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MM takes a tiny trip down memory lane :)

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MsMoon's very lengthly shuffle through her shuffle :3

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There wasn't really a theme week challenge this I had to make my own challenge :)

140303 - Bad Moon

2014-Mar-03, Monday 03:02 pm
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MsMoon has bad guesses, because her brain is elsewhere...

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It's Monday, it's Theme Week, and it's time for some encouragement!

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MM kicks off theme week with her family's (boring) Christmas traditions.

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Theme Week: Christmas edition! It's time to talk traditions and fun holiday stories! It's our last theme week for this year... so let's make it a good one! :D

Music is Royalty Free from Kevin MacLeod :) (

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I apologize for the beginning of the video, but, enjoy, nonetheless!

Tragic Tail

2013-Oct-31, Thursday 03:55 pm
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True story of one of the many surgeries of ATG. For clarification it was after this surgery that they discovered the damage was to extensive for me to receive a transplant.

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Moose continues Theme Week with the story of a horror that befalls five knights.

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Guess what week it is?? Guess what week it is! (20 points if you read that like the Hump-Day Camel :3).

Theme Week~ 250913

2013-Sep-25, Wednesday 10:30 pm
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A day in the life of a Bear :)

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In which a Moose depicts his daily life unto his fellow Knights.

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MsMoon's day in the life. I'm kinda glad it was on a day when I was really busy. I had plenty of things to do, so there's a lot of stuff in the video :)


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