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2011-Aug-05, Friday 12:48 am
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Just something that I did, and ended up surprising myself :) Please do enjoy...

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Ok, so painting isn't such a chore for me. I mean, sure, you've gotta make sure everything's covered, and it can be quite a pain, but I don't hate it. But seriously...I had way too much fun making this :) Please do enjoy…

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I kinda left ya’ll with a cliff-hanger there didn’t I? Opps. Sooo....lots has happened since my last post. Dad’s bedroom still isn’t really finished. The paint is on the wall and it looks great, but we want to repaint the metal bed frame. It’s supposed to be white and due to age it’s more of an ivory right now. So, we got some spray paint and were planning to do that...I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start with the insanity at its origin.

So, after I left ya’ll Thursday, Mom and Aunt Carolyn came back from the store with spray paint and...whatever else they went there for. We decided that the kilz had dried, and it was time to start painting. So, we set ourselves up with a system, learning from our mistakes with the kilz. Y’see Dad’s room (and mine as well) is panelled, so there are grooves at varying widths throughout the room. When we’d tried to roll on the kilz primer, the grooves left voids. So, we learned, go over the lines with a paint brush first, then roll out the roller! So, the system was, me on the floor taping off the base boards; Mom using a simple brush to paint the lines, and Aunt Carolyn working on the trim around the two windows and ceiling (she’d get to the base boards when I was done taping off). Aunt Carolyn said that she could do the other trim just fine, but due to gravity, she’d need the tape for the base there ya go. Now, this continued till I’d taped off all the base boards and Mom had painted all the lines. The trim took a lot of time, being as it’s careful work. Then, I grabbed a roller and started painting what I call the center zone.

Center Zone: Painting Ref. - The center of the wall easiest to reach, between the top (nearest the ceiling) and the bottom (nearest the floor).

<..< uh...yeah.../clears throat. So...I had all of one wall painted and half of another, when my hand started to cramp. Mom took over, letting me rest. I didn’t rest long though. I went in and got my camera to get pictures of us actually working and all. Then I came back and started working again. Mom and Aunt Carolyn were both up and tending to the top zone nearest the ceiling........Then....It happened.

Without any warning or provocation, Aunt Carolyn went to step down from the stool she was on to reload her brush, her ankle gave out, she fell down.....and knocked right into the full can of paint, knocking it over onto the carpet in a huge glob ;_; about scurrying. We scurried to make sure she was ok, and then I hopped up and ran to the bathroom for towels, ran back to soak up as much of the paint as possible. It didn’t really matter though, the damage had been done. Aunt Carolyn was so upset with herself, but it’s not like it’s something that she did on purpose. Accidents do happen after all, and there’s no use in placing blame. In fact, Mom and I were more upset with ourselves; earlier when we started priming the walls, I told Mom that we should spread that tarp over the entire floor as opposed to just over the computer desk so that if there were any spills it wouldn’t damage the carpet =..= When did I become psychic? Srsly, I don’t want that type of least not until I’ve gotten myself a job in middle management...

>..> ....anyway. So, we soaked the carpet in water, oxiclean, tough stuff and a number of other stain removers. We used Aunt Carolyn’s steam cleaner and Mrs. Karen’s shampooer....the stain isn’t as solid as it was’s still prevalent. Not to mention, the water we used for cleaning and the shampooer seems to have spread, staining most of the carpet surrounding the original stain. I told Mom that it might be time to invest in a room-size area rug to complete the ‘makeover’ :)

Knowing Dad, he’ll probably say, “Looks nice! Paint the entire floor that way!” or something like that. I doubt it’ll really faze him. Still, it was just one of those things that kinda sickens you. Talk about bring the mood down -..- We did finish painting the room, and the walls look awesome (the carpet, not so much). We’ve loaded the dresser and end tables back into the room, and we’d planned on taking the tarp off of the computer desk and putting it outside with the bed frame so that we could spray paint the bed and all....and then it snowed yesterday >..< It was all gloomy, windy and humid Friday, so we really couldn’t have done it then. I mean, that needs time to set and if the conditions are not right, it will look As long as we can get one good day...just one good day!....before Wednesday =..= This is looking more and more impossible. Still who knows.

In totally unrelated news, my replacement printer finally arrived. I hooked it up didn’t work at I unhooked it, uninstalled the software, deleted the printer from the computer’s printers & faxes thingy, and then reinstalled the software and re-hooked up the computer. It works fine now (thank God). If it hadn’t worked...I think I might’ve busted a blood vessel in my head at the very least. So now, I just have to box up an ship the old malfunctioned one back. snowed yesterday. It started around 9 a.m. and they said it’d go till Midnight...not sure if it did (it gets dark out and you just don’t see the white stuff falling), but it definitely got a lot of coverage in. I took some pictures, but most of them are from inside. I did go outside to check the mail and send a letter off to Scamp, so I took pictures when I went out, but the weather really didn’t encourage one to remain out in it. I mean, the wind was so strong, it nearly knocked me down. Not to mentioned all your extremities get that ‘seep in and stay’ cold, to the point they feel like they’re on fire when you step inside. I’d never seen a white out before (well, unless it rained really hard in LA, and I used to call that a gray-out :D), but yesterday almost was one. It was snowing lightly in the morning, but when the latter half of the cold front passed through, from our house, we couldn’t see the trees on the other side of the road o..o Luckily, my Arkansas cold weather initiation began and ended with the January Ice Storm...

...I can’t think of anything else to write...I need to post some pics to FaceBook and MySpace...enh...maybe later =..= I’ll talk later, Sunshines.

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Mom and I have taken on the biggest surprise we can manage for Dad. We emptied out his room, and kilzed every wall. Dad loves blue, right? Well, Mom and I got him this bed spread (a nice one) that’s this deep, rich brown, with small tan and cream wavy lines on it and a light blue line here and there on it too. So we’re painting his room a light denim blue, the trim will be white, his bed and dresser will be white too, and his curtains will be brown. It’s all the colors that he likes :) Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone :D

I will say, and maybe it’s corny since everyone says it, but you don’t realize how much stuff is in a room until you have to empty it =..= The computer and computer desk is the only thing still in the room, and we just covered that with a tarp. What I’d like to do, is after the painting is all done, go to Wal-Mart and get some rich dark brown picture frames, and take pictures of the family, and put them up in that room....but I don’t know if Mom will go for that >..> Anyway, I totally took pictures of the room when we’d emptied it, and I just took pictures of it a moment ago with the kilz dried. Mom and Aunt Carolyn went to town to get some white spray paint, so I’m waiting to see what the plan will be....the little break has been nice =..=

The weather has proven a big help actually. The walls are drying faster because the wind is really gusting. We just opened up the windows and let it. Mom says that we’ll have more of a chance of rain tomorrow though, so I don’t know if she’ll want to finish tonight....or put it off till tomorrow.

..../sigh. I’ma finish this post up and watch Vern Yip on Deserving Design. HGTV, take my mind :) Later, Sunshines.

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