So This Happened....

2014-Jul-17, Thursday 04:09 pm
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First ever, 'So This Happened....' Starting with the lovely people of Wally World!

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Moose Man briefly discusses Thor and decor before weighing in on the friendzone and manners.

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MsMoon's touching on a couple things that the other lady Knights have brought forward, along with a small discussion about manners.

040913~ Werid Guys...

2013-Sep-04, Wednesday 09:10 am
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A bear rages a bit about some sensitive topics...

NAK - The First Day

2010-Aug-18, Wednesday 05:52 pm
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First day of college was today. I think you'd have to be a professional student before you could actually consider it a non-stressful experience. Even when you've got all your ducks lined up in a row, you feel all jittery and out of place. Gotta say it though, very little actually went wrong today.

Parking was atrocious, but everyone makes such a major deal over how bad the parking is that you forget how bad the parking situation is. Then when you're in that situation and you end up parking in Lot G which is a quarter mile away…. you can't help but think, 'whoa! the parking is really frakin' bad! D:'. Then you remember, that's exactly what you knew all along and you laugh at yourself… it doesn't make the parking better, but you're mood is just a tiny bit lighter….well, at least it was for me :)

Soooooooo! All of my classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays... although, my fourth class is just on Mondays and Wednesdays… I have Sociology first at 9, and it probably would be better if I got up and left the house at 7:45, and then just waited around until 9 for my class. If you're curious as to why…reference the above paragraph <..<

I've never really understood exactly what Sociology is… Evidently, sociology, anthropology and psychology are all in the same field, only they have more specific focuses. I look forward to actually understanding what the hell that means, and hope to God it doesn't bore me into insensibility :3 After Sociology is English Comp I, which is actually jointed with Sociology… evidently it's something that helps you to apply skills you'd learn in one course in …all courses…or something. I dunno. At this point my brian's kinda fried anyway. I'm generally bad at lecture classes…because my ADD kicks in and just flairs up into this horrible thing. I'm kinda the same at reading though… I tend to read stuff and not remember a thing of what I've read. I've tried reading out loud, but that doesn't really help much. But the English Comp class is also a 'discussion' class…which might be better than a lecture class if only because it's a little more engaging….provided that I actually engage, of course.

But after those two classes (which appear to be THE classes, the hardest classes I will have), I have Algebra. I never thought I'd say this, but… I think I might actually enjoy/not despise this. They're starting off with basics, so instead of straining my brain to remember what I used to know (and purposefully forgot) about algebra, I actually get a refresher course. Also, the lessons are all on computers and you listen to headphones while someone explains what you're supposed to be learning and you take notes and …stuff. It's pretty cool actually. Or maybe it's just my love of computers coloring my natural abhorrence of the dreaded beast (aka algebra).

I then have my hour break, and at 1 I'm off to Intro to Info Tech, which is a computer class. Intro to Info Tech is actually longer than the other classes… Most of the classes are only 50 minutes, but ItIT is an hour and 20 minutes long, but that's because we only meet on Mondays and Wednesdays.

You know how, when you have a bunch of classes, you designate one as the 'easy' class? It's not really easy, but in comparison to the others, it may as well be, right? Well, Into to Info Tech is that class. It'll be great too, because as much as I loved Word 2003…it's the old version now. So I'll probably get a better understanding of how to work the newer programs :)

The instructors are really cool though. I mean, I haven't had a single problem with any of my teachers at all. They all seem pretty awesome at this point… of course, it's still early. But they all seem pretty accessible. During Intro to Info tech, I got on my student e-mail and added all my teachers' emails to my contacts… just in case.

That is my 'thus far' report of college…thus far o..o' There really isn't much else to say. I have chapters to read over and stuff to do, but over all I have to say, the experience wasn't as daunting as I thought it would be. As long as our instructors don't make us constantly play these ridiculous social games and causing my social anxieties to flair up, I should be fine… I suppose I'll be fine even with the social anxieties…. they just don't make it easy -..- Oh well. I'll put on my big girl panties and deal with it. It's all I know how to do.

Guess that's all for now. Later, Sunshines :)


You Are Most Like John F. Kennedy

You live a fairy tale life that most people envy.

And while you may have a few dark secrets, few people know them.

Just goes to show how crap these things can be <..< srsly? Srsly...

