ATG Has A Rough day

2013-Nov-14, Thursday 10:30 pm
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One long winded stream from ATG.

Cop out~ 161013

2013-Oct-16, Wednesday 10:54 am
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Must video....can't....must....vlog.....urgle e _O

Something or Nothing

2013-Jul-29, Monday 10:02 pm
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The same two things really. Something or nothing always, always,always.... always, I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony, oh love!

Up to Speed

2011-May-05, Thursday 06:37 pm
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It's the beginning of May, and I'm almost back. I'm checking in because tons of stuff is happening and... I wanna make sure you all know about it before it actually happens (or while it's happening) as opposed to long after.

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You know what’s funny to me? What’s funny is when I complain about something very publicly, and fades away o..o I kid you not, I stopped taking some of the medicines I was taking and I’m not feeling so bad anymore. I’m not feeling wonderful, but I’m not constantly feeling horrible either. I mean, I only really feel bad when I exert myself now. So that’s a serious improvement that I’m more than happy to have.

Something else has happened too. I don’t want to really talk about it too much, because it seems way too good to be true. Like I said, I don’t wanna say too much and jinx it or anything. But suffice to say that I’m expecting a very important delivery, and if all goes well, I will be a very happy psycho bunny on Monday. There will be a vlog about this too...but I’ll focus on that Monday. Right now I’m trying to do everything I can to shift my focus elsewhere...because watching pots is never fun -..-

VBS is over today around 8:30 so, I’ll be heading to church to clean after that...and I’m seriously dreading it. I plan on only cleaning a little bit, but I’d still like to do as much as I can so that when I come back tomorrow, I won’t have to worry about too much. And it’s bloody hell week too, and there’s no one to really help me so…yeah. Joy.

I finally finished editing the next video, and I’ll try to post that soon. With my internet, you can never tell when exactly it’ll be posting so ...I can only hope and pray.

Ok...I think I don’t hear my clothes in the dryer anymore...I’m gonna log here and check on my laundry. Later, Sunshines :)



How many tapeworms could live in your stomach?
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28 ~ It's Pouring

2010-Aug-01, Sunday 07:31 pm
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It just seems like everything is happening all at once. If things seem a little slow in my episodes, at least now you know why I'm dragging -..-

My Question to You the Viewer: What electronic device are you majorly dependant on?



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Sensory Overload

2010-Jul-31, Saturday 05:19 pm
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Jalapeña -..- Things haven’t been good lately. Not at all. Mom and I went to get our hair trimmed Friday...and it was all downhill from there. I’ve been feeling so dizzy and disoriented for about 2 months now, and doctors can’t figure anything out for me. I wasn’t feeling any better yesterday, but I’m the ‘suck it up and deal’ girl so I just went along.

There was a point... when I thought, ”I am going to throw up...or pass out...or both.”. It was about the time the beautician had finished washing my hair, had me in her chair spinning me about, had her blow dryer right next to my ear and my fingernails scratch at my scalp >..< Sensory overload…I has it.

Thankfully, I did not pass out or throw up (talk about embarrassing if I had). But since then, my stomach has been...weird. I usually eat small portions, but I’ve been flip-flopping between eating very little and ravenously hungry o..o’ My stomach also does summersaults a lot more -..- I wouldn’t mind if it burned off the fat on my belly, but alas it doesn’t.

Also, within the past few days, I’ve created a FaceBook page and group for our family reunion. Mom has been wanted me to figure out something for the reunion for everyone to share photos...I tried it with Flickr, but once I got up to 198 pics they informed me that after 200 I’d have to pay for my account. It probably wouldn’t have been as hard if I weren’t feeling so terrible. Oh well tho…thanks life.

I..can’t think of anything else to typ =..= Already I feel like I’m tipping sideways. Um...I’m gonna try shooting another ep soon, but I don’t know how that’ll work out -..- I’ll probably just make myself as comfortable as possible and bear it or…something.

But, I guess that’s all. I’ll talk to you later, Sunshines.


