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MsMoon takes some time to reminisce with an old friend :3 There's fond memories, and cool throw backs for all the kiddies to look up :)

That Seems Unsafe

2013-Jul-13, Saturday 05:22 pm
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We had a strange encounter this couldn't make this up...


2011-Aug-17, Wednesday 05:19 pm
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Just feeling a little nostalgic as I prepare for the first day of the next semester ...which is tomorrow... Ahhh... the 90's :3

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Happy Labor Day, er’body :) And a big Happy Birthday to Davlen :D …it’s a little on the amusing side that his birthday falls on Labor Day o..o Amusing and fitting, considering he always seems to be working…

Yesterday, Mom and I went online to book our tickets to Atlanta. We also booked our rooms at the Lodge (where the wedding party will be staying). Whenever we get there, we’ll rent a car and all that jazz. It hasn’t escaped me that I’ve never been on an airplane before in my life -..- In fact, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling anxious already. Which…totally sucks since I’ve got the better part of a month before I actually have to get on said plane. Luckily, I have plenty to think about to shift my focus. School’s a given of course, but I’m also thinking of all the things I’ll want to take with me. And, yes, I’ve started a small list of things to bring -..- dang OCD.


Travel Check-Off for Take-Off )

It’s a work in progress. I’m thinking of keeping all the cords and electronics in one place… my back pack. Dad says we get one suitcase and one carry-on, so I’ll just have my suitcase and my back pack. The only problem I can think of at this point is the bridesmaid dress. I realize that I can’t have it hanging, so I’m going to have to fold it up in my suitcase. Even if I lay it on top of everything, it’ll probably still wrinkle, and that means I’ll need a steamer or something… because fabric like that probably can’t just be ironed like normal. Mom says we may be able to find something when we get there… or ask if anyone in the wedding party will actually have a steamer.

Well…I had planned on catching up on some schoolwork today, but I’ve kinda been putting it off. I have to wash clothes and pick up about the house, so I’ve used that as an excuse not to do any work. I think I’ll have some lunch in a minute and then get on the school work wagon. I’ve been pretty fed up with myself lately… but, I remind myself that it’s been over five years since I was in college, so it’ll take me some time to get back into that groove -..-‘

OK. Enough yaking. The jeans in the washer are done, and my stomach is growling. Time to sign off. I’ll type later, Sunshines :)



You Are Rock-Paper-Scissors

You are very smart and mentally inclined person. You like games that test your brainpower.

You are good at noticing patterns and making predictions. You can size other people up well.

It may not seem like there's a lot to what you do, but you have a strategy for everything.

You tend to think through every decision you make carefully, but you're also sure not to over think anything.


Yaviel Isilmiel


2010-Apr-16, Friday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 00:22 I liked a YouTube video -- "NORA: Practice Makes Purr-fect" - Check the sequel too. #
  • 10:57 Note to self: straighten your hair before bed from now on. You look like Medusa for goodness sake ~..~ #
  • 10:59 @Leto lol, thanks for trying :) Actually, they say Medusa from the new Clash is fairly hot. #
  • 11:03 @Leto from what I understand, the 3D is not that great. Everyone says to just see it in 2D. #
  • 11:05 @strixus Yeah. Was that Hera's doing? I remember Athena was responsible for Arachnae (not sure of the spelling) the boastful weaver... #
  • 11:08 @Davlenagain Ah. It's probably better not to make any god angry ... #
  • 11:32 @Leto Oh hey, it's almost just like the Nora's Mews ap, by Nora the Piano Playing Cat :3 #
  • 11:32 @wotcherscamp I thought the surgery went well? #
  • 12:37 @wotcherscamp Well, at least she's in the best possible place... #
  • 13:33 My house is a sty, and feeling terrible really isn't an excuse to let stay that way. I may be moving slow, but I'ma get a move on -..- #
  • 14:26 omg o..o .... LOL! XD RT: @JINX
    New product: #releasethekraken indeed #
  • 15:10 Gah >..< dang internet. #
  • 15:54 I have the strangest urge to move my furniture around ... #
  • 16:12 Ok. It took a bit of grunting and pulling and pushing and shimmying, but the living room is slightly rearranged -..- #
  • 16:19 @Davlenagain ...if it takes that much effort, the dress isn't worth wearing -..- s'a good thing I didn't mention how hot and sweaty I was... #
  • 16:58 @Umamor1 It's alive! Alive!... x3 I've always wanted to say that. #
  • 18:39 It's raining so hard I got soaked runing home. It's good because I love the rain and the plants need it. But bad when my windows are up :| #
I text way too much, yo :D

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Catching Up

2009-Apr-18, Saturday 04:30 pm
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/sigh. Gosh I suck. No postage for way too long. It’s almost been a week >..> and I cannot have two quiz spams side by side.

Uhhh, I had to order that charger from Amazon to get Makoto up and working. I mean, I tried just holding the charger in place and hoping it'd charge but, no dice. So, I finally have my charger :D It came in and Makoto is back to 100%. Thank you, :)

So! Let's see....I should probably make a list of things to discuss since it's been almost a week. Alicia and I met Tuesday night at
Uncommon Grounds. I busted my bum to get what little I have of my original story typed up properly and put into a folder so she could take it and read it. So far, her only problem is that there's so little of it =..= I'm hoping that if we keep meeting regularly, that I'll find some motivation to write more :) Lord knows, my original needs all the help it can get.

Hey, Scamp? How much of my original did I actually send to you o..o? I'm wondering if I actually have more now or if I sent it all to you...

You know something else that's been bothering me? I have been swinging for about 3 weeks or so now, and it still hurts to do it most of the time. I thought you were supposed to exercise for a time, and then your body would adjust to that and it wouldn't hurt to exercise >..> I have never enjoyed exercise. It's really hard to make yourself do something when you don't enjoy it. I enjoy swinging, and that is the only reason I've managed to stick with that exercise routine. Mom and I do want to get, like, yoga mats and weights with DVDs, and get some sort of exercise routine going. I mean, I've switched entirely to drinking water now, and I feel great, but I've got to get moving more often....and as much as I hate it, that means cardio -..- God, but I do hate cardio.

You really don't know frustration until you have to move. Or when you have to unpack...that's frustrating too. Especially when you have no power or water in your house...and no money. That sucks. Every day, I've been taking boxes and stuff over to my trailer and just stacking some of those boxes. Mom and I went over there today and started unpacking the kitchen....we agreed that all the pots and pans and dishes were dirty and would need to be cleaned before use =..= We also went to Target yesterday, and I got everything I need for my spare bathroom. I've never had a spare bathroom, so it was like, "What can I do there?" I didn't want to over do anything, but I still wanted it to be nice. Oh, and Mom and I unpacked all my clothes and put it in my enormous closet :) That was fun. We did sorta agree that there's no point in unpacking books or DVDs (the main mass of my things really). I mean, till I get those book shelves, my books have no place to go, and till I get a DVD cabinet, my DVDs have no place to go so....yeah. Kinda don't want them spread out all over the place.

It's weird to move and unpack, because you feel almost like you're getting presents when you remember everything that starts coming out of boxes. And you get all nostalgic because you're like, "Oh! This box is full of my movies!" or "Wow! I'd forgotten I had that!" even. It's just strange...good, but strange. The down-side, of course, is when you pull something out of the box and it's broken ;_; quite a few things have taken damage actually.

