msmoon: (SM - Yummy!) I was totally fooled. I mean, I expected the “We’ll buy you lunch wherever you want!” thing, so when they brought it up, it was a no brainer thing. But then, Mrs. Ellen shows up...and half the office leaves with just me, the nurses and Mrs. Ellen. And, I’m kinda thinking, “Why is everyone always so phobic about eating with Mrs. Ellen around?”. But then, Donna and Gigi come in carrying boxes and boxes of food from Piccadilly! They decided to throw a party and have Thanksgiving early! Which, is great, because I had brought their gifts which I’d intended for Christmas. Then, they tell me they have gifts for me too! I was so surprised!

So, we eat some ham and green beans and stuffing and deviled eggs, and pecan pie, and Watergate salad and...well, you get the idea. And then I open the girls’ gift for me, and it’s a little silver bracelet that has a heart locket with written prayers inside the locket! I was so touched! And then! Mrs. Ellen gives me a present from her and ‘Rick’ her hubby (my other boss). I unwrap it and look at the box...I blink, I look at different parts of the box, and I ask aghast, “This isn’t what’s on the outside of the box is it?” and she’s like “Yes! It is!” and I kinda gaped because it was a
Trutech 7" Digital photo frame :-O!!! ZOMG, anyone? Z!O!M!G! I was so shocked because...well, those things aren’t cheap! I had been thinking of getting one, but...I dunno. There was always something cheaper I could get, you know? So I never got one for myself! It’s just so sweet!

So...I had an errand to run, right? Well, after taking a million pictures and giving them their gifts (which they cracked up about! G got the Maxine Desk calendar, and Donna got a “wet floor” sign that says “Caution: Hot Flash Zone”. But the other girls all got ‘desk cones’ that say things! Lori got “It is our company’s policy to blame the computer”. Dena got “Service will depend upon my mood and your attitude.” Lenda got “Save time. See it my way.” Nicole got, “Give me my coffee and nobody gets hurt.” And Mrs. Sandra got “Step Away from my Desk.”. They’re all so funny!), it was decided that I’d take the food home with me. So, I did, and when I got back…I got a call from Donna...she was downstairs and she said she needed something. So I go down there, and the girls downstairs have a card and a cookie cake for me O..O’ I was shocked there too. It was nice and I thanked them, and had a piece and talked and all, and then I rushed upstairs and...was so out of breath!

SO much had happened! I had to settle myself down to write it out and then settle down even more to get back to work! Needless to say I’ve been writing in between …uh…headaches? Meh...I’m tired, but I’m also cranked at the same time O..o how does that happen? I’m just so giddy about all the well wishes, and I knew that they would miss me and all, but...this was so much more than I expected...I’m so glad I got the chance to work with everyone here. I feel so blessed.

...I still can’t wait for 5 though, just so I can have a chance to show off my gifts! :-D


You Are Very Approachable

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You are open and friendly. You are willing to connect with almost anyone.

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Harvest Moon

A really good day!

2008-Nov-12, Wednesday 09:40 am
msmoon: (MM - Genki!!)

OK, so yesterday was perhaps one of the funniest days and best days ever. Normally, at work, I get about 12 pages of stats done on a good day. Yesterday, I got 18 pages done! It was awesome! Oh, and Nicole does this weird thing with her coffee...she drinks a cup and then pours another cup and lets that cup sit. Then a few hours later, she pours pickle juice into her coffee (effectively turning into greenish brown much). Well, today, she did that and she left. And I looked into my purse, and sitting there, most literally staring up at me, was a gummy-bear Eyeball…. :D So! While she was gone, I unwrapped this red eyeball and plunked it into her coffee XD!!! She comes back and a few minutes later, “You guys, what the hell is in my coffee!!” I was rolling. And then, later on. Dena tells me, “Listen to my newest ring tone!” and she comes over by my desk, and Mrs. Ellen (our boss) was on the line with Lori. Dena hits play, and really really REALLY loud, comes out Achmed yelling “lelelelelele! Infadel calling! Infadel! Pick up the phone before it explodes! Lelelelelele!!” and Lori turns and looks at us like “Zomg, too loud!”. Dena and I cracked up.

And then, the day was nearly over, and I got an e-mail from Wal-Mart saying that the stuff I’d ordered ages ago finally came in. So I went to pick that up right after work, and as I’m walking through Wal-Mart, Mom calls asking what I’m gonna do for supper. I asked “You mean, what are we gonna do for supper?” and she was like, “Well that’s why I’m calling. Mrs. Betty called, and she wanted to take me to supper and go out on the town.” And I was like “OK, well, I’ll figure something out.” And as I’m talking to her, I hear my phone beeping. Reiko had called. I called her back and she was like, “Hey! I’m in town! Wanna go to Zen’s!?” and I was like “Uhhh.” And she said, “I’ll pay!” and I was like “Sure!” So we went to Zen’s and she had her rainbow roll and I had a saint’s roll. And it took us all of 15 minutes to eat them...and we were still a little hungry. So we ordered a tempura roll and split it. So very very good. Then, we walked across the parking lot to Hobby Lobby, and as we’re walking in...I see Mom and Mrs. Betty going inside from the other doors. We talked for a while, then Reiko and I went one way and they went the other. We cut up and had fun and I bought some cross-stitch...which...she said she’ll give me as my Christmas present >..> Whatever. It keeps her off the streets.

I got home and showered. I tried to get on WoW, but the patch it being evil and I couldn’t get on Senteniels. But, I did get to talk to Scamp on Yahoo. That was fun. I enjoy Yahoo messenger through my e-mail. It’s great. She talked to me a lot through it yesterday too. It made the time go faster, and it’s not as time consuming as some other things that distract me from the monotony that is stats. We did a little RP. Not much, but it was our first try at it, so it was really good, all things considering.

And then Dad got in...and he had my birthday present….and that’s when I posted last night :D I asked Dad how big the thing was, because I wasn’t sure and I didn’t have a ruler or anything, and he was like, “Bay, that’s probably 15 inches long from tip to tip.” O..O awesomeness.

….now…I have much work to do today. I’ve gotten off to a good start. Let’s hope I can keep it going. Later, Sunshines!


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You're able to dig deep and think outside the box to get things done.

You are a non linear thinker. You don't like following directions

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Harvest Moon

ZOMG! Breaking Brain!

2008-Oct-31, Friday 01:43 pm
msmoon: (OMG! ONOZ!)

I am so grateful for my parents and my Aunt Batty. Last night, I came home, and Mom had boxed up a bunch of stuff already. But I still had to work on the pictures I’d printed out for the scrapbooks I’m making. I sat on the floor (again) for an hour+ filing all the pictures down to the size I needed...then I hobbled up to watch Supernatural. Oh, my thoughts on last night’s episode?...huh...that’s interesting. I was so tired (still am) that I can’t really absorb too much. I’m also trying to think ahead to what can be packed now and what can’t and what to do with it all. It’s driving me nuts.

I was talking to Mom, asking when we would leave. She told me that they would have to leave on the 22nd (probably very very early in the morning =..=). Which means the 21st is going to be insane. I think my parents are going to Houston for...uh, the 16th through the 18th...I think they’ll be back on the 19th. Some sort of school Dad has to go to. Anyway. I already told Scamp I’d be over to pick her up on the 15th some time, so I asked her if her parents could come and pick her up late afternoon on the 21st. I won’t know the exact time till I get the times for the movie, so I can’t tell them approximately when we’ll need them to come over. I’m thinking, Mom and Dad may be spending the night somewhere else so that Scamp, Reiko and I can wake up and do whatever it is we’re gonna be doing.

