Artsy Venture

2010-Aug-21, Saturday 01:30 pm
msmoon: (SM - Moonlight)

I wouldn't say that I'm an artist by any means. Sure, I can get creative and all, but since I don't paint or draw I don't see myself as artsy. Still, I love taking pictures. Not of myself of course -..-' But I love to take photos of flowers, landscapes, the sky, people, events, anything and everything :) So maybe I'm a tad on the artsy side, but I still wouldn't call myself artistic.

But lately, I've been wanting to take some of my photos and actually print them onto canvas. Of course, then it occurred to me that if I'm gonna do that, I need to figure out some way to put my signature on the photo… even if it's just my initials. That's just something that stamps the pic and says, 'yeah, this one's mine :)'. I wouldn't say that I'm a glory hog or territorial, but I know that people will think nothing of stamping their name on another person's work, and that infuriates me.

Still. I'm not even sure about ordering prints on canvas. I've googles "Photoes"+"Canvas" and several services popped up. One place that I really like is
Canvas Pop, just because they have a nice ordering process, and they allow you to see the work in space. Plus they let you specify unique measurements for your canvas. If you want a print that's 5x9 then go ahead and put that in and they'll print it for you. They are a tad on the expensive side tho…but I kinda expected that. Print Your Life is pretty cool too, but I find the only thing I like about their service is in their gallery under Grunge… It's just an intestine style. It's also interesting that they'll Avatar a pic of you… I should tell Jessica about that ^..^ Canvas on Demand isn't too bad of a place either….they allow custom measurements as well …and from what I can tell, they have Ty Pennington as a sponsor o..o Oh and lastly there's Photogonia,which offers a bunch of things other than just photo prints and canvas stuffs… there's like, tile sets and puzzles and keepsake boxes. All sorts of stuff.

…and with all that, is it any wonder I feel mixed about? I mean, there are so many options, I'm just not sure what to pick. I get so caught up in looking at options, that I forget entirely that I still am not sure about that whole signature thing -..-' I'm gonna try just scanning my signature into my computer as an image and then opening my photos with Corel Draw and placing the signature over a corner… see if that works.

The reason most of this quandary started is because Mom's birthday is coming up (Sept. 2 :3), and she mentioned a while back that she'd like to get three pictures of mine from Spring, Autumn and Winter and put them over her fire place. So, I wanna go over there and measure how high all those pictures would be (obviously they'd all be landscape style photos :]) and then choose three of my best prints.

…so that's my latest project. Not sure how far I'll get in it today, but I am working on that signature thing for right now… and gathering up prices on the websites that I'm looking at. o..o other than that, I really don't know what else to do until I'm actually ready to order so..yah.

I guess that's all for now. I'll write later, Sunshines :)



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26 Today

2009-Oct-06, Tuesday 01:23 pm
msmoon: (MM's Crescent)

Been trying to post for a whole hour...but my brain really hasn't been working right =..= My birthday started off with a bang...mostly from the thunder but the lack of sleep's contributed :) Probably shouldn't be so happy about that, but I'm no where near sentimental on birthdays. So yeah...Anyway.

So yesterday, Alicia calls saying that her battery has died and she needs to be jumped off. Dad and I head over there to help, but if it hadn't been for the nice grounds keeper and his jump box, she would've had to call her dad. She came to my place and copied all the music that I had that she likes to a jump drive. But before she even started that, Mom hands me a card with a $50 iTunes gift card :D I love those types of presents. Srsly, pplz. Cash is just like CPR - it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Anywho. Alicia left...probably around 6ish... and I went on iTunes and bought 4 albums. I got
Vertical Horizon's Burning the Days, P!nk's Try This, the Children of Dune Soundtrack and the World of Warcraft Soundtrack.....and it took from then to 3 am to completely download everything =..='' Totally worth it, but boy....was I tired when that thunderstorm rolled in at 7:30 this morning and woke me up =..=

I was talking to Scamp in chat, and I was all excited because I have 3 of the 4 soundtracks for WoW now. She was good enough to remind me that the next expansion pack will probably have a sound track too <..< But, I have
World of Warcraft Soundtrack, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Soundtrack and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack... I thought that the only available soundtrack left was World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth ...but it turns out there's a new one called World of Warcraft: Mosaic Soundtrack too....but, I certainly have enough to last me...for now :)

Dad and I just got through setting up my entertainment stand too. It's little more than three two shelves that hold my TV, VCR and PS2, but it looks a good deal better than the four wheel dolly I had the TV on...Still, it's a monumental task, trying to figure out how it all goes together when you have no instruction -..-I need to take a few pictures of it just to make sure if I ever have to do that again, I'll have a visual reference.

Oh well. Today is my birthday, but we're not going to go out and eat or anything until Friday....we just have other stuff planned so yeah...we'll be going to Nakato Friday. That'll be fun. Both Reiko and our Pastor and his Wife called to wish me a happy birthday already, and that's more than I expected.

I'm so tired, still. Oh well. I'ma go ahead and sign off now. Talk to ya later, Sunshines.



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LoudTwitter is down. Evidently there was a server crash. I swear, I have not dropped off the face of the earth, it's just that the service I use to batch my tweets isn't working :) I thought I'd let everyone know.

Yesterday was church... and it was fun. Not because of the sermon, but because the boys showed up with their mother. This meant Alicia and I had the chance to teach as opposed to attend the Bible study. I enjoy that very much. The boys are very enjoyable and funny, thought it's very hard to keep them reigned in if only because they're so funny you don't want to stop them ^..^

We really didn't give a lesson... but! We developed a reward based system, assigning points to each person for good behavior... and taking points away for bad. After 25 points they may start claiming their rewards... and 25 points can get you 5 candy bars (of your choosing). If you choose not to redeem your points, then you can save it up for a bigger prize. We discussed gift certificates to restaurants and the big prize of 100 points earns you a $50 Wal-Mart gift card :D The gift cards were my idea... so were the candy bars now that I think about it >..> hm...Well, Alicia asked what they would work for... and they said cars and guitars -..- Yeah... nothing we could actually afford. So, I threw in candy (food's always a great reward system right?) and gift certificates... Of course... we do have to get it approved by Pastor Sam first... so... I did make up a chart with their "Names" on them.... ok, that needs explaining.

So... when Alicia mentioned the points system, and Julian said, "What does that remind you of?" to which I replied, "20 points from Gryffindor!" ^..^ They immediately picked up on it and started taken Hogwart's House names... or... something like them. Julian called Gryffindor, Jesse called Slytherin, and Billy ... decided on Ravenpuff O..o yeah I know. They got off on a tangent about combining the names to see what they might just wind up with ... and that's how Billy got his -..-' Of course, T and Lamarr weren't really there... so we gave them substitute names. T (for now) will be Tink and Lamarr with be Autobot :) We'll have to ask them what they think... whenever we next see them.

We're also talking about planning an outing to Branson... the idea is to go and get something to eat and walk the landing and then go see a movie (preferably Transformers 2 as everyone wants to see that). She had mentioned the IMax, but it won't be playing there on the 11th, which is when we wanted to go. The boys will be starting up their Football training camp, and thus they will die a bit every day of the week.... we were hoping for weekend since it'd be more fun and relaxing :) So... you know... maybe we'll have to find another theater. Shouldn't be hard in Branson.

Hmm... what else. Well, I finally got around to getting those art prints framed... all of them (so far). Scamp still owes me two Map paintings, but the Ancients Kth did for me are all framed properly and the map Scamp gave me is framed... I bought 4 matching frames for the Ancients and then 3 other frames from the maps... yes, I only have 1 of the 3, but this Wal-Mart is more of a “Get it while you can, otherwise it may be gone” sort of deal... Even if they aren’t up on the wall yet, I am proud of myself :D

Oh, we went to Sam and Karen's house for the first time since they left on their trip. We were going to go out on some lake, but... well, things didn't work out. So, we ended up just coming home. Not before visiting with Julie and Marsha of course... But, I finished my laundry (thank God). Oh! And tomorrow, Mom and I are going to Branson to shop :3 Yays. Dad said he didn't want to come and get in our way... so that means sushi :D Happy psycho bunny.

