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There are so many days when I feel like I don't accomplish is not one of those days.


2010-Apr-16, Friday 11:45 pm
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  • 00:22 I liked a YouTube video -- "NORA: Practice Makes Purr-fect" - Check the sequel too. #
  • 10:57 Note to self: straighten your hair before bed from now on. You look like Medusa for goodness sake ~..~ #
  • 10:59 @Leto lol, thanks for trying :) Actually, they say Medusa from the new Clash is fairly hot. #
  • 11:03 @Leto from what I understand, the 3D is not that great. Everyone says to just see it in 2D. #
  • 11:05 @strixus Yeah. Was that Hera's doing? I remember Athena was responsible for Arachnae (not sure of the spelling) the boastful weaver... #
  • 11:08 @Davlenagain Ah. It's probably better not to make any god angry ... #
  • 11:32 @Leto Oh hey, it's almost just like the Nora's Mews ap, by Nora the Piano Playing Cat :3 #
  • 11:32 @wotcherscamp I thought the surgery went well? #
  • 12:37 @wotcherscamp Well, at least she's in the best possible place... #
  • 13:33 My house is a sty, and feeling terrible really isn't an excuse to let stay that way. I may be moving slow, but I'ma get a move on -..- #
  • 14:26 omg o..o .... LOL! XD RT: @JINX
    New product: #releasethekraken indeed #
  • 15:10 Gah >..< dang internet. #
  • 15:54 I have the strangest urge to move my furniture around ... #
  • 16:12 Ok. It took a bit of grunting and pulling and pushing and shimmying, but the living room is slightly rearranged -..- #
  • 16:19 @Davlenagain ...if it takes that much effort, the dress isn't worth wearing -..- s'a good thing I didn't mention how hot and sweaty I was... #
  • 16:58 @Umamor1 It's alive! Alive!... x3 I've always wanted to say that. #
  • 18:39 It's raining so hard I got soaked runing home. It's good because I love the rain and the plants need it. But bad when my windows are up :| #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Apr-05, Monday 11:45 pm
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  • 23:54 Hope everyone had a great Easter :) #
  • 10:41 No day is good when it begins with a call saying, 'Get up. We're doing something, and you're going to do it NOW.' =..= #
  • 10:46 @DJTimeKiller Clean the living room and get the sofa clean so they can take it because they need it. #
  • 14:35 This is why I hate surprises. #
  • 14:57 @Davlenagain nothing serious -..- My parents are agitating my OCD. #
  • 16:03 Home at last. #
  • 17:38 Might as well try Alassiel's NG stuff now. #
  • 22:55 I liked a YouTube video -- best break dance ever......... #
  • 23:25 Well, the day started out bad...and continued that way for a bit... but at least it evened out and the ending wasn't awful :) #
  • 23:34 @DJTimeKiller with a partially clean living room, and me watching old anime. At least I'm not ticked off and depressed any more. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Mar-06, Saturday 11:45 pm
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  • 23:45 @Davlenagain hey, after I finally colapse after my cleaning jag, do you think I should have a Firefly or old school Star Wars marathon? #
  • 23:50 @Davlenagain Oh, such a great story. I had a Dune day not too long ago :) #
  • 23:50 It's funny how Sci Fi miniseries are so freakin' awesome, yet most of their movies....suck o..o #
  • 23:54 Ok...I'm gonna stop the madness and succumb to the meds... goodnight =..= #
  • 08:50 Oh God =,,= it's worse today... #
  • 11:12 Watching A New Hope. You know, once you've read over the Star Wars Guides you find yourself noticing the most peculiar things. #
  • 12:42 When you're this sick, nothing's better than Mom's home-made chicken vegitable soup with a few saltine crackers. #
  • 12:56 All right. Moving on to The Empire Strikes Back, my favorite of the original trilogy. #
  • 13:04 Is this my 3rd or 4th bottle of water? Oh well, at least I'm hydrated =,,= #
  • 13:33 Is it weird that I prefer the original holo conversation between Vader and the Emporer? #
  • 14:59 It seems I can't stand to stay up-right and look at anything =,,= So, I'm lying down and listening to OMFG podcasts. #
  • 16:05 @Pride1G Silence, blasphemer <,,< #
  • 16:08 ;_; @Pride1G just called me 'ma'am' ...WAAHAHAAA DX! #
  • 16:13 Listening to @strixus's soothing tones via the last Abstract Polygon... Cosmology/Cosmogony... Thoughtful and provoking :/ #
  • 16:17 @Pride1G Live in your world. I prefer my own :3 #
  • 16:22 I was gonna make myself a sandwich... but I'm pretty sure that isn't penacilin growing in the bread bag... #
  • 16:26 @Pride1G grab yourself a blanket, sha. #
  • 16:34 I'm sitting at my table, eating... and it's freakin' awesome XD I've never had a table and chairs before!! #
  • 17:04 @Pride1G To which statement are you refering? #
  • 17:07 @Pride1, @Davlenagain oh. I've never had a table. I've eaten at Mom and Dad's, but never had one for myself :3 It's so awesome! #
  • 17:15 This is MY table in MY house... with MY green dragon napkin holder in the center... I need to reappolster the chairs, but it's all good :D #
  • 17:21 Geeze, even the light from my cell hurts my eyes >,,< I guess it's what I get for pushing myself to write that last iTunes review. #
  • 18:37 ... I want something... but I don't know what. Don't you hate that? #
  • 18:40 @Umamor1 Only thing I've got is blood. Sorry, Hon -,,- #
  • 18:42 @Davlenagain Ohh, sushi -,,- Too bad I'm broke and the nearest place is 40 min away. #
  • 18:43 @Pride1G Somehow I doubt that. What're you cooking? #
  • 18:46 How does one get strung out on Dayquil/Nyquil? Not sure, but I manage somehow *,,* #
  • 18:49 @Pride1G All part of this balance diet :) #
  • 19:02 @Umamor1 I think that type of cruelity just a female thing. Whether you're a mom or not doesn't change it :3 #
  • 19:11 I found out my mom wanted to name me Sarah Lee :\ Embarrassing, but I coulda had my own personal jingle :3 #
  • 19:18 @Pride1G ;) Nice ta meet ya, John. #
  • 19:21 @Umamor1 I've only heard the other girl names that were up o..o Never thought to ask about the boy names... #
  • 19:26 @Umamor1 you know, one of my coworkers called me Melissa by mistake. She said I looked like a Melissa. It didnt bother me so it stuck. #
  • 19:30 @Umamor1, really! Is that entirely called for? #
  • 19:33 @wotcherscamp Which is hilarious in itself, because Jeremiah was a bullfrog :) ... and a prophet o,,o #
  • 19:34 @Davlenagain Ok. Not asking. #
  • 19:37 @Umamor1 Did I ever appologise for that whole autoshare fiasco on YouTube? Not so great through text I suppose. #
  • 19:43 @Pride1G <,,< Not to sound too mummyish, but if you want to avoid being ashamed of your behavior, you should think before you act. #
  • 19:48 My face feels like it's on fire, and it appears my laptop is locked out of my own network and the password's been reset >,,< #
  • 19:50 And I have no clue how to fix it, and no energy to try =,,= #
  • 19:54 @Umamor1 Can't you go to sleep, bebe? #
  • 19:59 @Umamor1 Ah! True. I've gotten used to missing the shows and strugeling to download them later -,,- #
  • 20:02 @Pride1G Hey, I battled the internet for 20 solid minutes to review/rate your show on iTunes. So dont you give me those eyes, Mister. #