I swear, I’ve been planning for this thing for so long, I can’t wait till it gets here just so I can finally relax. I will be taking Zeis along just for fun-sake...gonna have to clean my purse out so I can get it in there and not be considered a freak……….ok! Not such a big freak! Geeze! I’m really just so very excited! I can’t wait to get together, even if it is gonna be crazy. It’s weird, because I already have ideas on what I want to do with Zeis and what we’re going to shoot for our little movie. Obviously, we’re not going to be bootlegging or anything, I just want to shoot us before the movie, going to the movie, after the movie, hanging out at Zen and Books-A-Million….I’m sooo excited XD!

So, our Edward Jones, financial advisor guy came over and told me that I have to roll all of my funds over into an IRA. Truth is, I’ve totally forgotten my login and password for that. I get my statement all the time and take a look,’s just a little bit over my head so. Yeah. I mean, I can’t touch it till I’m 59 anyway, right? I hate having something and it not being mine, so there’s no point looking at all the money...that I cannot touch.

……………I am so tired. I almost can’t wait till the 23rd. Then I can crash for a few days before trying to find a new job...then again, I won’t really be able to relax till after Reiko’s married. She’s supposed to be getting married on the 28th of December. Oh, and yeah, I have to be down in the dress shop at 1:30 on the 13th for my fitting =..= Geeze. There’s much.

Well, lunch is over. I’ll talk later, Sunshines.

Hmmm, guess now would be the best time to post all those Halloweenish quizzes I’ve been gathering.

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Your runner up costume: Death


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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Jesus Saves)

OK, so after e-mailing Mrs. Ellen, we renegotiated my departure, and I’m not leaving on the 20th of November instead of the 14th. Also, after November 30th, I won’t have insurance any more =..= and there’s no way I’m gonna be able to afford it on my own. I’ll just have to find a new job as soon as I can.

…..the clear soup at Zen’s is just so freakin’ awesome. There isn’t much to it. Just beef/onion broth with green onion and mushrooms, but it’s just so warm and soothing. It’s just so nice. I could eat it any time. That’s all I have to say about that.

Oh! So, remember how I got that printer? Yeah...yeah, I got it in, and I tried to fool with it for two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Well, I’d turn it on, and it would say “Paper Jam, clear paper and press Enter” well, I’d pretty much done just about everything shy of taking the dang thing apart piece by piece and putting it all back together. In fact, I hadn’t even put paper IN the paper I took it back to Target and got my money back =..= I’m gonna order another one eventually...but. I’m gonna wait till more towards Christmas. I know it was supposed to be a Birthday present, so my Dad’s sort of upset that it didn’t work for me. I told him not to worry. I’d just wait till they got their next credit card statement, you know, make sure they didn’t owe a lot of money, and then order it. But this time, I’m ordering the
5300 version.. At least that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about packing up -..-

Now that I’ve finally got the basics of my scrapbooking down, I know that I need to focus on some of the more embellishing aspects of the craft. I mean, I’ve got all the pictures printed out and most of my supplies (I’ll need to get tons more cardstock, adhesive and a spare book tomorrow), so now I need to get some embellishments and page headers. The first page, I’ve decided to have one picture on it in the center of the page, which will tell the content of the scrapbook. But there are so many costumes for the cosplay sections that I want to have page headers, ya know? So, I either need to get some sort of decorative cardstock header type, or just get some peel-and-stick letters that I can use to form words at the top of the pages that begin certain sections. I’ll have to just look about and see what they have to offer. The theme colors are red and black (for the book and pages – all the cardstock that I’ve got the pictures on is different colors =..=), so if it’s just words and designs, I’ll have to be red...If I get a border to put words on, then it’ll just be black. It depends on what I want XD

Work has become a lot better. Now that everyone’s adjusted to the news, we’ve all gotten back to joking around with each other. I just hear a lot more of, “You see what you’ll be missing!” and “How are we gonna go on without you?” lately. But things have gone back to “normal”. I just have to start thinking about my soon-to-be lack of insurance and how to train someone for this job whenever they finally decide on someone. But things have gone back to being fun again – which is what I really wanted for my last few weeks. I saw these little “Desk Cones” at Books-A-Million. They’re like, construction work cones or men-at-work cones, but they’re tiny for a desk and they say things like “I haven’t had my coffee yet, don’t make me kill you.” And I want to get G a 2009 Maxine Desk calendar, because we both have enjoyed Maxine so much. I figure it’ll be great parting gifts :D

Meh...Gotta get back to work now =..= Later, Sunshines!


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Harvest Moon

Face the Change

2008-Oct-28, Tuesday 02:54 pm
msmoon: (just kill me)

I finally got around to telling the girls what was up. Probably one of the harder things I’ll have to do in a long line of hard things. At first there was shock, and then joking ( “who we gonna ask when the computer messes up?” and “Can I have your desk?”) then...then it set in. And now they’re a tad on the devastated a way, it’s better to have everything in the open...but, I also feel bad for having them share my despair. Sure, friends are for that right? To help shoulder what you’re feeling... But still. What I went though over the weekend was torture – thought most of that was because I kept it all to myself. But is it right to expose that cycle to everyone now? Now they have to start thinking of finding someone to replace me, which they say is impossible. Of course, considering my replacement sort of finalizes it...I really wish I could’ve stayed till December, but then I would’ve been raining on everyone’s maybe it’s better this way...I’ve e-mailed Mrs. Ellen, asking that my last day be Nov. 14th. That gives me two weeks to work and two weeks to pack/spend time settling affairs and being with friends.

Dad leaves for work some time this evening. Mom’s going to rest for a couple of days (they both cleaned out Dad’s entire shed...which is a huge feat that took an entire day to do), then she’s going to ask Uncle George if she can borrow his truck to get some boxes for me. She’s gonna start packing up the ‘non essentials’ while I’m at work...that’s the plan so far. Reiko called me too, she said she’s coming down Sunday and wanted to know if I wanted to go cake testing with her. I’m certainly not getting any thinner here, so I guess that’s ok :)

On one hand I’m sad about the whole thing...but on the other hand, I’m a little excited. I mean, the work situation isn’t going to get any better for a while...I assume it might take a while to get another job. And yes, things won’t really be that great till after Reiko’s wedding, because I’ll have to drag myself back here and then leave again...but, I’ll be grateful when Christmas finally turns to New Year and I can settle in. I just wish I could have a “satellite office” like my bosses do, so that I could still work for them. They’re just such great people.

We’re still all set to have our sleep-over on the 20th and then all go see Twilight on the 21st. My house’ll be a little bear, but all that really matters is that we’re together. I’m on the fence about whether or not I should go ahead and buy those outfits for Reiko and I to wear. We had planned on wearing matching outfits of black that I designed – my shirt would say “Bite me” on the front with “Team Edward” on the back and the pants would have “Cullen Coven” on the leg and “Dazzled” on the back (all in red letters) and Reiko’s would be opposite...her shirt would say “Dazzled” on the front and her pants would say “Bite me” on the back ^..^ A part of me wants to save money...but another part says to go all out for one last ho-ra. I’m really leaning towards the latter. It’s important to me to have fun with my girls...more good memories than sad ones.

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll talk later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Warcraft - Yaviel Yawn)

Holy Crow and Super Pig…it’s already October. In 6 short days, I’ll be 25. My insurance will go down, and I will have passed the point in which women no longer wish for anyone to know their age….How did this happen? I was asked by a friend what I was planning for my birthday...Nothing really. I mean, all my friends are either flat broke or just don’t remember things like that (yes, all four of them). So, really, I was just planning to go to Zen’s after work and have a few rolls. I’m not expecting any grand birthday gifts (well, except from Scamp, who’s been leading up to it for God knows how long. Still that won’t come till Nov. 21st when we go to see Twilight and all), or any parties or anything. I’m sure the girls at work will get me a cake or something…but nothing huge.

