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MM has a guest over! We're having fun with collaboration :)

Concerning Collaboration

2013-Jan-31, Thursday 11:36 pm
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So, Glitch and I write this fan fic together. It's an Avengers fic, and we figured it was about time we shared our process and stuff :)


2010-Jan-25, Monday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 00:14 I subscribed to ijustine's channel on YouTube #
  • 00:43 I subscribed to ijustinereviews's channel on YouTube #
  • 00:50 I favorited a YouTube video -- 4 GIG NECKLACE???!!! #
  • 01:12 I subscribed to otherijustine's channel on YouTube #
  • 01:13 Ohhh, precious! We wants it! :3 (YouTube #
  • 08:46 Ugh -_- Mom woke me up at 7 to tell me that Dad was coming in today and we have to leave at 1 to pick him up. #
  • 08:48 Didn't get to sleep till 2 am, and the wind has been shaking my house all night =..= #
  • 08:51 Guess I'll be missing part of EoRP too. Suppose it can't be helped... #
  • 09:06 @mr_nnj Hey, I've only ever said I was interested in the pursuit of excellence. I never said I intended to catch it ~..~ #
  • 09:08 @Davlenagain I think you're confusing my phone with something cool. My cell is one generation away from having a rotary dial :3 #
  • 09:10 @mr_nnj ...but...but those ninja star coat hooks are so cool! :D Priorities, Admiral. #
  • 09:16 @mr_nnj I just have an over abundance of coats -..- And I gave up on making my cell look cool a long time ago. #
  • 10:05 Oh hair looks like the hair fairy came down and tap danced on my head all night... #
  • 10:09 Dang tap dancing fairies -..- they're almost as bad as giant ninja spiders! #
  • 11:10 Why am I in IRC so early? o..o' #
  • 11:14 @Kexman yeh...even if I won't be able to listen to it all -..- #
  • 11:15 @ShinnodaDude It's AF that goes comatose on Twitter :3 #
  • 11:19 @ShinnodaDude Who the hell is Yopu?? #
  • 11:49 Dad's flight was delayed! I don't have to leave till 2 :D #
  • 11:51 I mean... uh... Oh gosh darn, Dad's flight was delayed :\ #
  • 11:57 @mr_nnj Yes Sir, Admiral. #
  • 12:20 A sneak attack was launched on @TaurenTom; however he recovered admirably. #
  • 12:26 @mr_nnj Yes sir! I try not to keep track of Captain @Shinnodadude... for obvious reasons.... #
  • 12:26 @mr_nnj Yes sir... um, except I'm not a Mr., Sir.... #
  • 12:30 @mr_nnj No damage to @Davlenagain or the Ion Cannon, Sir. The attack was specifically on @TaurenTom. #
  • 12:33 @mr_nnj It appears to have been a kick attack by Emperor, Sir. Damages were minimal at best, as @TaurenTom is fully recovered. #
  • 13:05 Essence of RP is now live. The USS IRC is now fully operational. Mind your stations, people. #
  • 13:06 @ShinnodaDude ..... le sigh -..- #
  • 13:08 @Davlenagain As you say, Sir :) #
  • 13:36 ....alas... I must go =..= #
  • 13:49 Curse you, RL, for infringing on my EoRP time! #
  • 13:57 @Shinnodadude it interrupted my EoRP time -_- #
  • 14:45 Ugh =..= I claim this land! Dang car sickness... We're finally at the Branson Airport. #
  • 15:11 Ugh. Back in the car >..< #
  • 16:39 Home and thank God =..= Me and long car rides with tons of hills and curves... not good. I am so sick. #
  • 16:54 ...why is you tube telling me I have a comment from @mr_nnj ...but it won't show me the comment? o..O' #
  • 16:57 Oh, Short Stuff is on :) #
  • 23:28 I went to sleep around 8...and I just woke up starving. Don't you hate it when that happens? #
  • 23:30 Oatmeal, ftw -..- #
  • 23:31 oh well...maybe I can jot down a bit of the fic before my belly gets full and the mind-numbing exahustion takes me again :) #
  • 23:34, I was promoted to Lieutenant of the USS IRC :3 I feel special thinking about that... what's 'the con' anyway o..o' #
  • 23:41 @mr_nnj Wow O..O' Suddenly, I feel very humbled... #
  • 23:43 Oh, Amos... I've missed you :) I wish you had good internet like this all the time so I could actually spend more time here... #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2009-Dec-31, Thursday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 10:02 Blarg -..- #
  • 10:27 Ok, the wash is on now, my hair is straight, coffee's done, and I've got breakfast by way of some sausages, bread and an apple... #
  • 10:29 <..< Watching The Holiday... again...Dear Lord, but I do love this movie :) #
  • 10:55 Debating uploading another video to YouTube. I have the first episode finished... is it too soon? #
  • 11:06 @wotcherscamp Good luck! On both counts :) #
  • 11:20 ...that's not weird or anything o..o RT: @wotcherscamp So we get icecubes from penguins o,O #
  • 11:31 Ah heck with it. I'ma upload ep 1 to You Tube :) #
  • 13:09 Trying to straighten up my room. #
  • 13:47 I uploaded a YouTube video -- 01 What Can I Do? #
  • 14:01 Annotations are done and it's complete :D Note to self: Make sure to always upload early in the day... #
  • 15:37 For some odd reason, watching Twister made me want to watch Mission to Mars... #
  • 15:41 @rattgirl Me too! I just don't know why watching one made me want to watch the other... #
  • 17:51 I subscribed to CajunKitten405's channel on YouTube #
  • 17:57 ....yes. You are. I can be sitting on one side of the room, and my mom w... (YouTube #
  • 18:05 I subscribed to marshalynnjones's channel on YouTube #
  • 18:07 Finally finished that fic I was working on and sent it off to Scamp =..= Now, I need to stare at a beige wall so my eyes don't bleed >..< #
  • 23:02 May the gentle poetry written here, On the coming of the year, For yet another 1,000, Be a blessing of good cheer :) Gatekeepers #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2009-Dec-04, Friday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3
  • 03:53 =..= really wish we could've gotten a hotel room. #
  • 07:51 >..< ... u..u ... -..- #
  • 08:51 Rents are off getting ...stuff. Now that I've washed dishes I'ma shower. #
  • 09:20 Boy...that feels so much better :) #
  • 09:40 Too cold. Must blowdry hair. #
  • 10:41 Exported a ton of pictures to the correct folder on Mako, so my rotating desktop has some pics to choose from. #
  • 11:32 Since there's no internet, I've decided to work on the fanfics that wont stop bothering me. At least the first drafts :) #
  • 13:13 Aunt Carolyn and Uncle George are here... and I am so sleepy =..= #
  • 14:08 So. Damn. Bored. #
  • 14:11 There are 5 channels here, and 2 are the same. Nothing is on... #
  • 14:13 You know how when you have 100 channels, and there's nothing on? It's worse whem there's only 4. #
  • 14:29 Dear God... I wish I would've brought a book =..= Even that War of Ancients tome would be welcome... #
  • 14:30 ...wish I had more of the WoW books. #
  • 14:31 @wotcherscamp hmm. Fried chicken... #
  • 14:40 ... On BWTL, the red dragon ep., Omacron said Borell in the Sunwell manga was Krasus...but that's wrong. #
  • 16:08 Snow falling in Sulpher, La? And the Saints have been unbeatable? Coincidence? I think not! >..> #
  • 16:40 @wotcherscamp oh's on its way >..> #
  • 20:57 Ugh. Pills kicking in. I think everyone's bedding down -..- please, dont let this turn into another long night. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2009-Nov-26, Thursday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3