I've been working on Mom's Mother's Day gift for a while now. Every time I get the chance to stay home alone, I take it. What I'm doing is, I'm scanning as many old photos as I can find onto my log in on her new computer. I'm hoping that I can get a jump drive and transfer them all over the day before Mother's Day, and that'll be her Mothers Day gift :D I'm sure she'll love it, because she has no idea I'm doing it and she absolutely loves surprises. And plus that's something she's really been wanting to do, you know? Safeguard all her memories and such. So, shhh, don't tell anyone. But I've been working like a mad woman to get as much done as possible. It's not easy when the photos are not dated, and most of them aren't >..> Still, it's good to have them safe :)

Oh, our Trailer dude who sold us the trailer and moved it for us and all, he said that during every move a trailer takes some damage. So, we're supposed to take note of the things that are messed up inside the trailer and he'll fix them for us. So far, this is what I have...

1. The screen door has some damage to it on the outside.
2. The siding around the door is coming off in one spot.
3. The front door will not stay closed unless the deadbolt is locked.
4. The outside light fell off...we still don't know why o..o.
5. The floor in the kitchen is messed up, bowing slightly.
6. The joint in the kitchen has come away from the wall.
7. The recessed lighting in the kitchen is not sitting right.
8. The laminent near the stove and on the floor near the dishwasher is crackling.

Considering the hills and thrills they endured coming here, that's really a small list of things :) Every time I go into my trailer, I'm happy. I like how it looks inside, and it's just bare bones, so I know I'm going to enjoy it a lot whenever I actually can move in and put my stuff everywhere.

I haven't heard anything from my Twin recently...which is weird, since I re-sent her the letter that I'd e-mailed to the wrong place -..-' Dad and I were talking, and he figured since she's close to Atlanta, we might just get a round-trip ticket for me and I fly out :) That'd be really awesome. Oddly enough, Reiko has been so lonely lately, when I told her I'd be near Atlanta, she wanted to know if she could come to the wedding o..o' She was like, "I'll bring a gift! That's all that matters, right? The guests need to bring gifts! Atlanta's only 4 hours from here! And I can see you!" ...yeah...

Oh, speaking of Reiko. Like I said, she's been really lonely lately. Oddly enough, she has very few friends in NC, and since the army wives she does know have very little in common with her, she's actually transformed into the 'quiet one' of the bunch. I know o..o weird. But, I've been thinking how much I'd love to go to an anime con (not this year, but maybe next depending), and
Animazement is right there in Raleigh. If we want to get together again (and if we actually have money to attend), I could meet up with her and we could go there :) That'd be fun! And Mecha Con was such a blast.... cons really are the best way to get together :D I think. I mean, the Gathering with my Twin and then Mecha Con with Reiko. Both of them were a blast, and more so because of the company than because of the con. The Con's just a great excuse to get together and be crazy :)

Of course, I started looking up conventions close to me. The easiest for me would be the
Arkansas Anime looks pretty cheap for a con though (even if they're calling it a festival. It's $17 per day for adults who are pre-registered AND it's in Fayetteville... that's an hour and 40 minutes away (not to mention dirt cheap)! I mean, I know that there's also Kawa Kon (in Clayton, MO) and
Naka Kon (in Kansas City, Mo), but Fayetteville is just uber convenient.

....wouldn't it be awesome, if every couple of years my friends and I could just meet up at a con? I mean, we could take turns since we're all in different places, but each year one of us would have the con in our state/nearby, and we'd all just have a great excuse to go :3

...all that anime/friend talk being said...I really miss my Red vs. Blue =..= I wanted to buy
The Blood Gluch Chronicles after I'd given my individual DVDs to Reiko...but then the Rents told me I was moving so...yah.. And now! they have the new season, Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, out....and it's totally effin' awesome :D I mean, I've seen it all on the web site, but I really do have to have that <..< will be mine..

Meh....I've talked/typed enough...goodness, but did I ever type enough. I really can't think of anything more to say and...I'm wanting to relax a bit. I'll post again later, Sunshines :)



You Are Dusk

You are a naturally idealistic and creative person. You look forward to nights where everything is possible.

You spend most of your energy on play. Work is okay, but the true you emerges after the work day is done.

You're an offbeat type that doesn't like rules or schedules. Life's too short to waste at a desk in a cube.

Whether you spend your night socializing or working on side projects, you like that your time is yours.


Yaviel Isilmiel

ZOMG Hugeness! O..O

2009-Apr-07, Tuesday 03:59 pm
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Ok, so the two biggest things that could possibly happen have happened. Admittedly, one of them really didn't happen so much to me, but someone close to me, but it affects me, so it still counts!

Yesterday, Dad had some guys out here checking to see how much it'd be to dig a septic tank for my new trailer. We wanted an estimate of his prices and what all it included. I also went about applying for jobs as much as I could. But, since Mom and Dad had run the roads mostly, I decided to finish the laundry and mind the soup Mom had started. So it was kinda a slow day (made chocolate chip caramel filled cookies and they were awesome too :3). And today, I get up and Dad says the guys for the septic tank are already out there digging. O..o They needed soil samples.

So, Dad decides that now's a great time to go and buy my trailer, which is fine with me. I mean, heck, that's one step closer to actually getting moved and settled and all. So we head over there, double-check I've got the right one in mind and all, and talk with the guy. They're having a sale now where they pay the sales tax, which is awesome, because it's like $3,000 cheaper (which is good because the septic tank/water system will cost about $4,000 D:). Of course, they have to come out and survey the land and make sure it's properly level and all that jazz.

Oh, and I have the title for the trailer :) So, it's kinda mine now. The contract for it has been signed and all, it's just a matter of the time it'll take to get everything prepared for it to be put in here all proper. Anyway!

So the guys follow us back and start talking location and what they'll need to do with the bulldozer he has and all....and....then he says "We can have the trailer out here tomorrow, if you'd like." O..O I mean... we still have to put in the power lines, put in the septic tank, the water pipes, and let's not forget pouring concrete for a could they possibly get the trailer in so soon? I mean, I know it wouldn't be hooked up, but would it be safe? I'm soooo confused. I assume that if they put the trailer in here tomorrow, it'll just the land....but not livable. I know they won't have the power lines and water pipes all hooked up any time soon, so... It''s...../grin. Inconceivable!

/tries to breath properly. Oh! And...there's the other thing.

So, My phone died yesterday. I heard it's pathetic cries for help a little late, as the battery was flashing red by the time I turned it off -..- But, my Twin sent me a message while my phone was charging and it simply said "Call me :D". Of course...I didn't really get it till this afternoon because my phone's been charging since yesterday afternoon. So, I call her, but she's busy at work, so she has to call me back. When she does she announces that she's engaged! Aaaaand she wants me to be her maid of honor!! O..O Zomg! So much is happening all at once! I asked you know, how they were planning to do this, because her last marriage was Justice of the Peace style, and she said she doesn't want that. I assume it won't be a huge ceremony, just us important people there :D But, since it only happened yesterday, she really has nothing absolutely planned. If her beau deploys (he's in the National Guard) in January 2010, then they'll be having the ceremony this year, but if not, it might be next year. She did say that she hopes to have the dresses through some popular chain store so that I can get fitted for my dress locally instead of having to drive ...which, I'll be eternally grateful for. She also isn't sure about the etiquette of such things...I mean, I paid for my bridesmaid dress with Reiko, but that's more because it was assumed that I would, because I knew she'd never be able to afford it. She's wondering if she could manage dresses that are more ...wearable. I mean, I'm never wearing my bridesmaid dress from Reiko's wedding ever...ever...again. So, she's hoping it'll be a style that would be more practical. Gosh, we have to think of so many things now. This is the second maid of honor for me o..o By the time Scamp or Chibi decides to get hitched, I really should be good at this -..- Lord knows, I may never be good at having bachelorette parties (my idea of the perfect bachelorette party includes coffee/chocolate milkshakes and watching Supernatural and old school anime :D)..but, at least I know some things to expect... color schemes, photos, church, rehersals, reception, etc. /sigh. Always a bridesmaid...