I got to play some WoW last night. Dad took me to lunch so that we could have some time together before he had to leave. Turns out he had to be in Biloxi, MS, yesterday evening. So, I was on my own at home. Went home, showered, heated some stuff up and got on WoW. Wenny was in high spirits (brefewst, duh), and then Hothien got on (which is better than Brewfest for her). We actually went to uh…that place….Tarren Mill! Yeah, we went there, because Hothien needed spider silk. I thought he needed a lot of it, but it turns out he only needed one. Funny thing? Wenny had 1 spider silk she’d been saving for him just because she knows he can use them…So, small trip to Undercity and Hothien made Wenny new robes! They were very pretty on her too. She also got a tiara….which, really came out of left field, but anything to increase stats, right? I know tomorrow, I won’t be doing much WoW at fact, I’ll probably jump on and do the girls dailies and then be right off as soon as possible (/whispers “Thursday Cometh!”.)

...what else did I do? I mean, it wasn’t long after that that I just crashed. It was kinda late (or at least, for me =..=). Oh! I uh…I redid my Sharpie List...I still have that system for my calendar, right? I like to keep track of various things through different color sharpie markers. So, I have a chart that shows which occasion is to be written in which color. Finally, Warcraft got some representation (because I wanted to write when Hallows End and the Darkmoon Fair would be). So, here’s the new sharpie list.

Turquoise – Anniversaries
Plumb – Appointments
Burgundy – Bills
Blue – Birthdays
Lilac – Books
Orange – Church
Green – Holidays / Events
Marigold – Dad’s Work
Black – Deaths
Aqua – Friends
Olive – Hurricanes
Purple – Movies
Red – Pain
Lime – Sales
Magenta – TV
Brown – Unpleasant
Sky – Vacations
Berry – Work
Navy – WoW
Mint –
Peach –
Pink –
Tangerine –
Yellow –

…I has a tired...I hope this day ends soon (at least work-wise).

…I talk to ya’lls later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Supernatural - Drama!)

Holy Crow, and Super Pig! S’been a while…um, updates are…Ike was terrible in the way the Rita was terrible. Gustav and Ike were very much like Katrina and Rita. Gustav had terribly high winds and storm surge, but Ike had a storm surge too! And the rain! Half of my backyard was underwater. My yard almost dried up, but then more rain came yesterday…so yeah. Back to the mud pit takes on a whole different meaning.

Power, running water and internet…we have that, but no cable still. Some people have gotten it back, but my cable’s pretty much been out since the 1st. There’s nothing to really do about it, because the crews are working as hard as they can and as fast as they’s just an annoying dilemma. I totally missed the first episode of Supernatural, and I’m hesitant to buy it on iTunes...I bought all of season 3 on iTunes, and even if it made it easy for me to catch the episodes I missed, I still was a little less enthusiastic about the 3rd seasons box set when I actually got it. I haven’t gotten the second season of Heroes yet either (trying to save money) either…I know I’m going to miss the third season opener – or at least I’m preparing myself for that since I don’t think I’ll have cable by then. /sigh. what a mess these hurricanes are.

I finally placed an order with the other day (I had a $24 gift certificate too…which…I don’t understand, but thanks to whoever got that for me!). So now, my list of gifts has included Scamp’s Birthday and Christmas presents (which I’ve had for a long time now), Part of Dad’s Christmas present, Jen-Lyn’s birthday and Christmas presents (I got more than one, so I just figure I’ll call them both) and Chibi’s Birthday Present. I still need to buy Christmas presents for Mom, Chibi and Reiko...But, I’m working on it.

Big dent in my money – Reiko called me yesterday saying she’d found a shop in New Orleans (or somewhere) that had her perfect wedding dress and perfect bride’s maid dresses. I needed to call them, before 4 pm that day, and give them my measurements in order to not have a rush order and pay $40 more. Oh, and of course, it’s my job to throw the bachelorett party…which would be just fine if that meant that I had to invite girls over, decorate my house, and put on Supernatural, but I have this bad feeling that Reiko will want alcohol involved, and I’m not up on buying booze so…yeah. I may just buy the decorations I was looking at and tell everyone BYOB if you must. Pull out the futon and air mattresses and let everyone sleep over…….oh, also, I’m designing her wedding invitations. I’ve done it before, but never someone who was so important to me. I really hope I can give her what she wants.

Dad finally came in from offshore. What a fiasco that was. I’ve never hated a company so much in my whole life. He had been told to drive to Lafayette, LA when Lafayette was being evacuated thanks to Gustav, right? Well, they rerouted him to Houston, TX, and flew him out to Mexico from there. When he come in, they brought him to New Orleans, then fueled up the plain again to fly him to Memphis, TN (Quoi?) and then back to Lafayette, LA, where he had to catch a hot-shot drive to Houston, TX………….WTF, People!? Seriously! Is that not crazy? He finally called me around 10 pm Monday night saying that he was safely at his truck in Houston, and that he’d be driving over to my place. I told him I’d leave the door unlocked for him. It’s a good thing I did, because he didn’t get in till about 3 am.

He spent the next two days helping me buy some groceries (my fridge was virtually bare), mowing the lawn, fixing busted pipes, and mending the roof to both our houses. I mentioned to him about this printer I’ve been having my eye on. It’s the
Kodak EasyShare 5500, which I’d seen advertised one day. Sure it’s a great printer and everything, but what really got me interested in it was the fact that the black ink cartridge is $9.99 and the color is like $14.99 – together you can get them for $22.99. And that’s an amazing savings right there. Plus it’s a superior printing product. So, after I’d told him about it (Because I knew Mom needed a new printer too) he says, “Well, you’ve got my credit card. Why don’t you just put it on the credit card and buy that?” So that’s my birthday present from my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

A couple of nights ago, I read a lot of the Twilight saga before bed. Then I had a dream about it...and it wouldn’t go away. So, I decided to write a Twilight fan fic…Which is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. If only I could channel my inspiration and just work on my original story! But, alas! I must write within a world of hot vampires and werewolves…../sarcasm. woe unto me. I’m surprised at how quickly it’s coming though...maybe because I’m making myself get into the characters and stare at the computer screen…really flushing out what I want from this story and who the characters are and all that jazz. I have 2 chapters and one’s all small stuff…but then again that last little fic I wrote about my and my cousin’s WoW characters was small too….maybe I’m expecting too much of myself. Maybe I should focus on smaller chapters. /shrug. who knows. Either way, at least my creativity is going and not dead.

Work’s been work….it has actually been somewhat bearable if only because it’s all-consuming. I work on a mountain of files and don’t notice what time it is for hours. I find myself saying things like, “Whoa…it’s already 12 (3, 5)?” It’s actually pretty awesome. Oh, and you know what else is awesome? For the week of the 1st through the 5th (you know, when Gustav hit and power was out and all that?) my boss is paying us without taking away from our vacation/sick time. How cool is that? My bosses rock.

….what else is there to talk about? Hmm….well, I finally got back on WoW the other night…well, night before too. I got together with my cousin and we did some RP. But last night, I took Agaruwen to ….wherever she was before I stopped playing =..= I don’t even remember the name of the place! I might’ve played for about an hour...just doing the quests she had and all. But without anyone there to talk to, it’s sort of boring, wasn’t long before I called it a night. Still. At least I’m playing a bit.