Well... I'd better be off. I still haven't showered, slothful boar that I am. I hope LoudTwitter comes back up soon... not that it hasn't been fun posting again....Oh well. I'll talk later, Sunshines :)



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Yaviel Isilmiel

Interwebs Check :)

2009-May-19, Tuesday 01:48 pm
msmoon: (Obsessions)

I’m in Nexus II right now... on my laptop.... :D Sooo, the internet signal is still strong here. That’s awesome.

I just found Harvey - my roomba vacuum - and I figured I’d plug him in and let him charge for a while and see if I can't vacuum the rooms that are clear.... basicly, just the office -..- Of course, every time I come over here, I try to bring over some stuff from the house and get it set up properly. Since all that's set up is my DVD cabinet and book shelves, that means I usually end up bringing stuff like that....

I really need to unpack the stuff in the guest bedroom.... but Mom's got a headache and I'm somewhat reluctant to leave her over there for too long unattended....not that it stops me from getting distracted, obviously -..- Anyway! I was just gonna drop some stuff off and put it in it's place and see if Harvey was up to vacuuming the office...

I have sort of worked out a system for my bookshelves... I mean, there are so many missing DVDs that I just can't find, that there's no point to obsess over that (just yet), but most all of my books are here... so the tall shelf nearest the window is all reference books and binders/notebooks and paper. The middle shelves are really all for smaller books... which, I have a lot of. I was surprised really, but evidently I'd forgotten about the amount of Manga I have o..o' The tall shelf on the opposite side is for every other type of book.... I have 8 D&D books O..O I hadn't realized till now. But I have 12 EQ rpg books and 7 Star Wars "Ultimate Guide to" books... yeah. I'm not obsessed >..> I'm just thorough :D

Ok, Enough dillusions. Tonight... I'm going to see Alicia. I think we're meeting at Quizno's but only because they have food... and wifi :) I have no idea how I'm going to occupy my time... but I'm sure there will be writing involved. Harvey still hasn't fully charged, but I can't really blame him.... he's been shut off since late November of last year :-\

Anyway, that's my status update so far. I'll type later, Sunshines :)

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Catching Up

2009-Apr-18, Saturday 04:30 pm
msmoon: (MsMoon's Crescent)

/sigh. Gosh I suck. No postage for way too long. It’s almost been a week >..> and I cannot have two quiz spams side by side.

Uhhh, I had to order that charger from Amazon to get Makoto up and working. I mean, I tried just holding the charger in place and hoping it'd charge but, no dice. So, I finally have my charger :D It came in and Makoto is back to 100%. Thank you, :)

So! Let's see....I should probably make a list of things to discuss since it's been almost a week. Alicia and I met Tuesday night at
Uncommon Grounds. I busted my bum to get what little I have of my original story typed up properly and put into a folder so she could take it and read it. So far, her only problem is that there's so little of it =..= I'm hoping that if we keep meeting regularly, that I'll find some motivation to write more :) Lord knows, my original needs all the help it can get.

Hey, Scamp? How much of my original did I actually send to you o..o? I'm wondering if I actually have more now or if I sent it all to you...

You know something else that's been bothering me? I have been swinging for about 3 weeks or so now, and it still hurts to do it most of the time. I thought you were supposed to exercise for a time, and then your body would adjust to that and it wouldn't hurt to exercise >..> I have never enjoyed exercise. It's really hard to make yourself do something when you don't enjoy it. I enjoy swinging, and that is the only reason I've managed to stick with that exercise routine. Mom and I do want to get, like, yoga mats and weights with DVDs, and get some sort of exercise routine going. I mean, I've switched entirely to drinking water now, and I feel great, but I've got to get moving more often....and as much as I hate it, that means cardio -..- God, but I do hate cardio.

You really don't know frustration until you have to move. Or when you have to unpack...that's frustrating too. Especially when you have no power or water in your house...and no money. That sucks. Every day, I've been taking boxes and stuff over to my trailer and just stacking some of those boxes. Mom and I went over there today and started unpacking the kitchen....we agreed that all the pots and pans and dishes were dirty and would need to be cleaned before use =..= We also went to Target yesterday, and I got everything I need for my spare bathroom. I've never had a spare bathroom, so it was like, "What can I do there?" I didn't want to over do anything, but I still wanted it to be nice. Oh, and Mom and I unpacked all my clothes and put it in my enormous closet :) That was fun. We did sorta agree that there's no point in unpacking books or DVDs (the main mass of my things really). I mean, till I get those book shelves, my books have no place to go, and till I get a DVD cabinet, my DVDs have no place to go so....yeah. Kinda don't want them spread out all over the place.

It's weird to move and unpack, because you feel almost like you're getting presents when you remember everything that starts coming out of boxes. And you get all nostalgic because you're like, "Oh! This box is full of my movies!" or "Wow! I'd forgotten I had that!" even. It's just strange...good, but strange. The down-side, of course, is when you pull something out of the box and it's broken ;_; quite a few things have taken damage actually.

I've been working on Mom's Mother's Day gift for a while now. Every time I get the chance to stay home alone, I take it. What I'm doing is, I'm scanning as many old photos as I can find onto my log in on her new computer. I'm hoping that I can get a jump drive and transfer them all over the day before Mother's Day, and that'll be her Mothers Day gift :D I'm sure she'll love it, because she has no idea I'm doing it and she absolutely loves surprises. And plus that's something she's really been wanting to do, you know? Safeguard all her memories and such. So, shhh, don't tell anyone. But I've been working like a mad woman to get as much done as possible. It's not easy when the photos are not dated, and most of them aren't >..> Still, it's good to have them safe :)

Oh, our Trailer dude who sold us the trailer and moved it for us and all, he said that during every move a trailer takes some damage. So, we're supposed to take note of the things that are messed up inside the trailer and he'll fix them for us. So far, this is what I have...

1. The screen door has some damage to it on the outside.
2. The siding around the door is coming off in one spot.
3. The front door will not stay closed unless the deadbolt is locked.
4. The outside light fell off...we still don't know why o..o.
5. The floor in the kitchen is messed up, bowing slightly.
6. The joint in the kitchen has come away from the wall.
7. The recessed lighting in the kitchen is not sitting right.
8. The laminent near the stove and on the floor near the dishwasher is crackling.

Considering the hills and thrills they endured coming here, that's really a small list of things :) Every time I go into my trailer, I'm happy. I like how it looks inside, and it's just bare bones, so I know I'm going to enjoy it a lot whenever I actually can move in and put my stuff everywhere.

I haven't heard anything from my Twin recently...which is weird, since I re-sent her the letter that I'd e-mailed to the wrong place -..-' Dad and I were talking, and he figured since she's close to Atlanta, we might just get a round-trip ticket for me and I fly out :) That'd be really awesome. Oddly enough, Reiko has been so lonely lately, when I told her I'd be near Atlanta, she wanted to know if she could come to the wedding o..o' She was like, "I'll bring a gift! That's all that matters, right? The guests need to bring gifts! Atlanta's only 4 hours from here! And I can see you!" ...yeah...

Oh, speaking of Reiko. Like I said, she's been really lonely lately. Oddly enough, she has very few friends in NC, and since the army wives she does know have very little in common with her, she's actually transformed into the 'quiet one' of the bunch. I know o..o weird. But, I've been thinking how much I'd love to go to an anime con (not this year, but maybe next depending), and
Animazement is right there in Raleigh. If we want to get together again (and if we actually have money to attend), I could meet up with her and we could go there :) That'd be fun! And Mecha Con was such a blast.... cons really are the best way to get together :D I think. I mean, the Gathering with my Twin and then Mecha Con with Reiko. Both of them were a blast, and more so because of the company than because of the con. The Con's just a great excuse to get together and be crazy :)

Of course, I started looking up conventions close to me. The easiest for me would be the
Arkansas Anime looks pretty cheap for a con though (even if they're calling it a festival. It's $17 per day for adults who are pre-registered AND it's in Fayetteville... that's an hour and 40 minutes away (not to mention dirt cheap)! I mean, I know that there's also Kawa Kon (in Clayton, MO) and
Naka Kon (in Kansas City, Mo), but Fayetteville is just uber convenient.