Oh, and we got to dial back from the excited giggles of her upcoming nuptials and switch on to subjects that we are well-versed in and as such have better opinions of. Like anime. I told her I'd actually bought the first season of Bleach. She said that while she enjoyed the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle manga, the anime is so cheesy you can't really enjoy it unless you make fun of it. She did say that Death Note was pretty awesome.... I think there was another one she mentioned... Oh! Duh, Naruto. I remember she said that Death Note was awesome... don't remember what was said about Naruto...We talked about the new season of Slayers too, which is so exciting. I have all the other seasons on DVD and I obsessed/fan-girled over them a, new stuff to squee over :) Oh well. Anybody else have any anime fandoms they enjoy? The only thing I'm curious to see is the new live-action Sailor Moon...I think it'd be hilarious ^..^

This all really boils right back to....I need a job ;_; srsly. There's houses to be paid for, weddings to attend and ...anime to buy! So yeah, I need to get a that I can take off and do stuffs :D ...Comfortably >..>

Oh well. I'm sorta kinda keyed down now...which is good because the activity happening all so fast and all being so epic was giving me a huge head/stomach ache >..<

That's all for now (as if buying/owning houses and tying souls together isn't enough). I'll write later, Sunshines :)

You Are Ceramics

You are open to the world and it's possibilities. You are able to start something without knowing how it will end.

You trust your intuition above everything else. Going with your gut often works out.

You believe that every day objects can and should be art.

The best art allows ordinary life to be more stylish and beautiful.

Yaviel Isilmiel

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We just checked in to the Holiday Inn in Houma...zomg....we some classy chicas now! This place is so awesome! I can’t wait to take pictures and get home so I can post them O..O This beats the Hilton by miles...really. I told Mom, “Dadgum, but we da hill billies come to town!” :D! S’nice XD

.........Oh. I got a call from my Twin! was hour before...uh...I went to see Twilight (for the 3rd time =..=....Shattup!). Anyway! She called to wish me a Merry Christmas. Lots of peoplez has been doing that today >_> hmm. So, we talked for a few minutes while I was waiting for the “Now Seating” light to come on. I got a text from Chibi too wishing me Merry Christmas. I let her know what room we were in. Oh yeah, got a text from Bubba, too; it was a Merry Christmas, so I sent one back “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.” because, yeah I totally over dose on Home Alone. To my surprise, he texted back, “Get down on your knees and tell me you love me. OOPS. Getting ahead of myself there!” or something like that. After I stopped rolling around on the ground, I texted back “ ‘And a Happy New Year’ to you too >_>”. Twas funny.

While Mom and Aunt Batty went to see a movie, I killed time by seeing Twilight, for the third time as I mentioned before. Funny how no matter how many times you watch ‘em, they always end the same :). I was really early for the showing, and I got to talk to Holly, who worked at the Palace before I even got in there. She’s a manager now. It was good to see her again. I know she and Travis still work there, but I think pretty much everyone else I knew there has moved on. The General managers are famous for going there to get fired (as opposed to going there to die). She said they’ve improved their record, because recently they got a GM and he left by way of transfer as opposed to being fired. I suppose you have to start somewhere :D.

....Oh. And Mom bought Aunt Batty a gift, which from what I gather they’d agreed no gifts, so she gave me a scrapbook starter! I was so happy! I had told Mom that I wanted to do a family scrapbook for her, and I just finished one and I wouldn’t know where to start. But this scrapbook actually matches a quilt Aunt Batty had made for Mom, so it kinda goes with her room. So we’ll just take it from there! I’m excited about that now.

I wish we could stay in this room the entire time we’ll be here =..= Oh well. There are things we still have to do. My cell phone needs some serious charging - I turned it off in the movie and when I got out and turned it on to call Mom, the battery was red and empty o..o. I’m tired, but I’m also happy to be here and really enjoying the place (let’s hope that continues). Later, Sunshines!



You Spread Some Holiday Cheer

You do your best to give time, money, and joy during the holidays.

You don't always spread cheer to everyone, but you do the best.

Unlike most people, you actually spend time reflecting on the meaning of the holidays.

And you worry more about doing the right thing than getting the right presents.


Yaviel Isilmiel

Giddy Geek Rants

2007-Nov-02, Friday 01:24 pm
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Suddenly, I’d kill for some Sunflower seeds. Don’t ask me why, but when the craving strikes, it strikes. I just finished eating and for some odd reason, I just want some.

So hi. How’s everyone been? That’s great. Not that I’d actually get a reply here or anything. But, I hope I’d be told if anything weren’t going ok.

Things have been going ok for me too. For the first time since the gathering, I actually talked to my Twin. It all started...I think it was Tuesday night. I got the Mortal Kombat – Annihilation CD soundtrack in. I went about my day, showered, watched Bones (which was awesomness, btws) and then got ready for bed. I popped the new CD into my radio, intending to give it a little listen before bed. ZOMG…it was wonderfulness. I was so happy with the 80’s Techno/Rockish stuff that littered the CD, I ended up calling all my friends (that’s right, all 4 of them) and leaving voice-mails with each one. I and my goofy self happily told them that I was so effing happy about this new CD with its wonderful 80’s techno mastery that I could cry. Of course, by the time my twin called me back I had realized that my phone was about to die, so I shut it off and went to bed, settling for listening to my new CD with my headphones. I called her back the next day on my lunch break and we just talked. It’s been forever since I haven’t had access to the internet like I usually do.

...Not that it’s stopped Reiko from IMing me on Yahoo while I’m at work...when she saw that I was checking my mail, she messaged me, and we actually talked for a little while…funky no? Yeah.

Also, Dad and I finally got the little lantern lights up in my house. They look great and I adore them so much. Even if two of them are broken =..= It’s ok. They look great.

Also, I contacted Kth-dragon, who I’d met at the Gathering. She’s an artist that I bought a print from. She’s really great at animal anatomy and making things look real and functional, so I thought that I should go and ask her to do some of my more complex animal-ish drawings. I already sent 4 descriptions to her so we’ll see how that goes. I’m very excited and optimistic.

Also, if anyone wants to see pictures of my house, I have them over at my photo buck. Go look here. I’ll update that as I feel the need to. I still have a lot of work to do in the backroom/computer room, but for now it just has the fire bead-door over it and it’s a junk room.

I guess that’ll be all from me now, beings as my lunch break is soon-to-be over, and I’ve nothing else really worth talking about. So, catch you later, Sunshines.



What Your Handwriting Says About You

You are a fairly energetic person. You know how do pace yourself, and you deal well with stress.

You range from very outgoing to very shy. You are a shapeshifter who is very versatile. You adapt well, and you look at things from many angles.

You are balanced and grounded. You know how to get along well with others.

You need a bit of space in your life, but you're not a recluse. You expect people to give you a small amount of privacy, and you respect their privacy as well.

You are a free thinker. You are unique, open minded, and artistic. You don't care what other people think.

You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.

Oh, I heartily agree ^..^


Harvest Moon

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No one told me how great cookies and cream milk shakes from Chick-Fil-A are…why is this? I mean, zomg, anyone? They’re only made of awesomeness that even a McFlurry or Blizzard could not contend with…or maybe it’s just because my teeth are so sensitive to the cold, and the shake is easier to swallow than the other things. Either way, I just have to say, they are made of awesomeness.

In case anyone didn’t notice, I’m in a good mood. Last night I RPGed with my Twin-san, today...well I didn’t get to do that. But my dad’s home, and we got to sit and watch Survivor: China together...a show that I really don’t care about but Chinese culture is pretty awesome. So yeah. And Mom brought home some boudin and boudin balls, yummy goodness anyone? Yeah. That’s what I thought. And the floor dude has finished almost everything in my house. The only thing he has left is the bathroom and some closets. That’s it...So why wouldn’t I be in a good mood, right?