Your 2010 Name is Aurora Margaret

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Family Doctor

2010-Jul-21, Wednesday 04:42 pm
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So today I had an appointment with my new ‘family’ doctor. Dr. S, I’ll call him for now. I know you’re always supposed to establish a family doctor and all, but I’d put it off because I could always just go to emergency care. But this disoriented feeling has persisted over a month now, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt. He was concerned with my insomnia – funny, I’ve been concerned with it too, but no one else seems to care. He referred me to a local ear, nose and throat doctor too, thinking he’d be better equipped to handle the dizzy issue I’ve been having. Dr. S made a prescription for me for my insomnia, instructing me to take half a pill before bed for the first week and then a whole pill from then on. He had wanted to sign me up for a sleep study, but when he saw that I had no insurance and was self pay and all, he said it might be too expensive for me. Also, he gave me a medication that is only $4 :) Nice fella.

What was funny was when he was walking out and he said, “So give this medication a try and if it works call us and tells us, or otherwise you can call us and tell us, ‘This doesn’t work, you guys are stupid.’” :D

Anyway. I have an appointment at 3 this Friday with the Ear Nose and Throat doctor. It’s funny, but unless you get a referral from other doctors, most of the doctors here won’t admit you. It’s weird, but they always say they aren’t accepting new patients.

I’m …very tired now… and very dizzy. But, I’m trying to finish my washing. Mom and Dad got me a ton of clothes yesterday when we stumbled upon an Avenue (my favorite place to shop back in Houma) in Springfield. So, I’m washing everything in hopes of being able to wear it :)But, in between loads of clothes, I’m having a Supernatural marathon. I was moping about for something to watch and lamenting over the fact that I’d really like to have Avatar: The Last Airbender on DVD, but then my eyes fell on my Supernatural box sets and I rejoiced :3 It’s kinda funny how I’m still a little shocked at how awesome the first season is o..o’

Oh well. I’m gonna stop typing now so that the computer stops shaking (srsly, it looks like my monitor is moving >..<). I’ll type later, ya’ll. Bye!