  • 01:05 Finally finished that fic I was typing up. Gonna send it to Scamp now and then crash =..=' Think I earned it. #
  • 08:17 :3 Happy Gobbles! <3 #
I text way too much, yo :D

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So. I was woken up by Scampers this morning. She had altered some of the photos I’d taken of the boys and put it on her gimp album. It was awesome :)

Alas, Mako-kun still isn’t working right. So I’m on AMOS, and despite a few hiccups, it’s doing wonderfully...But then Mom called me... she had some shrimp, avocado and cucumber, and she wanted sushi. So I got out my seaweed and sushi rice along with the Sushi Magic kit and we tried to make some sushi. We sautéed the shrimp in Cajun seasoning, garlic and then cooked them in butter…the shrimp alone were to die for. Now… I’m gonna go ahead and be honest here. Our sushi wasn’t much to look at…but it tasted freakin’ uber. I found that the seaweed was too small to really roll the sushi on the Sushi magic thingy the right way...and it may be weird, but I did a better job rolling it by hand. We’ve also figured out that it’s best to buy a bunch of Annie Chung’s sushi rice as opposed to just one packet. The seaweed comes a dime a dozen, but the rice? Not so.

After hanging with Mom for a while and watching TV (OMG, how could Laura not win America’s Next Top Model?), I started hurting and just came home. Since then...I’ve been formatting and printing out WoW fics -..- Getting a headache here too. I got most of them printed off really!...but there’s still 6 files to go =..= A part of me says to put it off, but I know I’ll be feeling worse tomorrow so...I dunno. I want to get it all over with. I guess I’ll continue…at least for a little while.

I guess I’ll talk later, Sunshines. Night :3

Your Fashion Style is Casual
You prefer to keep it laid back. Jeans and a t-shirt are practically your uniform.
And when you dress up, you're still the most informal person in the room. Dressing formally makes you feel stuffy.

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Yaviel Isilmiel
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I sent off a resume for this reception job about a month ago, and it was at a paediatrics office. They were nice enough to call me and tell me that they’d already hired someone. But the doctor asked if they could keep my resume on file for later. I got a call this afternoon from them, and I have an interview for tomorrow at 10 a.m. O..O Wowzers! I mean, I feel like I didn’t even try for the position the first time’s such a blessing to get asked for an interview. Of course....interviews don’t really mean much...I’m the first to tell you that much. Still, it is encouraging.

I was also happy to hear that Supernatural has been picked up for it’s fifth season! ....of course, that only means I need a job that much more...otherwise, I won’t be able to afford season 4 or 5 when they finally come to DVD ;) As is, I feel I’m sorta behind on my fandoms in a way..../stares longingly at S3 Bones Box Set. Not that I’ll be buying much of anything fun even for my first few pay checks. I’ll need to start saving immeadately....otherwise, I won’t have much of a savings to speak of -..-

In superficial news, True Beauty finally skipped off into the sunset. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed ridiculing these so called ‘Beautiful People’ almost all season long...And, I did really love Billy (which, surprises me, since I don’t usually go for blonds), but...I don’t think I could’ve taken another week of Joel’s conceited attitude >..> Not Joel McHale, of course! But the dude on there named Joel who was a conceited jerk. No, Joel McHale is my McDreamy :D Aaaaand I hope he makes fun of the ‘Douchbag’ meeting just like he did last week :) Anyway. I liked Billy and Julia was pretty ok too (considering), but they had gotten...awfully smarmy (which fit in well with the judges I suppose). Also, can I say that the thing at the end with the chocolates was hilarious? It was! OK, so the gimmick to this thing is that these gorgeous people are competing against each other to be the most beautiful person in America; but, what they don’t know is the judges are also judging them on inner beauty and spying on their every move with hidden cameras all over the house. Well, at the end, they received a tray of chocolates with a card saying “Here’s a chance for you to see through our eyes - Your judges.” and they were staring at the chocolates like it was a puzzle, all the while not realizing that on the back of the card was the answer “Go Down Stairs” XD!!!! Hilarious! It was edited but it looked like it took them five minutes just to flip the stupid card over!