....wouldn't it be awesome, if every couple of years my friends and I could just meet up at a con? I mean, we could take turns since we're all in different places, but each year one of us would have the con in our state/nearby, and we'd all just have a great excuse to go :3

...all that anime/friend talk being said...I really miss my Red vs. Blue =..= I wanted to buy
The Blood Gluch Chronicles after I'd given my individual DVDs to Reiko...but then the Rents told me I was moving so...yah.. And now! they have the new season, Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, out....and it's totally effin' awesome :D I mean, I've seen it all on the web site, but I really do have to have that <..< will be mine..

Meh....I've talked/typed enough...goodness, but did I ever type enough. I really can't think of anything more to say and...I'm wanting to relax a bit. I'll post again later, Sunshines :)



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Yaviel Isilmiel

Volunteer Work

2009-Mar-18, Wednesday 05:54 pm
msmoon: (Slayers - Bawl)

Compared to the last two days, today has been pretty busy. Woke up early and got dressed and ready. Mom and I went to town and I stopped at various places, handing out my resume. I also went to two staffing agencies, and I have an interview for a receptionist at a local insurance place this Friday at 11:30 (wish me luck :3)

After going to the hospital, the doctor’s office, the college (which, doesn’t accept resumes unless they have a position opened >..> lame), and the two staffing agencies, we were hungry and tired. So, we headed to McDonalds and then went home. We ate and watched HGTV (I love Color Splash and Deserving Design), and then we went outside and sat in the swing. We even swung on the new swing, but the board isn’t really wide enough and...alas, I am out of shape. But I would swing for a few minutes, and my syatic nerve would start to act up, so I’d go around the yard taking pictures, and then I’d feel ok again and I’d get back on and swing again :)

The reason I’m taking so many pictures is because everything is blooming! Our bradford pear tree is full of white blossoms, we’ve been having yellow daffodils everywhere that’re just so pretty, now there are two bushes behind our house that are full of yellow blossoms and the cherry blossom tree (the one that split in three from the ice storm?) has white blossoms all over it ^..^ It’s so cool.

Of course, Mom got a call from one of my Aunts....I think Aunt Audrey. They found my Uncle Wilford in his bed today, dead. Mom was a little shaken, because she said she’d just seen him at Richard’s funeral and he’d looked fine. She even said that she went out of her way to hug him... of course, Mom’s now really on the ball about the family reunion thing. She says that it’s a shame that the only time they all get together is when there’s a funeral, and she really wants to have a happy occasion to get together before they loose another one o..o

I have no idea how, but somehow, I got volunteered for helping to organise this monster >..> I can’t say that I really mind, because I know Mom doesn’t really know a lot about these sorts of things - and, I’m not saying that I’m so great at it, but still, I have gone to conventions before, so at least I have an idea of what could/should be done. For one, we’re working on getting a head count of who all wants to go, that way we’ll be able to get a pricing list (this place is going to coast $800 for the 2 nights we’re staying, so it cannot be free =..=). After the head count, we’ll figure out who intends to show up and when...I can’t see charging full price to someone who plans on only being there one night/day, and if people bring campers and don’t actually stay on, what’s the point in charging them, right? Also, I want to get as many e-mail addresses as I can, and actually start a news letter from an official e-mail (not one of my own) with updates and suggestions and all that jazz. I told Mom that for the evenings we can all just eat supper together and talk and enjoy one another’s company, but for the days, we’ll need to think of activities and stuff to do >..> I’m not the best person for that. I also told Mom that I’d like to get pictures of her siblings that have passed away, perhaps both past and present photos, and blend those pictures together and put their names on the photo and frame it just would be a nice reminder of those who couldn’t make the reunion...I asked Aunt Lane about that, since I know she has a lot of pictures of everyone with her genealogy project. I have little doubt that during the reunion, I will have my camcorder out as well :)

Aaaand I’ve got church tonight. I’ll be asking Alicia if she plans on going to Wal-Mart this Friday at 11ish. In case everyone has been living in a hole for a while... Twilight comes out this Saturday. Now, I have it on good authority (both Scamp, who’s sister works at a Wal-Mart, and from calling the local Wal-Mart) that at midnight on the 20/21 they will be pulling out the Twilight DVDs at Wal-Mart. Not only that, every Wal-Mart should be having a fairly large Twilight parafinelia section with clothes and accessories....I called the local Wal-Mart to make sure I wasn’t just showing up for nothing this Friday night/Saturday morning, and the dude in electronics said that they’ll be stocking the DVD’s at Midnight on Friday/Saturday, and he’s not certain what’s going on, but in another department behind the jewelry section, they’re setting something up >..> Sounds worth investigating at least. I even called Jennifer (a local family friend who I found out is a Twi-Teen) to see if maybe she and her sister and mom would like to come with us to Wal-Mart and hang out and see what there was to see....but they’re going out of town tomorrow so...yeah. Make no mistake, I fully intend to buy my copy of Twilight from Target. The
Twilight-Target deal is a much better one if I’m asked (and it’s my journal, so I’ll pretend that I was). A 3-disc deal for $17.99? Hello! I am so all over that....but the hard-core fan girl in me(who squees randomly at SpunkRansom’s golden eyes) demands that I show up if only to see what there will be to see.

/sigh. I guess that’s all...I don’t have anything else to add, and it’s about time I started getting ready for church. It’s been so nice out today...I’m glad we got some outside time :) I’ll talk later. See ya, Sunshines

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Yaviel Isilmiel

Party, Geek Style :)

2009-Mar-11, Wednesday 09:45 pm
msmoon: (Supernatural - no good)

So, Alicia left. She followed me home Sunday night and we just hung out together till tonight. Most of our time was spent watching TV. But there was a point in which we went to Wal-Mart for a grocery run. Of course, we’re both book freaks so, we had to check out the book isle (meagre though it is). When we strolled past the Stephenie Meyer section, she happened to ask me if Twilight was a good book >..> So, I told her the truth of course. And! I did not force her to buy the book....just like the people who sell crack to school kids, it’s their choice to buy :D

That was Monday...I think. We got back and watched more movies of course. Tuesday she started reading Twilight around 1ish, and she didn’t stop till some time after 6. Then...she got her stuff, got in her car and went to Wal-Mart to buy New Moon. O..O bad. Uh, then she read that till about 3:30 in the morning. When I woke up this morning around 11 (yes, we stayed up late so I slept late), she was reading my copy of Eclipse :D spreading the addiction, one person at a time.

As far as movies go, we covered The Flight of Dragons, Hellboy, Labyrinth, The Inheritance, Robin Hood - Men in Tights, X-Men: Evolution Season 1, the first episode of season 2 of X-men: Evolution, and the Pilot of Supernatural. She’s extraordinarily Supernatural isn’t to her taste. She thinks while it is entertaining, it’s too scary. As per my rule, you don’t have to watch everything I like. But if there is a series I like, then I require the first episode to be seen. Then you can decide :) We both love The does most every girl I know who’s seen’s especially great if only because it’s based on a true story.

Of the movies she wanted to see, we didn’t get to see Legend, Quest for Camelot, and The Goonies....but, I’m not going anywhere and whenever I get my trailer, I’m sure she’ll be about to hang out more often. There’s also Dune and Firefly which, she isn’t sure if she’s seen or not...which, those are the types of movies that if you’ve seen them, you know that you’ve seen them.

....and, tomorrow, after I’ve cleaned up the house a bit and put the laundry on to wash, I fully intend to have a Supernatural marathon. I’ve already got the first disk of Season 1 down...

