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2013-Oct-07, Monday 10:59 pm
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While trying to think of something to talk about, MsMoon stumbles upon gold that she's been meaning to mine :3

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MsMoon's day in the life. I'm kinda glad it was on a day when I was really busy. I had plenty of things to do, so there's a lot of stuff in the video :)

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Beware, for I am: Sleepy Sleepy

Ok...so work today sucked. Too much standing, too much copying...engh. Anyway. So, got home and ate and then called Reiko. She came over with her stuff, checked her MySpace, watched a bit of the Masters Robotech season and then left to go visit a bereaved friend. I entertained myself as I always do. I was so enthralled by the John Wayne / John Ford thing they had on TV. It was cool! I so love the Duke.

Reiko got back half way through my swooning. I was surprised to find she didn’t know who ‘The Duke’ was. I was also surprised that when I asked her if December 7 meant anything significant, she had no idea what I was asking for. =__= The day that will live in infamy is dead to the next generation. We then proceeded to be really stupid and have a lot of fun. This involved gratuitous swearing and much laughter. Good times. Good times. I got bored watching her check her MySpace and talk to guys so I turned on the Sci Fi channel. There was a movie on and I decided to watch it just for the heck of it. Halfway through talking to some guy, Reiko screeches “It’s Final Destination!” and I’m like. “Oh...is that what it is...” and she’s like. “You’ve never seen it...?” and I’m like. “No...” This of course, meant that I had to sit down and watch the movie. It was pretty ...interesting. And by interesting, I mean laughable. I laughed so hard all the way through it. It just...wasn’t too scary. Or maybe I’m just jaded./shrugs

So now, we’re off to bed. She has to get up even earlier than I do. I hate late nights. Oh well. I’m gonna go listen to John Denver ^___^ Later!

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Whole Lotta Nothin'

2006-May-03, Wednesday 10:26 pm
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Beware, for I am: Blank Blank

My goodness. Nothing has happened, ya’ll. Really nothing. Other than me declaring a Robotech marathon and watching about ¾ of the first season. Nothing. I mean, Reiko has come over both Tuesday and Wednesday, but really...nothing else has been happening. It’s boring really. But I’m kinda not really in the mood to do anything. It sucks.

Well, at least I did get the whole lawn mowed today. So that’s something. And Mom and I plan to mosey on down to Rid Stick and have me take the civil service test. At the very least it’ll open up some more jobs for me. Other than that...I got nothing…So...Goodnight.

msmoon will be haunted by...

Jim Morrison

They just like your room
'Whose ghost will come back to haunt you?' at QuizGalaxy.com


PS: I'm gonna go ahead and try to update my MySpace blog about as much as I do my LiveJournal.We'll see how long that lasts =.=

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Beware, for I am: Drained Drained

Thank God that today is ending. /Sigh I've gone from anger, to frustration, to depression, to resignation, to sardonic humor, and at this point, I’m just too damn tired to feel anything. So. And update from when I last left you. I finally got in touch with this Think All Publishing place. Turns out, I’ve been billed at least 3 times a month since November. So all-in-all, I’ve lost about $180 to these people. It’s times like these when I wish I could just forget all about my Christianity. But then I remind myself that I walked right into this scam and there really is nothing I can do but be resentful. And what good would that do me in the long run? So, aside from being extremely disappointed in myself for allowing myself to be duped (Paul did say to work hard that no one should deceive you after all), that crisis is pretty much averted. On the good end of the spectrum, I did get my income tax checks in, and they were enough to make the Think All disaster virtually ineffective on my account. During my call to the Think All people, I politely requested that they cancel my subscription (or whatever it is they call it), and have received an e-mail verifying said cancellation. That doesn’t mean I won’t be looking for these people on my next bank statement, but at least I have an e-mail as proof now that it should be canceled.

After dealing with that unpleasant matter, I settled in to watch Robotech. A full start-to-finish thing ending whenever I should finish the Invid saga. I was interrupted half way Mom. Sees Bub (my brother in Oklahoma who’s in college) has found this new thingy called a Green Dot card. Basically he has this card that he bought from Wallgreens, and you can put any amount of money on the card and it only cost like $4.95 to reload it. So, he figures if we get a Green Dot card, and load it, then transfer the money he needs for rent and tools (usually a once-a-month expense but lately, who can say?), it’d be easier than sending said cash in cards. Mom likes to get encouraging cards and send the cash in those. The cards are thicker so they hide that there’s money in them and all that. Plus it’s just sentimental. Well, Mom’s very dubious about the whole thing. Why? Because Bub said three little words…It’s Really Easy. Any time someone remarks on how easy a process is, it will invariably become a troublesome process when my mother tries it. It’s not really her fault. She’s just not very inept when it comes to learning new things. She forgets everything too, so when it comes to doing something she hasn’t done recently, she forgets that too.

So, we head on down to Walgreens and we pick up the card right away. We ask the cashier about the whole process and she flippantly tells us that it’s easy and it’s outlined on the back of the card. We shopped a bit for some other things that we needed. Nothing big, just little things, you know. Then we headed to McDonnalds. Mom wanted a vanilla ice cream cone. The nearest one said their ice cream machine was down, so we went all the way on the other end of town to get one. Their ice cream machine was down as well. Turns out they clean their ice cream machines all on the same day. Today. So they were all down. Aggravated Mom to no end, I tell you. So we ended up going to the Snow ball stand not two streets over from our own. I got a snow cone (Coffee flavored with condensed milk) and Mom finally got to have her ice cream cone. We came home, turned on the watering hoses so the flowers could get a good drink, and set about the arduous task of this ‘easy’ Green Dot card.


Don’t you know...it wouldn’t work. We tried doing it over the phone. We tried doing it on the net. We tried putting in several different numbers (they gave us 2 receipts with numbers, maybe those were the correct numbers) we put in Bub’s card number, we put in our card number. Finally Bub calls. Mom tells him the situation and says she’s gonna call the store manager and see what he thinks. He tells us to come down to the store (again) and he’ll do it right from the store.


He couldn’t do anything with it. That made me very happy. It only aggravated Mom more, but I found it very refreshing that we were not the problem. So I called Bub (because by them Mom was so upset about the whole thing she didn’t want to talk to anyone), and I told him that the manager told us to come back in the morning and talk to the head manager, because he couldn’t make a refund on a purchase that big.

The whole problem with my Mom is that she feels stupid. She always feels like she doesn’t know what she’s doing and she’s stupid. Everyone else can do things so easily and she just feels inadequate because when she tries they’re terribly hard. My brother is a know-it-all with a tendency to talk down to others. Throw these two together in this situation, and you’re gonna have some hurt feelings. She started going on how she wish she could just never do anything on the computer again, because if she didn't then she wouldn't have to feel stupid. I told my mom that I thought she was a great woman before she got to e-mail and technology and I thought she'd be just fine without it if that's what she prefered. If all she wants for her computer is a glorified game box, then that's all it has to be for her. It's fine with me. /sigh she was sullen and quiet for the rest of the evening...make me sick. I hate it when things come and take the light right out of her eyes.

The only good points about today: 1) We got some Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Cream candy bars (my new favorites). 2) CSI: Miami was very good. 3) The day is over, and soon I can sleep.

I hope tomorrow is better...It just has to be /sigh. Goodnight.

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