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It's the Final Finals Week for Finals!! Ugh =..='

140310 - Lost Moon

2014-Mar-10, Monday 11:32 pm
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MsMoon's video senses are must be Monday...This video includes Cave Region Review, World Literature, US History, and mostly (as always) World of Warcraft!

140120 - School Daze

2014-Jan-20, Monday 08:32 pm
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I hope everyone else is enjoying this down time as much as I am!

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So, it turns out most messages from the past are completely pointless and unhelpful...

Coming Soon

2013-Dec-13, Friday 12:39 pm
msmoon: (MsMoon's Crescent), I'm thinking of revisiting an old brand...

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MsMoon's touching on a couple things that the other lady Knights have brought forward, along with a small discussion about manners.

130930 - Narrative

2013-Sep-30, Monday 11:56 pm
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MsMoon's gonna talk about a few narratives that she's recently been exposed to before undertaking a mission to spread the joy that is narrative to others :)

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MsMoon's day in the life. I'm kinda glad it was on a day when I was really busy. I had plenty of things to do, so there's a lot of stuff in the video :)

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MsMoon contemplates how much easier it is to accept something when you've been through it once already. Oh! And a Symphony :3 Also, I don’t own Superman or it’s soundtrack or anything from the movies; pretty sure that’s all owned by Warner Bro’s :)

130805 - Season 3?

2013-Aug-05, Monday 01:36 pm
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Knights of Shiloh, season 3... wow. So many things to talk about, and I'm so scatterbrained :|

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There's a lot going on with the local Lyric Theater. There's scare crows and squirrels and Prof. Psychotic! o..o

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Kallie gets pierced...the hard way. There's some big bang activity going on. Oh, and NerdGasms abound do to 90's nostalgia :) I turn my car into a taxi, which isn't that safe when you think about it.... Dan engages in Gym Tennis. There's lots of singing and shenanigans as always :3

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New Episode! It's kinda short, but it' fun :) The discussion of a compilation of Firsts, Captain Jack's Cupcakes, A new Segment Featuring Kallie, Daniel invents a new game I still don't get, and Adorable Level: Dog :3

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Next ep is finally here! Sorry, it's still on the phone :| It really can't be helped. With Filmception, and the Glory Window and... other insanity :3

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Aaaaand we're moving backwards. Yes, more footage was found that had been forgotten during the time that my laptop was dead.... so here it is! All stitched together for you :D Enjoy!


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