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There wasn't really a theme week challenge this I had to make my own challenge :)

Movie Moose 131105

2013-Nov-05, Tuesday 09:20 am
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An ill knight discusses NaNoWriMo, thanks a Bear, and rates some movies.

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Our mobile Movie Moose is moving many miles between the Misty Mountains and the middle of nowhere.

Movie Moose 131015

2013-Oct-15, Tuesday 10:49 am
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As usual, Moose has some movies to talk about.

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A nerd attempts to give a spoiler-free rant about a recent movie.

Farewell to 29

2013-Oct-05, Saturday 10:36 pm
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I spent my last day of my 29th year hanging out in Branson, MO, with my Knights :D So much singing, joking, and Tom(Hiddleston)foolery went on, I'm glad I managed to record some of it :3

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A moose geeks out a bit and tries his best to give you words.

Theme Week~ 250913

2013-Sep-25, Wednesday 10:30 pm
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A day in the life of a Bear :)

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In which a Moose depicts his daily life unto his fellow Knights.

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MsMoon's day in the life. I'm kinda glad it was on a day when I was really busy. I had plenty of things to do, so there's a lot of stuff in the video :)


2013-Sep-17, Tuesday 09:31 am
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In which our Sir Moose relates an update unto his fellow Knights and various Squires.

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I deeply apologize for this video being late. The video wouldn't load last night.

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A Moose contemplates having too much time on his hooves...

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The moose tackles the obstacle of choosing 5 favorite movies.

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Another exciting theme week! Now it's time to discuss our second Super Knight as the next question is answered: Who is Super Moose?

Pre-MechaCon 9 Trip

2013-Aug-22, Thursday 04:58 pm
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ZoooohmG, the trip to MechaCon was loooong, and we're loopy... But we're here!

Movie Moose 130820

2013-Aug-20, Tuesday 05:59 pm
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A busy moose quickly shares what's on his mind.

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I'm filming through my day today, because it's the first day of the new college semester! Things look pretty bleak considering how much I hate mornings....but where there's life there's hope :|


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