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OK, so, my plan worked. I expected today would be no more than a grueling hell pit.... but it wasn't that bad. But when you gear yourself up to expect the absolute worst, you're always surprised by how things aren't so bad. So it worked.

That said, today wasn't that bad. It wasn't good, and I don't look forward to repeating it ever again, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. But then... yesterday we were expecting a lot out of this place, and were unpleasantly surprised with how terrible it was. Today, all we did was hang about in mingle. There were a few interruptions to our own distractions (jumping rope, jaunts around the place, family photos and hoola-hooping, which reminded me of Scamp), but over all, it was just folks talking and having fun with each other.... them as could that is. My Uncle Buddy is known for being a stick in the mud, and he did not disappoint at this gathering either. But he had a bunk... so he confined himself there and left the rest of us to enjoy ourselves.

Scamp ended up not coming... and then having no reason not to come, which was a bummer. She had to stay home and watch her niece, Tiffany's daughter, who was still feeling ill, because Tiffany would be working. Well, after my Uncle Steve and Aunt Jane left and got here, Tiffany returned home from work saying that she was feeling sick... so she could have come if she would've known -..- But anyway. I had brought Scamp's Birthday+Christmas gift to give to her, and she had given my Birthday+Christmas present to Aunt Lane in case she couldn't make it. So, I gave her present to Uncle Steve. Anyway! Her gift to me is this cool owl with it's wings outstretched, and there are key hooks on the feathers for keys :D It's so cool. Immediately, I started thinking of alternate ways to use it.... like, instead of using it as a key rack, I could put it at the top of my office window and hanging sun-catchers from it instead :D That'd be cool. Still...maybe it'd be better if I just used it as what it was made for .... still :)

The Family photo session was a chaotic mess, but a fun chaotic mess. There were times when I wondered why we had thought we could accomplish such a gargantuan task... but, in the end I think we pulled it off as best we could :)

I hung about with various people, but I think I had the most fun with my cousins Angel and Pat. They're just fun chicks to be around. Not that I didn't enjoy any of my other Aunts/Uncles or Cousins, those are just the ones that stick out (just like always).
Now that I've had a shower, I do feel a bit better. I still can't wait to leave...but at least it hasn't all been terrible.

Oh well. I guess I have nothing else to really say. From here we go to Aunt Batty's (hallelujah), where there will be internet connection (Hallelujah!). I'm very much looking forward to seeing Houma again. I really can't wait. Sure, I won't be in my bed or taking a shower in my shower, but the facilities are much more accommodating than these.

I think I hear Mom and Bernadine getting out of the bathroom. I'm gonna go ahead and go blow-dry my hair. I really can't afford to leave it wet right now -..- Goodnight, Sunshines.



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Oh, so much to bitch about and no signal... darn. Good thing I can type up stuff and vent, and then post it to LJ later. Otherwise, I'd have no outlet... Well, it's Friday night, and we've survived the first official day of the family reunion. I'm feeling better today than I was yesterday - heck, I'm feeling better tonight than I was this morning (even if I can't help thinking 'I can't wait till Sunday' over and over and over).

We finally got the kitchen around 1, and all the ladies went in and unpacked as much as they needed and began cooking. Mom knew that I was feeling bad, so she told me to find our cabins and unpack our clothes and such. She gave my cousin Patricia the key to unlock the bunkhouse and all the cabins, and I agreed to follow her and just plah-kay myself down in whichever one of the cabins I choose. So, Pat, Jerry (Bernadine's youngest) and I dissembarked. I was in my little car (which reeked of rotten watermelon) and Pat and Jerry were in Pat's big diesel truck. They lead and I followed through the twisting labyrinth that is Chicot State Park. Finally we came upon Cabins 1-5. So, we parked on the side of the road and went over to cabin 1 to try and unlock it. It wouldn't unlock. We tried again. Still, no go. We went over to cabin 2 and faced the same thing.