....Reiko’s birthday is coming soon. She’s gonna be 21....God, but it makes me feel old. I need to call her and ask which address she’ll be at. Otherwise, it’ll be hard for me to know where to send her present. It still bugs me that I didn’t get Celeste’s address...not that it excuses me from not sending her a card. Mom and I had found a local Hallmark store, and they have a ton of those great musical cards, and I was going to send her one of those but....well, Mom and I kept getting sick and forgetting. I should’ve looked her up on white or something. It’s no excuse =..= I’m usually on the ball with birthdays...dang moving anyway.

Oh, and I finally put my Twilight fic up on [ profile] juli_bear . I private posted it ages ago, and I finally got around to proof-reading and publicly posting it. I swear, I need to get my butt in gear. Having moved or not, I was supposed to have that LJ as my Fan Fic/Group area, and I’ve only posted the first chapter of one fic so far! ...I guess I’m slugging because really Twilight is one of the few fics I’m working on currently. Every other fic has gone stale =..= But! The first chapter of my new Broken Wing is now available, and I’ve posted it to [ profile] twilight_book as well :) I really hope having it posted with my LJ as well as having a community aware of it will help motivate me.

....I can’t think of anything else....I guess that means it’s time for me to shut up and distract myself elsewhere :) Talk later, Sunshines!

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While you have a fairly strong personality, you don't have a lot of clashes and conflicts.

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Yaviel Isilmiel

Confined Collaboration

2009-Jan-06, Tuesday 03:57 pm
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Since I posted, we’ve transferred ourselves over to my Aunt Carolyn’s house - my Dad’s big sister. It’s nice at Aunt Carolyn’s because she’s very nice and accommodating ....well, with the exception of Uncle George (who tends to take a more mischievous attitude towards guests), it’s been nice. I’m sleeping on the couch again (like at Grandmere’s), but her couch is super comfy. All things considered, it’s a great place to stay.

There is only one drawback...the house is rather old. It’s up on blocks, off the ground essentially, and every time you walk you hear the floor shake a bit rattling furniture and just making noise. Also, I’m in the living room, and the bathroom is on the other side of the house. So, in the middle of the night, if/when I need to go to the bathroom, I have to tip-toe through the house that shakes, open a door that squeaks and groans, and then flush a loud toilet....then creep back. Not an easy task. I’ve always considered myself a fairly quiet and considerate’s kind of a blow to the ego when I can’t be quiet =..=

Other than that, our place of rest now is fairly nice. As for how things are going; I think I’ve decided to stop calling Scamp ‘Scamp’.... for one thing, I am borrowing someone else’s nickname for her, and that kinda blows. I suppose it’d be easier calling her after one of her many aliases. The first to come to mind of course is ‘Fally’. That being said, Fally and I have been co-collaborating again on a WoW Fic. It’s funny how we operate, to me...I mean, I always imagined that writing a story that relies on someone else would be frustrating and perhaps less fulfilling than writting on our own. But it seems that since our characters interact so often and are so integral to each other, that when she writes about something significant happening in one of her character’s lives it affects one if not all of my characters as I get inspired to write something, even if it’s just my characters reactions to what’s going on in her story. That’s my uneducated opinion anyway. So, she started writing out a story about her Warlok, Egeus, and I had to write back. So, even though it started out as her story, eventually it somehow turned into ‘ours’ O..o’ Funny huh?

Other than that, Mom and I are both miserably homesick, as we have been for, oh, the past week and a half =..= Sure, the time spent at the hotel was wonderful, but after leaving it...I dunno. When you have a hotel room, you always have a 'my place'. It may be borrowed and generic, but it's still yours for a time. When you're bumming around with others (whether they want you or not) you're still at someone else's matter how welcome they make you feel. So, I definitely prefer staying at a hotel. Still, who has that kind of money (other than Haris Pilton :D).

Oh, and we might be staying a day later than we though...yeah, see, Dad's rig is getting them to leave by boat, and the weather that's moving down might make the seas too difficult, even dangerous, for them to leave. So! Dad may not get in till Thursday instead of getting in on Wednesday. The plan was for him to get in some time Wednesday and spend the night here to rest. Then we were supposed to wake up at a God-forsaken hour Thursday and travel all day Thursday. But if he's late, it might be moved back. We are not only home sick...we're annoyed /twitch.

Moving on! Now that I've paid for my drawings (those drawings that I had commissioned...uh...about 2 years ago or so?), I only have about $50 left to my name that I know of. I say 'that I know of' because I have a huge 5 gallon jug that has a bottom full of change. It's not all counted or accounted for, so I probably have more money, I just don't know it yet =..= I told Mom that one of the first things I'll do when I get home is take that money to one of those money counters and get it reimbursed.

Oh yeah! I finally paid for those drawings!
Kth-Dragon and I had collaborated about getting them done (when it comes to drawings, I usually turn to Fally, but these were animal drawings and I can only ask for so much). She finally got me the base sketches she'd been working on ...a lot had come up. She hadn't been able to get a scanner, then she got let go by her work and heck, just life had gotten in the way, and we both sorta lost touch. She finally contacted me back with the base sketches, and now that I've approved everything, I've paid her and she's going to get to working on getting them color and fully done and all. I'm very excited :D

....not much else to report really. I feel like all I'm doing is killing time....I'm either killing time till we leave or killing time till Fally writes the next part of her fic O..o home and entertainment...that's what I wait for.

I guess I'll go ahead and log out. Later, Sunshines.


Your Mafia Name Is Angela "Scarface" Gambini

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

Yaviel Isilmiel

Just Keep Swimming

2008-Nov-20, Thursday 10:23 am
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Welcome to the longest week of my life. Man, it’s just been insane. Work’s intense because I’m always tied to my screen for hours and taking random breaks only when it feels like my head will explode. Thank goodness it actually paid off, because I’m caught up quite a bit now. I’ve also been writing guides to tasks that only I do...that’s always fun.