You Are Colorful Because You Are Smooth
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2010-Jul-12, Monday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3 
  • 14:06 So after an hour of straightening up my living room and kitchen, it occured to me that Twitter's been quiet...... #
  • 14:06 ...then I realized my cell was back in my bedroom on silent -..- no wonder it's been quiet. #
  • 14:24 Grrr! My laptop keeps randomly shutting down without any warning >..< #
  • 16:18 I'm getting dizzy again.....maybe I should go eat something...or go lay down =..= #
  • 16:21 Oh, wait....we have to leave in an hour... crap :\ #
  • 17:38 Mom just took one look at me and said, 'Good God, you look awful. Go back home.' =..= #
  • 19:12 Making my very own pitcher of sweet raspberry tea :) #
  • 23:42 @strixus Ugh! Stuff like this just kills me. It makes me so angry that people can be so stupid and hateful. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jul-05, Monday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3 
  • 14:24 Best part of Heroes to date: ep 6 in vol 4 shades of gray, where Claire gets a job at a comic book store and all the nerds cant stop staring :3 #
  • 14:32 ... I would love a job in a comic book store... or ... just a book store. #
  • 15:39 Dropping that crazy Thursday class via student login :D I love this system! #
  • 15:41 btw, still trying to upload that infernal episode -..- Apparently, it's a huge file <..< wtf YouTube, you said you could handle up to 2GB... #
  • 15:41 @DifficultyCheck Live? Or Live-Pre-Recorder? <..< #
  • 15:59 @mr_nnj :) sending #
  • 16:02 @Davlenagain so I hear :D #
  • 16:09 OK...back to cleaning house -..- #
  • 16:52 @Kexman ...don't suppose James Cameron's looking for new material for another SciFi movie? We could point him in that direction :3 #
  • 19:35 Making ramen #
  • 20:28 Exercised xp blarg. Do I get a cookie now? #
  • 20:13 @rebeccacurrence whichever's more torturous =..= #
  • 20:16 @rebeccacurrence lol worked out...alas, nothing has been removed :| #
  • 20:19 @rebeccacurrence it's very depressing! Nothing's more depressing than working out and not loosing weight :( #
  • 20:31 @rebeccacurrence XD roflmao! Well, sometimes I wish I could exorcise windows. #
  • 22:19 Gotta shower -..- #
  • 23:06 Been uploading since noon, and the video's at 70%... soooo 3 more hours should do it -..- #
  • 23:22 I love bath&bodyworks lotion :) my legs are all nice and smooooth. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jul-01, Thursday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3 
  • 23:50 @rebeccacurrence Oh me too. I told my doctor and she suggested eating something light... cereal or PB&J. Sometimes I need more though :| #
  • 23:55 @rebeccacurrence Right you are! Which is exactly why I'm noming a Jimmy Dean sausage egg and cheese sandwich. #
  • 00:07 Must sleeps nao =..= Closing Tweet: Bye, June 2010. And hello, July 2010. #
  • 10:42 @rei2rei Don't trust the critics, but don't expect anything. Either way, you won't be dissappointed. #
  • 10:43 @rei2rei I find that the movies critics hype are things I just don't care about and the things I love are things they ignore :| #
  • 13:00 I generally like our pastor, and I don't mind when he drops by. I just wish I wasn't wearing my 'boob shirt' when he did... #
  • 13:34 ...quoi? o..o RT @boingboing Silly Putty ingredient found in McNuggets - Boing Boing #
  • 13:56 I love Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci... I especially love them together. They're mostly why I love Julie&Julia and the Devil Wears Prada. #
  • 14:19 I keep thinking "I need to go and clean the church" and that thought's immeadately followed by "I feel so wretched" =..= #
  • 14:19 I keep hoping I'll start to feel better...or at least close to decent, but every time I so much as stand up I'm sent spinninig again. #
  • 14:40 Enough excuses =..= going to church to clean. I'll go slow in hopes I wont pass out. #
  • 15:51 OMW home =..= #
  • 20:45 Mom and I finally watched The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Not a bad movie, for an old movie. Still, too much song and dance for my taste :) #
  • 21:43 FROGGIE :D!!! #
  • 21:50 Froggie pic: #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jun-30, Wednesday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 12:05 ... @Davlenagain's preshows are so awesome, they make my computer freeze -..- #
  • 13:03 Listening to the @EssenceofRP on! :D #
  • 13:17 @EssenceofRP question of the day! How would you RP your character dying? #
  • 13:32 ...Druids of the feather flock together... #
