Pre-Blizzard Excursion

2014-Jan-04, Saturday 08:33 pm
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Evidently there's a storm about to over-take the country....but that won't stop us!

Now & Again

2014-Jan-02, Thursday 08:30 pm
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First check-in if 2014!...things and…stuff.

MI13 - Day 1

2013-Dec-26, Thursday 08:22 pm
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I wouldn't say it was eventful, but it was fun :3 We game, we make food (burritos, yum!), aaaand despite the ice we went shopping!

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-Thor 2

-American Horror Story

-Zachary Quinto


231013~ Stroganoff

2013-Oct-23, Wednesday 12:04 pm
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A bear shares her recipe for Stroganoff...and she lives in the she spells it with a double "f" as apposed to a "v".

Farewell to 29

2013-Oct-05, Saturday 10:36 pm
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I spent my last day of my 29th year hanging out in Branson, MO, with my Knights :D So much singing, joking, and Tom(Hiddleston)foolery went on, I'm glad I managed to record some of it :3

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In which a Moose depicts his daily life unto his fellow Knights.

180913~ Updates from Bear

2013-Sep-18, Wednesday 10:50 am
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In this video, I give a few updates about my life and the things I've been up to.

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A bear throws together some sweets, school things, and a shout out to her friend.

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BBear drops by with all the ingredients for her family's favorite treat :D Christmas Crack!...ok, it's Saltine Toffee, but they call it Christmas Crack because it's so addicting :3

1. Brown Sugar
2. Semi-sweet chocolate chips
3. Saltine Crackers
4. Butter

Step 1) Preheat your oven to 375.
Step 2) Wrap your pan in aluminum foil & grease the foil with butter.
Step 3) In a sauce pan, mix 1 cup of packed brown sugar & 1 stick of butter Heat on Medium-high heat.
Step 4) Stir Continuously until mixture dissolves.
Step 5) Once mixture begins to boil, allow to boil for 3 minutes.
Step 6) After the 3 minutes have passed, move the sauce off of the heat. It will still bubble...don't be afraid.
Step 7) Place crackers in the foil lined pan.
Step 8) Pour Brown-Sugar-Butter-Mixture on to the crackers in the pan.
Step 9) Spread the goopy stuff over all the crackers.
Step 10) Put the pan in the oven to bake for exactly 7 minutes.
Step 11) After removing the pan from the oven, sprinkle chocolate chips over your toffee.
Step 12) Allow chips a minute or two to melt.
Step 13) Once the chips are visibly shiny, spread the chocolate across the toffee.
Step 14) Use foil to lift toffee from pan. Allow the toffee to rest & cool.
Step 15) Place the toffee in the refrigerator to cool quickly.
Step 16) Once cooled Break toffee into bite-sized pieces.

The Cosmic Café

2012-Nov-15, Thursday 04:50 pm
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Appreciating something awesome...even though it's gone :(

Worth It

2012-Nov-04, Sunday 08:44 pm
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Batman...your argument is irrelevant :3

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'Hands-Free' and I are headed to Branson to celebrate the fact that she has a job :3 We stop by our favorite place to eat, the Sushi House, and then go to Michaels for a few craft ideas and such :) We also managed to see The Amazing Spider-Man, which turned out to be made of epic. And you know, while shooting the breeze and just hanging out we may or may not have brainstormed a it for our joint fic, Road to Hell :3

Fruity Kitty

2012-Jan-22, Sunday 10:37 pm
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OK, so, I was in the kitchen eating a mandarine orange fruit cup (like ya do), and one of the little slices of orange fell out and on the floor. So I squat down and pick it up.