…Kinda feel a little pleased with myself. I woke up this morning, put on a pot of coffee, swept my kitchen, washed the dishes and set the clothes to washing….now, I really should go and have some breakfast =..=

Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

P.S. Most awesomest icon EVER! Dramatic Dean – dun dun dun!!!!

msmoon: (RVB - Caboose Hamster)

Isn't it always funny how things can change and all that? I am finally home. And…I have internet…but not cable. I’m more grateful for the internet, let me tell you. I’ll take a connection to friends and the entire world over mindless media and entertainment that I cannot control any day.

So, I’m finally home…and still not quite unpacked. I had to stop by Reiko’s on the way to pick up AMOS and my movies. Of course, when you’re coming back from a trip (especially when you shop as much as I did =..=) you tend to be taking more back with you than you originally had. So, I had to leave one box behind…no room for it in the car =..= It was mostly my many box sets and since Reiko doesn’t have cable either AND no internet on top of that, she could seriously use the diversion. Plus, I know she’ll take good care of them (or it’s her ass).

Also, I’m so very very sick. I think it’s just a head cold, but it’s making me miserable either way. No worries though! I’ve got Nyquil and Dayquil to help me...though, they only really relieve my symptoms for about 4 hours before I feel miserable again. Still, what more could a body ask for? As sick as I am, Mom was much worse when I left her. She caught a bad stomach, just like I told you, but she was all congested before that, so she’s fighting the same symptoms as I am ….plus the stomach virus. With her previous exposure to hepatitis B…well, her immune system is nonexistent. She takes forever to recover from these things.

Much too late to report in to work at this point of course, so I’ll be in bright and early tomorrow. You’ll be glad to know I was grounded enough that I didn’t simply rush over and install my computer first thing. No, my clothes has been put on to wash (after the towels were put on to dry), and mean while, I unpacked the entire car, unloading food items into the fridge first. Of course, the only thing in my fridge at this point is candy, soda, milk (questionable though it may be), hazelnut coffee creamer and sandwich meat. I will need to restock soon…

Now though, I do have internet, and the computer is up and running. Perhaps a bad idea to come down…what with Hurricane Ike RIGHT BELOW ME!!...but….the boss called Tuesday. Asked when I was coming back and wondering if I could make it sooner than later. So yeah. I’m back…for better or for worse. My house is awesome. I’m sick. And I’m going in to work tomorrow. But…it’s just Friday…so at least it’ll be jeans day and I won’t have to worry about when I get a break, right? The winds are pretty bad out right now, and it’s been drizzling off and on. Thanks bunches, Ike. Feel free to just pass on by without stopping.

…It’s so good to be home. I can’t wait till I settle back into it. I’m gonna go take some more meds or…maybe just blow my nose or something. Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

Time Warp

2008-Sep-04, Thursday 12:52 pm
msmoon: (Mononoke - Strange)

What day is it? It’s …Thursday, right? Good God...I’m telling you, in a off the beaten path country home, time stands still. If you don’t have something to divert you, it all runs together and you forget what day it is and what the heck’s going on.

So, Reiko got up here safe and sound (though there’s always some question about just how sound she is). She and her mom and dad all stopped in a resort town called Fairfield Bay, which is about an hour and a half southeast of here. Scamp and her peoplez actually went to my Aunt Lane’s house. I know the power went out and at some point, their generator went out too, but evidently it’s back up and running. I’m sure since it’s farther north, the power will be resorted soon.

I had a bit of a way-side adventure yesterday. Reiko had told me that she and her dad were heading down Wednesday morning, and that if I wanted to, I could go with them. She figured we might not be able to get back into Houma, but her house in Hammond (Robert) would be reachable. We could bunk there till we could come down. So, I packed up most of my stuff (forgetting a lot =..=) and headed over to meet them. We all went to Wal-Mart and stocked up on the essentials we’d need (potted meat, water, gas cans, and for me and Reiko granola bars and pop tarts). Well, after checkout, I get a call from my mom (who was really upset that I we were leaving so soon), and she said that the mayor said not to even bother coming back till Friday; and, that power would not be restored for up to 2 to 3 weeks! So, that was very discouraging, but her opinion was what clenched it. She said she didn’t want me going down there when it was still a disaster zone, that it was her birthday and she wanted me here where it was safe. So...I sold Reiko and her dad my gas cans and potted meat, and came home. Reiko was a bit upset about this (not as upset as she was about my driving though >..>) but she got over it and I came back here.

…And now Mom and I both have some freaky sinus infection that we’re fighting =..= Reiko called sometime…the other day…and said that they had decided not to leave. That she was feeling sick with a sinus infection too, and they’d gotten the bulletin about not being able to go back till at least Friday. So, now they’re planning on leaving tomorrow morning.

I called Blue Bird (my boss), and asked her if they’d evacuated or if they were alright. She said that they’d made it to Baton Rogue, but the hurricane hit just as badly there. I told her my mom wasn’t allowing me to leave till it was safe, and she said, “Oh no. No don’t leave at all. They’re not letting anyone back in and there’s no power.” So, she has my private e-mail, and she’s going to e-mail me updates, but other than that, I’m not really worried about work. I also called Cole, and she said that her family was heading back today (I think her hubby manages one of the power plants). She said to call her Saturday before I even thought about coming so that she could give me updates first. I also called my energy provider asking if they had an estimate for when my area would have power. They told me to call back Friday. So…here I am. Can’t go home and no idea when I’m gonna be heading that way anyway.

I don’t have a TV or anything in my room here, so the only thing I can really do is read. I brought Breaking Dawn and The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Both of them are great books, and I’ve enjoyed reading them over and over…and over..and over again. Unfortunately, I’ve dang-near memorized them and…well, after 50 times, it becomes a little old. I did buy the 3rd season of
Supernatural today. I got it at Wal-Mart, because I figured “Why not?”. Of course, no private TV to watch it Yeah. I’m stuck admiring the pretty pictures on the cover (and man, are they pretty ^..^). And, I did a recent search, and Bones season 3, is available for Preorder. Of course, it won’t be coming out till November 18, but still. It’s something to look forward to.

This…whatever. Sickness or whatever you want to call it, is seriously fooling with me. I’m so tired and disoriented and…just miserable. I just want to be in my own home. I love Mom, and Aunt Carolyn is alright, I just like being on my own too much. I like having my space and my stuff and my routine. Here...if I don’t feel like watching HGTV for a 24 hour period or switching over to the Hallmark channel, I really have nothing to do. So yeah….No way to entertain myself away from the fact that I’m miserable. If I wasn’t feeling bad, then none of this would really bother me so much. But I Yeah.

I guess I’m just gonna go ahead and sign off now. There’s really nothing more to update on (that my frazzled mind can recall). I’ll talk to ya’ll later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Slayers - Bawl)

And hello, from a very safe Harrison, Arkansas (the state of bordum, not to be confused with the state of panic – Louisiana – or the state of disaster – Florida). As much as I’d love to say that the entire visit here has been wonderful and I’ve been loving every second, it wouldn’t entirely be true. Yes, I’m loving the time I spend here with my parents (though sometimes it does get boring watching the weather channel); however, I must say, you leave home for a little surprise birthday/vacation thingy, and all hell breaks loose! Ever since I left, I’ve been getting calls from everyone asking where I am and if I know that Gustav is heading straight for my house (the bastard. Doesn’t he know is rude not to drop by when people aren’t at home?). So, while my time here has been wonderful, there is a shadow still lingering, what with my childhood home being threatened along with everything I own, and everyone I love.