So...we left my car parked where it was and went back to the front office. Pat explained our problem and then returned to the truck laughing. Turns out, there are 5 cabins behind the kitchen (where we were originally)...... so, we went and got my car, and then went back to the group area. We trekked back to the 'cabins'. It was pathetic. They were little rooms, each with six bunk beds and an AC. That was it. There was a separate building that had mens and womens shower stalls and toilets (two of each). We were told that all these facilities were self contained (meaning furnished with everything you would need)... they aren't. The beds are almost entirely bare. The kitchen, though full of pots and pans, had no seasonings, plates, forks, knives, spoons or glasses. When we told Mom, she was so disappointed and frustrated, she looked like she might cry. I know for a fact that she wanted to. We tried to make light of it, and assure her that we could handle it anyway, but she was still upset by it. Still, they were busy making the gumbo and potato salad for that night, so she had something to occupy herself with... otherwise, she would've thought about it too much and been more upset. You know how that is.

Technically, we got this place at a great deal. It isn't cheap by any means, but it's cheap in comparison for what we want. But still, the pictures of the cabins online are the pictures of plush places, with sofas and beds and flat screen TVs. Not wall-to-wall bunk beds and communal bathrooms. Mom's worked hard to pull this together, and it's upsetting to see so little be supplied considering how much she's put into it.

Most easily put, I hate this place. I'm still sick, though not feverish, so at least that isn't a worry. But still. I'm the type of person that likes my own space. Bunk beds are confining. And the fact that I can't have privacy in a shower... That's just my own private hell. If I were perfectly healthy, I would hate this place.

We've managed to borrow sleeping bags from those that came more prepared. Still. It just isn't what we'd thought it'd be.

Oh well. I'm absolutely exhausted, and it's terribly freezing in here. Goodnight, Sunshines =..=



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You can't help but realize how small you are in the universe. You're just thankful you exist.

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Yaviel Isilmiel

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Ok…so, this week’s [ profile] therealljidol post is, and I quote: “omg y do u tipe so funy???? lol netsp34k n lj: A Cross-Cultural Study of Internet-based Linguistics and Their Implications On This Social Networking Website” ….I must admit, my brain tends to shut down when confronted with poor grammar and netspeak =.= Which, I must also add, is very odd since I always use slang and abbreviations. I feel that if I type the same way that I talk, it will convey more of myself in my message. So I’m not afraid to type out ‘gonna’ instead of ‘going to’ if it’s really more what I’d actually say. Not to mention I am all for time saving acronyms such as OMG, LOL etc. What does annoy me is when I’m talking to you in an instant message and after I’ve said typed in three different messages, and you’ve replied back with ‘lol!’ each time. At that point, I just stop wanting to say anything to you, because really it’s all fillers between your lol’s. The first part of the sentence bothers me if only because things are spelled wrong and all in lower case. Netspeak or Leetspeak (n3tsp34k & l33tsp34k r3$p3c+iv3ly) drive me right past the border of borderline and off the cliffs of insanity. Not a good thing.

Let me just break this down and try to be as simple as possible. I originally thought that the only reason people would type ‘y’ for ‘why’ and ‘u’ for ‘you’ (etc. etc.) was because they were lazy or they didn’t know how to type properly. Either way it was slightly aggravating but tolerable. At the very least, I can understand that without too much of a fuss. Netspeak drives me mad because it takes forever to type and even longer to decipher.

I’ve always believed that if you’re smart, you take the time to convey your thoughts articulately. There’s someone that I’ve known for a few short years, and I respect him because he is intellectual and thorough. He thinks before he talks and checks his sources before he makes statements. That’s smart. But then, he sent me an e-mail, and I was shocked to read, “I hope u get 2 feeling better, we'll b praying 4 u!!!”... ohmigawd, waterfalls?(1). I was thinking to myself that this person is genuine and articulate, but if I didn’t know him in person, I’d wouldn’t think that because he isn’t presenting himself that way. Does it affect my opinion of him now? No. But I think it will cause him to be lost in translation for others who have more rigid standards.

Bottom Line: People have problems getting their true intentions across when they’re standing in a room talking to you, and that emotion is taken away when it comes to things like print. You can’t make it difficult for someone to understand you and then be upset when they don’t want to take the time to listen to what you have to say. I feel that without good grammar and good presentation, you can never be sure if someone will take you seriously enough or if they will receive your message. Being a writer, I constantly comb over all of my words, hoping that each one is just the right one to convey what it is I’m trying to express. I stress over grammar, presentation and format because in truth, I sometimes feel as though I’ve no idea if I’m presenting what I want to present accurately. In the end, all I can do is the maximum to present my words to you and hope you choose to overlook whatever errors I may make (because believe me, I always will).