  • 16:04 oh God...I think my stomach is revolting against me >..< #
  • 18:03 Went to get something from Mom's and a mocking bird swooped on me twice. She stopped when I faced her and started swinging at her -..- #
  • 19:22 @rei2rei Nah, that's not bad. I totally think he's an awesome actor just because he captures every character so well... #
  • 20:25 It's obvious, I just finished listening to Unmasked. My tumblr is full of the goodies I heard from the show :D #
  • 20:33 >..> the hell you say? @ZodiacFacts A #Libra prefers to be out and about rather than at home. #
  • 20:37 @mr_nnj If I have money or something entertaining to do, then sure. But 10 to 1, my home is awesome. No reason to leave :) #
  • 21:23 Confession: I like Wonder Woman's new costume :) Not sure about the new story line, but I'll reserved judgment... #
  • 22:47 Just remembered my jeans are in the washer =..= #
  • 23:40 Anyone every think "I should get to sleep" and then immediately think "I'm hungry"? -..- #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jun-25, Friday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 23:53 o..o geeze! rally for the puppy!! D: RT: @GaryJBusey You will retweet this or I will drown a puppy. #
  • 13:55 Holy Cow =..= note to self: go to sleep a 3:30 am wake up near 2 with 106 messages. #
  • 15:23 Mom's informed me that this is a Rose of Sharon tree :) The bees really love this flower too, and if... #
  • 15:57 <..< what's this? The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm by Christie Golden? *adds to WoW wishlist* :3 #
  • 18:04 At Arby's with everyone else in the county o..o #
  • 20:30 Went a little nuts and bought some wacky earrings at Clair's. #
  • 21:14 @Snickersnee <..< for shame.... #
  • 21:15 And once again, a simple trip to town has totally whipped me out -..- #
  • 21:24 Q:Have you watched 'The Hangover'? A:Alas, not yet! I do have it in my Netflix queue, but I've been on a mission to ... #
  • 21:26 o..o I have 500 movies in my Netflix Queue. I didn't realize Netflix had a limit to the number in your queue till now :) #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jun-23, Wednesday 11:45 pm
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  • 11:36 @Umamor1 ...just imagine how that metal rack must feel. #
  • 11:47 @Umamor1 :\ it wont hurt to ask... #
  • 14:09 @ShinodaCM yea, I was gonna say 'chicks dig guys with scars' but you dont need the help -..- #
  • 14:17 @Pride1G pft... wont do much good. He's engaged. Ann he can do is run to the end of his chain and bark >..> #
  • 14:18 Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to put on some clothes and straighten up the house -..- #
  • 14:20 @ShinodaCM you mean that obscured name attached to the dot that's across that river there? o..o #
  • 14:23 @Davlenagain I'm not being mean! I'm just trying to clarify. I can't make it out entirely, and all I can see is the Otta... #
  • 16:27 Desperately trying to keep my stomach out of my throat =..= #
  • 16:31 XD Thanks, @Snorgtees! For your viewing pleasure, especially if you are currently bored: #
  • 16:53 @ijustine .....iDance :) #
  • 19:12 Finally made myself put the last Avatar: the Last Airbender disc in the mailbox #ThankYouNetflix #
  • 23:42 @Pride1G yeah, I totally woulda recommended watching LOST in 3 minutes ( Very simply explained and easily accessible. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jun-21, Monday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 12:35 @Pride1G yah -..- me too. #
  • 12:40 @Pride1G ...And you arch your back and flex your entire body, like a cat after a long catnap. #
  • 12:44 @Umamor1 damn straight :3 #
  • 12:47 @Umamor1 Yeah...I love cats too, but I'm allergic to them =..= #
  • 13:01 @Umamor1, @Pride1G ...uh, do you know what he's talking about, Uma o..o #
  • 16:08 home. Just got Shela checked up :) #
  • 16:10 Aaand puting fresh clean sheets on my bed...incidently, that's the only time my bed gets made :| #
  • 16:25 @mr_nnj what? no, they weren't dirty, they had just been on the bed for a week and a half or so. And I like fresh sheets :) #
  • 16:26 @Pride1G It feels so good to be home...away from sunlight...and people... massive crowds of people =..= damn wal-mart. #
  • 16:31 I liked a YouTube Viddeo -- Scamp Adventures Ep. 08 The Tauren Farm #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jun-19, Saturday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 14:49 Trying very hard to get my living room and kitchen in order =..= been at it a while, but I have to take a lot of breaks 'cuz I get so dizzy. #
  • 15:39 Dear Room,

