you only hear of in the country :)




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It looks like OMFG is making an effort to explain lore on their YouTube channel, and I gotta say…it’s pretty epic. They always do things in a unique fashion, and I’ve watched the first video a few times. I enjoy it every time, not only for the lore but for Pride’s colorful commentary and to try and read all the funny things on the ‘trading cards’ that keep shuffling around. It’s really amusing :) Check it out. 


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Some local "wildlife" set to some nice music :) Everything else on the video is pretty self explanatory.




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My assignment for @iJustine's vlog university. Here's the 'collaborative' effort. Much love to the cows that live around my house for being such a good sport about their dancing virtual loggers need comment :3




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Rain, Rain, Rain

2010-Sep-09, Thursday 05:05 pm
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The rain rain rain came down down down and... oh, dear -..-




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For the evening, we went to visit Pastor Sam. We all had supper, and enjoyed each other's company.




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26 ~ RPG Books

2010-Jul-27, Tuesday 07:30 am
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This was just a small obsession that turned into a very strange quirk. You'll find out when you realize how much EXP I have :) Please do enjoy...




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Tidbit of 26

2010-Jul-24, Saturday 08:47 am
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It's pretty self explanatory :| I was really hoping to have this video fully edited and up now, but it's obvious that that just won't be happening. I need to whittle it down and work on a few things. But until I have it, here's a something from it that won't fit where I wanted it. Anyone wanna guess what the next episode will be about :D? Please do enjoy...



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