I use shortcuts, and I make mistakes. I use slang because I feel that it takes what would be bland writing and spices it up with a bit of myself. S’not like it’s too hard to understand, and it does give me a bit of individuality. And just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you have to go and loose yourself in text. I also try to insert little tricks that help convey moods...Heck, sometimes, use things like “/sarcasm” to make sure you know I’m being sarcastic; or, I’ll use little faces like this: ^.^ to let you know I’m happy (or >.> suspicious / ¬.¬ annoyed / =.= tired / -.- embarrassed / ^.~ winking at you). We all use little tricks to make sure that we’re understood. But I always try to work to make sure that behind the typos and tricks, the message is heard…I feel that I shouldn’t have to expect anything less from anyone else. And netspeak and botched spelling doesn’t make whoever chooses to use it dumb or lazy or aggravating, but it does decrease the chase I’ll choose to give you my time.

That’s my story...and I’m stickin’ with it ^___^ Thanks for y’time and consideration, and ya’ll have a lovely day now ^.~

Yaviel Isilmiel


(1) Waterfalls – Refers to a private joke between friends. When reading an entry with ‘wtf’ in it, a friend commented that whenever she saw that she thought of ‘waterfalls’ because they were so pretty and it had the wtf in the word. So we agreed that instead of saying ‘wtf’ when we’re confused and want to ask that question we ask one another ‘waterfalls?’

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Good morning! I woke up a little early today, because the boss-lady gave us all bonuses the other day for working so hard through the audit. And there’s no other way for me to deposit the thing unless I remember to leave early -.-

I would just like to take this time to point out what a cool month October is. Not only is it the only time of year when you can dress ridiculously and get away with it, but tons of cool people are born in this month. I’ve always said that the ‘ber’ months (September, October, November & December) are the coolest months of the year. I included November and December because you get together with family and eat a lot in those two months. This month not only is it my birthday but the following people celebrate birthdays as well: Dreamie, Sephiroth, Chibi, Jen-Twin-san, Crooked halo, Anowyn, and Purrsia. Tons of uber-cool people.

Now that that’s been said I feel much better. Scamp said she got my birthday present in, which is very good since the stress of not getting it was sending her into spazes. Speaking of spazes, I really need to wrap Chibi’s and Reiko’s gifts. I intend to send Chibi’s some time next week...probably the 9th. Although I don’t know how or when >.< I have to go in to work early that day (8) so I don’t know. I do know that I’ll get an hour break, so maybe I can get something to eat and drop it off. That’d be good.

I’ve been thinking of buying myself a few things off of my wish lists just because it’s my birthday and all. But I’m still not sure. I think I’ll wait till Friday, because that’s when the party is, and I’ve no idea what lacey may or may not have gotten me -.- then again, I don’t know if anyone else may’ve gotten me anything either. It’s not like it’s a huge birthday or anything. In two more years (when I’m 25), Mom and Dad may choose to make a bigger deal out of it since it’s sort of a mile stone...or some other such nonsense.

In other news...this is the fourth morning in a row that I’ve woken up with a sinus headache and had to take something right away for it. Damn humid south-LA climate. Why can’t we have seasons, dammit! Honestly! I’ve noticed that my ears are really sensitive to sound and touch. It’s just odd.../shrug oh well. I’ll live =.=

Uhhhhhh……I think that’s all. And even if it isn’t, I should probably finish getting ready. Ja-ne!



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Harvest Moon

@_@ Enh

2006-Jul-03, Monday 10:29 pm
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Beware, for I am: Drugged Drugged, wow, wow. Man. I’m so tired. I don’t’ know how I got this tired. It feels like...oh yeah. I did take those sinus pills. That’ll get me every time.

So today’s post is gonna be a little scattered. First Uh...Work actually went by quickly, but that’s because no one else is working. That tends to decrease the amount of faxes, letters and phone calls, na no da.