I went out and got Scamp Saturday. The drive was fun, but my house was being whittled down little by little in the 4 hours it took. My parents had moved everything from upstairs into the shed and many of the things I just didn’t need as well. My mattress was on the floor downstairs. During the down-time we had when my parents were busy with...something else…Scamp and I exchanged birthday gifts! She loved her gifts and I was sooo happy! I got her the Hoard key chain and made it into a necklace, and I got her a Figure Print of Fallena! It was so awesome! And she loved it and stared at it in awe for a long long time. Scamp was...uh, a little disappointed when one of my gifts didn’t really work out. She and Bear had gotten me a beautiful necklace of an owl flying with a moonstone in it’s claws, but she’d also gotten me this tank that has fake jellyfish in it...but, the pump for the tank didn’t work so the jellyfish just sank to the bottom of the tank -..- so yeah, she was disappointed. I loved the necklace though! I told her, “I shall call him ‘Jareth’ and he shall be mine :-D!”. That night was miserable, because my dad’s snoring is unholy...and since we were all sleeping in the same room, that really came into play that night.

Sunday, after church, we all went to Subway. Tried that new Chicken Pizziola or whatever it’s wasn’t bad. Just…not something I’d go out of my way for. When we got home, Mom and Dad had packed up to leave for New Orleans, but the battery on Dad’s truck died. So he had to go to town and get a new one. But once that was done, Scamp and I were pretty much on our own. The geek fest began and much talking and giddy babbling commenced.

Monday was a little was just so intense after the more busy than usual weekend. Also, at this point, everyone’s panicked because they realize it’s my last week. Monday and Tuesday went by pretty much the same. I was so very very tired, and went home to talk more with Scamp and vaguely pay attention to Bones. We packed as much as we could, but even when we were doing that, we were talking so much it was like we weren’t working. My parents actually got back from N.O. that afternoon, but they were staying with my Aunt Carolyn for the night. And, yesterday, I canceled my DSL for the 20th, and then later that day, Scamp tells me that they unhooked the computer and packed the wires in a box =..= so’s the only way to post aside from Voice Post...which may happen tomorrow ^..^ Scamp managed to crank out some seriously awesome WoW fan fiction too. I dunno if it's cause we just talk about our character so much or because here she can relax a bit more or what, but it was awesome! And just in time too, because my parents showed up to pack everything just after she finished =..=

Oh! And I found something I desperately wanted. I’ve been wanting a mac for so long, but I can’t afford it. Aaaand, I’d been wanting to get a lap top too, because…well, sometimes I shut my computer off and late at night I get ideas to write...and I’d just like to have a laptop. Especially since my Dad was saying there are two colleges in the town and I might go back to college again o..o But anyway! I looked on to see if there were any good laptops that weren’t too highly priced. Well, I found a pretty awesome
MacPro...and it’s about $700 (yes, it’s considered used, but it’s ‘Like New’ so I’m sorta ok with that!), which for a Mac is really awesome! So, I was thinking of saving up my next two checks as much as possible (which is what I’d be doing anyway) and spending my money on that...Merry Christmas to Me, you know? It’d be nice...

Oh, and last night, after class, everyone had a little party for me with this awesome cake and everything! It was funny because they gave me the cutting knife, and I sorta twirled the handle a bit so that the point was facing downward and just stabbed in the center of the cake, and everyone who was watching went, “Whoa!” After we ate and went over to join the others that were sitting about, C.J. asked me “So, did you get any more s words?” and I was like, “S words? Like…Salamander? Or...Sincere?” and he was like, “No! Swords!” and I was like. “oh....” only a minute later did I get S Words put together equals Swords...kinda like Flo Rida, put together is Florida. Yeah -..- I was tired. But yeah. I told him that I’d found the
Halo Sword on Amazon...and that I had a whole Wish List dedicated to various swords and weapons...he was thrilled, but I’m not quite sure why O..o Funny how it amazes me to meet someone just as geeky as I a place where I thought I knew how everyone already was before. Reiko comes over. The girls said that they’re treating me to Zen’s (well, they said it was my choice so booya :-D.). There are still things to worry about...but I kinda don’t want to anymore. I’m so tired and I can’t. So I’m just going to give the girls at work their Christmas/Going Away presents and have fun and enjoy my last few days here. I even brought my camera today to mark the occasion. I don’t have enough pictures of the girls as far as I’m concerned. So that’s all I’m worried about today. I do still need a change of address form, and to talk to my Edward Jones guy, but I’m thinking that’s something I might be able to squeeze in today and tomorrow. I’ll just have to check. But I refuse to worry about it.

I guess I’m off again. I was taking a little brain break because in the little time I’ve had sitting down I manage to get 7 pages of stats done =..= I can’t wait till 5. So, I’m off again, Sunshines.


Harvest Moon

Long Night

2008-Oct-21, Tuesday 10:54 am
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So, I’m back online. I think it was around 9 pm Sunday when I finally got my internet back. Of course, by then I’d taken my pills and really couldn’t accomplish much. So, thanks...

Yesterday at work, things were a little crazy. I had totally intended to post yesterday, but it was so busy. I did manage, on my lunch break, to finish the next chapter of
Broken Wing, which I posted to my private journal and sent to my Twin. I’m still going to proof read it a few times, just to make sure it makes sense and I haven’t screwed anything up. Normally, though, I don’t realize my screw ups till after I’ve posted it to -..-

I also arranged a nice surprise for my mom. I found this lovely web site that sends out flowers, plants and candies and stuffs, and I sent Mom a surprise fall flower arrangement. Originally, I just found the site because it had different flower meanings and occasions and such, and I just thought the pictures of the flowers looked lovely. The part of the site I found first was called
FlowerPedia, which, I thought would be awesome, because I’m always interested in the meaning of flowers and trees and plants in general, and I thought it’d be cool if there was a Wikipedia for Flowers. Well, it wasn’t that, but it was interesting none the less. Anyway! I noticed that they have various forms of bonsai plants, some of which are flowering. I mean, they have Azalea Bonsai and Gardenia Bonsai, which are plants I’ve never seen in the local nurseries, and they’re gorgeous! But, I know how Mom loves fall colors and she loves lilies and tulips, so I sent her the Autumn Sunset arrangement...which should get there sometime tomorrow. I am so excited about that. There’s no real occasion for it, but when I saw that arrangement, I knew Mom would love I sent it. I’m told, sending things for no reason whatsoever is the best thing in the world :D

