2014-Nov-13, Thursday 10:04 am
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I feel like a lot has been happening, but most of it feels like 'first world problems'. I really don't like complaining about that. But here's something serious to talk about... So, I got this ticket see...and it doesn't take me to a chocolate factory.

That Seems Unsafe

2013-Jul-13, Saturday 05:22 pm
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We had a strange encounter this morning...you couldn't make this up...


2013-May-27, Monday 02:25 pm
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In which questions are answered, and themes are presented :3


2013-May-13, Monday 02:36 pm
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The first stepping stone in our communal vlog :D It's MsMoonHere with Monday's video!

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There are rules....of course, if you haven't seen Trick 'R Treat, then you may not know that...


2012-Oct-09, Tuesday 05:09 pm
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So, Lokitty looks all grumpy and stumbly and just not herself today...but she's got a perfectly good reason!

Like Ya Do

2012-Feb-09, Thursday 12:43 pm
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I realize that I haven't really sat (or stood) somewhere and talked to the tubes :| That kind of makes me sad. So, yesterday afternoon after(college)-hours, I sat down and just chatted... with Kallie in the background. Good times :)

Incense Scents

2011-Dec-07, Wednesday 07:21 pm
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What happens when I'm left to my own devices without my laptop :|

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Next ep is finally here! Sorry, it's still on the phone :| It really can't be helped. With Filmception, and the Glory Window and... other insanity :3

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One more time!

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Episode 6! There's dramatic music and dancing, and there's surprise moments caught on camera, and very shy critters o..o

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It's self explanatory :3 only...not so much..

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Episode 5! The Art Room, The Halloween Party, the Gryffindor Common Room Table, and a Cameo by Veronica :D

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Episode 4! Daniel shares a video he found (http://youtu.be/MAigl_hsosc), Emily takes her first NAC elevator ride, and a FIRE DRILL XD

Belated Update

2011-Oct-13, Thursday 05:33 pm
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With no new episodes of ThunderCats, I've kinda gotten used to not having to do a 'sit and talk' check-in :3 Random Days at NAC is spoiling me to just having random funny collages. So here's an update :) Please do enjoy...

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The next installment of Random Days at NAC :3 Episode 3. This one's longer, funnier, and more interesting... at least, I think so.

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A continuation of randomness :3 story of my life and all that jazz. Please do enjoy...

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The most random stuff happens when we have nothing to do at college. So, I kinda decided to make a Random Days at NAC series just so that I'd have a place to put all this random, hilarious stuff :)

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Thursday, September 22, 2011. Approximately 12:45 P.M. A young man burst into the Bradley Student Center at North Arkansas College in a state of severe distress. Then... This Happened :3

Random Check In

2011-Sep-16, Friday 03:36 pm
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So... I heard there wasn't going to be a new ThunderCats tonight... and I really wanted to show this random thing :) Two Birds with One Vid :3


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