Tomorrow, Dad and I are gonna …”uninstall” the toilet that I currently have there and then take measurements and go look for a new one (and of course by "Dad and I" I mean, I'll watch while Dad does the uninstalling and measurements and help if I can ^..^). If we can find a good deal, I’ll have a new toilet in there by tomorrow after the floor dude finished with the bathroom. It’s just so awesome. I mean, we’ve been saying that it’ll happen soon…but it seemed like soon was more 'Aslan’s soon' than my soon. Those of you who haven’t read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader probably won’t get that…heck even if you have, you might not (in the book, Aslan tells Lucy that they will meet again soon and she asks him what does he call soon and he replies with “I call all time soon.”). It was like “yeah it’ll happen soon, but soon is an immeasurable amount of time, so you’re still in constant limbo.”

Our head nurse Lori is off to Las Vegas, but that didn’t stop her from calling us around 11 and asking what we were doing for lunch (since that seems to be the same question every damn day). It dragged on in some parts and sped up at others. We played our first joke on Kamila. She has a bag of candy, like I had, only it’s kept in her drawer. Dena moved the bag to Lori’s drawer when Nicole encouraged her to play a prank. Kamila was looking for it everywhere, albeit discretely. She’d gone in the back and looked for it, she’d gone to the downstairs kitchen, she’d looked over our desks for it, and in the hallways, she even looked in her car and called her fiancé asking if he’d taken it. Finally she asked, and we played dumb for a little while before telling her where it was. Then we all shared candy and enjoyed the sugar high.

I came home and watched Supernatural till Mom and Dad got home, and of course that was right around the time my Twin and I were supposed to meet. So I sent her messages saying that I wouldn’t be able to make it (she hadn’t pinged me so I assumed she was busy with something) and went to spend the rest of my evening with my folks.

And now...I’m tired (as always). So I bid you all goodnight, sunshines.


Your home is a

Magic Gamer's Castle

Your kitchen is stocked with chips, dips, and assorted caffeinated beverages. There's a pantry with emergency backup caffeinated beverages. You also have some breakfast cereals in there, but you haven't had breakfast since last Spring. Your master bedroom has blankets printed with images of Mario and Link. Your study includes unread copies of various gamer magazines, each purchased for the free demo CDs. One of your garages holds your collection of ferraris, and is measured in acreage.

Your home also includes a roost for griffons. You've never actually seen a griffon, but you keep the roost ready anyway. Your guests enjoy your collection of every console and associated game ever made. Except the Intellivision -- those controllers drive them NUTS. Outside is the moat that protects your home from goblin invaders and extended family.

Below is a snippet of the blueprints:

Find YOUR Dream Home!

...That fighter jet in my garage is a nice touch ^..^ Kinda looks like an X-Wing doesn't it? Just nod and pretend you know what I'm talking about.


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I have to say, I’ve been doing much better the past couple of days since my last post. I’m still always tired (but that’s just something that doesn’t change), and not feeling very well, but I got a first class bucking up from my Twin. I received a birthday present from her and it was only a little early ^..^ I got two packages in the mail Monday afternoon and one was the final installment of my glasses, and a mystery package. At first I suspected that it was my ornaments that I had bought, but the box didn’t look right. Then I opened it up and I knew it couldn’t be my ornaments, and when I finally got to it, I was floored. At first I had no idea where it’d come from (I even wondered if I’d ordered it in my sleep, and thought that I should check my checking account online at one point), but then I saw the bill and figured it out. She got me Black Beauty!!! I was so giddy!! And then I got online and we had a great RPG session, so I was happiness. I have named Black Beauty Cala, and she is sitting on my desk at work (because I have no place at home for her, and Mom is becoming increasingly irritated with my massive collection of boxes that's taking over her living room.).

Yesterday wasn’t was so intense it made me cross-eyed, I had a head-neck-shoulder-back ache almost all day (or each part took turns) and it was just so bloody long. Then Mom says “Meet me at McDonalds near where you work for supper.” So I knew something was up. When I got there she told me the Floor Dude miscalculated and we needed 350 more square feet of flooring =..= /le sigh. So we bought more floor and spent an ungodly amount of money doing so. Then I get home and Mom has to go to her Bible Study, so I check the mail. ^____^ my Supernatural – Season 2 box set came in!! I didn’t even watch much of it though, just the gag reel and some other things on the special features and then the first episode. So, I was happy to have that.

I was all excited because I thought that Bones was premiering tonight, but I moseyed on over to their official web site and it’s been moved to the 25th at they moved it to Tuesday? Not that it matters, as long as I see it, but why they gotta change it? It’s a good thing I went to see. That also made me rush over to other shows to see what they were doing. I had that that Supernatural’s new season would start on the 27th, but I read at a web site that it’ll be on the 4th...when Tyra’s Next Top Model starts tonight. Weird, no? Oh well.

I keep waking up at like 3 in the morning lately. It makes it hard to rest, and considering that I’m always tired anyway, it’s just not helping. And with work being a giant head-ache...I need all the help I can get.

On the 24th, I’ll be sending out reminders via e-mail about my upcoming party. At this point, I’m just hoping that everything will be in order by then. That’s all the time I have. Later, Sunshines.



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Concerning the Floor

2007-Sep-06, Thursday 12:43 pm
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OK! So, Floor dude came over yesterday and looked at the house. He said that in a week (exactly) he will go with Mom to the store to buy the flooring that I want. After we get the floor, he’ll just set the boxes in the house over night…evidently the wood needs to get acclimated to the house’s temperature. So then the next day (Friday of next week), he’ll come and lay the floor. I had thought that I’d just move into my house the day afterward...but my bed’s too much for Mom and I to handle. So, I’ll probably be moving small stuff that I can definitely live without in until Dad comes back in, and then I’ll be moved in for good.

Oh, and for those that care, I have posted a few pics up on my FaceBook. So, if you wanna see those pictures, look for Tracie Marie in the New Orleans group ~..^

Dad, Mom and I all met in town for lunch today since Dad’s going to be heading off shore before I get home. I hope this starts a family tradition so that I don’t have to get a miserable call from him while he’s on the road that he’s leaving. And it was a great meal with great company.

I actually wrapped, decorated, put the card in (and decorated that too), then taped up Jen-Twin-san’s present….and then realized that I wasn’t sure where I should send it to =..= So yeah, I had to e-mail her about that, even though her birthday isn’t until Oct. 23. I like to get things done early so I don’t have to rush when it comes time to actually do them. Don’t judge me. But yeah, I’ve got that taken care of. The place I got the ‘Mouto-chan’s Christmas presents from hasn’t sent me Reiko’s =..= They said it was out of stock and they’d be sending it some time this week /drums fingers on desk. Scamp’s birthday and Christmas presents are wrapped and ready to go. I have Mom’s Christmas present. I’ll get Dad’s closer to Christmas. The only gift(s) I have left are Bub’s…and since he hasn’t so much as called (not even for Mom’s birthday) for two months...I’m not even certain I should get him one. I know I should…there’s just a bit of lingering doubt. The part of me that wants to strike back at him for not calling Mom on her birthday…but I don’t know if I want to be that immature about that. We'll see.

Well, I guess that’ll be all. I don’t have much of my lunch break left. I’ll write later, Sunshines.

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OK, so we were having server problems earlier, and when the server is down the employees will play…or something like that. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t do as much farting around as I thought I would. But I needed to get invoices out, so that occupied my time till we could start accessing the server again. Anyway.