I’m slightly disturbed be one of my EQ2 characters. I never noticed till just recently, but Anvanime is starting to sound like she’s having a mini-orgasm every time she goes into battle. When people hit you, your character makes noises to vocalize that “Ow, that hurt.” However, Anvanime’s voice sounds like a high-pitch gasp or cry...When I heard it I cracked up leafing and nearly died because I forgot I was in the middle of battle. Then when I went over to play my evil characters, I noticed that all the Tunarians sounded the same. I think it’s a humanoid thing...So, it’s probably safe to say that Wood elves, High Elves, Half elves and Humans all have the same problem =_=

I checked my web site counter, and there’s only be like 5 people there. I know it’s not me either, because I’ve set the site not to count me. I do know that at least one was my Mom. So, I went over to my links section and checked to see which site had e-mails. So I sent out e-mails to people I’d linked. I just wanted them to know I had linked to them because I liked their sites. I feel like people visit the site and don’t leave feed-back and it kinda frustrates me. So, I wanted them to know that I was loving their sites so much that I wanted to link to them. I think I sent out ...something like 37 e-mails. Only 7 came back from the Postmaster (wonder if he’s anything like the Pagemaster...)

Other than that I really haven’t done much. Rewatched Firefly...uploaded a couple more icons...but that’s about it. So I’m gonna go to bed ‘cause I’m half way asleep anyway.



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PS: Oh! It rained today! And the ducks were playing in the puddles in our drive way! They were so cute!

Andother day down

2006-Feb-19, Sunday 10:21 pm
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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Photobucket.comLethargic

Whoa...ok, so what happened today. Well, for the first time in...a very very very long time I dressed up to go to church this morning. I wore my brown slacks with a coffee colored shirt that’s decorated with tiny cream, brown and reddish brown beats around the collar along with my brown high heels. Don’t ask why...I guess wearing fancy stuff every day has boosted my confidence slightly. Not so that I think I look good, but I know I can actually pull it off without looking like an ass. Everyone at church seemed really excited about my new job. That was cool. But for some reason, I was really I wasn’t quite as vocal as I usually am.

When we came home, I changed and made some Raspberry green tea, a couple of egg rolls and Mom fixed us some ramen noodle her way (with Ms. Dash!). Then we watched Trading Spaces together. It’s always fun watching TV with them. At least it is when I’m in the mood for it -.- There are some times when I just wanna shut myself in my room and be left alone. Now wasn’t one of those times. I watched the show and did my toe nails. Since I bite my fingernails into the quick on a regular basis, I often obsess about my toe nails. As a result, I’ve gotten pretty good at giving pedicures. I give Mom pedicures a lot, and since she has problems with her nails, she appreciates it. Plus it’s just time that we spend doing something together.

After the show was over and our toe nails were dealt with, I quit fighting and went to take a nap. I slept from like, 12 – 4:45 in the afternoon. I was shocked. The phone rang a few times, and I didn’t even hear it. While I was sitting watching TV and Mom was getting ready for church, Reiko called. She said she had the wrong number, but she’d been wanting to call me anyway. She asked if she could come over, and I said sure. I didn’t feel like going to church anyway. I find that if I wake up from a long nap, I don’t feel really well, and the last place I want to go is church. She brought some of her anime along with a few manga that I hadn’t read. She hung out for a while and surfed the web. She also brought her camera, and showed me a lot of pictures she’d taken recently.

Turns out that Reiko knows these guys that are in a band, and they’re gonna be recording a new CD or something soon. And they want to record her saying some things that they intend to put in the background of their music. She also takes pictures of the band and works on graphics for them. That’s really cool.

But, she left for home and then Mom came back after I’d showered. We went to KFC and got something to eat and I got something for lunch tomorrow. And Mom dried my hair and everything. She apologized for feeling so impatient while I was unemployed and having so little faith. She also mentioned how much she loved drying my hair. I figure it’s about as sane as me enjoying giving her pedicures. It’s something we both know we can do and we enjoy doing them with each other.

I am now going to bed. 6 a.m. always comes early. Goodnight.

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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Hungry

Wow...what day is it?’s Survivor/CSI day. Right. Somehow this past week has been odd. It’s like I feel like I’m kinda in a depression...It’s weird because I’m not depressed about anything per’s just, I don’t want to do anything or go anywhere and all I want to do is sleep. I’m bored with everything, and it’s getting on my nerves. I can’t write either, it makes me furious. I really want to get out of this funk.

Ok moving on. Yesterday was kinda fun. I kinda just fooled around all day till the afternoon. I stared watching Waterworld just to kill time. I got a call from Reiko. She said she wanted to come to church and wanted us to sit in the sanctuary while Bro. Packy preached instead of going to class. I was kinda ok with that. I never really enjoy class that much.

