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MM has a guest over! We're having fun with collaboration :)

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There wasn't really a theme week challenge this I had to make my own challenge :)

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It's a human past-time to just look forward to things. What are you guys looking forward to?

Package of Love

2014-Mar-02, Sunday 07:42 pm
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We got a package in the mail from my lovely cousin :D There was much glitch and squeeing :3

Like we Like

2014-Feb-15, Saturday 01:00 am
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Yet another jaunt to our favorite sushi place in Branson :

Oh, and the song playing while the train is going and we're looking around is Imagine Dragon's TipToe :) It's an awesome song, and you should check it out

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-Thor 2

-American Horror Story

-Zachary Quinto


Coming Soon

2013-Dec-13, Friday 12:39 pm
msmoon: (MsMoon's Crescent), I'm thinking of revisiting an old brand...

Theeing Thor 2

2013-Nov-09, Saturday 02:09 am
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We knew we would need nourishment and sugar and giggles to survive...and survive we did :3 Spoiler free btw!

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I apologize for the beginning of the video, but, enjoy, nonetheless!

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Might come in hand for costume ideas.


2013-Oct-11, Friday 10:42 am
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Glitch was having one of her spells, and didn't want to be on camera, so here's another drawing video.

Farewell to 29

2013-Oct-05, Saturday 10:36 pm
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I spent my last day of my 29th year hanging out in Branson, MO, with my Knights :D So much singing, joking, and Tom(Hiddleston)foolery went on, I'm glad I managed to record some of it :3

Theme Week~ 250913

2013-Sep-25, Wednesday 10:30 pm
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A day in the life of a Bear :)

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MsMoon's day in the life. I'm kinda glad it was on a day when I was really busy. I had plenty of things to do, so there's a lot of stuff in the video :)

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I deeply apologize for this video being late. The video wouldn't load last night.


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