I actually woke up late this morning. I don’t know what happened…I assume that in the night I turned off my alarm clock O..o’ But I woke up at 6:28 instead of 5:40 >..< I was a little freaked. I put my breakfast on (the stuff I knew I could leave to itself) and hurried up and got ready. Then after I was ready I ate. I still had plenty of time and all, but *shrugs* I was rushed. MM does not like to be rushed. Especially early in the morning when it’s easy to bump into walls. I really don’t do mornings. I force myself to because of work, but I am not an early bird...then again, I am an insomniac.

Yesterday, my Twin and I actually started IMRPG up again…I think it went pretty great, even though we are a little rusty. Still, that’s expected. We haven’t RPGed…I’d be willing to say it’s been at least 3 years. I’m not quite feeling my character (at least not as much as Caladi or Topez or any of the others that I know really well) but she’s been sleeping for years now =..=’’ When did I get into college? I think it was late in 02...I don’t remember exactly, but after about 2 semesters of college I started revamping my world. So that’s how long she’s been dormant. Thank God I took notes when I wrote all these people down, otherwise I’d really be in a bind. Although I still need to go through the old charts and revise more. I’ve started up a “Info” document that contains a more detailed outline for the Crafts. It’s coming along slowly, but at least it’s something more that I have. I also started writing up chapter 1, but that shifted to the back burner when I started packing up my movies.

Oh, I also typed up my people’s wedding vows ^..^ I don’t know why, but I was busy typing in Stats and it just came to me and I was like *GASP*. I immediately e-mailed it to myself…and then felt like a big dork for getting excited when I check my e-mail and had a new message =..= I’m an obsessive e-mail checker though…it’s pretty bad. I leave myself logged into yahoo all day when I’m at work, just waiting to see if anyone will send me anything. It’s pretty pathetic.

Speaking of stuff, (nice segway, huh? ~..~) I had ordered the second volume of Alice 19th from a vendor on Amazon…and it still hasn’t come in yet. This was over two weeks ago that I ordered this. The seller had contacted me earlier to let me know that they were having post problems, but it should be taken care of and I should be getting it soon…but that was like a week or so ago. So, I contacted them back and informed them that I still hadn’t gotten my package and that’s why I hadn’t rated them yet. I bet today I’ll actually get it in =..= Figures. Well, it’d be better than no one knowing what had happened I guess.

I got a bill in for my car insurance yesterday. It was just notifying me that my insurance was due on the 5th of August. So now, I’m thinking of decreasing the amount of stuff I’m ordering...but then again…why?! I don’t wanna! /whine. Ok, maybe I’m just being silly, but I’m very conciensious concerning my money and I don’t like to have any less than $100 in the bank after bills are paid and stuff is bought. Maybe I’m over-reaacting but I hate having to worry about it.

Well…I can’t think of anything else to write…that’s a sure sign that I should end the post. So, I’ll talk later, Sunshines.


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2007-Jul-24, Tuesday 01:06 pm
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As good as things are, as content as I should be…I’m not. And I hate myself for it sometimes. *sighs* Honestly...It’s not like I’ve got it bad. I have one of the greatest lives I know…but it’s just enough. Never full.

It doesn’t help that my friends are going through so much crap either. And they both live so far away...I mean, Jen’s not going through as much as Scamp, but I can still tell she’s restless. And Scamp’s going through so much crap with her now ex-boyfriend *sighs*. What really sucks is that even if we all lived next door to one another, there still wouldn’t be much that I could do. These are all problems that I can’t solve or really help...but still, I pride myself on being a considerate friend...and I can’t be there for them right when they need me. As wonderful as it is to have the thoughts and feelings of friends with you, it’s still no where near as good as having them physically there to bitch, scream and rant with.

As for Scamp’s troubles...I never really met Billy...and I’m glad that I didn’t. I probably would’ve gotten attached to him and then been abruptly cut off. Then I’d probably be even more pissed than I already am. And being pissed isn’t good for MM. At least, it’s not good for those around her.

I have to say, I hope our paths never cross. I’m not a forgiving person. I have swords, a shovel and I live in a swamp; there are places I could put him where no one would want to look for him.

Work’s getting tense too. There’s so much piled up in stats…Let me just explain this. Stats is basicly a Excel worksheet that has each of our clients evaluations and their results. I go through them, line by line, and make sure that the information is correct. So, I’ve got about a million pages to go through before I get caught up, and we get an averge of 15 pages worth of new evaluations coming in each week. So, I’m trying to catch up by going through old worksheets, when new worksheets are being generated every day =..= It seems like it’s never ending. I’m about a month behind too. I guess that little vacation I took didn’t help me either. But, hell man. We all need a break now and then. From the time that I sat down this morning to …about 20 minutes ago, I did 10 pages. It takes a while. And it’s monotonous work.

I really don’t want this all to be a bitch rant. Uh...Mom and Dad are going to Colorado this weekend and Scamp will be coming over next week. Dad’s already reminded me to make sure I know what paint colors I want where so that we’ll be ready for Uncle Steve. Of course...Uncle Steve won’t be coming down until a month from now...but whatever. I’m buying a bunch of stuff for my bathroom with this coming check. That’ll be really cool. It just feels like pieces of the puzzle are coming together, and that’s always good.

I can’t really think of anything that I could write about...I’m tired already and I have till 5 to work =..= Thus is life. Oh well. Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

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6-21-2007, Thursday 5:10 / 4:10c pm

Wow. What a long and tiresome trip. Though, I must say, it was quite enjoyable towards the end. After the first four hours, I got so bloody exhausted the giggles set in. I was still dreadfully tired, but Mom and I took turns driving. I drove from 10 to 12, and Mom said she couldn’t sleep and would rather drive. So, I tried to sleep and failed miserably. I ended up staying awake to talk to Mom and keep her awake. I ended up driving again from 3:30 to 6 ...or 7...considering that we did loose an hour when we crossed the time zone.

We picked up Jen (my Twin-san) and headed to McDonalds for breakfast. Then we made her drive the rest of the way. My God...such an excruciating task. Driving 4 hours, insanely giddy from not sleeping at all in the past 24 hours, getting more and more car sick but the miles just keep stretching on. We finally got here around 11:30 and while our room was empty, it wasn’t clean. So we waited 45 minutes till it was ready. Gotta say...this hotel has been a tad on the weird side. Forget the fact that there’s some major construction going on in the lobby, but when Mom went to check in and get the key, she mentioned to the front desk man that we had Jacuzzi and he offered to “help us test it out”…*fake laugh* no.

When we finally got to our room, which is on the 3rd floor, and hanging right over the pool, we unpacked a bit. Then we headed to Wal-Mart to buy things we’d need (disposable coffee cups, paper plates, cups, food stuffs, etc).I also managed to get some post cards to send to everyone back home.

So now, we’re just relaxing...occasionally watching Retrace & snacking. That’ll be all for tonight...I hope.

6-23-2007, Saturday 11:43 pm

Wow. You know, we haven’t been half as busy as we could’ve been, and yet I still haven’t written much of anything. First off I have to say…this hotel is just weird. Not only are their cracks in the balcony above us (causing rain to trickle down onto our balcony from those cracks, but Jen says she only walks around barefoot in the hotel room and her feet are black. And that’s not even mentioning what happened late Thursday night. We were getting ready for bed, and Mom had decided to let us have the king size bed and she’d take the sofa sleeper. Well first off, we couldn’t get the sleeper out of the sofa =..= So, we call for help down to the front desk and a nice chinese man comes up, takes a look around and says “I know this room. Hole in couch.” There is a hole in the back of our couch, and a tiny pointy metal thing sticks out of it! He asked for a towel, and put the towel over the whole and told us not to movie it….O..O Que? Later we found out that the toaster and blow dryer didn’t work either. Then my cousin Faren comes over, and he’s a builder, and he says this place looks like it’s about to fall apart...great. Oh well. On to the good (no great!) parts of the convention.