Oh! When we went to Wal-Mart, I finally found a leather thingy that holds a monthly planner and a note pad along with pockets for other papers. I’d been looking for one for ages and the ones they had just weren’t meeting my needs exactly. Well I got this one, and tonight at church, I wrote! I wrote like 3 pages...which, admittedly, is not a lot. But! When you consider that I haven’t written anything since about a month before the’s progress and that’s what matters. What also matters, is that it’s a section that actually goes in my original about where I left off :) I am pleased with myself, and I hope to keep up the good work. I’m also planning on putting copies of my resume in there for when I got job’s a little unprofessional to carry them around in the folder I have that has “Waiting to be Discovered” on the outside :3 Unprofessional but loaded with personality :D

I guess that’s all for now...I mean, I’m sure there’s things to talk about but...meh. When I feel ‘meh’ about an entry, that means it’s time to stop typing :3 Soooo, till next time. ‘Night, Sunshines.

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Yaviel Isilmiel
msmoon: (Gargoyles - Lex nerd)

The area we live in right now is under an ice-storm warning. Local officials have shut down pretty much everything for the day (schools, nonessential businesses, etc.), and warned everyone to be prepared. They’re expecting anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 inches of ice to fall, and that could mean downed power lines. Mom and I have gotten pretty much everything we could possibly need for this occasion. We have plenty of water and food and wood for the fire. We’ve charged up our cell phones as well, and cleaned and then filled my bath tub with water (just in case). Over all, we’re pretty set to hunker down and wait till Wednesday or Thursday...whenever the weather decides to brighten up a bit :)

In other news, this morning while we were watching the Food Network, a show came on that I’d never seen before in my life. But it was a show called Giada at Home and the only reason I kept watching it was because they showed some sort of sushi roll and someone in the back was saying “Doesn’t that look good?” Or something like that. And Mom was like, “Oh look, she’s gonna show you how to make sushi.” and know, I taped it (naturally). But the sushi she was making...well, it just didn’t thrill me. So, I did what I always do, turn to my dear friend Google. From my search I found 2 web sites:
Sushi Recipes and Sushi Links. From the Sushi Links place, I found the Sushi Magic Kit which looks fantastically awesome (it’s also awesomely fantastic :D), and that is now the top priority on my Asian Theme Wish List. Among the myriad of books in my Book Wish List, the one at the top of the list is Sushi For Dummies (for obvious reasons :D). Also, if you scroll down a little, you’ll see after all the sushi books the Where’s Waldo? The Complete Collection book XD Feel free to laugh, I usually goodness but I did love those books. has been a busy day. Mom didn’t sleep well, so she’s gone off to take a nap. I plan to stay in the living room for a while and hang the clothes up when they’re done...and make sure the fire does not go out. Other than that, it seems it will be a very slow, lazy day.

Last night, before I went to bed, I managed to upload a bunch of pictures to my
deviantART page. I now have 2 small galleries, one is Trees and the other is Sunset. I’m actually really happy with all of them. Sunset especially, but I did manage to get some really good shots of those trees in Bayou Blue. So, I’m happy with both.

....I really can’t think of anything else to write...Ice storm - check. Sushi obsession - check. Photos on deviant - check. Guess that’s everything. :) Later, Sunshines.



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Yaviel Isilmiel

Woozy, Tired and Sore

2007-Nov-19, Monday 04:12 pm
msmoon: (Supernatural - Bad day?)
Wow…eventful weekend. So, Saturday morning, I’m woken up by someone knocking on my door. I throw my PJ bottoms (which I tend to kick off during the night) and head downstairs. It’s Aunt Batty, and she has to hurry up and head to Houston and she needs someone to watch Fred. I pretty much got a nod in. I swear...It went something like this:

Aunt Batty: Hon, would you mind watchin’ Fred? It’ll just be for the night and we’ll pick him up tomorrow afternoon. Oh! You’re house looks so cute! Oh, you’ll do it? Great! You’re really saving me here! Here’s his leash, and his ball and his bowl and his food and $10 and him, thanks so much! I owe you lunch! *leaves*
MM: ….good morning?

So yeah...After that, I took Fred out to make sure he didn’t need to use the bathroom. Came back in and made breakfast…then I got to work. I went through all the boxes in my back room/computer room, and I took them all upstairs, stack by stack where I arranged them in my shelves under my bed. Then I took all the things out of Reiko’s box and put them in another section of shelves so I wouldn’t have to worry about tripping over that box. Then, I went next door while my parents were at a church thing (Convoy of Hope or something…) and cleaned out my closet…because, evidently I hadn’t hurt myself enough with carrying 20 lb stacks of books up stairs. Once I got all the clothes I new I’d want to keep, I hauled it back and hung it up in my closet (it took 3 trips =..=). I’m still so very soar but that’s mostly because of my sciatica. It’s really killing me, but…there’s not much I can do about that.

Sunday, after rolling out of bed, I went to church and then after a wonderful lunch at Western Sizzler with the rents, Mom and I went to the Avenue. I got 5 pairs of pants, 2 jeans and 3 cargo pants ^..^ Happy bunny! Of course, then I went back home and crashed with Fred. We played a lot, and I finally got him to go into my back room. He’s been afraid of my fire-door for so long, he wouldn’t go back there. But I threw his ball back there and then when he looked at me like “What now?” I just placed him on the other side of the door and coaxed him back to me. Then he realized there was no problem and he was coming and going. Twas cute. But then, he went home. Almost makes me want a dog again. If I could afford it of course.

Today, not much has been happening, only I forgot to take my lunch break again (it happens from time to time), and when I finally ate, this weird feeling came over me…I have these weird feelings, usually when I’m laying in bed, it feels like my feet are slowly being pulled up while my head is being pulled down or my shoulders are being pulled to the left and my feet to the right. I usually don’t pay that much mind, it’s almost soothing in fact and helps me to get to sleep faster. But now, I’m getting that sensation …and it’s making me want to sleep so badly. It’s just weird. And Lori has no idea what it could be...‘interesting’ was what she called it.

So, I’m gonna get back to work (assuming I can make it down stairs). Later, Sunshines.

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Harvest Moon

A Lunch Update

2007-Nov-13, Tuesday 01:19 pm
msmoon: (RVB - Caboose Hamster)
I have not been writing as much as I usually do. It seems weird not to post every few days or so about absolutely nothing…but then I kinda realized that I was posting about nothing and no one cared. So it sort of took the joy out of it. As a result though, it feels like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. I never check/send e-mails anymore and all I do is work…yeah, yeah, I know that technically I am supposed to be working at work, but I used to take brain breaks and check e-mail and stuff. Not now. No. I no longer care, because there’s nothing worth typing about. Leastwise, nothing anyone else would care about.

So, what causes this post? Well, a few things come to mind. I’ve completely updated ruby_unicorn. My private journal is now paid for. I figured it was only $19+ for a year, and I was always getting frustrated that I couldn’t do as much as I liked with it. Now I have my own mood theme and I’ve changed the layout a bit. I guess I need to find more Unicorn Icons =..=

Reiko called me last week asking if she could dump all her anime, manga and wall art with me. She’s moving to Hammond soon with her new boyfriend, and she doesn’t have room for all that stuff. She knows how well I take care of my stuff, so I guess she just figured she’d rather it be with me. I intend to go out and buy a big plastic bin to put it in, because the box is not moth/rodent/pest proof. I’ll put that away in my little nook closet…just as soon as I’ve gone through it all ^..^ I would talk about the new boyfriend, but there’s a lot that I’ve been sworn to secrecy on. So that’ll come later in ruby_unicorn.