  • 20:06 @Pride1G -,,- dont feed me no lines, and keep your hands to yourself. #
  • 20:09 @Umamor1 Mais, both lines work, no? :) #
  • 20:11 Couldya, wouldya, aint ya gonna, if I asked ya would ya wanna be my baby tonight!... it's amazing the weird crap I remember o,,o #
  • 20:16 @Davlenagain ...ok in Jedi, the Emporer says 'you want this...dont you' and I thought of Essence drop-ins o,,o #
  • 20:19 @Davlenagain I know! Cant watch Star Wars now without thinking about it. #
  • 20:20 @Pride1G... what a shock /sarcasm. #
  • 20:23 @Davlenagain It's a trap! :D #
  • 20:31 @Umamor1 Get somewhere comfortable o,,o #
  • 21:01 ...Every time I walk past my table, I squeal with delight ^,,^ ...then I hack, cough and wheeze -,,- #
  • 21:14 I just babbeled on and on while fixing my fond, then wished I'd caught it on camera... And that'd be a REALLY bad idea. #
  • 21:29 Noms had. Pills taken. After I finish my cider, it's nyquil and then bed -,,- #
  • 21:31 @Umamor1 Good night :) #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Mar-05, Friday 11:45 pm
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  • 08:26 Woke up with a cough and a terrible sore throat. #
  • 08:27 Cleaning my kitchen while the coffee brews. #
  • 08:46 Sore throat + Warm coffee = sothing 'Ahhh' moment. #
  • 09:10 Still can't find my cell charger... I would blame Mom, but it's my own fault for not packing it before she OCD-cleaned the room. #
  • 09:58 Cleaning up the living the slowest pace ever -..- #
  • 11:29 Aw. Reiko is really upset and depressed. Wonder if I should send her birthday present early... #
  • 13:19 I has a table. #
  • 13:50 @Davlenagain Only the normal table sort of tricks :) #
  • 13:53 @Davlenagain I'm not sure I've seen many 'fun' tables :\ #
  • 17:31 Found my cell charger! It was in a bag with Mom's shoes. #
  • 18:16 Supernatural season 4 only 16.95 on Holy cow! When'd that happen!? #
  • 19:10 Submitted reviews a while ago on iTunes for EoRP, Fragged Up and Off Topic. Glad to see they're finally showing up on their iTunes pages. #
  • 19:13 I need to write one for Council of Six...but I don't think I can write a good enough one that'll do the show the justice it deserves... :\ #
  • 19:25 @Umamor1 I know, right! Hiccups are the most annoying thing! Right next to people who don't know how to drive! >..< #
  • 19:33 Goodness, @Davlenagain, you gonna make it? #
  • 19:37 @Davlenagain Aw, sha, I know what you mean :\ Good luck till then. #
  • 20:43 @Pride1G ... Did you film this event? #
  • 20:49 Oh, silly @Davlenagain! @Pride1G doesn't have to cook to get a burn! ... That's our job :3 #
  • 20:59 Silly, @Pride1G! The 'clap' is an STD, and I'm little Miss Abstinence. If such a implausable thing were to happen, you'd be giving it to me. #
  • 21:02 @Pride1G ...*sigh* You obviously have no grasp of the word 'implausable' -..- #
  • 21:08 @Pride1G the difference between possable and plausable is that anything is possable. :3 And you can keep your head to yourself, thanks but . #
  • 21:08 @Pride1G ... No thanks. #
  • 21:11 @Pride1G oh, I thought you said love was just a state of mind :) And the you change your mind a lot. #
  • 21:12 Sorry, @Davlenagain. :( Are we killing your phone? #
  • 21:13 O..O @Pride1G are you quoting DC Talk?! XD #
  • 21:15 @Davlenagain Hm. Got any more of those hot dogs? They sounded tastey #
  • 21:18 @Pride1G LOL! XD iSqueal (a new application from Apple ^..^)! #
  • 21:20 @Pride1G No, just the irony that you know it :) #
  • 21:22 @Davlenagain True, true. Try pouring that Tostitos Queso cheese on 'em next time :) #
  • 21:24 @Pride1G Yeah... It's easy to forget you have a religious background. #
  • 21:27 @Davlenagain hm. That's too bad. And it makes me wish we could have an OMFG con... Just so's I could cook... And that's just weird -..- #
  • 21:29 @Pride1G ...uh... I'm sorry? :3 #
  • 21:31 @Davlenagain That would be awesome... even if embarrassing stuff would leak to YouTube. #
  • 21:41 So, after coughing and sneezing all day long, I still managed to clean my living room and kitchen! Tomorrow I'll clean my bedroom =..= #
  • 21:47 @Pride1G Thanks, but I only clean when I'm sick of having to clear a path. I'm too laid back to care if everything's in its place every day. #
  • 21:50 @Pride1G erm o..o the fact that it's what my last post was about I suppose. #
  • 21:53 @Pride1G oh... hm... How 'bout that Drew Brees, huh? :3 #
  • 21:55 @Pride1G I've been answering my cell that way for months now :D #
  • 22:01 @Pride1G yeah, I can only imagine. Never really been in a bar. Anyway, I know it was nuts watching it at the house :) #
  • 22:07 :) @Pride1G yes well, as I don't drink and all... though I DID go to a club once before it opened to drop my big brother off... #
  • 22:13 @rebeccacurrence K! Have fun, dear! :D #
  • 22:15 @Pride1G Guess I'll have to take your word for it :) I live in a dry county now :D #
  • 22:18 @Pride1G ...dry....parish? O..o' But...but that's an oxymoron... #
  • 22:24 @Pride1G yeah...I have no idea what that means *nod nod nod* #
  • 22:26 @Pride1G If you feel it when I drop this :) You know the first time I heard that it was to a pink pig-tailed gnome machinima o..o' #
  • 22:31 @Pride1G I know. It was Gnome Invasion 2, and that's how I discovered TFK (Let's shock 'em with the bodyrock 'til the party stops) #
  • 22:35 @rebeccacurrence o..o oh dear... that doesn't sound healthy at all... #
  • 22:38 @rebeccacurrence Ohhh! Well, that's wonderful, Darling :) #
  • 22:39 @Pride1G ... I refuse to fall prey to your blatant shuffle tactic &lt;..&lt; #
  • 22:41 @rebeccacurrence Oh you know :) Mostly, it's going good. I don't have any enemies blood to bathe in, but I manage ^..^ #
  • 22:42 @Pride1G lol, the next line of that song would be opening a door and begging someone to just walk on through xD I will not be provoked :3 #
  • 22:43 PS! < Gnome Invasion 2. It's actually pretty awesome... even if I only favorite it for the song :3 #
  • 23:00 @Pride1G Right. Because Skype and Vent are too much and evidently AIM and Yahoo are outdated -..- #
  • 23:10 Dang...I'm starving all of a sudden... I'ma go scrounge up some noms. #
  • 23:12 @Pride1G Lucky :) Have fun. #
  • 23:16 @Pride1G Figures. #
  • 23:18 Making poptart melts and hot coco, and watching S1 of Batman the Animated Series. #
  • 23:22 @Pride1G almost didn't get that with the misspelling. Gonna hafta pass. Ned to eat and take meds that'll make me stop coughing and sleep. #
  • 23:39 You know, the graphic art behind The Cat and The Claw ep always strikes me... and that's not just the Nyquil talking. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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I am currently in my house... albeit fighting with my internet >..> But that's ok! I'm in my house! My bed and bedroom are all set up, and I just took my first official shower (after a very long day of moving various extraordinarily heavy objects into said house). The area with the best signal strength is in the back of the house around the office/guest bedroom area I'm making due with what I have :) At least, until Dad moves the router to his bed room... then the signal might be better.... I hope. Either way, as long as it works.