Friday was easy-going. I think I woke up around 8, but I didn’t actually get up till 9. Our first panel was at 11, so we didn’t need to hurry. We went to FanFic 101 with Kathy Pagge. There might’ve been 12 people there. It was a great panel and I recorded it with Zeis, learning to use my fanny pack as a base for the camera.

There are 30 minute breaks between the panels. So we went to the room for food. Then we attended a “Grimorum Making” panel. It was actually some artists/art students showing us how to make books. They’re usually used as sketch books, but you can use them as “convention books” or anything else. It was a lot of fun because everyone’s so relaxed and fun.

There was a long break between then and the “Opening Ceremonies” which was fun, if slightly excruciating. They usually have a projection screen, but this time they only had a big screen TV…of course that meant if you were sitting anywhere behind the 3rd row, you were unable to see said TV. So we all stacked our chairs on the sides of the room and sat on the floor. Jen and I kept having our legs fall asleep, even though we were on the front row. They showed us the original preview for Gargoyles given to the press when Disney decided to go ahead with the show, and they had the volume up really really loud to mimic the effect it had on the reporters. There was a lot of crashing and roaring, and when the lights came on and Greg Wiseman started out with “So...” I said “What?!”. My ears were still ringing slightly @..@ But he went on to tell us that all of the reporters had kids and Disney was releasing this ‘kids show’ that looked and sounded very scary. So the obvious question was, ‘What type of kid show is this.’ …the obvious reply was ‘It’s better than Barney ^..^ Very cool.

We were also shown the preview for Bad Guys and an Atlantis/Gargoyles crossover...and we were assured that the comic book would be a continuation of the Gargoyles series, with Pendragon, Timedancer and Bad Guys to follow. That will be something to look forward to. I’ve already bought the 4 issues of the Gargoyles comic that are out, so I can’t want to see everything else. There was so much discussed at the Opening Ceremonies, but I only taped the first part of it, because I knew a lot of it was ‘off limits’. Jen got up and just left because her legs were killing her. I followed not too long after because they didn’t last too much longer.

Now today was much the same...till evening. We attending “From Fan to Pro with Karine Charlebois. That was interesting but really better for artists. After that was “World Building” with Daroneasa, which was very fun. We all talked with her about building the worlds in our story from the ground up; everything from society to religion to families. It was great. But it only lasted till 3, so we headed back to our room. Mom and my cousins (who’d come down from their place to go sight seeing with Mom) wanted to go to the Aquarium, but they decided to wait till later because it doesn’t close till 11.

So, Jen called her boyfriend and told him about what we’d been up to. She eventually got around to telling him that I’d purchased some swords from a place called China Bazaar, and he told her that was what he wanted as a souvenir. So we headed back (and I bought a couple other things). Then we got back and went to the Aquarium. Well, we went to Gatlinburg and ate first. Then we went to the Aquarium. Twas fun, but my legs and feet were killing me. I bought Jen and me some sea turtle souvenirs.

We went back through Gatlinburg, and she got us these things from Kilwin’s...they’re rice crispie treats on a stick, dunked first in caramel then in chocolate and laced with darker chocolate. ...her Mom calls them sex-on-a-stick. We also stopped at a little shop called Lavis Jewelry that had these really cool fairies. I bought a mage-looking fairy with a crescent moon staff, and Jen bought a hanging fairy holding a hatching dragon, it’s just like the one I got for Reiko last Christmas. She said that she has a lot of dragon figures, and it wouldn’t make sense to just buy a fairy. There were some lovely dragons that both of us loved, but the smallest was $50 and the price kept going up from there O..O

6-24-2007, Sunday

Wow. What a busy day. Evidently the Radio play was pretty awesome last night (or maybe it was the blue mug..yeah, definitely the blue mug ^..^). Our first pane of Costume Tip Trading with Jennifer Anderson …turned into Costume Tip Trading with Lynati. I don’t know where the head of the panel was, but she couldn’t make it so Lynati (who’s a veteran of Gargoyles everything) took over and answered questions and included everyone. It was great…but I’m not into the costume thing. I thought Jen would enjoy it though, since she likes to cosplay a lot.

Next we went to Gargoyles Physiology & Culture, and that was headed by Greg Weisman, Lynati and Jade Griffin. That was only getting good towards the end, and then we had to leave because we were dying of hunger. But I did manage to tape all of what we did see. So that was good. I’m not so crazy about evolution, so the whole first part about their actual biology and how they may’ve evolved wasn’t thrilling. But to see Greg Weisman light up while discussing Gargoyles culture was great. It’s funny too, because he’s not an expert in biology and such so he’d ask Lynati and Jade Griffin questions like “Would that be possible?” or “This is how I see it, tell me if I’m right in my layman’s terms.” It was really great.

We had wanted to go to the Bad Guys panel that was going to be a showcase for the upcoming Bad Guys comic, but we ended up being late, and then decided we’d rather not disturb them and walk in right in the middle. That was a bit of a bummer, but hey, we had to get food @..@

The Banquet was fun. We had one of the girls who joined the “Order of the Phoenix Gate” sitting at our table. Turns out, Thom Adcox had decided to get a tattoo after one of his panels. Well the people in the panel were like “What’re you doing now Thom?” and he said “I’m going to get a tattoo.” So they all went and got the same tattoo of the phoenix gate. The girls got it on the small of their backs and the guys got it on their bicep except for Thom who got it on his ankle. It was pretty sweet. I have to say, that’d be one awesome tattoo to get, and I don’t even like tattoos that much. *shrugs*. After seeing that, Jen was itching to go out and get a tattoo. I think she must’ve thought about it the whole time we were at the table ^..^ I don’t even know the names of the people at my table, but they were all cool. There was one girl that actually had a tattoo of wings coming out from her shoulder blades. That was uber leet as well. The only thing that was annoying was that there was one girl (whom I shall not name) who kept barraging the guests with questions, mostly about Puck and all running together. At one point I leaned over and said “Maybe one of us should ask what Puck’s favorite color is before she gets the chance to ask another 3 questions.” It was annoying, but funny at the same time.

We headed to the room again for the break between things, and a storm cropped up. It wasn’t mush, just a bit of rain with high winds and thunder and lightning. Of course, this hotel is so shoddy that the door started shaking. Jen was on the phone with her boyfriend, and she was laying on one side of our king size bed while I was on the other side writing post cards. The wind kicked up, and suddenly she’s launched herself into my lap O..O Twas amusing. Then she says to her boyfriend that “It’s like a hurricane outside!” and I’m like “Turst me, hon. This is not hurricane worthy ^..^” That made it even funnier.

The Masquerade was fun, but shorter than I thought it’d be. We did get there early, just to make sure we’d have good seats. Of course, Jen’s camera died 3 seconds into the whole thing =..= Oh, and of course, we were sitting in front of a lot of uber leet people, and I was too paralyzed to introduce myself. I just figured I’d be bothering them. I mean, they came to have fun at the gathering, not be pestered by some fangirl . So, I held my tongue and place and just watched the Masquerade. I tell you what, they had a lot of really nice dresses on the contestants (that I’d never have the courage to wear), but the Gargoyle that won for best in show was just awesomeness on a stick. And they had a lady that was a “Belly Dancing Fae” and let me tell you, she could really belly dance well for a lady her age. I hope I have that much control over my body in 20 years =..= She was awesomeness. It really made me want to get those belly-dancing pants that I’d see in the dealers room too. But alas, my Jen had inquired about them and the lady had only brought one. Anyway, after the awards were given out, we left. We’re not good dancers (or minglers evidently >..<).