In really good news, Mom loved her surprise (as I knew she would). She even liked her present (the hummingbird earrings). But she really loved me showing up. I left my house around 3:30 a.m. Thursday and I arrived at my parents’ place around 2:55. Almost 12 hours...and boy did my backside really feel the strain of the journey (and my back, and shoulders and arms and legs..). After getting everything unloaded from the car and settling in and eating a bit (I hadn’t actually eaten since 6:45 that morning =..=), we met up with their friends (who also happen to be the pastor and his wife) and headed down to the Buffalo River. It was cool, but refreshing to be weightless after all those hours of sitting in the car and…feeling weighty XD. We frolicked around for a while, and waded, and just sat in chairs in the middle of the water, just enjoyed ourselves. Then it was back home. Not much else happened that night.

Yesterday, we woke up to the weather channel, Gustav, and everyone we knew in that area either calling us or being called by us to ask about plans. We had planed on going to Branson, MO to celebrate Mom’s birthday. You know, walk around, see the sights, window shop, take in a show and eat some good food. We didn’t leave till 1ish. The car ride nearly made me sick too.. but we got there, and found that Gracie (my parents’ Garmin GPS) is amazing for finding exactly what we want. We used her quite often. We went to the IMAX which had a bunch of small stores inside it. Dad ended up buying Mom a fancy-dancy clock that plays different songs and lights up at each hour (but has a light sensor, so it won’t at night). Then we went to the Bass Pro shop...just to look around. We went to see the Presleys’ Show…the Presleys’ Country Jamboree...I’m a little wary about anything with the word “Jamboree” in it…but what the hay. It’s for Mom anyway. It was amusing, but…not really my scene. But I wasn’t there for me, right?

I’m really getting mixed reports...yesterday, Scamp had told me that she and her family were evacuating north, but today Mom said that Aunt Jane said they’re staying in Lafayette (all of 20 minutes away from where they actually live). Of course, according to all the reports gas is scarce, and all hotels in north LA have been booked up. Reiko was all freaked, because they’re making her work at PetSmart, even though the city is under mandatory evacuation. Yeah...she says she going to leave for Conway, AR today after work. She’s already moved everything essential from the first story of her apartment to the second story, so she’ll just pack everything else (her animals and what she needs) and head up on back roads.

In a way, I’m glad I got out early, because everything’s going to hell now – what with the interstates being backed up and all. But…I really wish I could’ve had more time to move my stuff around, or pack it up and bored up the windows =..= Still, there’s no use worrying about it now. Just have to wait it all out and then see what the damage is later. As of now, I have no idea when I’ll be heading back up. Dad was supposed to leave tomorrow morning early sometime to be heading back off shore...and he has no idea what his company is going to want him to do, because...well, his company isn't the greatest humanitarian group. Gustav is supposed to hit sometime Monday or Tuesday, and from what I know, they’re blocking all roads leading south (as in to South LA…where my home is =..=). I know that we won’t exactly be having work...but that we’re expected to call in to the voice mail and see if there are messages O..o yeah…whatever. Anyway, plans for traveling back are uncertain. The only plans we really have are those for today (we’ll worry about tomorrow when it gets here). We’re going to go shopping at Wal-Mart, and then my parents are going to a party tonight (but I’m going to stay home and read).

I didn’t bring enough cough drops ~..~ Talk to ya’ll later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Supernatural - Bad day?), I have my new car stereo. I took my car in at 9 this morning and around 10:45 I had it all paid for and was on my way back in to work. But let me tell you what happened after my post yesterday.

I called Circuit City to ask about that guy who was supposed to call me, and they said that he hadn’t come in and that they couldn’t find him. I spoke with the manager directly, explaining my problem. I was called back a little while later by a young lady saying that he had told them that he had told me to bring my car in Wednesday or Thursday morning...which, is crap because I firmly remember him telling me he was booked up all for Monday and he’d go in to Sam’s Audio early and get the part he needed, and call me at nine to get it installed. I asked if I could make an appointment for Wednesday morning at open. Then after thinking about it, I called Sam’s Audio asking if they had a similar stereo system, and how much it’d be to install it. They gave me a quote and I made an appointment for this morning at 9. I was so furious and anxious about the whole thing, that I gave myself a panic attack. My doctor had given me some pills to take when I have a panic attack, so I broke the pill in half and took half of the pill, hoping it’d help to calm me down.

….I broke out in a clammy sweat all over my body, it was very hard to breath, I was dizzy and drowsy and nauseous, I got the shakes, and everything, even sitting in my chair and staring at my monitor, was taxing. I finished the work-load for Saturday’s mail (God knows how), and told Lo that I had to go home. The girls looked at me and told me they were not comfortable with me driving myself home, because I’d gotten very pale and just didn’t look good at all (not to mention that I’d gotten deathly quiet the moment the pill kicked in, and they know that means I’m really not feeling good). So, I called my Aunt Carolyn and asked if she could come and pick me up. She said she’d come with Uncle George, and she’d drive me home while he followed in their car. I am glad they picked me up too, because I kept feeling like I was going to throw up at every turn. I got home, made myself some dry toast (the girls had recommended it) and went to bed. It felt like I wasn’t really sleeping, you know? Like I was motionless and my eyes were closed, but I was aware of everything. And yet, it was like no time had passed. I have to admit, other than feeling like my stomach was made of lead, all the other symptoms (save the grogginess of course) went away. So maybe it’s just that I couldn’t be up and moving around under those meds…lots of good that’d do me.

Around 6, my parents called – and I thanked God I’d had the good sense to keep my phone with me. I talked with them for a bit and then, I think I fell back to sleep. I woke up again around 7ish. I got up, ate a bit, watched some TV (mostly my Daria DVDs), and worked on organizing the pictures for the Mecha Con Scrap book. I did get some of my clothes washed, but I went to bed right after my shower.

I only took half of that pill, and I still feel drugged. But I felt well enough to come in to work and bring my car in, and the whole mess is over. This morning, after I dropped my car off, I texted people….because I was bored just sitting there. I hadn’t thought to bring something to read. Reiko was busy at work, Chibi was at chapel, and only asked texted back to ask when I was going to Arkansas. Scamp, got my text message and called me! We talked…for about 45 minutes or so. Which was sort of funny, since she’s spending time with her honey, Brian. I hope he didn’t mind =..= Still, after I hung up, we were still texting. Twas amusing...even if I was still bored all by my lonesome.

Now, the only thing I have to worry about for my trip, is packing! I’m so ready to just be gone! Tonight, I’ve gotta finish packing, load up the car, wash the dishes and try to straighten up some, make sure TomTom’s all ready to go, and...and….ummm….oh! Wrap Mom’s gift =..= Yeah, I got her the card, made it all out for her and I even used my stamps on the gift box, but I’ve yet to actually wrap the gift. Nice right? Doh...

I put my jeans on to wash this morning when I got up, and then when that was done, I put them on to dry. That’s the only reason I couldn’t finish packing last night. My jeans (the most integral part of my wardrobe) were still in the dirty clothes pile. Dad left a pair of his jeans and a shirt behind, so I need to remember to bring that too. My brain keeps going through all of the things I need, and I’m like “Can I pack that yet...I don’t think I need it, so I think I can.” And then I keep reminding myself, “Don’t forget Wednesday, after you use that, you’ll need to pack it.” It’s insane. I’m thinking of bringing the little thing of Folders coffee...I know my Dad doesn’t drink coffee as much as when I was there. So, it’d be a good idea to be prepared.

Oh well.. I can’t think of anything else, and there’s work that needs doin’. I’ll talk later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (MM - Voices)

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was awesome. Now, I REALLY have to watch the other movies…and possibly buy them ^..^

OK…what else happened over the weekend? Well, it rained….a lot! Which is normal at this point, but it sorta needs to stop now. I have Lake Pontchartrain all around my house. Of course, rain is perfect weather to clean house to, so I really didn’t mind so much…except when I had to actually go out to do something and ended up doing the Louisiana Shuffle (you know, when every piece of ground is either soggy mud or a puddle).