For the last three weeks I’ve been writing out a scene. A few nights a week and every weekend I take time and write a bit onto it. It’s so long, I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut a lot of it. But I’ll type it all out first and then take a red pin to it. Unfortunately, it isn’t a scene that happens right away in the story, but that’s ok, because I’ve noticed that the last two things have some things that need work on them. I’ll be editing that too =..= It’s times like this that I’m thankful and yet hate my OCD. As soon as this scene works itself out of my system, I’ll start working on the story as it goes. But right now, this scene is demanding to be written now.

As of now…I have no idea where we are on the commission I requested. I haven’t heard anything, so I assume it’s in progress. There are 4 portraits after all. It will take time. I just don’t want to not talk about it and then one day say “It’s Finished!” and everyone wonder what the hell I’m talking about. And maybe I’m a tad bit on the anxious side to see how the pictures turn out.

I actually bought something that wasn’t furniture, decorations or gifts from Amazon recently. I got the special edition of Blue Submarine No. 6, which I loved btws. I wish there was an actual series, because the world it takes place in is so vast and interesting. And I got Supernatural: Nevermore, The "Supernatural" Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls, and Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 1…I was actually surprised by how good they were. I was expecting the usual “Guide to WhateverFandom” with a big book and large pictures on glossy pages and a little text about stuff I already know...but these are actual books, with detailed descriptions and lore and all sorts of crap that I just did not expect (but love to death). I also ordered the 3rd and 4th volume of Alice 19th, but that hasn’t come in yet.

Well, all my Christmas looking is done. I have picked out everything that I want to get everyone. Hopefully with my next pay check, I can manage to buy some, if not all, of it. But I really have to be careful. Between bills and groceries (and Misc expenses like clothes and stuff) money isn’t always freely flowing. Luckily I did have some saved up. But still. It never hurts to be careful.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. And this has been another productive lunch post ^..^ Talk to ya’ll later, Sunshines.


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Patience Winslow


Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Slayers - Bawl)
My house is so close to being finished…that it seems like it will never be finished. I mean, the little projects that you have to do get in the way so much that you think it’ll never come together. I know that’s silly and that it will, but man! Last night, we thought the only thing we really needed to do was touch up the railings and paint the stairs. Then I realized that several door frames and windows had not been touched at all. So after doing the second coat on the stuff that needed it, we had to tape off those untouched things and put a first coat on them. Then we put a first coat on the stairs. My lower back is killing me. Mom says it’s the floors in that house. They’re too hard. /shrugs.

Today Dad said he finished up almost everything, but everything’s gonna need second coats most likely and then I remembered my bedroom window had probably be left untouched so we needed to paint that too =..= Geeze. Oh, also, the floor guy is supposed to be coming over today at 3 to take measurments and give us an estimate. Unless he can get the whole thing done tomorrow, we’ll be waiting till the week of the 22nd to do anything, because I know Dad wants to be in when that happens and he’s going off shore tomorrow night and coming in on the 21st.

Ok ok, let’s move on to the ‘good news’ section. I changed my LJ theme. I like this one better. It’s simple and I can see everything I need/want to see. Also, we have internet at my house. I didn’t use it much because...well I never get e-mails from people I know. I did get a message from someone calling themselves undertuga from Portugal. Supposedly this person saw my picture on J!NX with the Geek pants. It was just an interesting little I wrote back a huge one just for fun. I can never write a short e-mail...especially when people I don’t know are asking me stuff about myself.

ZOMGZ, J!NX finally got more WoW class shirts (Priest, Druid, Shaman, and Paladin)! Happyness. Isn’t it funny that I’m quitting WoW but I still want all those J!NX shirts? I just like ‘em. I did make a J!NX order, just not for the new shirts. I ordered More DoTs, I am your Webmistress, and Level ?? Humanoid. My J!NX wish list isn’t getting any smaller though...

Well, I should be getting back. Lunch hour is almost over. I’ll write later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

Working Weekend

2007-Sep-04, Tuesday 11:08 am
msmoon: (Obsessions)
Whoa...ok so, quite a bit of activity since I last posted. Friday afternoon...we worked a lot in the house. Dad said he’d laid all the trim out so that could paint it all. So, I primed and then painted all the trim that needed it...and aggravated my Syactic(sp?) nerve making it really hard to walk. Dad said that I would have to rest up Saturday because he didn’t want me over there if I was just going to be hurting myself more.

Saturday I was feeling terrible. My whole right leg and part of my right side was really killing me. So, I hobbled around the house for a while, trying to slowly put weight on my leg so that it would just adjust (or I would adjust to the pain, whichever). Mom and Dad stayed over at the house for quite a while, and I made myself useful by doing the laundry and brining them food and drinks.

Reiko called that afternoon/evening and asked if I’d mind hanging out with her for a little while. She said that her grandpa had died the day before and she was depressed and just wanted some company while she did chores and stuff. I didn’t mind since she drives me around and then drops me back off. Plus it’s nice to spend time with her when I can. She actually gave me my birthday/house warming preset. She said she couldn’t wait to give it to me. She got me Stardust...and the page is evidently not fully constructed yet. It’s the blue one on the end. She knows I collect them so when she was on vacation she saw this one and got it for me. Now isn’t that sweet? So, I decided to name her after Reiko so that I always remember where I got it. She had to take care of all her critters and clean up her room a bit. Milo’s cage needed to be cleaned out, her beta fish’s vase needed to be cleaned out, the litter box had to be changed and she wanted to show me her new snake. It’s a pink girl snake, which I assume will look great next to her red snake Mephisto. But we got the chance to talk a bit, and she just needed to keep busy so she wouldn’t be so depressed and she didn’t want to be by herself.

Sunday was Mom’s birthday. I had gotten her Wolfgang Puck 18 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set, Quigley Down Under, Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats, and Sterlng Silver Filigree Dragonfly Hook Earrings with a matching necklace…that doesn’t appear to be in stock anymore. I had put the Quigley Down Under DVD in a box with the Necklace & Earrings, and I placed the Rachel Ray book against the back of that box and wrapped both together. And I’d been telling her for a while that I had all her gifts taken care of for the year, so she was fairly excited to see what I’d gotten her. So, after breakfast I gave her the small gift that I’d wrapped all together. She opened it and loved everything. Then I pretended to get confused and went in my room and brought out the huge box of pots (which I probably should’ve gotten Dad to do, since it aggravated my back all over again). She really loved all her gifts and was in a great mood before we left for church. Se was bragging about it to everyone she could.

After church, we had dinner at Sicily’s, which I enjoy if only for the salad bar ^..^ ...and desert =..= Heh. But yeah, we were supposed to go to Outback, but there was such a long line that we decided to head over to Sicily’s with my adopted grandparents. I swear, I enjoy throwing a lot of crap in my salad and Sicily’s is the only place I know that has a huge bar just for that. Anyway, after that, we headed home to get the other car. Dad had to go to the nursing home because it was his Sunday to sing. Mom and I headed to Budget Cuts and I got a hair cut (that I’m not totally happy with, but it’s hair, it’ll grow on me). Then we went to Wal-Mart to shop for groceries...and I ended up buying the first season of Heroes...I couldn’t help myself. We got all our groceries and headed home. I ended up watching disc 1-4 Sunday night and I didn’t really get to bed till about 3 a.m. O..o

Monday...I think I slept till around 10. Dad woke me up and I ate breakfast, then I got ready and we headed over to the Nexus again. I painted all of the bathroom trim, which is the only trim in the house that is a different color. Then we realized that we needed to paint the trim around the doors and windows =..= I guess it was more like, I realized the white trim was still on the wall, and Dad realized he’d forgotten to tape off or take off that trim for me to paint. So, after I painted the bathroom trim, I put first coats on all the stair rails, the sides of the stairs and the upstairs rail. Dad had to take a break for lunch, and I figured I would too. We took a break for a while and then headed back. I put second coats on everything and Dad put the first coat on the beams after cleaning them. Then we went to town and looked at trim. I found some that’s partially decent. We ate at Rally’s that night which is one of my favorite places even though I never eat there.