Oh yeah, speaking of the Dealers room, we had so much fun there (and I spent a lot of money there). I bought 2 chain-mail bracelets from Vox, a ‘sea horse’ painting from kth-dragon, and a fairy painting for Jen. It’s really great to buy from artists directly, because they’re always so happy that you’re buying from them. We spend a lot of time there just talking and hanging out. There was a beautiful replica of the Phoenix gate that was a necklace, and I really wanted it, but it was up for auction, and we weren’t staying that long, and I didn’t have the money for it anyway. The artist alley was pretty cool too. I recognized a lot of stuff from artists I've admired for such a long time. It's a little sad that this is our last day too. On one hand I really wish I could stay, but I know it's not at all practical. Ah well. Such is life I suppose.

6-25-2007, Monday

Probably the most miserable day, but only because I get so car sick and we were traveling all damn day. We decided to leave that morning, if only because we had spent so much money and we just really needed to get home. So, we left around 10 that morning, after loading the car down with all our crap + all the crap we bought ^..^ We headed to Gatlinburg as a favor for a friend. Lori had given me money to buy her some wine. It’s her favorite and it’s only sold in that area. So we go and find it…and they don’t have it. It wouldn’t be ready for two more weeks. Le sigh. It would’ve been a total loss except that we saw a pet store right next door, and the owner had her pets in the store with her. I love those types of shops. I got myself a Doxxie shirt, and I think Jen got herself a English Bulldog shirt, pen and bookmark...she and I are such dorks. We’re not even dog owners yet! But anyway.

We drove for hours till we finally got to Atlanta. Jen drove the whole way (thank God). And we ended up leaving Atlanta right in the middle of rush hour traffic. We were not happy campers. It took us about an hour to 45 minutes to get out of Atlanta. Just down-town Atlanta, not the whole city, mind you. I think we left around 3:30 or 4ish, and Mom drove for a while, but she wasn’t feeling great. I was borderline panic-attacking, so I just laid back and tried to relax. We pulled off around 5 to go to the bathroom and get some nachos and cheese (gotta have the basics), and I took over driving. I drove from 5 to 11 that night, and we were about 60 miles away from New Orleans when we pulled over to get gas. Mom took over after that, and I just stayed up to keep her company and talk. We got home around 12:30ish a.m. I think I showered, and then went to sleep. We woke up…I think at 12 p.m. We were unpacked and happy…even if the day was very short. I guess it made up for the day before that was so damn loooong.

That has been my gathering experience. I enjoyed it if only because I got to spend a lot of time with Jen. Spending tons of money on cool swag was fun too ^..~

Harvest Moon

msmoon: (MM's Jellies!)’s always surprising how much more enjoyable work is when you have a holiday smack-dab in the middle of the week. I mean, we just got back, and it feels like a Monday…but tomorrow’s Friday O.O omfg, we get to have more days off after tomorrow! Whohoooo!

/clears throat yeah...something like that. So, work’s been good. I actually just took my lunch and showed everyone the pictures from vacation…what little there are. Then I got chastised for eating so late. Not because it’s bad for my health, mind you…but because their crappy lunch is now failing them. But I smoothed it all out with candy ^.^

It’s weird having an e-mail role play with my Twin now, if only because I’m not obsessively checking my mail at every chance...I know I’m a loose with no life whatsoever, but honestly! This is only making it more obvious. No, it’s really great starting up a role play again. Even if e-mail/story-format is harder than IMRPG. But you take what you can get right? It’s a little weird to be starting blindly too. I mean, everyone knows Caladi (and if Stephen doesn’t then I’m sure my Twin can update him). It’s a little odd to be starting out with new characters that I know nothing about….weird…but fun ^_^

Another thing I started doing (which is a really bad habit, and I know it), is looking around on when alerts come to me...It's bad enough that they send me notifications - because let's face it, I spend so much money there - but that I check the sight's a little scarey. But, I can report that the next season of Bones is up for grabs along with a collector's set of Tenchi in Tokyo. I'm not exactly sure how that helps you all, but it's great to get it off my chest ^.^

Oh, interesting thing happened this morning. I check my FaceBook (because that’s how much of a freak I am), and some guy from Bristol had friended me...I was like, “Huh...I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone from Bristol, but maybe it’s one of Scamp’s friends...” Turns out, Scamp doesn’t know this guy from Adam. <.<…..>.>…..That kinda surprised me (to say the least). I mean, Scamp has Brit friends; I don’t have Brit friends…hell, let’s just come out and say it: I don’t have any friends lol. I have aquantances and internet friends. But very few actual IRL friends. So, to say that some guy out of the blue just decided to friend me was ‘odd’ is an understandment. I really should get a shirt that says “Doesn’t play well with others” on it or something =.=

Ok…I am going to check my e-mail (again), and then get back to work...or something resembling it ^.^ Later, sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

PS: My cousin loves our neighborhood ducks. She has even named them all ^.^

Simple Holiday

2007-Jul-04, Wednesday 10:07 pm
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...I really don’t have much to was the 4th of July. I woke up around 10 this morning, but I decided to just have coffee for my breakfast since my dad would be grilling some steaks for us. Then, my dad decided to mow the lawn instead of cleaning the grill =.= We didn’t eat until 3 >.< But anyway! When we did eat, it was very good. I will have a good lunch tomorrow with all the left-overs we have. Scamp and I pretty much just lounged around all day…her playing WoW and me reading my new doxxie book and replying to my Twin’s roleplay. And tomorrow it’s back to work =.= Short holidays. Oh well.

Here’s some quiz spam, since it’s been a while since I’ve done that sort of thing. Thank you, Blue Pyramid. Later, Sunshines!



You're Iowa!

You are very concerned with hawks and their nature. Particularly, the eye
of the hawk has always captivated you, drawing you in with its piercing stare. It
frankly doesn't take a lot to get your attention, but once it's been gained, your
attention is unflinching. Though your influence appears minimal, a meeting you hold
at your place every few years is monumental in its implications. At that meeting, you
don't discuss where the monks came from, even though you want to know.

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How'd that happen?! Dang, I live in heaven! (Field of Dreams reference ^.^)


You're a Komodo Dragon!

While many people like to talk about running off to be the vicious
dictator of a small distant island, you feel you have more potential to follow
through on this plan than anyone. Big, strong, muscular, and a teensy bit
vindictive, you feel you could overpower anyone who tried to question your
authority. When not taking over the world, island by island, you enjoy sunning
yourself on the beach. You have an absurdly long tongue.

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Yeh, you better recognize, bi-atch! ^.^

You're Ulysses!

by James Joyce

Most people are convinced that you don't make any sense, but compared
to what else you could say, what you're saying now makes tons of sense. What people do
understand about you is your vulgarity, which has convinced people that you are at once
brilliant and repugnant. Meanwhile you are content to wander around aimlessly, taking in
the sights and sounds of the city. What you see is vast, almost limitless, and brings you
additional fame. When no one is looking, you dream of being a Greek folk hero.

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For some odd reason, that makes me happy.

You're Malta!

With a strange attraction to crosses and falcons, you are one of the
most mysterious and unknown people in your group of friends, your community, or pretty
much any category you want to mention.  You keep to yourself, but see yourself as a
knight in shining armor, ready to rescue people if they weren't so far away.  Still,
people are fascinated by you if they've heard of you, which most of them

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You're Anime Pulse!