Last night, I finally got to Yaviel’s Fishing and Cooking. Surprisingly, her cooking skill is now higher than her fishing o..o First, I went to Org, just because it was closest, and leveled up her fishing. Then I realized that her current recipes were very very low. So, I took her to Silvermoon to hunt dragonhawks, which drop eggs. 70 Herb-baked eggs and 10 loaves of Spiced Bread later! And I was capable of learning the recipes I’d need to cook the 50 fish I’d caught -..- So, then I translocated to Undercity to get the recipes from the lady at the dock there, and before I knew it, I had 117 skillz in cooking. Fishing is still at level 75 though -..- But, I loged for the night then.

I had the worst night too. I slept really really well till about 12:45...then I woke up. I tried, for about a half hour, to go back to sleep…but it wasn’t working. I got up, ate some cereal and watched Daria hoping I’d start to feel sleepy again. Around 2:50 I got sleepy. So, I drug myself back upstairs and tried to sleep. But, my sleep was good and broken by then, so I tossed and turned all night, sleeping harder than I had before, but not really resting. My alarm clock woke me up at 6 this morning, and I was even more tired than I had been when I went to bed the night before =..= I’m surviving on peanuts, coffee and a ton of eggs this morning. Oh, and G shared a slice of apple with me too.

...tonight’s Tuesday, right? /sigh. I’ll probably get on WoW tonight specific plans though now that Yavi’s cooking and fishing is leveled. I know she wants to get that stupid ‘defeat the legion’ quest over with and get the heck outta Ashenvale, but...meh. She also wants to talk to Cara about the reply she got from Fallena, but that’s all RP-wise. Wenny wants to get to level 30 just as badly. So I’m of 2 minds about that. We’ll see.

I guess I’ll talk later. God knows, I’ve been gabbing enough already. Later, Sunshines.


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So! Dad is home for a little while. He’ll be leaving tonight...or early tomorrow morning. He got in around 7:45 last night. He’d brought burgers for supper, but I only ate half of mine. We spent a little time talking and then just went to bed. Before he got there, I made sure to turn on the WoW downloader. Huge update thanks to Echoes of Doom (or whatever it’s called). After about an hour of downloading and all, I checked to see if I could get on. Sentinels was down, but Icecrown did manage to come up...not well, mind you. It just came up. I only got to see my characters once and it was after ten minutes of waiting. I tried to check again today (this morning) around 7:05, but it wasn’t cooperating. I’ll check it again this afternoon when I get in, but I doubt I’ll be getting on. Either we’ll be going to bed early, or I’ll be going to church. I doubt the latter too, because I’m a little afraid that if I come back from church, I’ll wake Dad up, and I know he has to wake up early as it is =..=

I am very anxious to get back on though. And not just to check out the newness and what they’ve done. Scamp and I have been...I guess you could say ‘collaborating’ on a fan fic for our two characters. Her Rogue Carandole has such a past that I’m surprised she hasn’t written about him before...then again, she knows his past so well. Anyway, Cara and Yavi used to run together, but they got separated (when I took my sabbatical from WoW and the hurricane happened). Of course he’s like, level 40 something, and Yavi’s just hit 30. We had to devise some sort of story for why they got separated. Well, it’s come out so much better than I could devise on my own. I used to dread getting on Yavi – unless there was a festival or anything – because she didn’t have Cara to play against …so she was a tad on the depressed/boring side. But now, there’s a serious back-story to motivate more really does make the whole game seem more awesome :D

Dad picked me up for lunch, and we went to the Official Wings/Coffee Zone place on Corporate dr. I got my usual mushroom Swiss, but this time, I got it as a hamburger. It was goodness. I ate about half of it, and then I got myself a large cappuccino. I had to pour a lot of sugar in there to make it taste good, but really did taste great. Then I get back to the office, and the girls decided to surprise Lo (our head nurse) with a veggie tray and a red velvet cake. God knows, just with the cappuccino, I had plenty of sugar and caffeine in me. So...I left the cake a lone =..= As much as I love red velvet, I just don’t need it. My body type could easily be described as a busted can of biscuits as is...I don’t need the help, kthx. I mean, a dessert now and then isn’t so bad, but that much sugar? I’d be bouncing off the walls o..o

…………..I can’t think of anything else….guess that’s all for now. Later, Sunshines.


You Are a Hazelnut Latte

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Harvest Moon

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So...not much happened yesterday. Work dragged on...I got home, showered and got on WoW. Darkmoon Fair is in full swing in Mulgore, so Hothien kidnapped Wenny and took her to the festival...she has a jub-jub hatchling, a bunch of booze, and plenty of foods that she’ll never eat…oh, also, they tonked each other to death and met a nice fire named Bob. That was amusing. Wenny failed at the cannon thing twice =..= Thank God for soulstones and such. Still it's really cool. Then they sat, just outside the Bloodhoof village, fishing out of Stonebull Lake. Was nice and peaceful. The two of them are really enjoyable when they’re just talking and being nice to each other.

I wrote a little fic-let, which is up on
[info]ruby_unicorn, about Yaviel, because Scamp told me that she was writing a fic that she thought up about how Yaviel and Carandole could find each other. Her fic has drama in it and all, so my little, measly fic about Yaviel really does lead up to the drama quite nicely. If only because it shows her missing him and trying to distract herself and all that jazz. I really can't wait to see what Scamp does with her end of the fic.