Last night, I got up to disc 6 on Heroes and I started reading Writing Out the Storm. It’s a pretty good book so far, but I’m kinda getting tired of the “Don’t be afraid, just write” theme that keeps repeating in the four chapters that I did read. I’m still planning on reading it though, just to see if it gets better.

I have to say, this weekend without internet wasn’t too bad. It was more like an annoyance than a crisis. The only purpose I had for internet was buying stuff from Amazon (and other places), chatting (which I don’t do much of lately), e-mailing (which no e-mails me much lately), and gaming (which I really want to just quit). It did suck that I couldn’t check mail or anything, but I did that this morning and didn’t have any love for MM. Sad panda.

Oh well...I’ll go ahead and sign off. I’ll talk later (if/when I can), Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

Good New, Bad News

2007-Aug-31, Friday 11:46 am
msmoon: (MM's Jellies!)
Well...there’s good news and bad news. But, the bad news isn’t too bad and the good news is pretty good.

The Bad News. Still haven’t gotten all of the Nexus primed and we still haven’t gotten around to calling the flooring guy.

The Good News. My Dad painted all upstairs and all of the trim ^..^ Today he wants to finish priming the rest of the house.

The Bad News. My Dad thinks he broke 2 of his toes while he was mowing the lawn. He didn’t get the chance to cut the back yard because of the rain.

The Good News. He got the whole front yard cut! That’s something!

The Bad News. Comcast is being a total ass again, and we don’t have internet at my house.

The Good News. Mom and Dad are switching to soon as they figure out what to go with.

I think I sound like an America’s Funniest Home Videos bit, so I’m gonna stop now =..= So…it’s been weird. Although, my routine hasn’t been very disturbed really. It’s just a very good thing I have the internet at work.

So, today, Dad’s hoping to prime his little heart out, and then when I get home (after we all eat) I want to help out a bit. The Labor Day weekend will help a bit if only because we’ll be able to do more ^..^ I ended up ordering those other end tables that I wanted (please, God, don’t let this sale fall through as well), but only because Dad gave me $100. I was shocked when he did, because I didn’t think we had much money to spare, but evidently his social security check came in and he was feeling generous. Don’t I have the best Dad in the world?

So...I placed the order for 2 end tables this morning. I’m hoping it’s processed and shipped soon. I’m hoping that all the painting will be done by Labor Day. Then we’ll have all next week to worry about the flooring. I’ve decided not to put so much hope into getting so much done in one day. Dad still needs to worry about mowing the rest of the yard and all before it rains again, not to mention the time it takes for the paint to dry. But, I gotta say, until I saw that paint on the upstairs, I felt like it would never happen and now I’m actually excited. But it always goes slower than you want it to...I just have to remember not to let myself get depressed. Oh, and those shelves that Dad was supposed to put up in my room and never did? Yeah, those are gonna go in my back room, and I think I’ll probably turn that into a library/computer/guest room thing. Guess it’s almost a good thing he never got around to putting those up.

I need to get more sharpies...Meh

Well, Lunch is almost over. I’ll write (or VP) later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

Productive Packing

2007-Jul-28, Saturday 05:23 pm
msmoon: (Firefly - OMG Noway)
In the course of an hour, I have utterly destroyed my mother’s living room...and by “destroyed” I don’t mean that the house is now leveled and I am utterly homeless. No, by “destroyed” I mean “I’ve made a mess”. But even so, that mess is evidence of the impossible...

I was bored…that is my only excuse. And in my boredom, I looked at my collection of DVDs, then at the boxes in the living room….and back…and forth and decided that I had to do something to at least make some of this day worth my getting out of bed. All of my movies (save for 1 that I have loaned to Lori) are in a box. One box.….I don’t know whether to be more impressed at my packing skills…or the size of the box. Of course, I scowered the house for empty boxes…the left-overs are sitting in the living room…Mom would pitch an unholy fit.

But, I do have at least a week and a half before I really have to worry about that, and that’s plenty of time to organize everything. In the mean time, I’ve ordered some of the things that I wanted for my bathroom. I got a Lotion Pump, Tooth Brush Holder, Soap Dish, and Toilet Seat all for my bathroom. I also bought this 4-Piece Bedding Set which I can’t wait to get……….I also got Transformers: The Ultimate Guide…but..uh, that was just to make the order have free shipping and…oh, shut up. Don’t judge me. Now all I have to do is manage to leave enough money left over one week to buy the next season of Bones =..=’ I’ll figure it out.

I do hope that with so many diversions out of the way, I might actually be able to accomplish some writing. One can at least hope. Anyway, now that I’ve managed to accomplish so much, in so little time, with so few resources…(or something like that), I’m off to go and watch some of my movies before I have to tape up the box and go on sabbatical. Either way, I’ll write later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Supernatural - Sucks outloud)
Well, this weekend was miserable. Yes, I live and breath and…burn. It’s a long convoluted story, and eventually I will get to it. But first...hows about we focus on what good was done.

I updated my movie list, beings as I’ve bought a couple of new things recently (or had things bought for me. Whichever). And then I decided to go ahead and pack up all of my box sets of shows and anime. It took two boxes to do, and I have cataloged these boxes with ID numbers and everything.

Reiko called me Friday afternoon sometime because she really wanted to inform me of this web site called TV Links (yet another great way to waste time). She discovered it and found out you can watch TV shows, Cartoons, Movies, Music Videos and the most important part (at least to Reiko) Anime. So, she introduced me to the first four episodes of Petshop of Horrors which is a very Reiko anime...I don’t like the tragedy that’s in every damn episode, but I did enjoy the depiction of the Kirin/Kilin and Medusa. That was awesome. I’d seen an image of a Kirin before (other than the kick-ass character that’s in CSHayden’s gargoyles fanfiction) and the thing I saw was not in any way appealing. At least PSOH got the image to look decent.

Something really...awkward happened Saturday. It’s a little weird and very painful, and extremely feminine, so I shall put it behind a cut so that no one feels forced to find out what happened.

I sure hope this day goes by quickly. Mom said that we would try to get in the Nexus and dust off the walls and stuff. That way when it comes time to pain, there’s nothing in the way...I don’t know that I ever fully understood that, but whatever. If it speeds the process along, then that’s fine. And that’s gonna have to be it for me today. Mostly because I just can’t think of anything else to write. Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

PS: Oh yeah, I totally forgot, but my Aunt Batty went to better doctors (ones that don’t think she’s just a dramatic basket case), and they found out it’s her gallbladder that’s giving her the problem. Lori says there’s this nerve called the Vagas nerve (pronounced like Vegas) that runs from the gallbladder to the heart and if that starts acting up it can feel like heart problems. So, Mom and Dad are still on for going to Colorado on the 28th. Which means that when Scamp comes down we’ll have the house to ourselves...and she’ll be able to keep Fred company ^..^

MM's Movie Review +

2007-Jul-02, Monday 10:25 am
msmoon: (Trying to give a damn...)
Ok, ok…so I haven’t posted with that big update about the convention. I’m getting to it…I swear…=.= I’ve been a little busy lately. I kinda got bored one day when Scamp was playing WoW on my computer. So, I decided to make good use of the time. I took my jump drive, got on the family computer and started typing up the many things that are all in my note book. I’ve actually gotten a lot accomplished. It’s great ^.^ Of course, I didn’t get to the section where I’d kept a diary of what we’d done at the con u_u Yeah. So, I’ll do that, but I’m not done with that right now.

As for those movies we got, we watched them all...well, I don’t know if Scamp did see The Fantastic 4…but then I don’t know if she wanted to see it. I know that a lot of people didn’t like The Fantastic 4, but being loyal to the Marvel Fandom isn’t always easy. I mean, I didn’t like X-men 3, but I still own it. While I didn’t necessarily hate F4, it wasn’t the greatest of comic movies. Dare Devil was better.
The Curse of the Golden Flower sucked as well. I’m afraid that I’ve been totally lost on Chinese movies. It seems that every one that I’ve ever seen has been a horrific tragedy where everyone is miserable. So, I wasn’t too thrilled about that movie, and I’m thinking of taking it back.
Elizabethtown was ok, as far as romantic comedies go. There are great parts to it, but there is a lot of unnecessary sillyness. Then again, the main characters had been awake for about 3 days or so…so I guess they would be acting awfully silly.

