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MsMoon decides to pay homage to one of her favorite YouTubers; schubes17! It's a little odd, since this poem is a translated Austrian rap song o..o' How much is really lost in translation?
schubes17 - his stuff is awesome, and you should go watch all of his videos just as soon as you're done watching all of ours :3
The 'Offizielles' Video for Woki Mit deim Popo is here...there were warnings on the video when I first tried to see it, but I'm not sure why. I mean, it looked like a straightforward 'dance your ass off' sort of video to me...
Marc Johnce
As always, Marc Johnce's got his mashups on his website, you can check that out:
If you want to see just Wild Popo, then this would be what you're looking for:

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So... we technically had school today. But it was canceled in the afternoon….



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The first month finally concluded! I think I like this style better :) I might just keep it up! I kept working with this video over and over too. The audio kept messing up. I ended up eliminating a few of the days because their audio was messing up :| But I still like this video :D




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Finally, get have the first day and get that done and over with!



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Winter Break

2010-Dec-31, Friday 09:43 pm
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Wow! I've been gone soooo long :) Time to catch up…




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2010-Nov-30, Tuesday 05:03 pm
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Here's a little snippet of my Thanksgiving. To tell the truth, I was enjoying it so much, I really didn't pick up the camera much :)




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2010-Nov-18, Thursday 06:00 pm
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Suffice to say, cough medicine and ADD don't mix well...or maybe they do.




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So Excited

2010-Nov-01, Monday 09:19 pm
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Just checking in...because I don't wanna go too long without it.




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2010-Oct-16, Saturday 08:58 pm
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:D Look! looklooklook! :3 



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2010-Oct-14, Thursday 07:17 pm
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More ramblings...this time, about my current dilemma. It's a little funny how my brain works o..o’ 


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2010-Oct-13, Wednesday 11:16 pm
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Lord knows I'll never get video responses, but some of the ones I've seen... are actually pretty puzzeling...

Random kitteh is random :)


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Infernal Dialog

2010-Sep-25, Saturday 01:25 am
msmoon: (Mad) night's boring and lame, but at the same time it's hella funny... Oh yeah, and I get that whole Paranormal Activity thing off my chest....and talk about college...with...myself... just watch -..-'



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Cliff House

2010-Sep-17, Friday 07:49 pm
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Dad and Mom decided to go out to the Cliff House for lunch today. I had never been, and though I didn't enjoy the long, winding road there, I gotta say everything else about the experience was awesome :)




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RE: Ask Jupiter

2010-Sep-12, Sunday 12:22 am
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We get to ask Jupiter questions! :3

…it’s silly but fun! ….don’t judge me -..-




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This is a video response to Uma's question about my camcorder :)

Here is the
link to the camcorder on Amazon.





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No Sociology Today

2010-Sep-03, Friday 09:25 am
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There was no Sociology class today, so we all waited for an hour in the classroom for English (no geology class on Fridays obviously).




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Camcorder Transfer Test

2010-Sep-01, Wednesday 05:42 pm
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Mom needed to go to Branson to pick something up, so I drove her. And we had sushi :) I figured since we were going to Branson, I should bring my camcorder anyway, because it's where the closest BestBuy is. So, I popped in and asked them about how to connect my camcorder to my MacBook Pro... yay.


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Just Add LuniJuice!

2010-Aug-30, Monday 10:56 am
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We were bored after Singspiration...and LuniJuice wanted to see the webcam and video editing on my MacBook Pro. This was an experiment in iMovie's music and sound effects :) It turned out silly but fun :D



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MsMoon's First Test

2010-Aug-28, Saturday 02:19 pm
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Just testing out my new MacBook Pro!




Yaviel Isilmiel

31 ~ College Prep

2010-Aug-18, Wednesday 07:29 am
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It's getting very, very close! College will be starting up in a couple of days, and I just wanna make sure I know where I'm going. So here's a tiny tour around the halls of North Arkansas College, fondly referred to as NAK :) Please do enjoy 


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