I’ve pretty much decided to make two copies of my Mecha Con pics and make a scrapbook for Reiko and myself. Of course, I don’t really know much about Scrapbooking, but after talking with Mom a bit over the weekend, I found out that my Aunt Batty knows how. So, I’m definitely going to be consulting her. I get the idea of printing out the pics and putting them on card stock and writing something clever in and arranging them on the page with embellishments here and there (but nothing too crowded), but what I’m not sure about is how it fits into the book =..= It’s the practical side of things that I can’t wrap my head around. I’ll go ahead and make mine first though, that way I’ll have it all worked out by the time I get to Reiko’s and her’s will be better ^..^ I did go by Hobby Lobby just to see if it’d inspire anything, I have a few ideas…but nothing definite. I’m still unable to get past that initial confusion =..=

Chibi came over Sunday. She finally made it to my house around 5:20, but she came bearing pizza, so I didn’t mind so much. I finally got her to see the whole first season of Supernatural and we even started in on the 2nd season. We only have one more episode, and the whole first disc of the second season will be watched...only 5 more to go and she’ll have the whole 2nd season down too! I know I’m not going to be seeing her for quite some she’ll have to come and spend several days with me in order to catch up once I finally own the 3rd (and eventually 4th considering how slow we’re going with this) season(s). I also showed her the first disc of Reiko and my Mecha Con adventure. It was amusing to show her the pictures.

I brought the puma in this morning for the service. I asked how long it would take and when I could come and pick it up, and the guy said, “It depends on what we find with the brakes.” =..= Which, is exactly the opposite of what I want to hear. A part of me is slightly panicked at the notion of not knowing (as it usually is), but I keep reassuring myself that even if it does take more than the day that I allotted for it, I do have a few people that don’t mind toting me to and from work. Still, it’s just one of those uncertain incontinences. Still, I hope my baby’s just in need of a quick fix. And..I hope it isn’t too expensive.

Dear, God. Please let this work day be over quickly, and let my car be fixed by the time it is. K, thx, luvya, bia!

So, tonight, Chibi’s going to come over too. Or at least, she’d better since she made off with volumes 5-9 or my W Juliet. If I can just pick up my car, I’ll call her after I’ve gotten the car and we’ll meet at my place. If not…well, I’ll just be giving her a call one way or the other. I think she might be coming over tomorrow night too…or we might go out to eat at Zen’s. I told her about it and she agreed that I really must show her what it’s all about. I know Dad’s coming in on Wednesday and we’re going to my Aunt Carolyn’s for supper and then to church (note to self: bring a change of clothes to work). So that means RP with Scamp gets pushed back to the latter half of the week (if you can call it that). And I know her beau is coming to visit sometime (I think she said the 24th), so I’m pretty certain we won’t have as much time as we’d like. Still, it’s always fun when we can manage it.

I guess that’s…everything. Or everything I can think of right now. I’ll talk later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

RP Heaven

2008-Aug-15, Friday 03:17 pm
msmoon: (Warcraft - Wenny's disbelieving O Rly?)

So, I wasn’t so much of a happy camper yesterday morning. But slowly the panic began to ebb away, and the day got progressively better. And then, last night, Scamp and I had some awesome RP. It’s funny because it’s almost like we’re not the ones responsible for what’s happening...that’s how much it seems like the characters are in control. And then when it seemed like on or the other was in control, the conversation would totally change and upend on one of them (usually Egeus) and the situation would just get so funny. And oddly enough…I’d like to write more about it. Funny no?

In other news, I’m going to the movies tonight with Ryan and Celeste (and probably five or six other people). I think they said they wanted to go and see The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor...which I’ve wanted to see anyway. We’re going to the 7:20 showing and the movie is 1 hour and 54 minutes long…so maybe around 9:15ish we might be out. No soup for me tonight (/weep weep.). I don’t know if I’ll feel like playing WoW tonight after I get in, but…who knows right? If I do feel like it, but Scamp isn’t on, I’ll just quest a bit. My girls haven’t so much as inched towards a higher level in so long…mostly because I’m so busy RPing now. There really is no comparison.

Oh is going unbearably slow today…as with most Friday’s I suppose. And probably because I have so much I’d like to be released to do. Oh well. I’ll talk to ya’ll later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Labyrinth - Bored)
Dang…Power just came back on. God, but this day is too damn long. I just wish it would be six already….or five. I’d settle for five =..=


Harvest Moon


2008-Aug-08, Friday 02:22 pm
msmoon: (MM's Jellies!)

The power just went out and we’re on battery backup. ……..interesting ^..^ We've been waiting for it all day, and it decides to go off during the calmest part of the storm. It's been thundering and raining all day long and man....we thought it'd really go out this morning. Oh well...we'll see how this develops.


Harvest Moon


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Movie night last Saturday was good…but also somewhat disappointing. It was fun because Ryan and Celeste showed up, but when I went to work Monday and everyone asked how it went…and I said only two people showed (out of the 20 I invited), everyone was kinda like “Awww, that sucks!” and I was like…”Yeah….but we still had fun.” So it was sorta disappointing that no one else joined in the fun, but it didn’t stop us from having our own fun. We watched/made fun of King Arthur. I think they were kinda confused, since this version is actually based on historical facts as opposed to the Arthurian legends. I have a habit of judging the work by itself as opposed to by anything else (i.e. I loved Lord of the Rings and admire the work that Weta did because it was pretty amazing in and of itself, even a lot of it doesn’t keep with Tolkien’s story). The movie was pretty awesome when you consider that the men who played the knights actually did their own riding, fighting, stunts and, well, everything. It’s just really impressive. The story wasn’t too bad either...even if so many people did end up dying =..= It was kinda funny, when I knew the love scene between Guinevere and Arthur was coming up, I told Celeste, “We’re gonna have to fast forward in a minute. There’s a scene coming up that I’m not old enough to watch.” They kinda looked at me and laughed like, “…what?!”.

Of course, I spent most of the morning/afternoon Saturday cleaning. I totally forgot to take a few pills of mine, and I was mostly preoccupied with either the coming party or planning in my head for Mecha Con (end of this week!!). Sunday morning, I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm clock was set to get me up and ready for Church. I rushed downstairs and had diarrhea so bad. I ended up having it four times before my alarm clock went off...needless to say, when that little alarm did go off, I slapped it off and curled up on my side for more sleep. Sunday was spent, mostly sleeping the morning away. I think I finally got up...around 11:30. I’m pretty sure I read, but that’s just what I usually do when I’m not feeling well. I can’t actually tell you what it was I did all Sunday afternoon. I don’t remember it at all. Whatever it was, it was fairly insignificant.

I do know that I started watching Supernatural again that evening after my shower. I just revisited the episodes that I liked in seasons 1 and 2. There was a part in Season 2, the Episode The Usual the end of the episode, Dean says, “Does she look familiar to you?” referring to the female cop that’s been helping Sam out all episodes long. Sam responds with a no. Dean states that he swears he’s seen her somewhere before. Then he states “For some reason I could go for some pea soup.” I never really understood that, so I went online and looked up the episode. Turns out the cop lady is played by Linda Blair… known for her work in The Exorcist ^..^ Anyone else fall over laughing? I know I did. Thank you, Super-Wiki. Oh, and thanks to my curiousity, I found out that season 3 of Supernatural will be available on DVD September 2, and the fourth season is going to premier September 18th. Yayness!!