Over the weekend, I bought myself a few movies. Most of them were in the bargain bin, so they were only $5. I did go ahead and splurge on
Iron Man, but...C’’s Iron Man. The other movies I got are Haven, What Woman Want, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Mask of Zorro and Spaceballs. Kinda finny, but I’ve yet to watch anything but Iron Man. Then again, I got Bridge to Terabithia in from BlockBuster, so I was a little busy (crying my eyes out, thank you very much). The next movie on my queue is Penelope, and I’m very much looking forward to that. I wub Christina Ricci.

...oh yeah. Last night, while I was playing
, I thought I heard something...but I ignored it, thinking it was just my imagination or my fan rustling papers or something (and of course, when you ignore it, it's always something real and not just you imagining things - unlike when you actually try to figure it out and it turns out to be nothing!). This morning, as I ambled into the bathroom, and little brown fuz-ball ran across the floor. After rubbing my eyes and waiting, I saw the little fuz-ball, and it turned out to be a mouse. I’m not frightened of mice at all, so I was like, “Awww, is a little mouse!” I’m gonna try to get one of those clear traps that my uncle has that you can trap them in without hurting them, and then just letting him go out in the woods behind my house. You can’t just let ‘em be, and I really am loath to hurt the little thing (he’s so scared of me!) so…yeah.

That’s all really...Can’t think of anything else. Guess I’ll talk to you later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

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Holy Crow, and Super Pig! S’been a while…um, updates are…Ike was terrible in the way the Rita was terrible. Gustav and Ike were very much like Katrina and Rita. Gustav had terribly high winds and storm surge, but Ike had a storm surge too! And the rain! Half of my backyard was underwater. My yard almost dried up, but then more rain came yesterday…so yeah. Back to the mud pit takes on a whole different meaning.

Power, running water and internet…we have that, but no cable still. Some people have gotten it back, but my cable’s pretty much been out since the 1st. There’s nothing to really do about it, because the crews are working as hard as they can and as fast as they’s just an annoying dilemma. I totally missed the first episode of Supernatural, and I’m hesitant to buy it on iTunes...I bought all of season 3 on iTunes, and even if it made it easy for me to catch the episodes I missed, I still was a little less enthusiastic about the 3rd seasons box set when I actually got it. I haven’t gotten the second season of Heroes yet either (trying to save money) either…I know I’m going to miss the third season opener – or at least I’m preparing myself for that since I don’t think I’ll have cable by then. /sigh. what a mess these hurricanes are.

I finally placed an order with the other day (I had a $24 gift certificate too…which…I don’t understand, but thanks to whoever got that for me!). So now, my list of gifts has included Scamp’s Birthday and Christmas presents (which I’ve had for a long time now), Part of Dad’s Christmas present, Jen-Lyn’s birthday and Christmas presents (I got more than one, so I just figure I’ll call them both) and Chibi’s Birthday Present. I still need to buy Christmas presents for Mom, Chibi and Reiko...But, I’m working on it.

Big dent in my money – Reiko called me yesterday saying she’d found a shop in New Orleans (or somewhere) that had her perfect wedding dress and perfect bride’s maid dresses. I needed to call them, before 4 pm that day, and give them my measurements in order to not have a rush order and pay $40 more. Oh, and of course, it’s my job to throw the bachelorett party…which would be just fine if that meant that I had to invite girls over, decorate my house, and put on Supernatural, but I have this bad feeling that Reiko will want alcohol involved, and I’m not up on buying booze so…yeah. I may just buy the decorations I was looking at and tell everyone BYOB if you must. Pull out the futon and air mattresses and let everyone sleep over…….oh, also, I’m designing her wedding invitations. I’ve done it before, but never someone who was so important to me. I really hope I can give her what she wants.

Dad finally came in from offshore. What a fiasco that was. I’ve never hated a company so much in my whole life. He had been told to drive to Lafayette, LA when Lafayette was being evacuated thanks to Gustav, right? Well, they rerouted him to Houston, TX, and flew him out to Mexico from there. When he come in, they brought him to New Orleans, then fueled up the plain again to fly him to Memphis, TN (Quoi?) and then back to Lafayette, LA, where he had to catch a hot-shot drive to Houston, TX………….WTF, People!? Seriously! Is that not crazy? He finally called me around 10 pm Monday night saying that he was safely at his truck in Houston, and that he’d be driving over to my place. I told him I’d leave the door unlocked for him. It’s a good thing I did, because he didn’t get in till about 3 am.

He spent the next two days helping me buy some groceries (my fridge was virtually bare), mowing the lawn, fixing busted pipes, and mending the roof to both our houses. I mentioned to him about this printer I’ve been having my eye on. It’s the
Kodak EasyShare 5500, which I’d seen advertised one day. Sure it’s a great printer and everything, but what really got me interested in it was the fact that the black ink cartridge is $9.99 and the color is like $14.99 – together you can get them for $22.99. And that’s an amazing savings right there. Plus it’s a superior printing product. So, after I’d told him about it (Because I knew Mom needed a new printer too) he says, “Well, you’ve got my credit card. Why don’t you just put it on the credit card and buy that?” So that’s my birthday present from my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

A couple of nights ago, I read a lot of the Twilight saga before bed. Then I had a dream about it...and it wouldn’t go away. So, I decided to write a Twilight fan fic…Which is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. If only I could channel my inspiration and just work on my original story! But, alas! I must write within a world of hot vampires and werewolves…../sarcasm. woe unto me. I’m surprised at how quickly it’s coming though...maybe because I’m making myself get into the characters and stare at the computer screen…really flushing out what I want from this story and who the characters are and all that jazz. I have 2 chapters and one’s all small stuff…but then again that last little fic I wrote about my and my cousin’s WoW characters was small too….maybe I’m expecting too much of myself. Maybe I should focus on smaller chapters. /shrug. who knows. Either way, at least my creativity is going and not dead.

Work’s been work….it has actually been somewhat bearable if only because it’s all-consuming. I work on a mountain of files and don’t notice what time it is for hours. I find myself saying things like, “Whoa…it’s already 12 (3, 5)?” It’s actually pretty awesome. Oh, and you know what else is awesome? For the week of the 1st through the 5th (you know, when Gustav hit and power was out and all that?) my boss is paying us without taking away from our vacation/sick time. How cool is that? My bosses rock.