The hardest things to move... were things with drawers in them. Dad and I spent most of our time taking drawers out of things and moving the drawers single file, then taking whatever the drawers were in. My night stands weren't so bad, right? And we took apart the bed and that made it a little easier. Still... it wasn't easy. I'm hoping that that'll be the hardest of things to move...because we still have my computer and TV/TV stand to move o..o

Dear God,

Please let the worst be over?

Much love,


=..= So.... I'm basically just sitting in my guest room filling you guys in :) After that it'll be nothing but relaxing, and Mako-kun will turn into a glorified DVD player >..> No offense, buddy.

Tomorrow... or maybe even the next day, we're going to get groceries... for both houses. Because I'm next to bare over here and Mom and Dad are getting low too. So, we're stocking up tomorrow. Probably move a few more things too. As for tonight... I'm thinking of marathoning it :D Something to celebrate you know? I mean, I've got Chinese take-out in the fridge and all, so... what's better than left-over Chinese food and a movie marathon? So! That's where you shall find me now; in my house... watching hoards of movies ^..^

Later, Sunshines!



Your Evil Name Is Maura Celina



Yaviel Isilmiel

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It’s entirely probable that there’s some sort of conspiracy against my parents settling in to their new home. Just a few weeks ago, my dad’s brother Bobby died….and now just the other day (Mom never told me exactly when it happened) my mom’s brother Richard died. So, Mom had to drive down to Sulphur for that funeral. I assume that since Sulphur is 3 hours west of here, I doubt very seriously that she’ll be stopping by. Dad was already here so he could go offshore this morning, when Mom had to get with her sister (my other Aunt Carolyn) and head on down. The funeral is today, but I think she decided to stay a little while (even if at the hotel room) because it’s just so much driving, and all that tends to make her ankles swell really badly. So yeah.