Now…on to movies that rawked. The Covenant wasn’t great, but it had so much potential. I mean, the story seemed consistant and it wasn’t one of those ‘limitless power’ movies or whatever, these people had limits. Plus it doesn’t suck that most of the main actors were cut well. The whole “Harry Potter can kiss my ass.” Line was great. It had a great concept…but it sorta just…fell flat. I dunno.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose was actually pretty good too. I mean, I knid of knew what was going to happen, and it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen; but, it was a different take on freaky supernatural movies. So kudos for pulling that off.
The Secret Window totally rocked my soxs. I was very pleased with it if only because it did keep me guessing. And I did like the ending, because I’m just crazy like that. Seeing Johnny Depp play a crazy author was wonderful.
Lady in the Water…why did this movie receive such bad reviews? I thought it was great! Scamp and I are pretty much of the same mind. It was a great movie really, even if it was very whimisical. I think America in general is having a lot of trouble taking make-believe seriously. Sure, they’ll take it in a cartoon, but if a serious director tries to do a serious myth/fantasy movie, then it’s not generally looked upon favorably. I loved the whole movie, and how the people in the apartment interacted with one another (and the critic getting creamed) and everything. I fully intend to get the book/bedtime story and share it with my (eventual) nieces & nephews.

I think that’s about all that I wanted to say. Work’s been slow, which is really good. It gives me time to catch up. Everyone was happy to see me, and I’m glad that not too much has changed since I left. Oh! Lori took my speakers! I got online this morning and I was thinking, “Something’s different...” and then I go to listen to my morning radio station, and I can’t! It was a major let down...But she said she’d give them back. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to invest in some new speakers. Even if I can’t use them here, I might be able to plug them in on my computer at home and help out the tiny monitor speakers I have. /shrugs…then again, I might not want to invest that much in a computer that I’ll be leaving behind for the Mac book that I plan to get…eventually. God knows it’ll take forever to save up the money to afford it.

Well, I need to be getting back to work. I’ll talk to ya’ll later, sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

Hurry up and Wait

2007-Jun-19, Tuesday 01:55 pm
msmoon: (Gargoyles - Lex nerd)
Ok, so we’re a-bustle with activity. I’m half way to packed and not long to wait. Just waiting on a few items to be dryed. We went and got my hair straightened (itia) and cut yesterday. It looks all right…I guess. Everyone says that it looks good, and I have to admit, it does feel great. I’m just not used to it yet. Today we’re going to the mall to get pedicures and tie up a few loose ends. Then we just hang out, tending to things like cleaning, packing and organizing, till we leave.

As for our plans, we leave at 10 PM on Wednesday night. I’m driving for about 6 hours, and then Mom will drive the rest of the way. We’ll be relying on Gracie (our GPS) to get us to my Twin’s house. According to Google, it’ll take about 8 hours to get to her place. Then it’s all the way to the hotel.

The weather has been wonderful lately. I’ve woken up to thunder and storms every morning. Really my idea of wonderful weather. We were thinking that we’d be leaving the major rain behind, but Mom said that she saw rain over Tennessee as well…so, there’s hope that we’ll get some of that weather there too…I probably should’ve just asked my Twin how the weather looked for the week ahead where she was -.- Oh well.

Oh, last night, I was watching The Girls Next Door, and they advertised that The Soup would be playing on Mondays as well (so Mondays wouldn’t suck quite as much ^.^). It was the Best of the Worst Dating Moments, and next week is gonna be something else. I now have something else to occupy my Monday nights ^.^ Goody.

I’ve been playing Warcraft a bit more lately. I’ve been on my Draenei charactes...It’s fun…not quite as much fun with no one to play with…but still a lot of fun.

Well, we’re off to get that pedicure. I guess that means the clothes are done. Later, sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

Loooong Weekend

2007-May-21, Monday 02:26 pm
msmoon: (Are you ok?)
OMG, so sore. I think I actually worked harder over the weekend than I do at work…And I’m pretty sure it’s a forshadowing of things to come, what with the Nexus needing so much work. We didn’t even do any work on the Nexus this past weekend either. We went through my closet and my books, and then we cleaned up the house for Mom. Mom and Aunt Audrey went off to Tennessee, and they came back early (Sunday Night/Monday morning instead of Monday evening like was planned). So, we worked franticly Sunday…Saturday, was more going through stuff and putting everything off to tend to Sunday ^.^

Saturday statrted out well enough. We woke up and watched The Prestige, which was an awesome movie. I mean, I kept thinking “Ok, this has got to explain itself and get better soon...” then at the end it was just pure “O.O” in awe. Seemed like the answer was so simple, but you never would’ve thought about it till you got over half way through the movie. It doesn’t really help that they keep going from present to past either…but it works. It just increased it’s priority level on my wish list ^.^

I hurt my arm pretty badly Saturday too. We were going through my closet and I picked up my backpack which was way in the back, and I was trying to bring it up front so I could see what was in it. Well, I’m all the way in the closet basically, and the closet door slides shut so suddenly, it throws me off balance and I hit the wall, my right arm trying to brace myself, lift myself back up and hang on to that back pack. So, yeah, afterward, my arm really hurt. But, like the workhorse that I am, I just ignored it (or tried to). Then once everything was done and we decided to watch TV, my arm really was killing me. So much so that I decaded to bite the bullet and rub banalg (or however it’s called) all over my arm. That sucker really hurt then. It was like that burning sensation and it hurt from my shoulder to my fingers and even into parts of my shoulder blades and under arms. I mean, I moved my pinkie and I felt it all down my arm.

I got Scampers to watch Voyage of the Unicorn, which isn’t a bad movie if you just keep in mind that it’s low bedut =.= I liked the story line, even if it was a tad on the juvenile side. But I think half way through it we ended up forgetting the move (save for one or two parts where we cracked jokes about it) and just ended up talking to one another.

Oh, and we had forgotten to check the mail, and I went to check it Sunday morning and my Sailor Moon Super S had come in, which was the superest super fast shipping that I’ve ever experienced. I mean, I have two orders that were placed on May 4 that still haven’t come in. One of which was supposed to be in by the 15…Now, I really am more than a little anxious. But, there’s nothing to do about it yet. I have to wait on USPS, because that package is in the mail. If I see that it gets “delivered” and I don’t have it in, then I’ll take issue. The other one isn’t due to till the 28th…we’ll just have to see what we see. But anyway. I got a copy of SMS, but it’s in decent condition, so I don’t really mind so much. And it was pretty cheap (for anime).

Sunday was a lot of cleaning, some Warcraft and some watching TV/Sailor Moon. We also went through all the books that were in my bin and put them in my bed shelves….and then I realized that one of the bins was nearly empty. So I emptied all of the books into one bin, got that old crate that held the other half of my books, transferd all of my Saddle Club books into the other bin, and put the other part of my books into my bed shelves. All in all, a productive day. My arm started to hurt towards the end of it though.

Oh! And I got to cook…well sorta. I mean, I didn’t really do much actual cooking…I ”cooked” egg rolls, ragoons and ramen for lunch. Twas very good….if I do say so myself. I guess it’s just a small bit of an accomplishment when you can actually think of everything and do it all yourself.

Waking up this morning was hard…I was so sore. Aunt Audrey was on the couch when I woke up, so I tried to be quiet while I was making breakfast. I just couldn’t seem to wake up, so I’m sure I didn’t do that great a job. Everyone was up by the time I was finished getting ready (dressed/makeup/hair), and Mom seems to be getting a bit of a sore throat. I had some groceries written down on the list and there was some medicine that I need picked up too.