….what else is there to talk about? Hmm….well, I finally got back on WoW the other night…well, night before too. I got together with my cousin and we did some RP. But last night, I took Agaruwen to ….wherever she was before I stopped playing =..= I don’t even remember the name of the place! I might’ve played for about an hour...just doing the quests she had and all. But without anyone there to talk to, it’s sort of boring, wasn’t long before I called it a night. Still. At least I’m playing a bit.

…Kinda feel a little pleased with myself. I woke up this morning, put on a pot of coffee, swept my kitchen, washed the dishes and set the clothes to washing….now, I really should go and have some breakfast =..=

Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

P.S. Most awesomest icon EVER! Dramatic Dean – dun dun dun!!!!

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So last night was fun. I came home..ate and showered and then hopped onto WoW. Scamp had told me earlier that she had a terrible headache and that she’d lay down in hopes to get rid of it, but I didn’t expect her to be on since those sort of things can be debilitating. So, after tending to things on Agaruwen, I jumped on my newer character, Silima, and leveled her up to 10. I’ve never personally leveled a Rogue up to 10, so that was something for me. Yay for me! Makes me feel empowered….but I still don’t think I could level a preist…seriously =..=

Anyway. Something really funny happened….and the way it happened, it was like I could envision it all as a story. So, I immediately wrote a letter in WoW to Scamp. All OOC, mainly to tell her not to worry much about not getting on ‘cuz I managed to have fun on my own. Then, the whole thing just kept repeating in my head, so I stayed up a little late writing a short story about it! It was all unedited and I didn’t think it was very good, but I managed to e-mail it to Scamp before the pills kicked in (and I had to drag myself upstairs before I collapsed =..=). I explained that it was something that happened and the way it went down made me think of it as part of a story. I told her to let me know if there were mistakes or if it just sucked…and she liked it! So, I’ve decided to go ahead and post Silima’s little mini-adventure up here. Please keep in mind that this is what happened, I’ve just put it into story format.

So...? Whadya think? I’d write more, but I gotta finish lunch! Later, Sunshines!



You Are Badminton

You are quite talented but not very appreciated.

You are detail oriented, very focused, and agile.

You are happy to forsake glory for success in something you truly love.


*immeadately lapses into giggles, remembering the sceenes from Furuba!*

Harvest Moon

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First thing’s first…

Vote for me!

Gosh...I sure do know how to disappear don’t I? Well, it takes time and energy to read LJ Idol posts. Oh! And the marvelous C.S. Hayden posted another chapter of Koiji! Totally rocked my socks and I’ve read over it 3 times already ^___^ ! God, I hope it’s not long before the next one! I wanna see Kirin (or Ari-chan, or Kai-sama, or hell even Master Setsu and the hatchlings) whip Happa’s tail! He’s the type of male that really puts a bad name on the sex. It’s like he’s personally defeated when Ari-chan chooses someone else, and what does he do? He takes it out on Kirin! It’s not Kirin’s fault Happa wasn’t chosen (well, maybe partially his fault, but still, his attitude could be better). He doesn’t even notice Galena, who’s obviously lonely from lack of attention. It’s like, there are more females than males…it’s not like you don’t have others you can consider. And it’s not like you’ve gone out of your way to make her feel like you’re interested in her. Geeze!….ok, enough ranting about fan fiction =.= I promise.

Work’s been draining too. I had sugar crashes two days out of this week and ended up going through work like a veritable zombie. D-Monthly is over for the month, thank you God. The nurses and my mom both think I’m anemic because I take two B12 complex pills every morning and have been for four months now, and it does absolutely nothing for me. The nurses suggested taking iron supplements, but mom’s afraid it’ll make my joints swell up (which is what happens to her when she takes them). But at some point you just gotta risk it, you know? It’s either that, or I should start taking something specifically for energy. As it is, I take the two B12’s, C, E, Fish Oil, and Clairton D every morning. Oh, but to report some good work news, they now have Barq’s Root Beer in the vending machine downstairs ^__________^ So happy!

Now for stories from work. Yesterday, Karen (office manager down-stairs) loaned us both Taylor Hicks and Katherine Mcphee’s CDs. We listened to Taylor’s and all agreed that it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been and we hoped the next one would be better...Then we put in Katherine’s…At first it was like, “Hmm. It’s good…but it sounds like other people. Like not original. That one sounds kinda Christina-ish, and that one’s a bit Britney-ish...but none of it is really original.” Then came the song Open Toes. O….M…..G…..We had such fun with this song. Ok, so evidently it’s about her open toed shoes right? Well she says she’s got to have them when she goes out at night because “Them boys, they like them open toes.” And I turned to Lacey and said, “I’m sorry, did she say ‘Open Toes’ or ‘Open Hoes’?” So now, it has been christened Katherine’s Open Hoes song. We laugh every time someone brings it up.

Another amusing anecdote: Lacey asked a few minutes ago “So, Mardi Gras is on a Tuesday right?” and I was like “OMG, you did not just ask me that.” And she was like “I haven’t looked at the calendar! I don’t know!” and I’m like “Lacey…Mardi Gras if French for Fat Tuesday…” /insert giggle-fit here. That was just priceless.

Speaking of Mardi Gras, I searched online for the local parades, and printed out a new calendar for the month at work so that everyone would know when and where the parades were rolling. I also went through my uber-calendar that I keep in my purse which has the holidays on it. I used it as a reference and put the holidays where they go. Then I updated vacations and who was going to be off when. My nerd points increased once I finished ^.^

Ooooh…thank God it’s Friday. Even if there’s supposed to be rain and parades. I’ve never been much of a parade person. The only thing I enjoy about Mardi Gras would be the king cakes ^.^ I haven’t had the chance to get one, but I’m hoping since I got paid today I’ll be able to. Oh happy day.