Oh! I finally got my new phone in! I wub it very much. I’m still trying to figure out everything about it, but I’m liking it so far. I officially got it yesterday and I’ve been going through my address book, and LOVING the features on it. I can add e-mails and phones lines (if one isn’t enough), Nickanmes, Birthdays, it’s awesome! Unfortunately, I usually forget that the date format is Day-Month-Year, and try to put more than 12 in the day section =..= I’ll get the hang of it. The rings are different…and there are a lot more of them than I had on my other phones, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some others, either from Bluetooth exchange or actually buying them.

I’ve been without internet since sometime Friday...But, I haven’t really had the time (or inclination) to fix it. And then Dad came down Monday, so I was distracted and couldn’t really tend to it. But, I finally got a message from Wal-Mart yesterday (and checked it at work) and they said that the stuff I’d ordered last month was ready for pick up. So I have a large bean bag, which is great as bean-bags go, and this enormous floor pillow, which I think totally rocks. It’s just awesome.

And though yesterday totally sucked at work, when I got home, my government check was waiting for me. It’s not much at all but that’s $500 I didn’t have before. Most of that will be going into my Savings account, but some will definitely be going into checkings if only to make things easier till the next pay day. I’m just so happy to have it though, because it really helps.

I cannot wait for this week to end. It’s like, it knows that we have a holiday Friday, so every other day is sucking…terribly. Monday and Tuesday were absolutely abysmal (at work at least) I’m hoping that things perk up…otherwise, drastic steps will have to be taken.

God…I need a haircut so bad...

I guess that’s everything….thus far at least. I’ll talk at ya’ll later, Sunshines!




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Harvest Moon

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Wow…what an eventful weekend. I think we did more than during the weekend than during the week. I have pictures up on FaceBook and my scrap book here of the whole bed fiasco. We had to go pick up my bed Saturday, but we got there at 9, and they weren't open. So Mom wanted to show me some dishes and things at Target that she thought I might like. Dad ended up buying me some uber-cool silverware that I love and a little coffee pot just for me ^.^ Hapyness. So, yeah, then we got my bed...and we ended up having to tavel back and forth to two 3 times for it =.= I’ll show you the album in a second.Let’s just say that it was trying, and we were all very tired after the whole hoopla was over, but I now have a very nice bed and I enjoy it very much ^.^ So that’s what matters. However, I must say, this is the first time that I've ever gotten something from Ashely's Furniture, and it will no doubt be the last.

Oh, another cool note to touch on. Mom went over to my Aunt Carolyn’s Sunday after lunch. But Dad wasn’t feeling good. So, he and I stayed home, ate ice creame and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. OMG, that was histericle. I never get tired of that show! And Dad and I laughed so much through the whole thing. And the fact that I was watching this chick flik with Dad, and he enjoyed it just as much as Mom and I, makes it so much funnier.

Oh, Scamp finally sent me the 4th chapter of her story. And since I got my new black print cartridge, I decided to reformat the Scamp Binder. So now, I have an index of the story followed immediately by the story, then I have a divider and her character descriptions, followed by another divider and her races. It looks all official and crap and I’m very pleased with it ^___^.

Other than all that, nothing much is going on...I love my new furniture. Things are tiring, but we still make them fun somehow. See ya’ll later, Sunshines.

Yaviel Isilmiel

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Well, today was fun to start off, a tad on the miserable side towards the middle, and it ended fairly well all thing’s considering. My cousins (Scamp and her older brother Josh) came over this morning (oh yeah, they brought their parents with them too), and I showed Josh Warcarft *cough*warcrack*cough*. I really should see a doctor about that cough too... ^_^ Anyway. Yeah, after showing Josh a few videos on YouTube, I let him get on and play. He made an Orc Warrior, which I must confess is a tyle of character that I never play. Evenditly he’s suited to the big, brutish tank style. Which is really great, because we DoT dealers, Mages etc. really need someone like that around to absorb a foes blows….dude that almost sounded like poetic in some weird, geeky way =) Anyway!

I finally got the Brit boy’s package(s) to Scamp for her to add to her…uh…things she’s sending them O.o And I also got to give her the Red vs. Blue tapes that I made for her….which will go to Josh whenever she moves in with me ^.^ I’m not certain how, but they also managed to make off with a good deal of my anime collection….not that I mind really. I know how funny Scamp can be about the care and condition of such things (books, anime, oh hell, anything!). Besides, no one here is watching it. That reminds me, I really need to finish watching Rune Soldier. I bought the box set and I haven’t even watched it all! I guess that’ll come after I finish Lori’s X-Files. I swear, it’s going on two weeks that I have this, and I’ve yet to get through the sixth disc! I don’t know what’s been wrong with me lately, but I guess my attention has been a bit divided.Or just not there at all O.o But, yeah…anyway. I loaned them /thinks Slayers (the first season along with Next and Try), and Fruits Basket.

Mom had made a nice, big taco soup since they’d taken the trouble to come all the way over here hauling Aunt Lane/Conni’s chair. The adults talked (and ranted) while we camped out in my room and talked (and ranted ^.^). The taco soup was really good...I think the difference is in the Fritos...I’ve eaten it before without the Frito chips and it wasn’t one of my faves. But it is very easy to make, and it is warm and tastey. After some gaming, a bit of talking, and then wishing them well as they went on their way…I came down with a serious headache. It felt like a sinus head ache, so I can only assume it’s just my allergies. Yes, Spring has definatley sprung. I can feel it in my nose =_=

Other than watching a bit of X Files and laying around, I did nothing but feel the effects of the sinus/allergy medicine. Then mom poked her head in and asked if there were any other epsidoes of Bones that we could watch…and considering we’d only gotten the first disc watched, I said there was quite a few. So we got through the second disc today ^.^ And the evening ended really well.