That’s all for now. I hope Scampes hasn’t zoned out on too much Warcrack. She was addicted to it enough yesterday. I’ll go ahead and sign off now though. Later, sunshines.

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Yaviel Saerwen Isilmiel

msmoon: (RVB - Caboose Toast)
Wow…what an eventful weekend. I think we did more than during the weekend than during the week. I have pictures up on FaceBook and my scrap book here of the whole bed fiasco. We had to go pick up my bed Saturday, but we got there at 9, and they weren't open. So Mom wanted to show me some dishes and things at Target that she thought I might like. Dad ended up buying me some uber-cool silverware that I love and a little coffee pot just for me ^.^ Hapyness. So, yeah, then we got my bed...and we ended up having to tavel back and forth to two 3 times for it =.= I’ll show you the album in a second.Let’s just say that it was trying, and we were all very tired after the whole hoopla was over, but I now have a very nice bed and I enjoy it very much ^.^ So that’s what matters. However, I must say, this is the first time that I've ever gotten something from Ashely's Furniture, and it will no doubt be the last.

Oh, another cool note to touch on. Mom went over to my Aunt Carolyn’s Sunday after lunch. But Dad wasn’t feeling good. So, he and I stayed home, ate ice creame and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. OMG, that was histericle. I never get tired of that show! And Dad and I laughed so much through the whole thing. And the fact that I was watching this chick flik with Dad, and he enjoyed it just as much as Mom and I, makes it so much funnier.

Oh, Scamp finally sent me the 4th chapter of her story. And since I got my new black print cartridge, I decided to reformat the Scamp Binder. So now, I have an index of the story followed immediately by the story, then I have a divider and her character descriptions, followed by another divider and her races. It looks all official and crap and I’m very pleased with it ^___^.

Other than all that, nothing much is going on...I love my new furniture. Things are tiring, but we still make them fun somehow. See ya’ll later, Sunshines.

Yaviel Isilmiel

Baffeled By Dreams

2007-Apr-13, Friday 12:21 pm
msmoon: (Mononoke - Strange)
What an interesting couple of days O.o Yesterday at work was not fun in the least. I started getting a migraine around 10ish yesterday morning, while I was sorting the mail. I stuck it out, took some aspirin (such a futile attempt, my brain actually laughed at me =.=) because I knew of all the thing I had to do, I had to get the mail done for the day. Well, it slowly developed from a headache around my eyes to an entire migraine, complete with nausea. Around 2ish I finally couldn’t take it any more. I had gotten the mail all loged, I just hadn’t QA-ed it. I called Mrs. Ellen and asked if I could go ahead and go home….Mrs. Ellen is so funny. I mean, she’s a work-o-holic, right? So, she’s always really focused on the job. She tells me “Go ahead and go home and rest, but if you can, try to make it back this afternoon, or maybe come in early tomorrow.” …….Ok, there’s no way I could return from a migraine, and I work 8-5…I can’t come in any earlier. /shrugs Funny no?

Anyway. After clocking off, the first thing I saw was the midday sun beating off the concrete. Not good. I don’t know how I got home, but my headache had traveled down into my neck and the joins of my jaw by the time I did get home. I called Mom and Dad (who’re in Lafayette for Dad’s “schooling”) to let them know that I was home with a migraine. Mom told me where I could find my Zanax pills so that I could take care of the problem. I took a nice long shower (complete with Aromatherapy from Bath&Bodyworks; OMG, sinful joy) and then conked out. I slept for a couple of hours….I don’t remember looking at the clock when I got in or when I hit the hay, but I woke up around 7ish. So evidently I needed the rest. I was pretty drugged, but also kinda hungry. So, I got up and took the egg rolls and those crab things that we got from Sam’s out and put them in the oven. They were good…the crab things. I was surprised because it was better than the ones I get in the resturants. I played some WoW….made a new character on Ice Crown, Valisilwen (Yalisilwin’s double) the Night Elf hunter. Then I realized all at once that Supernatural should be on, so I turned on the TV, and …the Brink Awards? Ok, I’m not condemning awarding worthy people, but …don’t unexpectedly interrupt my show >.> I was mildly furious. So…I watched Bloody Mary and Hookman from the first season -.-

That pretty much concludes my night. I slept all night through and woke up feeling as close to good as I ever get. I wasn’t exhausted, so that’s as much as I can ask for. I’ve been having some weird dreams lately though…

WoW. I told Scamp about my weird Warcraft dream (beings as she’s told me about hers…which make mine look normal [no offense, Scampers, but that dream gives elf hunters a whole different meaning…on both levels ^.^]). I just got Yalisilwen up to level 15 recently, and she got that spell that lets the Hunter take over the pet…and she has a new pet, btw, for those of you who care to keep up with my insane RPG babbling (but your reading, so I guess you do ^.^). She stabeled Puff and aquired a Ghostclaw Lynx (or whatever they’re called) and named him Kyo (because he’s orangeish with a bad attitude but soft and cuddling all at the same time!). Anyway! She got the spell where she can take over Kyo and make him run around and look at things for her and it’s like she’s seeing it herself. So, I had this dream where I cast that spell and was running to find Scamp and her Brit Boy Billy (that’s just so fun to say). So, I’m Kyo and I run around for a minute and I see them far off and think, “Ok, now I know where they are, I can end the spell.” But I can’t end the spell! I get stuck inside Kyo and I can’t find my original body either! So I run up to Scamp and Billy and I’m in tears (Kitty tears work every time), and I explain that I’m stuck as Kyo. And of course, Billy pulls a Shigure and just points and laughs at me very loudly. Scamp figures out that someone’s captured Yalisilwen and put my body in a state of suspended animation (though I’ve no idea how she could’ve figured that out). So, Billy finally gets his laughter under control and we decide to go and look for whoever it is that stole my body….and just as Scamp asks me to see if I can catch my own scent….my alarm clock went off =.= That was a most interesting dream! I would’ve enjoyed seeing how that ended…oh well.

Seconds, Anyone? My second dream was me on the Today show being interviewed by Matt Lower….which is weird enough in itself. He was asking me what I thought of the papparazi and if I had any bad experiences with them (so I’m assuming that I was a famous author/movie maker or whatever). I told Matt that I had my own huge estate in New Zealand that the stalker-razzi couldn’t get onto, but it always bothered me that they complained about how famous people treated them (they being the paparazzi). I said, if they wouldn’t stalk and harass stars then, they wouldn’t get hurt or spit on or run over or whatever. I went on to say “You don’t see normal people stalking stars, I know I’ve never—Oh wait…there was that incident with Joel McHale, but he dropped the charges.” And Matt realized I was joking and laughed asking me “Joel McHale from the Soup?!” and I was like “My, the disdane in your voice. Honestly, Matt. Joel McHale is my McDreamy! For those of you who don’t know, tune in to the Soup, Friday nights at 10, 9 central for all my central hommies, and you can catch Joel, Lou, Tom, Man-kini man and all the others!” and then we both cracked up laughing……..weird no?

Oh yeah! I got Magic Knight Rayearth in! I tell you what, that’s one of the hardest anime to endure in dub, but I do love it in its original form. I don’t know why…I mean, it isn’t the greatest of animes out there, but I still love it. I guess it was one of the firsts I ever saw after being exposed to the wide world of Anime. I’d go over to Chibi’s house each time we got a new tape in (yes, that was when we were back on tapes -.-) and we’d watch it together. I suppose it just brings back those memories…hanging out at Chibi’s, watching anime and playing EverQuest...No jobs or bills, just saving up allowance to buy more anime. Man, those were the days….or something. Now, I can’t wait to buy the second season...

I think that’s everything. Mom and Dad are set to come home this evening some time. I’m trying not to think about Dad at that school…I mean, I know it’s necessary and all, but I don’t really like the idea of visualzing Dad blindfolded, in a helicopter, that’s flipped upsidedown and then dunked underwater. Ech. Oh well. My break’s almost over. I’ll go ahead and catch ya’ll later sunshines!

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