Well...I guess I’ll be heading back to work. Later, Sunshines.


What MsMoon Means

M is for Moral

S is for Serious

M is for Magnificent

O is for Outrageous

O is for Odd

N is for Naive
What Does Your Name Mean?

Harvest Moon

PS: I <3 Yong!

Oh, how cheezey...

2006-Oct-21, Saturday 01:32 pm
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Many thanks to [profile] purrsia for this. It provided many laughs ^.^

Harvest Moon
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Beware, for I am: Refreshed Refreshed

Ok, so today. Went to Chibi’s and knocked out a few more movies from the list. We watched the fourth season of Red vs. Blue, which was insanely funny. And we watched The Day After Tomorrow; also, insanely funny (at least, if you’re us it was). We watched the first episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon about funny. There was a lot of other insane stuff we watched that was hers (big surprise -_-), but I can’t remember their yeah.

What was really funny was that right at the end of The Day After Tomorrow, the weather over here started getting really bad. And we’d gone through the whole movie with me saying, “They’re all gonna die.” And Chibi responding with, “Yup, they’re gonna die.” Me: “D-E-D, dead.” Chibi: “Uh huh. Dead.” And then we both look out the back window and Chibi looks at me and said, “We’re gonna die...” That was funny. And the weather was bad too, but I love bad weather. Unless it’s tornados. I don’t like tornados. Unless they’re digital...yeah, we’re all whores for digital tornadoes. /nod nod nod.

I have to remember to bring Sailor Moon – Sailor Stars the next time I go over. Though, I don’t know when that’ll be. Chibi gave me a ton of anime to watch. Then again, I think she has more anime than I do -.-

So, that was the day. I shall now go and watch said anime that Chibi loaned me. I will be giving my opinions of it as I watch it for the next few days (weeks?). Tootles.



You Are a Pegasus
You are a perfectionist, with an eye for beauty. You know how to live a good life - and you rarely deviate from your good taste. While you aren't outgoing, you have excellent social skills. People both admire you - and feel very comfortable around you. that’s interesting...Isn’t that interesting, Twin-san? I actually scored as one of my most well-known races! /shakes head sometimes these things can be down-right uncanny.


PS: Oh yeah. I’ve got so many quiz results saved up that I’m never going to get to, that I think I’ve decided to start posting, like, 10 every Sunday or something. I hardly feel like posting on Sundays usually (because I never get anything done then -.-), so I might as well put the time to good use.

EDIT: oh yeah. I updated  MM's DataBase and added chapter 33 to the EQ Saga. Ya'll thougt I'd forgotten, didn't ya?

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Beware, for I am: Blank Blank

What happened to me last night? I had fully intended to post...really. But then I just got caught up reading fan fics and then the rents were home and before I knew it, it was 10:30 and the combination of warm tea and sleep meds had fully kicked in and I was out. Funny how that happens.

Ok, so there’s several things to touch on.

Work. As of yesterday I started back working part time again, but the boss lady is considering me going full time. Which is good. Also, we have a good candidate for our new full-time nurse, and the boss lady is running checks on her and she will soon be giving her current job a four-week notice. So either way, it looks like we’ll have over a month to wait before we get her in. Also, they’re moving me from my current spot to a desk that’s closer to Nicole, which I like better. My current desk faces the back wall, and I can hear but can’t see when someone comes in. This moves me to a different spot where I’ll be able to see everyone clearly...except for Lacy, who’ll be somewhat behind-catty-corner from me...but that’s ok, because we’re closer, and it won’t take much effort to look over my shoulder at her.

Home. The rents are back! I always enjoy their home coming after a few days trip somewhere else. It makes me appreciate them more...and I think they enjoy having me about as well. Woke up this morning and Dad had gone out and gotten some doughnuts and éclairs for breakfast without making a peep. Ok, he made peeps and all, but they didn’t wake Mom and I, and that’s what matters.

MechaCon.Ok, so no one’s really asked to be written to, so that means I’ll just be writing to Chibi, Reiko, and Jen-Twin-san Saturday night from Mecha Con. Although I probably should check with Twin-san first and make sure I have the right address. She’s moved around so much and I’ve gotten and discarded addresses so often that I’m just not sure any more. I was thinking of taking my Mead Brights thingy because it has a section for a notebook and a thing that holds papers, and then putting that in my FuruBa messenger back (the one that I got at AWA ^.^ Memories). It’ll serve as my nerd gear since I’m taking notebooks and my jellies stationary and pens and all in it. Also, in preparation for Mecha Con, I’ll be cleaning out the junk in my car Wednesday, then after work Thursday, I’ll head over to the car wash and have them clean it inside and out. It only cost about $8 and they vacuum and put air freshener and clean the outside and everything for you. So why not? And it’s been ages since the Puma got some serious cleaning care. Now’s a great time. I should do it more often, but I just don’t think about it.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Speaking of Twin-san, I got my shirt in yesterday! It is very spiffy. I wore it all day yesterday, and it fit just right and it wasn’t uncomfortable. So that’s a good shirt. Don’t you hate it when you buy a cool shirt and it either a) Doesn’t fit quite right or 2) isn’t comfortable? I always hate that. I want something cool and practical. And this fits both bills. Which means that after I’ve worn it for years and stretched it out and put stains in it and such, I’ll cut out the collar and cut off the sleeves and keep it as house-wear...I’m such a freak.

So yeah. That’s life thus far. I’ll update the list of things I’m takin’ later. But I kinda wanna check up on everyone else and then get ready for work and all. So later.



The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test
Category Your Score Average LJer
Community Attachment 20.43%
You've got pals to cheer you up when you're down, but no audience to applaud you... Yet.
MemeSheepage 56.14%
I am but one quiz among millions. My brethren surround me on the page.
Original Content 46.77%
Some stories must be told - and you're the one to tell them
Psychodrama Quotient 6.02%
Warning: Can Flame When Necessary
Attention Whoring 20.45%
You do a little dance whenever someone friends you




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