I must say though...I’m afraid that I’m becoming a little obsessed with spending money on Amazon…or anywhere else really. Sure, I don’t do it when I don’t actually have money...but think about it. Friday, once I’d gotten paid and found out how much I made, I went to Amazon and bought The X-Men Trilogy (because even though I dispised the last one I still love the X-men), Robotech - The Shadow Chronicles, Howl's Moving Castle, Can't Take Me Home by P!nk, Don't Fear the Reaper: The Best of Blue Öyster Cult, and Numb/Encore by Linkin Park & Jay-Z (because Amazon stopped selling it or something)…it was like…I really just couldn’t help myself. I had done the math and figured what I’d have left over after tithes, savings and bills and then said “Yeah, I’ve got plenty left over.” So I spent some. /nod nod nod. I really should focus on not doing that for a very long time…

Other than that purchase…and my lingering headach…everything’s pretty ok. Oh yeah. There is that one thing…Mom and I were trying to move that chair that Scamp and Co. brought…and Mom tried to move it too soon and the wrong way and…well…right onto my right big toe. Yeah, the nail kind of cracked down the center to about half way down the length of the nail...and the edge around the nail has turned a different color. Trying to file that nail evenly was terrible. But! Other than that and my headache, I’m doing ok. And now, I’m really tired…so I’m gonna go ahead and close out now that I’ve written here and to Scamp. See you later, sunshines!

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Yaviel Isilmiel

Writing in Advance

2006-Dec-05, Tuesday 10:31 am
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Ok, so, living without the internet is a bore and a pain. I thought it’d be pure agony, but in truth, I’ve ordered everything that I’m gonna order online, so there’s no need for me to really worry over that. Everything’s been paid. Everything’s in the mail. However finding things to do is becoming quite tedious.

Yesterday, after hastily posting that last entry, I did managed to glance at my friends page. Unfortunately, it was almost time to go, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do a thorough reading as much as I would enjoy it. In what little time I had left, I did manage to copy and print out the last entries of [profile] wotcherscamp and [personal profile] rattgirl . I didn’t get the chance to read it till later that night, but it made me feel more connected...even though I’m not -_-  

I finally got my PS2 in yesterday afternoon. I was surprised at how very small and lightweight it is. So, I glanced at the instruction manual and thought I had a general idea of how to hook it up. I set it on the shelf that holds my VCR and proceeded to try and move the TV so that I could see the ports in the back...The shelf that my loving father put up for my TV, is scrawny and weak. It’s bowing in the center (where the TV is), and it moves with every little nudge I give the TV! Of course this has me frightened that it’ll fall or break the shelf in two if I try to fool with it. All that boils down to that I do have my PS2...but I’ve no real way of playing it as I can’t figure out how to install it without moving the TV. There were some of those Audio/Video ports in the front of the TV, but I tried to plug it into those and still, it didn’t work -_- I am defeated. I’ve decided to ask my Dad to make another shelf. One more sturdy that doesn’t look like it’s about to break. Of course, he’s two weeks from coming in, so I’ll just have to do without till he does come in. I might try hooking it up to the TV in the living room, if only to experiment and see if I actually know which cables to hook up to which ports O.o It’s been ages since I had a gaming system, and I’ve forgotten how to hook them up.

I also received the other package yesterday and though I did have a rather large sulk-fit at not being able to install the PS2 properly, I consoled myself with Pride and Prejudice, which was almost better than the first go-around. I find I’m more enamored with it now than I was when I first watched it, if that makes any sense at all. Some things just keep getting better as they go. I also skimmed through Races of Destiny, my new D&D supplement book. It’s very interesting and I find the only problem I have with it is that there just isn’t enough put into it ^_^ I also received The Mists of Avalon on DVD, which is actually a gamble that I took. I’ve never seen this movie, but I have wanted to for a very long time. I’ve yet to watch it, but I think I’ll try doing that tonight if I get the chance. Has anyone else seen this, and if so what were your opinions of the movie (and/or the book if you like)?

I didn’t get to sleep till around 1 last night and for two specific reason. One being that I had told Mom I would wash the permanent press, and had nearly forgotten it. I knew I couldn’t just wash it and get away with that so I waited till the washer was done, and then left the clothes in the dryer. Of course Mom didn’t really like that very much beings as she’s never satisfied with dried clothes unless they are immediately hung after they’ve finished drying =_= The second reason for my being up so late would be that I had printed out a list of Magic and the spells these different magics use, and then I had gone through it and edited it more to my liking (added and revising and such). As I had no internet coupled with plenty of time and a reason for staying up longer than I would (the clothes in the washer), I decided to go through the old document which was on this jump drive, and change the format to what I came up with on the edited paper. I am happy to report that the result looks much more organized and unified, even though there isn’t nearly enough on it. I was thinking of posting the table that I’d made in

[profile] ruby_unicorn , but I don’t know how much of a headache that’ll be what with it being in a huge table and all. The table is formatted in Word and it would probably be a great big pain to try formatting it in html. In fact, I confess that I’ve no earthly notion how to make a table in scratch html. Before long, I’ll be going through D&D and EQ RPG books to look at what types of spells they have there. Looking at their spells always helps me to think of something.  

That’s all for now. I’ll see if I can check in later in the day. Ja!

Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Ice Age - Twitch) I’m at work (on break), and I thought I’d post because I might not post all weekend with the way my computer’s been behaving. I’m almost certain I have a virus if only because it’s freezing and going so slow. I’m hoping I don’t but /shrugs, I really just don’t know what else it could be. I’ll ask techno-geek luniXman as soon as I can, but /sigh I dunno.

In all other news! My shelves have been installed and my PS2 is on its along with Katamari Damacy. I took all the suggestions given to me and added them to my wish list (both on Amazon and on My Dad says that when he comes in next time he’ll make a third shelf to go above my TV and it’ll hold books and stuff so they’ll all look symmetrical. They’re kinda scratchy right now because he couldn’t get them all the way painted in time, but I think they’re spiffy. Tonight (after Mom’s women’s meeting) we’ll be headed to town to get a few things for the PS2 that I just don’t feel like waiting for. I plan on getting 2 wireless controllers and a PS & PS2 memory card (thanks to Scamp for the advice!). Twin-san was all full of good games too. She wrote me and was like ‘ok, get Jak and Daxter, Final Fantasy VII-XII, the .hack series, legend of dragoon, final fantasy tactics, suikoden iii, iv, and v, dynasty warriors 4 and 5..let's see.oh, of course, katamari. that is fun as hell! anyway if i remember any more i'll send them your way. rock on to getting a ps2 finally :D’ ….O.o that’ll all be going on the wish lists. In related news...Mom wants me to get DDR O.o’

Speaking of Dad, he said he was going to ‘fix’ my fan for me =.=’ Yeah. When he put it back up it was noisier than it had been. Of course he didn’t want to go out, buy and install a brand new fan on his last day, so I’m stuck with a small desk fan. Good thing the weather turned cold so I don’t need a fan desperately.

Oh! Also, we’ve switched our services from Bellsouth to Time Warner. Or, it will be switched come December 14. We have to network our computers together...but considering how badly AMOS is behaving, that might not be a good idea -.- Y’know...I think my next computer will be MAC. I’ve nothing but good about them. Of course, my next computer will probably be five years down the road, and I’ll have to buy it myself but still. You get what I mean. But anyway. We’ll be getting TV, Phones, and Internet all on the same plan, and we’ll be saving about $10 a month. Not much, but it adds up na no da.

Uh...hmm. /thinks. I’m sure there was more that I wanted to say, but it’s escaping me at the moment...funny that. Oh well.

Can I get an Amen?

I guess I’ll close out on that note. Later!

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Harvest Moon

Taking Measurements...

2006-Nov-28, Tuesday 09:14 am
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Gosh, this morning posting thing is catching on. Probably because I’m more tired and less likely to post after work. My computer’s still as zany as ever at this point, but I’ve run a virus program on it and it has yet to find any threats. /shrugs I’m gonna keep running them though…just for the heck of it.

Ok, so I have a question for my PS2 junkies out there (yes, I’m talking to the three of you). I always thought a PS2 was just a bit smaller (height wise) than an average VCR. S’that correct? See, the way I figure it, I’m gonna get my dad to nock out the shelves that I have for my TV and VCR. He’ll make some that are a bit lower, so that the VCR and PS2 will be right above my computer, and the TV will be right above that. Theoretically the PS2 and VCR will go side by side, but Dad asked the dimensions of the PS2 for certainty sake, and I really didn’t know...Here’s how my set-up looks now:


visuals )


But when Dad’s done, the shelves will span across the entire nook. The Nook is about 39 inches across, the VCR is 17 inches long-ways and about 4 inches in height… that means the remaining shelf space would be about 22 inches. So as long as the PS2 doesn’t exceed 22 inches long-ways, it should be fine. …..theoretically.

Oh well. I’d better hurry up and finish this. This computer’s going so slow that it’s just not letting me post quickly any more. I shall try again sometime later with updates…ja!



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Dude, I'm Bastet! How cool is that?


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PS: Also, if you gamers wanna leave suggestions as to PS2 games I should look into, leave comments with what and why. I've allready bought Katamari Damacy and I'm gonna get We Love Katamary as soon as I can afford it. Anything other than that s'cool ^_^
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Beware, for I am: Sore Sore

The other night, I was dreaming that I was walking down a long corridor…I think it was a library or some other large building with tall bookshelves...It was very dark and empty and very airy. I remember wondering how long it had been since someone had actually been in this place, because it smelled ancient with old papers and books and dust. No one was here and light filtered through the looked almost as tangible as the shelves and books and anything else that was there. I looked up to my left and the book shelf tilted and began to fall. So, I did what anyone would do. I ran...

Unfortunately the sight of a gigantic book shelf about to fall on me was sufficiently motivating enough for me to actually launch myself out of bed and run...right into my dresser >_< I have a nice scrap + bruise combo below my knee right on my shin...It’s been such a long while since I’ve had a ‘sleep walk’ episode. So much so that I find myself saying “I used to sleep walk.”

...So, how’s everyone else doing?



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Yabba dabba do my ass

2005-Oct-19, Wednesday 10:11 pm
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Mood: Image hosted by Hmph

Yo. Today was...ok, I suppose. Woke up around 9:45ish. I had a strange coughing-fit during the night and my throat was killing me, so I made myself some cappuccino. Mom had to go somewhere to do something...I think she had Mrs. T check over the check book. So I was left home with little Fred.

Fred is a black miniature poodle. He’s Aunt Batty’s dog, but they were going to Tennessee, and they couldn’t take him with them. So, we dog-sit for them. Anyway, Fred is cute though. Let’s see if I can find a picture of him...ah here we go...

Image hosted by
Fred is the little ball of fluff that’s laying against my dad’s side. Oh, that’s my dad in the pic, btw.