Mom and I went to Applebee’s before church. Mom got Nachos’s was kinda like a taco salad...only three times the size of a normal taco salad. I got the Shrimp & Parmesan Sirloin Combo with a brownie desert. I totally enjoyed my steak. It was great (after I sent it back to the kitchen because I cut it open and it was red).

We got to church, and Reiko was no where to be seen, so I went to class. I got lucky because linuXman was teaching. I like listening to him teach stuff because he’s smart, and understanding what he says actually makes me feel like I’m smart. So, it’s a win-win thing.

Ok, so today...I slept till like 11:45 a.m. I was surprised. I mean, I haven’t slept like that since I’d just gotten out of high school. I got up, and I made my breakfast. Mom told me that she’s sick. Well, she’s got her usual nausea, dizziness and lightheaded stuff that she always gets every few weeks. So, we watched Gilmore Girls and American Idol that we’d missed just to kill time. Then I got a call from the furniture store I applied at. They want to interview me tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited abut that. It’s a great opportunity. But I’m not gonna get too hopeful. It’s just an interview after all. But I funny intend to call the staffing people after the interview just to check in with them.

I totally missed doing my Mid-Week Review for the TV shows that I always watch. I usually do that on Wednesdays. Mostly because Wednesday is the middle of the week, and because I’m posting rants in [profile] ruby_unicorn, thus I feel responsible to find something to ramble on about that’s positive. So, here’s a late review just for the heck of it.

The Midweek TV Review )

/sigh I still haven’t finished watching Waterworld from yesterday. I’m gonna go do that...right after I make some college cuisine. Later!

The Impailer

People Iced:Five
Car Bombs Planted:Four
Favorite WeaponA Vice
Arms Broken:Twenty Seven
Eyes Gouged:Twenty
Tongues Cut Off:None. Pathetic.
Biggest Enemy:Dry Duck

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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Tired

Gosh, I am so tired. I have no right to be tired. I guess I kinda stayed up late last night so that I could keep Mom company..but, I haven’t done that much today. Ok, let’s see.

1. Got up at 9 a.m.
2. Watched The Colbert Report with Mom
3. Got on the internet and watched a ton of WoW movies which I then posted links to on LJ
4. Overloaded PhotoBucket with pictures of Me, Chibi, and Reiko (honestly, seriously, I did, it told me 50MB’s the max and I was over the max O.O)
5. Fooled around with DreamWeaver, still trying to connect and it wont let me.
6. Ate and watched Trading Spaces with Mom.
7. Went to town and watched The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe with Chibi (and boy, was than an event).

...and that’s it. I just got out of the shower a few minutes ago, and I realized how tired I was. I mean, it’s not a normal tired, it’s like a druged/exhausted tired. And I’ve got no business having said tired!

The Movie was great...again. I got there really early and got tickets for both of us. Chibi ([profile] amai_tenshi) owes me 50 cents. I’ll just put that on her tab...or whatever. But she came bearing gifts so, I kinda don’t mind. She brought me a book that I had at the top of my wish list. The Magical Worlds of The Lord of the Rings – The Amazing Myths, Legends, and Facts behind the Masterpiece. Ok...that earned serious brownie points, that did. Oh, that reminds me, I have to go over and delete that off my book wish list. Now I’m down to 92 items on that section of my wish list (I kid you not; go look). Thanks, Chibi!

Speaking of books, I also got the X-men Encyclopedia, The Dragon at War and The Dragon the Earl and the Troll today too. Both Dragon Knight books are great. They’re old, there are marks down the spine of the books, and they smell like old paper; they’re wonderful ^.^! Unlike the X-men Encyclopedia. I mean, I’m all into antiques, but this book was missing the first 14 pages, and most of the pages come out of the book. The binding has fallen apart totally. But then, I paid $5 for a $25 book, so I guess I got what I paid for. It’s just kind of discouraging, because I don’t remember the seller saying the book was in such bad shape. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bought it. Oh well.

