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There wasn't really a theme week challenge this I had to make my own challenge :)

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It's a human past-time to just look forward to things. What are you guys looking forward to?

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This video is horrible because of Lokitty....that's my story & I'm sticking with it.

Now & Again

2014-Jan-02, Thursday 08:30 pm
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First check-in if 2014!...things and…stuff.

MI13 - Day 3

2013-Dec-28, Saturday 08:23 pm
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We finally ventured forth...but not for long. We were going to do more...but then, we didn't get our sushi until after the movie started. Then we went back to the Bear Den and gamed, and watched movies, and cuddled puppies, and played Cards Against Humanity... :3 It was a great day.

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-Thor 2

-American Horror Story

-Zachary Quinto


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Moose is setting out on the road, but first he'll share with you some of his movie ideas.

Theeing Thor 2

2013-Nov-09, Saturday 02:09 am
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We knew we would need nourishment and sugar and giggles to survive...and survive we did :3 Spoiler free btw!

Movie Moose 131105

2013-Nov-05, Tuesday 09:20 am
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An ill knight discusses NaNoWriMo, thanks a Bear, and rates some movies.

131021 - Association

2013-Oct-21, Monday 09:29 pm
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Because Raiden was on Sex and the City... :3

Movie Moose 131015

2013-Oct-15, Tuesday 10:49 am
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As usual, Moose has some movies to talk about.

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So, MsMoon's all wrapped up in her new venture. The next time you tell someone you stole shoelaces from the president, you could be talking about her!

130930 - Narrative

2013-Sep-30, Monday 11:56 pm
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MsMoon's gonna talk about a few narratives that she's recently been exposed to before undertaking a mission to spread the joy that is narrative to others :)

180913~ Updates from Bear

2013-Sep-18, Wednesday 10:50 am
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In this video, I give a few updates about my life and the things I've been up to.


2013-Sep-17, Tuesday 09:31 am
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In which our Sir Moose relates an update unto his fellow Knights and various Squires.

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The moose tackles the obstacle of choosing 5 favorite movies.

The Avenger Tales

2013-Mar-01, Friday 04:42 pm
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I noticed this random commonality, and then my imagination just took off. Admittedly, I haven't rounded everything out as well as I'd like, but I think I might be on to something :3

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So...yea. It's a good thing the Twilight Saga is over, cause I am so done.

Loki's Lumbar Trouble

2012-Nov-07, Wednesday 11:11 pm
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It's a pretty self explanatory vid that quickly descends into nerdy giggle fits.... I'd apologize, but we all know I'm not really sorry :3


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