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An important day to take a look at a bit of history...because the present looks bleak, and the future is daunting :|

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MM has a guest over! We're having fun with collaboration :)

140303 - Bad Moon

2014-Mar-03, Monday 03:02 pm
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MsMoon has bad guesses, because her brain is elsewhere...


2014-Mar-03, Monday 12:22 pm
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On March 1, B and I embarked on a journey into the unknown on the suggestion of two of our teachers. We were not disappointed, as our adventure gained a sense of kinship with our fellow warriors, and even a bit of loot :3

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So, it turns out most messages from the past are completely pointless and unhelpful...

Moonicorns (take 1)

2013-Dec-14, Saturday 06:45 pm
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I’m starting to flesh out my Moonicorns, and this is what I have so far…

Moonicorns are equids that come in a variety of sizes and coat colors/types. The main distinguishing factor that separates Moonicorns from Unicorns is the three sets of horns growing from a Moonicorn’s head.

Reproductive Cycles
Female Moonicorns are usually fertile in early Spring, but some have gone into their reproductive cycle as late as early Fall. If a mating occurs during the time in which the female is fertile, she will carry the foal for about 11 months (provided her partner is equally fertile).

Birth – 4 (Infant)
4 – 8 (Youth)
8 – 12 (Young Adult)
12 – 16 (Cusp)
16 – 20 (Adult)

From the moment of birth until the age of 4, Moonicorns are considered infant and remain close to their family unit. They are eventually taught basic knowledge and reasoning as well as social mores and traditions.

At the age of 4, Moonicorns advance to the Youth stage. Their education becomes more advanced, and they get used to accompanying various adults to better understand different roles and abilities of adults.

At the age of 8 Moonicorns are considered young adults. They are not assisting various adults in their roles. This stage is not sedentary as most Moonicorns drift from one thing to another until they find something that suits them. The Moonicorn’s ‘ram’ horns begin to grow towards the latter half of this stage. This stage ends when the Moonicorn turns 12.

At the age of 12, Moonicorns are in a strange ‘Cusp’ stage. In this stage very little is required of them, however they are encouraged to read, exercise, and learn more in order to hone the natural abilities they possess. As such, most Moonicorns use this time to test their physical and mental endurance. The Moonicorn’s nose horns begin to grow in this stage.

Moonicorns are considered adults at the age of 16. At this point they are brought through a ritual ceremony which helps to jump-start the growth of their center spiral horn. The Moonicorn chooses one of the 3 general power focuses.

All Moonicorns possess a set of Ram-Like horns seated atop the head just beside their ears. This set of horns grows in tandem, until it curves back and thickens to protect the top and rear of the skull. These horns are used mostly do deliver blunt blows in order to discourage fighting.

Also, a singular thick spiral horn grows from their brow. This horn is in the center of the front of the skull about 2 inches above eye height. This horn is light to the point of feeling almost hollow. This is the horn which protrudes directly from the section of the brain which controls a Moonicorn’s focused powers. If this horn suffers any damage, the Moonicorn’s specific ability will suffer. The horn does regenerate albeit slowly and with much effort on the part of the Moonicorn.

The last set of horns sprout from the top of the Moonicorn’s nose. They are small and thick, but sharp. They stop growing once the Moonicorn reaches maturity. These are used specifically for fighting with intent to wound the opponent.

Focused Abilities

Control – The control or manipulation of physical materials. Basically all the Kinesises of the Kinesisi family.

Unseen – Enchancement/Manipulation or any ability pertaining to the unseen abilities. These abilities consist of mental, emotional, astral, or energy variety.

Enhance – Any augmentation or enhancement of physical abilities. These abilities are usually already possessed of the individual, but they could develop from other physical areas.

Moonicorns have cloven hooves.

Moonicorns are omnivores, and their teeth reflect it. Their teeth are placed in ordinary Equid places, but their front teeth differ greatly from the norm. Back teeth are molars for grinding, but front teeth are incisors, bicuspids, and canines for holding and tearing into meat. This helps them eat and process meat as well as vegetation. Individual diets and preferences vary.

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A tribute to WotcherScamp. She graciously drew the two main characters of my original story in her own unique art style, and then paid to ship them cross-country. Love for Scamp!

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MsMoon wishes her mum a happy birthday, references the recent trip to MechaCon 9, fangirls over Greg Weisman, Power Rangers, & Bulk and Skull, and gives a few details about the upcoming NaNoWriMo trials :)



Please, please, please get a copy of Greg Weisman's new book!



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Apologies for the video this week, I was in a rush to film and edit. See you next week!


2013-Jun-05, Wednesday 11:38 pm
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20130605112235 collage


2013-Jun-04, Tuesday 03:04 pm
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20130604030132 Antithesis


2013-Jun-03, Monday 06:01 pm
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20130603113308 homeless


2013-Jun-02, Sunday 07:38 pm
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2013-Jun-01, Saturday 02:36 pm
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130601113952 sisterhood


2013-May-31, Friday 05:18 pm
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Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 10.44.24 PM

One Word: Secluded

2013-May-30, Thursday 06:42 pm
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Concerning Collaboration

2013-Jan-31, Thursday 11:36 pm
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So, Glitch and I write this fan fic together. It's an Avengers fic, and we figured it was about time we shared our process and stuff :)

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Checking in at the end of 2012 and start of 2013 :) Happy Near Year, er'body! In this I basicly just talk about a lot of the stuff that's happened since my last 'official' check in. The important things, the silly things, the fun things, how hot Matt Muenster is on the attractive scale, and things I'm looking forward to :) You ya do.


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