Image hosted by
Here's another good shot of little Fred. lost my train of thought...But I was here with Fred, so I surfed around on the internet. Then, when Mom called and said she’d be coming in, I took Fred out for a walk. It was...probably around 12ish, and I hadn’t even eaten breakfast. So, When I was walking Fred, I checked the mail and got a TV dinner out of the shed. Fred was a bit freaked out by the shed...too many things I suppose.

After eating and a bit of waiting, the lady from the Small Engine place called and asked if I could meet with her around 4.

While we waited, I wrote stuff. Then I finally got dressed and put on make up (which I hate), and we got ready and went to town. We stopped by the car wash, and let the sucker wash my car. I don’t know why Mom bothers with the thing. Since our road is all dusty and white, it doesn’t matter how much we wash it, it’ll still look terrible a few days (hours) later. But we did anyway. I dropped Mom off at the mall...she has this thing about how she doesn’t want me to go to interviews with her. Something about how people would judge me if I had her with me. I don’t care in the least, and if someone’s gonna judge me by who I have waiting on me in the car, as opposed to my actual credentials...then it’s their loss.

But I’m ranting. So, I did the interview thing. It sucked big time. The lady who came to interview me didn’t have any real questions for me so we basically just sat around and tried to think of stuff to say to each other for the entire 30 minutes of it. Also, from what she’s telling me, I won’t have an office like Mr. Neil told me, but I’ll have to work with the guys on the floor. Of course this means I’ll be sitting on a stool, looking up parts on the internet, working their data base, and waiting on customers, but it’s just not what I or my parents were told in the beginning, so it’s kinda disappointing. But, I’ve already given Hancock’s the 2 week notice, so I figured I might as well try this one. Nothing bad can come from trying right? The worse that will happen is I’ll hate it. But I was looking for a job when I found this one. God I can’t wait till we move.

Oh, and has anyone noticed that little storm we’ve got that’s currently bitch-slapping Honduras, the Grand Cayman islands, and Cuba? I hate to quote Fred Flintstone, but...


*clears throat* yeah. She’s already a cat. 5 hurricane, and they’re expecting her to hit Florida...Poor Florida. I’m so sick of all these super hurricanes we’re getting. Do you guys realize that if another one comes, we’ll be seeing Hurricane Alpha...Ok, if ever we get to a Hurricane Omega it’s time to leave LA for good. Quickly.

Anyway. Moving away to other thoughts. Mom and I then met up at the mall, and walked half a lap. We stopped in at Cucco’s and had some Macho Nachos. Then we headed to Wal-Mart. Mom’s feet get really tough, and she sometimes gets Dad to scrub all the hard skin off her feet. So she figured instead of having Dad do it when he comes in only for him to leave Saturday, why not go to Wal-Mart and get a pedicure. So she got a pedicure while I looked around. I found a bunch of things I wanted in the electronics section (not computers this time). I found these cool shelves that are only like, 3 feet high, and they have doors that close and everything and they’re for storing ‘media’. Meaning CDs, DVDs, and VHS. But I’ve vowed to get rid of all my VHS and replace them with DVDs, so I would use these as DVD cabinets. But the great thing is you can stack them on top of one another. So, I could get like 4 and have 2 shelf sets. I also found some CD cases (for all my Data CDs), and some DVD-RW’s.

When Mom was finally done we headed back to the mall to watch War of the Worlds at 7:10…you know...I don’t know exactly what I was expecting...but this one didn’t do anything for me.

Spoilers. Look at your own risk! )

*shakes head* Oh well. Now we are home, still shaking our heads and thinking how stupid that movie was. I know Mom hated it, but I warned her it was War of the Worlds and she still wanted to see it. When we sat down, I said, “You do know what this is about right?” and she said, “No...” and I’m all like O.O wtf?

Anyway. We’re home, Fred’s been walked, we’ve eaten...I shall go shower, and I hope to sleep late tomorrow.


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Another day...

2005-Sep-11, Sunday 10:04 pm
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Well...another day. Church was almost miserable at first, because I didn’t get to sleep till like 2 a.m. this morning. But they finally split our Sunday School classes, and I ended up in the ‘Young Adults’ which was where I wanted to be anyway. The other class was ‘College and Career’ and it’s mainly for young adults who are just about to enter college. And I’ve already graduated college, so there’s no need for me to go there.

After getting home from church, eating, checking mail, etc. Mom and I decided to head over to Target to see if we could find book shelves there. We found shelves, but not the ones I’d wanted. We then went to Wal-Mart, basically for milk, but we decided to look at stuff there too. Mainly shelves. After looking to our heart’s content, we headed towards the grocery section. Mom said I should go and check to see if they have Root Beers, because lately there hasn’t been any root beers anywhere. So, I went to check, and gal-dern, but they didn’t have any. I saw Mom at the front of the isle and told her the news and inquired as to why she hadn’t gotten the milk. ...They didn’t have any milk either...waterfalls!.

So, we came back, and Mom decided to head over to Aunt Carolyn’s. She came back an hour or so later with a migraine. They just don’t realize how loud they are. And Trevor —my 10 year-old cousin who acts 5— was being his usual bratty self, and of course no one wants to correct him for his rudeness. I really do hate children, but I hate their parents even more. When I see little hellions like that, it just reminds me that stupid people are breeding. When you’re life is run entirely by a naughty 2 year-old and you ‘just don’t know what to do’ to help the’re being stupid.

Perhaps I haven’t gone over the contrast of Stupidity and Ignorance. Ignorance is behaving a certain way without knowing better. Stupidity is when you know better, and you still behave a certain way. When a parent does know that their kid is a brat and doesn’t do anything about it, they’re stupid, and they should’ve never procreated. At least that’s my opinion, and I’m sticking with it.