    Please stop moving while I'm trying to sit still.

    Much <3
    MM #
  • 15:58 This, believe it or not, is a the first stages of bloom :) Only some of the buds have opened... #
  • 16:12 Q:So If I guy liked you, you'd want it to be straight fo... A:....yes.... Unfortunately most people seem to think of... #
  • 18:17 @Davlenagain ...I prefer Beignets :) #
  • 19:02 @Umamor1 o..o hope you have some aloe vera... #
  • 19:44 Among others @ZodiacFacts #Libra Women Turn-Offs: Arrogance, arguments as entertainment, poverty, dumb-dumb jokes (think belching beer mugs) #
  • 19:46 Whoa....o..o house rattling thunder... God, but I love it :3 #
  • 20:12 Ok, the weather has gotten so bad, I'm turning everything off. #
  • 21:19 Listening to @EssenceofRP with @mr_nnj and @Pride1G.....WHAT?! :D #
  • 22:06 lmao!! X3 #
  • 22:07 omg!...@Pride1G's ears bleeding because of @mr_nnj singing! I...can't...breathe! XD #
  • 22:16 @rattgirl omg! you do :D #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jun-18, Friday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 11:59 Q:If a guy liked you, how would you want him to approach... A:I hardly know. I suppose honestly. I hate it when peop... #
  • 12:30 over loading a few friends's with random questions :) #
  • 12:32 @Davlenagain ....I will not say it...I will not say it...I will not say it... #
  • 12:35 @Davlenagain That's totally the opposite of what he said... #
  • 12:37 in advance, I totally apologize @Umamor1, @Davlenagain, and @Pride1G. My boredom ran away with me -..-' #
  • 12:40 @Umamor1 Oh well then :) Good. Sometimes I forget about o..o and then I feel bad. #
  • 12:41 I'm not feeling too bad today... :) I haven't gotten dizzy or felt like I would pass out once! #
  • 12:44's the weirdest thing. I'm sitting here and both of my legs are falling asleep o..o' #
  • 14:31 @TeenChoiceGirl @ijustine is my favorite web star! #
  • 14:31 I'm actually getting really excited about the Last Airbender movie... and that concerns me... #
  • 14:36 @mr_nnj I knoooow! But I hate to go to a movie based on something I love and expect it to be good.... #
  • 14:36 @mr_nnj If I expect it to be epic and it's not, I'll be very unhappy....but if I expect it to suck and it doesn't, I'll be thrilled... #
  • 15:08 @rattgirl lol!! #
  • 21:44 Note to Self: Greatvalue ice cream may be cheaper, but Blue Bell taste so much sweeter xp #
  • 21:58 @ShinodaCM ...a great value? #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jun-17, Thursday 11:45 pm
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  • 09:58 This plant (whatever it is) smells so nice! There were bees all over it, but I opted to show off the... #
  • 11:07 Aunt Carolyn went in for a check up and Mom just called and said that they admitted her to the hospital ER o..o #
  • 13:05 I keep feeling dizzy and light headed...trying to actually function normally is difficult... #
  • 13:51 Cleaning the church. Mom's helping. #
  • 14:24 Done -..- #
  • 15:27 @Umamor1 someone rubbing your foot with what feels like sandpaper? #
  • 15:55 Heya, er'body! @TheCouncilofSix is about to start! Tune in now for the preshow! #
  • 20:12 At Mom's. Just replaced her hummingbird feeder. #
  • 20:56 The fireflies are everywhere x3 They look like little Christmas lights! #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jun-13, Sunday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 00:55 Finally, that torturous video is up -..- ~ MMPSA -- Devastating #
  • 08:59 hmmm, cinnamon toast, nomnomnom :3 #
  • 09:04 This is another tiny roadside flower :) #
  • 10:31 At church, missing Sunday School, but I'm hoping I wake up for the service =..= #
  • 10:57 And service is about to start. Room, please stop tilting *..* #
  • 15:04 It's interesting sometimes that roadside wild flowers can be so captivating :) #
  • 19:15 Board meetings are board akshuly -..- #
I text way too much, yo :D

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The Written Word

2010-Jun-12, Saturday 08:31 pm
msmoon: (Book Magic)

I just finished Fit To Be Tied by Robin Lee Hatcher...a book that my Mom bought for me. It's a christian romance novel set in 1916 on a ranch, and not bad for a western fairy tale (if you get my meaning). Like many romance novels (christian notwithstanding), the couple don't take a shine to one another at first but slowly begin to grow fond of each other. They are stark opposites, but exactly what each other need. She, the daughter of a rancher and one of the best mustang wranglers around refusing to conform to society because who she knows she's happiest when she is herself; and he, an English dandy, fourth born son of a duke and somewhat crippled from an injury in the war. The couple face some adversities after admitting their affections for each other, but persevere and overcome them. In the end, it ends with what seems to be a happily ever after...

...though the next few pages made obvious what I'd neglected to initially notice. Right there, just above the author's name... "The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs" ... I had no idea how long this series is, but after a quick search, I found it is 2 in a series of 3. The First, A Vote of Confidence, I have along with the other books Mom got me. And while I wouldn't say this is the most wonderful book I've ever read, no offense intended of course, it is a happy diversion. I've seldom had the chance to just read something for the fun of it.