While you run in a pretty fast crowd, everyone agrees that you
are more animated than those around you. Everything about you indicates the
patterns of a cult, but you prefer to focus on the loyalty and popularity that
a cult indicates, rather than the scary stuff. You really like sunrises. While
it seems little is in your way, you are prone to concentrating on a

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...I feel like a hill-billy, but what's a podcast? O.o

You're the Egyptian State Railways!

An intriguing blend of ancient traditions and modern methods,
you are a bit perplexing to those around you. Most are so drawn to this
fascinating blend, however, that you have little trouble attracting
others. Your ideas take unique shape and tend to grow to enormous size,
while your creativity can flow for miles. Though you prefer more classic
means of transportation, if you have to fly then you take Delta.

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....once again, not sure what this is.

You're Queen's University!

You have the highest admiration for defunct hierarchy and
fanfare, and you make sure everyone knows about it. In fact, if anyone
offends these higher sensibilities, you will refuse to contact them ever
again. Though you are known for your connection to high-ranking females,
your town is better known for high-ranking males. All this prestige keeps
you pretty cold. You like to think of yourself as Victoria's Secret.

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Once again, I've no idea what significance this is....and I'm wondering if I should be insulted O.o'

Harvest Moon

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Well, we are home. And I swear that I will provide everyone with a full update…soon. But right now, I’m being lazy. So no update for you.

Scamp came over yesterday and we had fun and talked. Then Mom left to go and spend the night at my Aunt Annie’s, so we figured we’d go and rent some movies from Hollywood Video…and they were having a sidewalk sale (only it wasn’t on the sidewalk because it’s so dreadfully hot out, so it was in the nice cool air conditioner ^.^). I ended up buying Elizabethtown, The Fantastic 4, The Secret Window, Lady in the Water, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Covenant, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose…because my movie collection isn’t frikkin’ big enough. So we’ll be watching some of those tonight while Mom’s out.

My twin and I had a great time at the convention. And we’ve also decided to start our own e-mail RPG…whenever we can decide what the hell we wanna do. But either way, it should be fun…once we figure it all out. Well, I’m off to watch movies with Scamp (she’s now out of the shower). Later sunshines!



What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color yellow, which embodies the characteristics of joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, gold, hope, liberalism, sociability, friendship, death, courage, intellect, confidence, communication, travel, movement, attraction, persuasion, and charm. Yellow is the color of the element Air, and symbolizes the sun, grain, and the power of thought.

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Harvest Moon

Hurry up and Wait

2007-Jun-19, Tuesday 01:55 pm
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Ok, so we’re a-bustle with activity. I’m half way to packed and not long to wait. Just waiting on a few items to be dryed. We went and got my hair straightened (itia) and cut yesterday. It looks all right…I guess. Everyone says that it looks good, and I have to admit, it does feel great. I’m just not used to it yet. Today we’re going to the mall to get pedicures and tie up a few loose ends. Then we just hang out, tending to things like cleaning, packing and organizing, till we leave.

As for our plans, we leave at 10 PM on Wednesday night. I’m driving for about 6 hours, and then Mom will drive the rest of the way. We’ll be relying on Gracie (our GPS) to get us to my Twin’s house. According to Google, it’ll take about 8 hours to get to her place. Then it’s all the way to the hotel.

The weather has been wonderful lately. I’ve woken up to thunder and storms every morning. Really my idea of wonderful weather. We were thinking that we’d be leaving the major rain behind, but Mom said that she saw rain over Tennessee as well…so, there’s hope that we’ll get some of that weather there too…I probably should’ve just asked my Twin how the weather looked for the week ahead where she was -.- Oh well.

Oh, last night, I was watching The Girls Next Door, and they advertised that The Soup would be playing on Mondays as well (so Mondays wouldn’t suck quite as much ^.^). It was the Best of the Worst Dating Moments, and next week is gonna be something else. I now have something else to occupy my Monday nights ^.^ Goody.

I’ve been playing Warcraft a bit more lately. I’ve been on my Draenei charactes...It’s fun…not quite as much fun with no one to play with…but still a lot of fun.

Well, we’re off to get that pedicure. I guess that means the clothes are done. Later, sunshines.


You Would Be a Pet Cat

Independent and aloof, you don't like to be dependent on anyone.
And as for other people, you can take them or leave them. You often don't care.
You live your life by your own rules. And you have deep motivations that no one truly understands.

Why you would make a great pet: You're not needy or greedy... unlike other four legged friends.

Why you would make a bad pet: You're not exactly running down to greet people at the door

What you would love about being a cat: Agility and freedom

What you would hate about being a cat: Being treated like a dog by clueless humans


Harvest Moon

Bored and Confused

2007-May-09, Wednesday 12:44 pm
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Gosh…I’m so bored right now…it’s terrible. And I have work to do. I have things going on. But I’m just in this dreary head space. I kinda figured it’s time for a mini update, what with the few things that’ve happened and all, but I’ve been staring at this screen for so long, I don’t know I’d be able to update.

OK! Here it goes. Yesterday, Reiko called me to inform me that she had a lot of crap, but she’d never noticed how much crap she had till she had to move. Yes, Reiko is moved out. She has her apartment which she is in with a friend (having a roomie will help with rent) near by. She had wanted to move farther away, but oh well. I told her that Chibi would be coming home sometime at the end of this month, around the 25th/26th. She said that’d be cool. She was just calling to tell me she had moved. She’d been in the process for a while, but with school and work and the moving and all, she hadn’t had time to call. Oddly enough, I can’t help but feel proud for some odd reason.

I don’t know what’s going on with Scamp and her college schedule. From what I understand, she isn’t sure if they have the courses she wants right now, but she feels like she still has to go because it’d make her mom upset if she didn’t…wouldn’t it be better if she took what she wanted from the college she wanted? Forget the whole “as long as you’re going to school” whatever happened to “as long as you have a goal and you’re working towards it”? Life’s way too short to spend God knows how long in a major you don’t want. But her Mom had told us that she wouldn’t be able to come in June to the Gathering. I had asked her later, when she still thought that school had the course she wanted, and she confirmed it. But with this huge fiasco, I assume she’ll still be busy one way or another. I mean, either she’ll be busy because she’ll decide to withdraw from the local college and go to the other college that Billy found for her, or she’ll be busy at that local college trying to find something worth taking. No matter how I look at it, it confuses me though...

Either way, she’ll be busy. I was really bummed too, because it wouldn’t be the same without her, but I did ask my Twin-san if she would have the free time to go, and she said she’d love to take the ticket if Scampers couldn’t make it. So, at least I won’t be all alone wandering around a giant hotel or anything. That’s good ^_^ And I’ll get to see my Twin…who I haven’t seen since AWAX. It’s been a while. I do feel bad though that Scamp can’t come to the convention…but she’d probably enjoy a gaming or anime convention more...Not to mention that I don’t know how well Scamp would take going to the convention since it’d be a lot of people all together in one place. With her SAD and all, that might’ve been a disaster...I hadn’t thought of that before either…It was kinda inconsiderate of me now that I think about it O.o Asking someone with social anxiety to come to a convention and walk around a hotel crowded full of people…Sometimes, I can be as dense as a wall =.=

Other than that, nothing is new on the Scamp radar…other than me helping her with the banners and buttons on her new Fallena web page ^.^

Oh, today at lunch I went and got the second half of Mom’s Mother’s day present. I gotta remember to e-mail Bub and ask if he’s getting her anything. If not, I’ll just make out a card from both of us. I also need to ask Lori if I can get some wrapping paper and wrap it here if I can’t find time to wrap it at home. I don’t know if I’ll ever be alone in the house, and the box is pretty big…so yeah.

I think that’ll be all for now. I’ll see ya’ll later, sunshines.


Your Love Quote

True love stories never have endings.


Yaviel Isilmiel


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