You see how tired I am? I’m not even ordering the things I want to talk about! God! Ok, so, the movie. I told Chibi half way through the movie, that we should go to movies bound and gagged, because we joke with each other all through the movie and even if it is really funny it totally messes up the tone of the movie. I mean, Chibi’s all ‘Peter’s so hot. God, does that make me a pedophole?’ and I’m all like ‘Doesn’t anyone else realize that Tumnus isn’t wearing any clothes!’ and just saying inappropriate things at certain parts... Like:

*Aslan walk out of his tent appearing for the first time* MM: *whispers to Chibi excitedly* Fluffy! I wan’t one! Cuddewey Wuddelwy Kitty!

I mean honestly! Or like the part where the Kings and Queens are hunting the White Stag at the end of the movie and we’re all like “Hello, Edmund! Boy he sure turned out nice. And Hullo, Peter! God he’s hot!” and then they get back into our world and they’re children again and it’s like, “Damn!” “Does this mean we’re back to pedophiles?” I mean honestly!

After that...what happened after that. Oh, I I don’t...we were talking...we talked all through the thing though...somewhere in there…mentioning that I couldn’t wait to see Reepicheep in the next movie. I also said that I had heard of a bunch of Tumnus/Lucy lovers and it made me sick. I knew that would happen too. It happened with LOTR! The movies came out and suddenly sicko writers who didn’t know squat about the world Tolkien had worked so hard to make were writing smut about Legolas and Haldir. I actually saw an icon that had Peter and Susan standing together in Narnia somewhere, and it read “I like Peter with Susan, I don’t care if it’s wrong.” And I was like “Waterfalls!!!” Next think you know, we’ll be hearing about how Aslan and Tumnus are boyfriends! Ughhh...I mean honestly, Tolkien was a devout Catholic and Lewis was an Atheist turned Christen, do you honestly think men like that wanted people to eventually write about illogical smut in their world? I don’t think so. It’s one of the few things that would hinder me from making a movie about my world.

/deep sigh. Anyway. Lord, I’ve been ranting. Ok, what else? Uh...Oh, whenever I was walking to the car, I first approached the passenger side, so I put my stuff down there first, but I kept the book with me to look through. It occurred to me once I got in the car and all, that what I did didn’t make any since at all. It’s not like I’d be able to read the blasted thing and drive at the same time. But I was so itching to read it. Luckily, Mom asked if I would go to Sonic and pick us up some burgers, and anyone who knows anything about our Sonic knows you’ll be waiting ten minutes just for someone to ask “Can I help you?” through the intercom. OK, it was only a 5 minute wait for me. But I gave her my order 3 times, and then four minutes later another girl asks me my order again ‘just to make sure it’s correct’. /rolls eyes I had plenty of time to read the introduction and the first chapter!

I got home and Mom was watching Dancing with the Stars and she was actually liking it. Go figure. I guess on those nights when CSI is a rerun she can watch that. Me, I just watch the reruns, but Mom gets bored watching reruns. So I kinda always felt bad that she didn’t have anything to satisfy her. Well, now she does.

And that’s my night. I was really tired, and thinking “I should update, I’m tired, I dunno if I should in this condition, ah I’m replying to comments, I might as well.” So here’s the post.

That movie was so good. It was fun watching it together. We’ll have to get it on DVD and all three of us watch it together and make inappropriate jokes. That would be a blast.

Ok, I’m exhausted. Goodnight.

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Ok, so I noticed something’s not something that I’ve never noticed before, it’s just something that I never acknowledged in my diary...I write whenever I’m bored. Well, not all the time, I guess. I mean, if it’s 6 a.m. and the only thing on my mind is “Need...more...sleep...” then, I’m probably not going to write (although I have, and it wasn’t terrible). But when my brain is in full working order (or at least 85% of me is there) and I’m really bored...I’ll write.

Tonight is a great example. I’m sitting in church, and they’re singing, and I’m sitting there bobing my head to the beat and enjoying the words and their meanings. Then my Sunday School teacher gives a huge testimony (which will probably be detailed more in [profile] ruby_unicorn later), and then comes the slow music, and then the pastor gets up there and starts preaching. Well, Mom came over right at the end of song service and told me she and Aunt Batty were going to another church for something special. Evidently, Aunt Batty’s sister was having some high-falutin’ shin-dig at their church.../shrug. Hey, I don’t make this stuff up, ok? Anyway. So, Mom hands me the keys to the car and tells me she’ll meet me at the house later. So song service is over, and the pastor starts preaching.