And so Padora stretches and walks over, all like: hmm, what’s that?

and I’m all like: It’s a little slice of mandarin orange, baby.

and Padora’s like: Can I see??

and I’m like: Oh sure you can smell it. I’m pretty sure you wont want it though. I mean, you’re a carnivore and it’s really more for veggie and fruit-o-files like myself.

and Padora’s all like: *sniff sniff* impressive words *sniff sniff*

and I’m like: Inoright? But since it w as on the floor, you can totally lick or sniff it or whatever, cuz I’m not gonna eat it.

and then Padora’s all like: *sniff sniff NOMNOMNOM gulp*

and I’m all like: zomg! you just ate some orange xD

…yeah… that happened :3

Starving Curse

2010-Nov-07, Sunday 04:29 pm
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It’s after 4, and I keep thinking that I need to eat something even though I’m not hungry.

Today, after church, Mom and Dad and I went to Western Sizzlern, which is a much better than the one we used to go to in Houma. Anyway, by the time we’d gotten then and sat down, I was so hungry that I was starting to feel sick. I do this thing that I love where I eat mashed potatoes, but instead of using the gravy they set next to the mashed potatoes, I go over to the shredded roast beef on the other bar and load that on top of my potatoes. It’s better flavored than the average gravy, and I love the beef too. But this time, not only did I load up on my mashed potato delight, I also got some chicken, slice of pork, hush puppies and green beans (well, not large portions of them, but still). Now, usually I either eat a huge salad loaded down with everything or just my mashed potatoes and a roll. I ate so much, I actually shocked myself…

…all of that, is to just say that I’m not hungry right now because I had the shakes and pigged out. But, since it’s Sunday, after 4, and I know we’ll be leaving in an hour and a half, I keep thinking, “If I don’t eat now, I’ll be starving in church!” And the curse of the starving congregation is almost worse than the curse of the starving class -..-


Your Road is Paved With Wisdom

You've probably traveled on a long, hard road already in your life, and you've learned some important lessons.

You know to let the small things slide. Things usually turn out better than you fear.

You've learned to sit back and enjoy the ride. You don't push too hard. You pace yourself.

You offer good advice to others, and you are an ideal friend. You find it easy to share your wisdom.



Yaviel Isilmiel

Cliff House

2010-Sep-17, Friday 07:49 pm
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Dad and Mom decided to go out to the Cliff House for lunch today. I had never been, and though I didn't enjoy the long, winding road there, I gotta say everything else about the experience was awesome :)




Yaviel Isilmiel


2010-Jul-25, Sunday 03:21 pm
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You know, today, the pastor gave us all these work sheets that have huge headings on them. It says to make four to five rules for each of the headings that would help you to grow in faith. The areas are Church, Home, School and Friends. It kinda made me wonder...what if someone asked us all to develop some rules for these or other topics. What would we write down? Would I want to take a page from your book? It can be simple, yeah?

Like, for Church… the most basic rules I can think of are: 1) Show up. 2) Stay awake. 3) Be reverent. 4) Find a place in which you can perform and do so to the best of your ability :)

Tho...I suppose that last rule would be a good one for life in general. Actually...all of them might be considered a good base for life. Show up, stay awake, be reverent and try to find a place in which you can perform and do so to the best of your ability :) The rules of life…there they are :D

Oh. Before I forget. I’m trying to form a sort of currency system. I’m thinking there should be currency commonly used by the poor, the middle class and the wealthy. So, I’m thinking… Poor - Copper and Tin; Middle class – Gold and Silver; Wealthy - …? I got nothing for the wealthy. I had thought of platinum, but I’m not too sure about it. Also, I thought I might invent some sort of material...Once again. I’m not 100% sure. Still working on it.

Today, I ate a black forest ham sandwich with chicken breast from subway…and the chicken breast was bad =..= Note to self: make sure before consuming the whole thing next time >..<

…that’s all I got. Ja!



You Are a Cirrus Cloud
You're a bit mysterious and reserved. You mostly keep to yourself and do your own thing.

Some people may even consider you allusive. You're hard to track down at times.

People who know you find you to be very transparent. It's always easy to tell what you're thinking about.