Another thing I've gotten away from is writing. I do vlog and all but...well... I've been tired. Very very tired. I haven't wanted to talk about it because I do hate to complain. I feel like I'm so lucky that I have no right to it. When I do complain, I always admonish myself for it because along with being useless it's annoying and not something anyone really wants to hear. But... I am tired all the time. Mind numbingly, debilitatingly tired... All the time. And when I'm not tired, doing anything (anything at all!) makes me tired. I have no enthusiasm for anything. I make myself exercise and work, but it's grueling. And on days like today when I'm actually in pain, I'm overwhelmed by exhaustion. It's not so bad now, but all day today was very difficult to get through.

Marsha, Pastor Sam's daughter, and her family came in from out of town because today is Anna's birthday party. They wanted to get together before the party and go to the Buffalo. I went. I went only to visit with Marsha, because even though we really (and I mean really) don't have much in common, she's fun to be around...and I don't get to see her often. In a way, our friendship reminds me of me and Reiko if only because we have less in common but simply tend to enjoy each other's company. I find it strange still that people seem to enjoy talking to me... odd. Anyway, the point was to say that every single time I had to move, it felt like I'd run a marathon. All I did was sit in a chair, sit in a van, get out and carry some stuff to the side of the river, sit for a while, watch the minnows around my angles, and then get back in the van and sit for the ride back.... I put our things into our car again and we came home, and I felt like I'd been wrung out. I did enjoy the time I had with Marsha, but... I was just so exhausted afterwards =..=' 

I came home, showered and took a nap... evidently a log one too. But it did refresh me a bit. Still, I always wake up feeling worse at first. I guess I'm like a bear when I wake up -..-' And it's bad luck to wake me when I'm sleepin' :)

I have an appointment with my doctor this Tuesday... I'm hoping she can help. I really don't know what's wrong, or if nothing's wrong then what I should be doing that I'm not or what I could do that would help. But I can't keep living like this. I don't even have the energy to write anymore. I write for maybe 45 minutes Sunday... and that's a big maybe. Sometimes, I'm too tired to do it then. And I'm so sick of sitting/laying about. I want to prove, if to no one else then at least to myself, that I'm not really lazy...but, is it too much to hope that I won't be exhausted after forcing myself to do anything?

Oh! I almost forgot! The minnows in the buffalo :3 Ok, so, when we go to the buffalo, we always bring these fabric foldable chairs and sit just the legs in the shallow part of the river. We just sit with our feet in the water, usually up to our ankles. Well, today...what with being so tired and all, I was especially still. I didn't move for however long we sat there. And the tiny fish and minnows in the river will come up and swim around you. Depending on if you have chips or bread, and how long you're willing to wait, you may even see small/medium sized fish swim up to you. Well, after a while, this fish lays down (sorta) on my toes! It was probably all of an inch and a half long, and it's belly was kinda flat... it looked a little like those fish that eat algae in fish tanks but it's mouth wasn't on bottom. Anyway, it just sat there for a while... and then it shot off real fast. A few minutes later (like I said, I didn't move from my spot), it came back and just laid there again. Mom commented that it liked the color on my toenails o..o' But then it laid on the strap of my flip flop (croc-flop). The third time was the last time I saw it, because the kids came in and it was time to eat. But it just tickled me so much that it was there. I wished, not for the first time, that I had remembered to bring my camera. 

I guess that's all for now. I just finished reading my book and... I dunno. I felt like, "It's a shame that I don't write anymore in LJ." So there you go :)



You Would Be a Down to Earth Celebrity

You aren't easily impressed or star struck, and if you were to become famous, it wouldn't change your own opinion about yourself.

You'd still treat everyone as you always have, and more importantly, you wouldn't expect to be treated any differently.

You'd be friendly to your fans and as accessible as possible. After all, they're the ones who make you famous.

You'd be a celebrity in the mold of Kate Winslet, Renee Zellweger, John Mayer, and Ashton Kutcher.


Yaviel &amp; Darcia Banner

P.S. It's sad, but I'd actually forgotten about blogthings quizzes and what a normal entry in my LJ looks like. I really hope I can get back into the swing of things and not solely rely on Twitter to remind myself what I've been up to (in case I just forget :3).


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