The Sermon: The cripple man near the pool. You know (or maybe you don’t), the one where there’s a cripple man laying near a pool that’s often disturbed by an angel. If you dip in the pool when the waters are stirred, you get healed. The man’s been laying there 30-something years, and Jesus comes along and asks of his predicament. Then after the cripple tells Jesus his long, sorry tale Jesus asks, “Do you want to be healed?”. Long and short of it is that Jesus heals the man and tells him to take his ‘bed’ and walk. Well the man gathers up his little mat and walks. Bad news? It’s the Sabbath. Anyone who knows anything about Jewish culture knows their Sabbaths are sacred. You aren’t supposed to do any work on that day. And carrying a mat around is work. So the religious leaders chastised him for it and he said Jesus told him to do it.

Now, after going over all this, the Pastor went on to elaborate the story...I know the story. I’ve known it for the better part of 12 or so years. I don’t need elaboration. So, I got bored, and I started to write. I got another small little thingy written out. Which is great, because it’s the start of the next chapter in one of my other fics. Then, I heard the pastor giving the alter call, and I looked up and realized I’d written through the whole service.

That’s when it hit me...

If I’m Bored, I Will Write.

So, if you see me somewhere, with my head down, scribbling away in a notebook...chance are, I’m bored. Either that, or I have something huge in my head that I must get onto paper before I’ve forgotten it.

That’s it for today. Not tales of my whole day. You really don’t care what I’m doing all day anyway right? Right. So, I’m gonna go ahead and shower and go to bed. Busy day tomorrow. I have to strip my walls tomorrow to get ready for kiltzing. Yayness /sarcasm.

Oh, on another note. Survivor Spoilers )

And that’s all I have to say about that. And that’s the end of the night for me. Goodnight, everyone!

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Well that was ammusing...

2005-Nov-30, Wednesday 10:25 pm
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Yo. Well, tonight wasn’t too bad. I actually went to class tonight instead of sitting in the sound booth. Not that that means I was entirely out of the sound booth, but I’ll get to that later.

So, I’m looking all over for my class, ‘cause it’s been like five years since I actually went to Wednesday night classes. Yes. Five years. I hadn’t realized it had been that long. But I joined the sound booth and dropped out of Wednesday interactions with any peers my age that long ago. Anyway. So, I finally figure out where it is, and I get there. My first impression is what I thought it would be. This will be a class where I speak very little if at all. The speakers of the class are the class-clowns, not serious debaters or anyone who’d want to discuss something of importance. But then, that’s ok too, because I can’t say I didn’t give it a shot, and it gives me time to write without falling into a pit.

Not 2 minutes after the bell rings, my Dad comes to get me and says Bro. Packy needs me to put the tape in the sound booth on record. Now, Ryan #2 is supposed to be doing the sound booth on Wednesdays. He said he wants it every Wednesday that he can get it. So I assumed he'd be there. He wasn't. So I had to go run and put the tape on, then run back to class (of course I didn't really run. I walked very quickly.). But anyway, back to class!

I wrote the beginnings of a gargoyle story, and I may post it to [profile] ruby_unicorn once it’s typed up. The funny thing is, I was writing about this guy who’s running from a gargoyle, and I had no idea what to call the guy. I mean, I’ve used so many names when it comes to my characters, I didn’t know what to call this insignificant dude who wont be seen again. So, I looked up and I heard Rudy talking (again), and I just used his name. First name only of course. It’s a policy. Characters that share similar fist names to actual people are never given those people’s second names, unless of course the person specifies they want their full name in the story. I figured Rudy wouldn’t want his full name in this, ‘cause the character gets killed right away. But anyway.

I wrote through the latter half of the class (I was dreaming up the scene in the first half, and they’d turned out all the lights to watch a video clip anyway). But the whole time Sis. Janet was talking I was writing away. I even expected them to ask what I was writing about, and I was prepared to read the thing out loud if they did. But they never did. Either they assumed I was taking notes, or they assumed I was blowing them off. Either way, I don’t suppose it matters. I’ll probably be gone in a little over a year...I can endure this stuff for that long.

Then we all came home and we began watching CSI: NY, but we all got super tired (yours truly included), and decided to watch the rest of it later as we were taping it. I have showered, I feel better, and I shall now go to sleep dreaming of my X-Men: Evolution DVDs. Goodnight.

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