Monday was so freakin’ long. Seriously. The monotony was interrupted a couple of times by Reiko. She called one time (and when I saw it was her calling, I flipped open my phone and said “What!!”. Everyone in the office turned to look at me like O..O’), asking me to please search Entertainment Weekly’s web site for a “spoiler alert” on the new Breaking Dawn book coming out (August 2!!!). She called again asking if I wanted her to come Thursday right after she got off of work. I told her yes, and she asked if she could wash clothes at my house. I told her it wouldn’t be a problem, in fact she could go over before I got in (since she gets off of work at 3 and I get off at 6….it’ll take her about an hour and 45 minutes to get there, but that gives her plenty of time to wash clothes and goof off and such).

I took a look at the (finally) finalized schedule for Mecha Con. Even though pre-registration starts at 11:30 a.m., walk-in registration starts at 1 (when the con floor opens up for everyone), and by the time I realized I’d be taking Reiko with me, pre-registration had closed. So, I’m actually planning on leaving the house around 9/9:30ish and getting there around 12 (I can get my registration stuff and wait in line with Reiko). Of course, I received my confirmation from the “Hilton Family”, and noticed that the check-in time was 4:00 p.m. “??? Quoi?” I called the hotel and asked if I could get an earlier check-in time, and they informed me that was the generic check-in time, and if I got there earlier that they could try to see if a room was ready for me…then I remembered that they did this to us the last time we went to Mecha Con. It’s like, they know the Con starts early, so if you’re not a day early then you have to show up and ask if there are any rooms available, then they can give you a room that isn’t covered by the convention rate. It’s such a bother. So, we’re just gonna leave our stuff in the car till 3/3:30ish and hang out at the Con till it’s time to check in (I guess. I don’t know if there’s anything else we can do).

Tomorrow, I’m gonna be getting my packing on, organizing everything and getting ready for Reiko’s sleepover and then I’m going to town for things I need. I need to find out what type of sandwich meat and cereal Reiko likes, too. Gotta put Zeiss on to charge...Definitely planning on taking the cam-corder for this ^..^ /thinking. I don’t know if there’s anything else I need to do...just pack and organize what I want to take and when. Oh, I need to check with Scamp and see if she still wants to come back with us on Sunday.......I have to take my “Vs. A Leo” shirt, if only because I’m hoping to go to the Vs. A Leo panel again. I think that’s all though. Gosh, I’m just so …anxious I guess. I don’t pretend to think this con is any better than what I remember last time, it’s just…something that breaks the norm and gives me some time to goof off with Reiko. And since we both might be moving out of state soon, it’s a good thing to have…I’m probably a little more anxious than normal if only because it’s the first big trip I’ll be going on that Mom won’t be with me. Seems a little sad...but that’s life.

Well, I got things to do. Lunch is almost over too =..= Damn relativity. Talk to ya’ll later, Sunshines.



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Of Madness and Methods

2008-Jul-17, Thursday 09:10 am
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What a week. Saturday night I got a call from Mom saying that a dachshund breeder at our church had told her that she had a puppy that she wanted to sell me for $200. So, Sunday I went and picked up my new puppy (Vernon) and immediately took him to PetSmart to buy what I’d need to take care of him. Monday night, after working a 10-hour day to come home and find Vernon had peed everywhere and was miserable all day without me, I quietly did some math, called my mom and then called the breeder and brought Vernon back. I knew it’d be hard to adapt to having a new puppy and all, but I thought I could manage it. But I realized after working 10 hours a day, even with a day off in the middle and all, I’d be exhausted and wanting to run errands and just relax, and if I had a puppy, I’d have to give myself full-time to training and being with the puppy. It was just too much to ask, not only of myself but for the puppy’s sake, I decided to do the responsible thing, and take him back. It would just be way too selfish of me to try to keep him and struggle so much when he could be with a family with kids that love him all the time and can devote so much time to him.

Funny thing, the breeder said she liked the name Vernon, and she’d continue to call him that since it was such a unique name. The name means “Grove of Alders” or “Flourishing”…but, the only reason I picked it was because I loved the old Ernest movies and I wanted to be able to say “Know what I mean, Vern?” ^..^ After brining Vern back to the breeder, I cried pretty much all the way home...let’s face it, puppies just pull at our heart-strings and I was very let-down at the realization that I couldn’t afford to have a dog at this point in my life. But after all that, I went to bed and woke up the next morning feeling better.

Oh, I got to see Enchanted finally. That’s another movie I’ll have to write a review on…there’s quite a few on the list now, isn’t there? Let’s see...I haven’t reviewed, Get Smart, Phenomena, Wall-E, The Incredible Hulk, Hancock, and now Enchanted. Geeze. I’m so far behind. I’m gonna have to do something about that.

Oh, speaking of movies. I discovered Yahoo movies the other day. I spend an hour or so adding movies to lists and rating them. That was interesting...I’m sure I’ll be about as obsessive with it as I am with my IMDB profile and all.

Yesterday was my day off too, but I ended up heading over to work anyway. I was out in town taking care of a few things, and I called G up and asked, “Who needs a snowball?” She replied with “You’re an angel...” which I assumed meant they’d been through quite a lot. This was around 2:15 in the afternoon of course. I took her and Dena’s order for their snowballs and popped on by. Sure enough, they were the only ones there and the phones had kept them hopping. I hung around, but only to sip snow balls with them and help out a bit.

Church was fun last night. I was introduce to the concept of Carpet Ball, because they have it set up in our class room (kids church) and my class-mates and teacher demanded to play it. After a fun hour of heckling Bro. Joe (the wonderful ADHD teacher), I was invited to Big Eddies, a nearby restaurant. I went with Daniel, his mom and two other ladies from the singles group and all we did was have coffee and talk, but it was a lot of fun.

I decided to go ahead and have a movie-night on a Saturday (the 26th). I posted a bulletin about it on MySpace, but I don’t know how many people pay attention to those bulletins. I know Misty and Celeste do, but a few of the other people I’m friends with don’t seem too interested in it. So I just went about posting comments as invites. The people that don’t have MySpace I invited last night when I saw them at church. The only real confirmation I have is Celeste (who may or may not be bringing her hubby Ryan)…Daniel said he might be off that day, but that’s not really a confirmation or anything. I have decided that I won’t be ordering pizza till people actually show up. I had a whole mess of pizza in my fridge for days because of the last time =..= I like pizza and all, but after a while of eating old pizza…it gets…well, old. I need to delete the old list of movies I have on my MySpace blog and post the newest list…just because I’m OCD like that =..=

Oh, I finally got the last two volumes of Alice 19th in yesterday. So I’m done collecting that series. I want to try and get as much of Furuba and W Juliet as I can now...I’m thinking maybe…one or two volumes per check. I should probably try to get all of W Juliet and The Devil Does Exist beings as all of those are actually available. There are still a couple of volumes of Furuba that aren’t even out yet. So...yeah. Maybe I could just buy one of each manga each check. I’d get them all, just …slowly. /sigh. Or I could just buy up as many of WJ and DDE as I can per check and eventually move on to Furuba whenever I’m done with those two…decisions, decisions =..= 

I am so sleepy I shall get back to work. Later, Sunshines.

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It’s been so long since I’ve posted! Or at least it feels that way. But the 17th was kind of hard so…not really in the mood to post.

OK, so hears what’s been happening. The 17th, is G’s birthday along with my Dad’s. I got a call from Mom that morning saying that my Uncle Bobby (who lives in Atlanta) had died that morning. On my Dad’s birthday his older brother died...not a great way to start a birthday, I tell you. Mom told me she was driving down and Dad would be coming in from the rig by boat (which is a long and arduous process). I checked the schedule, and knowing that G would be leaving for the remainder of the week to see her granddaughter graduate from basic training, I knew that there was no way I’d be able to take off. So I was going to be staying home this time.