My dad did call from off shore to check up on us. He told me that he’d get me a computer soon, and I told him I didn’t mind waiting. Because I don’t. I feel like the biggest burden ever. I have no work and I’m a financial weight on my parents. And the man’s worried about buying me a computer. I’m worried about the bills being paid. If they’re paid and we have money, by all means, get me a computer. Other than that. Let’s just not fool with it.

That’s about it really. I did get a chance to talk (briefly) with my Twin-san ([profile] animequeen ). And I did start out reading a bit of some Thundercats fan fiction, but I’ve quickly lost interest. I’m just not up to it right now.

So that should be all for tonight everyone. Goodnight.

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WAHAHAHA!! I got the jellyfish! That's so kismit!


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Yo. Today was fun. After getting up late, I quickly went about doing chores. Mom had gone out with Aunt Batty for lunch, so I had the house to myself for a while. But after Mom got home, we decided to head to Dairy Queen for desert and have a Moolate(sp?). I had Mocha and Mom had Caramel. Then we went to Best Buy and Circuit City to check out computers and shelves, which was fun, but futile as I cannot afford either at this moment. I still say Office Depot has the best offer so far. But we shall see. After that, we stopped and got some fried chicken from Popeye’s. Much goodness. We got back home in time to get the end of Trading Spaces. Then we cleaned out the cars (I did inside, Mom did outside).

One really cool thing that happened tonight was [profile] purrsia-san’s chat with Larry Kenny (the voice of Lion-O). That was fun. At first, I was totally gonna just stay in the back and not say anything, but then I couldn’t help myself and jumped right in. I suppose I just thought that the chat would be like LJ, and no one would care or like what I said or respond to me...but, it wasn’t at all. It was fun. We even had fun after Lion-O-sama left the room. Although I think that competition between QueenLynxanna and Drea is still going on. From what I understand, it never stops. /shrugs.

It’s been ages since I had been in a chat, and it just felt good to get out there and talk to people who shared a similar interest. I did use one of my more humble aliases; the misused yet still very kawaii shadow cat, Kerani. I really need to focus on writing that Thundercat fan fic that I’d dreamed up ages ago. But there’s so much else to consider...I mean, most of the ‘Thundarian Knowledge’ I have is basic...I wish there was a site where you could ask someone about things, like the ‘Ask Greg’ site for Gargoyles. I really do have a lot of questions, but I doubt that Kenny-san would actually know the answers...much less care. And besides that, they’re all questions about Thundera and Thunderian society as opposed to him and his experiences on the show.

I so need a life.

Man! I've only noticed how I'm slipping back into Japanese! I keep using it in my journal and I used it in the chat too!...It must be a side effect from watching so much anime...Yeah, that's gotta be it.

Well, I suppose that’s all for tonight. Goodnight.

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Good morning. I found out yesterday that our church is only having this one service at 10:30 a.m. That means instead of waking up at 6:00 a.m. I get to sleep till...uh...five minutes ago!

The reason for only one service is because the perish has a curfew out. No one can be on the streets between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. And even though our church starts tonight at 6 p.m., there's no way our pastor can let us out before 8 and he knows it. So, just this one service. And I'm assuming I don't even have to do the sound booth, 'cause the only time I do SB is for the 6 a.m. and Wednesday services.

Mom and I had talked about going again to Office Depot and Best Buy to look for shelves. Before I can get the computer I have to get shelves and pick up all the books off the floor...I will get a pic just to show the mess of books stacked up under what used to be my computer desk...but right now, Mom doesn't even feel like going to church, so we may not go. There's always Dad...

I also need to develop those pictures from the time we were away....I should bring my camera or something...

Oh well, everyone's starting to give me that look. That, "You know you shouldn't be on the computer so early in the morning! It distracts you, and you'll make yourself late!" So I'll go ahead and get off. I don't even feel like posting for yesterday...because nothing happened yesterday...other than me re-watching the first season of Sailor Moon on DVD...Oh well. Later.


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Yo. So has been even more bloody hell than yesterday...which didn’t surprise me that much. But I didn’t let it stop me from doing what needed to be Dad needs to buy one of these things from EBay, and I have to do it for him, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough money in my account for when I do bid on I went and transferred some funds around between savings and checkings. Then Mom and I went to CVS to pick up medicine...

Then, we went to Office Max and Office Depot to look at computers and book shelves. I have a huge desk for where my new computer will go, but I really really need some shelves. You see, the way my room is shaped, there’s a nook-like-space where my television is way up high on this shelf, and there’s another shelf at desk-level where the computer would go (there’s even a roll-out shelf underneath for the keyboard). But I’ve taken to stacking all my books up underneath said it stands, there would be no way I could fit my legs or a tower underneath there...then again, I might put the tower on top of the desk...easier to reach. But still, no way I could sit there comfortably.

Dad was supposed to make some book shelves for me, but he realized that he doesn’t do wood work well. So, I’m stuck shopping for book shelves at stores...bleh. But I did find something I might like at Office Depot...but I’m not sure. I keep looking for something that will be functional, good looking, and thrifty. It’s not easy. I also saw a computer I would absolutely love! But that’s another story. I don’t know why I bother looking, considering I can’t get a PC for another month or two now...Oh yeah, I know why I keep looking. I can’t help myself!

There’s supposed to be a Job Fair tomorrow in the Civic Center...Normally I’d be anxious and excited about this...but considering the misery I’m enduring at this point, it’s just a task that must be done. It’s like, from 1-4 or something...I just hate being put on display for so long...and the fact that I’m in a terrible mood from all the pain I’m being forced to endure doesn’t help matters either. Oh well. I’ll deal.

I guess that’s all for now. Gotta get off of here to see how Trading Spaces ended. Later.



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