You tend to drift more than most people. You're always trying out new ideas, friends, and even personalities. time someone says "Be Serious." I'll say, "I am!" :3


Yaviel &amp; Darcia Banner


2010-Jul-14, Wednesday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 11:20 @strixus The History through 20 Objects sounds more interesting though, my favorite's Lord of the Clans. Oh wait...that's not... nevermind. #
  • 13:29 @Umamor1 O..O your family certainly has strange ways of expressing affection... #
  • 13:59 Listening to old Lorekeeper eps while hanging about in Skype :) #
  • 14:03 My laptop seems to be permanently down, and until I've paid for tuition and books, it won't be fixed... #thatsaproblem #
  • 14:06 #itsbeenawhilesince Someone referred to the Twilight Cult and I thought of anything other than rabid teenage girls o..o #
  • 14:51 After @Pride1G's wonderful explanation, I think I'll go and sharpen my swords. #
  • 14:54 Ohhh a call from Reiko! :D #
  • 14:55 o..o apparently she and her hubby have gotten into Magic the Gathering, and they're both addicted.... #
  • 15:15 @Pride1G It ever occur to you that we do that on purpose just to get under your skin? ^..^ #
  • 15:17 @Umamor1 Oh, I don't like to see people upset either...but I do like joking around. #
  • 15:33 @Umamor1 o..o What in the name of Zeus's beard... #
  • 15:38 @Umamor1 oh for the love of ... -..- #
  • 15:43 @Umamor1 aou-aou-aaaaoooooooooo! #
  • 15:48 @Umamor1 Wild stray cat, you're a real gone guy. #
  • 15:53 @Umamor1 :3 But I got cat class, and I got cat style. #
  • 16:08 Why, oh why would anyone put sugar in their spaghetti? Or mashed potatoes...or green beans... why! >..< #
  • 16:41 ...a phantom keeps knocking on my door o..o' #
  • 16:52 @mr_nnj ...snake charmer -..- but Mom's home made spaghetti was never sweet. #
  • 18:09 Oh Lord. Mom made beef stew with rice... Such. Good. Food. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jul-11, Sunday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3 
  • 16:03 What's your favorite restaurant? — Currently it's a toss up between the Sushi House and Shogun in Branson. But srs… #
  • 16:05 What did you dream about last night? — I dreamed that I was in a forest and various strange monsters and critters … #
  • 16:06 @Umamor1 ...because...that's where happy cows come from? :3 #
  • 19:15 So, Khrissa was the only one who showed up for service tonight. The guys were all MIA. Don't know whether I'm pleased with that or not. #
  • 19:15 @rei2rei NEW YORK CITY!? ... <..< get a rope. :D I used to love those commercials! #
  • 20:51 Oh God >..< I need to step away from Makoto... and find some food. #
  • 21:12 Holy cow... I recently discovered the Mars bar, and I think I'm adicted -..- #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Jul-10, Saturday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3 
  • 08:15 July 4, 2010, Part 2 of 3 is finally up :) ~ July 4, 2010, Ice Cream Social & Fireworks Show -- Part 2 #
  • 10:03 Headed to the air port to pick up Dad :) #
  • 10:53 At the air port, and apparently we're early... or he's late. #
  • 11:14 Ok. On our way back home. Oi, my stomach >..< #
  • 12:35 Oh look, dear. The Kravitz's are here :) These cows are awfully shy, and they usually run away every time I... #
  • 12:40 42 seems to be content to stay in place while I get a good close up :3 Guess it's my lucky number. #
  • 12:40 Home. Just finished cooking ramen for Dad. He'll probably crash after he eats it :) #
  • 13:34 @imthinking & @NathanFillion 2 leprechauns knife fighting? That would be a shiny double rainbow :3 #
  • 14:27 @Umamor1 ...freckles are double rainbow :) #
  • 14:47 I'm on board :) RT: @strixus @Umamor1 I totally think we all should start calling @leto Mr. Moviephone. #
  • 15:44 @strixus Do I sense a possible AP topic forming? :) #
  • 21:03 @rei2rei That's totally reasonable, dear :D I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself. I hope to see pics soon! #
  • 21:04 ...what the !$%^ does that MEAN!? RT: @ZodiacFacts #Pisces Moon appears to know all the nuances of human behavior #
I text way too much, yo :D

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