Mom got to my house some time that night around 9 and had brought food. She went next door and got some sleep and so did I. I know Dad got in some time much later, but I was too tired from the emotionally draining day and just hit the hay. The next morning, my Aunt Tammy dropped off her dog, Max, and Dad popped over to say good morning and then goodbye. Once I had Max all situated, Mom and Dad got in their car and followed Aunt Tammy and the rest of the family on the way to Georgia.

Aside from having a house guest, not much really happened for the next couple of days. Friday, Mom and Dad got back from the funeral (which had been on Thursday). They called me just after lunch to find out where Max’s leash was so they could take him out for a walk ^..^

Around 4:45 I got a call from Kayla . She said that she and Renata and Celeste were going to World of Wings and then going to see Get Smart that night, and they wanted to know if I would come too. I told her I’d see if I could make it, as they were meeting at 6:30 and I got off at 5. I rushed home and told my parents what was up and they agreed that I should go. I pulled in to the restaurant parking lot (and it was so full) and I got a call on my cell. It was Kayla saying “Get your butt down here now!” which tickled me. I then told her I was in the parking lot. I joined them, but I really didn’t eat. In fact the only thing I ordered was a vanilla milk shake. We rushed off to the movie afterwards (as they were slow getting our food to us) and we all sat together up in the very top.

The movie was awesome, but I’ll wait to talk about that for a full movie review. Afterwards, we laughed and giggled about our favorite parts. In the parking lot, Kayla was like “I don’t wanna go home...” so we talked about it and decided to go to Starbucks. Renata couldn’t go…I think because her little sister Alyson was with her. But Celeste, Kayla and I enjoyed the coffee shop (me being very wary about the whole experience, as I’d never been to Starbucks before). We sat and talked till around 10:40, and then we all went home (after freezing inside the coffee shop).

Saturday and Sunday run into each other, as I was feeling absolutely terrible through both of them. Bloody hell week started on Saturday, and aside from getting Mom to “teach” me how to make one of her spaghettis (by filing her for my Cooking with Clara dvd), I did little but sleep. In fact, all Sunday I was napping…and nothing else.

Monday, I started my new duties, tending to the mail, though I had been doing that since Wednesday of the following week as G was on vacation. My days were full of mail and stats and checking much so that I barely looked up long enough to check my own e-mail.

Oh, also, I finally got the book, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I’ve only gotten up to chapter 5, but I’m confident that I’ll have that book read before the movie comes out (since according to the IMDB profile, the movie won’t be out till December 12. It seems fairly interesting...even though I have a sneaking suspicion (mostly from Reiko’s excited ramblings) that I know what will happen. Still, if it’s good, I’ll get the other books ^..^ Or maybe...I’ll wait to see the other movies that come out and read the books after the movies…it’s always better that way.

Wednesday, Dad came in from offshore (again. I know) and he and Mom packed up, planning to leave the next morning for Ark. Mom knew that I didn’t like borrowing Cole’s (from work) phone, so she said she’d talked to my cousin Tammy. She said that Tammy had a razr that she didn’t need anymore, and would give it to me since I was having such phone troubles. I was excited about it, till I learned that it was a pink razr. But I got over it, reasoning that a good phone is still a good phone. And how many of my friends would have a pink razr? None of ‘em! Anyway, I headed out to church that night, and talked to Tammy. Turns out, she was still using the phone, and while she wouldn’t mind giving it to me, she’d need to convince her husband to upgrade first so she’d have one of her own. Celeste, who I’d been talking to before hand, mentioned that I could probably get a good quality phone off of eBay for much cheaper than it’s sold normally. So, this morning, I bought THIS. I’m pleased with it ^..^ Though, I have no idea what I’m going to name it. I’m thinking, it should be a girl name though. I’ll figure it out.

Other than that…I get paid tomorrow…but nothing else to report on. It’s rained here every day. Sometimes, so hard that the trees bend and there are white-out like conditions. I love it!



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Harvest Moon

Pilot Program

2008-Jun-16, Monday 01:31 pm
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Any time Blue Bird talks about a “Pilot Program” she means something they’re testing. A new pilot program, along with new duties was introduced today. Effective July 7. For 5 weeks, anyone who wants to can work 10 hours a day instead of 8. This means, coming in at 7:30, getting a 30 minute lunch and leaving around 6. The up side? You get a day off in the middle of the week sometime; either Wednesday or Thursday. Also, job duties are changing. Every day I come in to work, check our voice mail, mail out invoices, go through stats, check base stats when G is done logging the daily mail, and then go back to stats. If Blue bird or Eagle call and need something, I do whatever is they ask of me, and I answer the phone (usually after the first ring). Now, I’ll be responsible for getting the mail and logging it in, taking e-mailed evaluations and logging those in, Order office depot supplies, and take care of Blue Bird and Eagle’s things as needed. No longer responsible for the invoices going out, answering the phone, or checking the voice mail. These new duties have not been given a starting date, as there’s something Cole needs to do first.

While there are a few reservations I have concerning my new duties (or giving up my old ones), I’m actually very optimistic about the whole thing. I’m hoping to get Wednesday off, so that’ll be the one day I can sleep in and/or do anything else that needs to be done. This is only going to be a trial thing though, and it’ll be done for just five weeks (starting in July). I still think, what with the break in the middle of the week, that I could easily pull off a 10 hour work day (especially with the addition of coffee and chocolate into the equation). And it’s not like I’m sacrificing my pay check either. I’m still full time and I still have the right amount of hours. And it really wouldn’t require me to be up any earlier as I’m always ready at 7 anyway. I just use time from 7 to 7:30 for “Am I forgetting anything” time (and I still forget things). Since it’s a pilot program, that means we get to try it out and see how it goes. And that means if it doesn’t work, we can change things. So I’m going to go ahead and go for it.

Let’s see how long it takes me to crack ^..^ Later, sunshines.



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My bosses and I have quite a relationship. Well, I have quite a relationship with all my coworkers. But my boss, Dr. B, calls me up all the time giving me little errands and “Missions” to do. He called me yesterday, saying he’d left his business cards on the window seal of his bathroom, and he needed me to ask Mrs. E (my actual boss and president of the company, also his wife) to bring them by so that I could ship them, over-night Fed-Ex to him at his seminar in Las Vegas. He said that my mission was to say it was in fact my fault that this happened, and that it was my responsibility to get him those business cards. So, I told Mrs. E that I needed to ship the Fed-Ex cards over night, because it was my fault they were on the window seal of his bathroom. She replies with “Of course. Because you’re there so often…” then she said, “I have to go by Fed-Ex anyway, so give me the address and I’ll get them to him.” Which…is what Dr. B wanted to avoid. I sent him this e-mail:

MM: The chicken attempted to infiltrate the nest to retrieve the corn…but Blue Bird got wise. I repeat, Blue Bird got wise. 

He replied with:

DB: Roger that. The chicken was brave to accept this mission. I have been made aware of revisional plans to offset the infiltration. I'll let you know when the Eagle has landed. Appreciated your efforts but there appears to be no retrieval system that has yet been created to bypass Blue Bird detection. Pentagon has been alerted. Over and out.

I have the greatest bosses ^____^

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~EDIT - the code continues

I got a call that might have been a compteitor fishing for information. I e-mailed the bosses and  I got this response.

DB: The chicken reacted most appropriately to the fox in pursuit of the golden egg. Blue Bird is in a state of alarm but has not flown the coup. Blue Bird is reinforcing the nest as we speak and her talons have grown. Should the fox return, direct the fox away. I repeat direct the fox away. We do not want to see the blood on the talons of the Blue Bird. It is not pleasant to watch.

My reply?

MM: Roger, that. Chicken is still sittin’ pretty on the golden egg with no sign of the fox as of yet. Will crow to the other hens when all is clear.


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