Nerdy Note To Self

2007-Aug-11, Saturday 11:55 pm
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Prepare for a long post with tons of links about something I must remember. You have been warned.

I really just must post about a new obsession of mine. When I went on vacation to Tennessee, Jen and I found these little figurines called Book Wyrms. I totally fell in love with them, and after a small web search, I found the Dragons of Dragonsite. I absolutely love the Book Wyrms, of course they were what drew me to the site, but I find the dragons guarding the castles charming as well.

Now my favorites happen to be Black Beauty, not just because she's gorgeous, but she reminds me of Caladi (especially her face). My love of BB is followed closely by Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger just because it’s too dang cute. Then there’s Lord of the Wings which I love if only because of the book it represents. Although I do wish the dragon looked a bit more like Smaug…My Friend Flicker and Tender is the Knight are extremely cute if only because of accessories. Of course I do love the standard beauties White Fang, Drakes of Wrath, and Gone with the Wind. All of them are beautiful, there are just so much detail in these that I can't help but love them.

I also noticed the other themes that they starting up…

Gaia whom I love if only because she’s so beautiful and intricate. She is gorgeous, and she’s on a map, clutching a piece of the map. It’s an obvious throw back to the Greek goddess personifying mother earth…she’s just so beautiful and the theme is carried out through the piece so well, that I really admire the artist who made it. It’s that type of OCD/Anal Retentiveness that makes the great ones great.

As for the others, well. Gronae and Eudl are part of a castle set (which I like very much), and Dostanne and Engre appear to be part of a set that simply crouch over a large circular floor. I’m not terribly attracted to that set, but they aren’t terribly bad. I guess I’m more attracted to the theme sets. Also there’s Aveum and Atel...whose only similarities appear to be that they’re looking at or holding an org. There’s also Thief, but there is no way that I’m getting that because it’s actually being and expensive.

/sighs. That’s all. I just wanted to get this all off my chest before I forgot that I really wanted to do so. Now that I have…I can sleep. Goodnight all.

Harvest Moon

Excited Optimism

2007-Aug-08, Wednesday 02:58 pm
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I really need to post about the good things in my life. It’s not like my life sucks or anything, but I’m always posting about the negative. I need to stop that. Or at least remember to sprinkle salt with the pepper. So, in no particular order...The good things that happened recently in my life...

Work. I was great appreciative of everyone at work. My yearly review came up and I got $1.05 raise. Then when my boss heard that my parents were moving and I might be going with them she replied with “But we can’t replace you...You have to stay.” Which, I’ll admit, was very sweet. It’s very nice to be appreciated. But I’m most excited about the raise =..=. Let’s face it, appreciation is great, but that won’t buy the stuff for my house faster ^..^

Home. Mom and Dad are home, and it’s great to have them back. I really missed them. They came back with hilarious DVDs of their trip (we’ve only watched the first once, which was mostly them in the car very little sleep on the 22+ hour ride up there with and we laughed so hard it hurt). They also brought back cool souvenirs for us. Scamp and I both got a beautiful necklace that’s a silver aspen leave. It looks great against my albino-skeletor skin ^..^ I also got a little tree, that’s got purple rocks at its base and tiny green rocks for leaves, and a large rain stick. Oh, and Aunt Batty actually paid us for taking care of Fred. So that’s extra money for furniture and décor etc. So that’s good.

I totally plan on buying my TV stand once I have this money deposited...because I know it’s possibly the most expensive thing I’ll have to buy and there’s only like 7 left =..= So yeah, must get now. Oh, and I’m getting this Dragon Incense Burner for my kitchen. I think it’ll go well on the counter above my garbage can. Y’see, I have this crazy OCD/anal retentive thing, where I want there to be different smell-goods in each room. On secretary appreciation day, the girls at the office all chipped in and gave me a gift card to Pier 1, and I noticed the only thing they had that I really liked (that I could actually afford) were the Reed Diffusers. And that’s gonna be my bathroom/laundry room. Now I have the incense for my kitchen (because bathroom is water and kitchen is fire). So, I was thinking that I might just use candles if I need to scent the living room and my upstairs bedroom...because I can’t think of any other really creative way of spreading scent in said areas. So, does anyone have any ideas about that (don’t know why I bother asking since no one answers my questions. Moving away from the negative again)? Oh hell, I might just get that glade plug in thing and get it over with.

Oh, and I got in my bathroom stuff minus my toilet seat. It’s backordered =..= I hope it comes in soon. The stuff that I did order is nice ceramic stuff, not cheap plastic like I thought it’d be! I was so happy! I can’t wait to actually put it all where it goes ^..^. Then I can finally take pictures and show all of ya’ll and be done with it and you won’t have to hear me blather on about it. Sounds like a good plan, no? Ok, I’ll stop now =..=’

My cousins goes back home tomorrow...and I’m trying not to feel bummed about it. It’s really weird, but each time she leaves I can’t wait till she can come back. Oh! The next chance she’ll get to come is when we’re painting my house! I’z excited all over again ^..^’

We did get some stuff done this visit…/thinks. We got my DVDs boxed up and put …no wait…I had that done. At least the ‘boxing up’ part. She helped me put them away. Oh! We got my books— I did that too. She helped me figure out how to box those up though. It was funny, because I was so very very tired, and I’d just gotten out of the shower, and I realized “OMG, Mom and Dad come home tomorrow, and all these boxes are all over the place and my books are packed O..O’” so in less than 20 minutes I had all my books on the living room floor and I had started boxing them. She pointed out the huge box I choose was way too flimsy and suggested putting them into the two egg boxes that I’d gotten from our renters. I talked to my books as I put them away, causing much enjoyment for all parties involved/witnessing. You know, it doesn’t really matter if we do nothing or go anywhere because we always end up having fun and enjoying each other. I’m glad both of them came…I am so soar.

Well, I gotta go ya’ll. I think they actually want me to do my job at work. So, I’ll talk later. Ja, Sunshines.


Your Fragrance Profile

The best calming fragrance: basil
The best fragrance for everyday wear: cinnamon
The best fragrance to boost your sex appeal: musk
The best fragrance for energy: eucalyptus


Harvest Moon

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Beware, for I am: Moody Moody

Hello, Mina. How is everyone? I’ve been great. Tonight, I finally nailed down the months in which my Dragons will be ‘born’ (March, June, September & December). I’ve also figured out which lines I want going where. I’ve yet to actually nail down a gestation period, and as such I can’t exactly pinpoint when said dragons are fertile, but at least I’m making progress ^_^ Dear God, someone help me =)= ...

You Are A Rowan Tree
You are full of charm and cheer. You light up a room. And while you crave attention, you do it without ego. You are an interesting mix of contradictions - and very unpredictable. You are both dependent and independent, calm and restless. You are passionate, emotional, gregarious, and (at times) unforgiving.

ENOUGH with the horoscopes! I’ve had enough of birthdays today! /whine


Sites and Such

2002-May-30, Thursday 09:53 pm
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Hey Minna. Long time, no write ne? Well, lots of stuff has been happening. Chibi came over Tuesday, and she finally showed me how to put up my sites with Dream Weaver. So yes, since Tuesday after noon I've been trying to work out the kinks of my web site. It's still not all working yet, but I'm getting it there.

I finally got a chance to actually RPG with Twin-san today. This morning in fact. It was for a short time, but better than nothing at all. We've been running into each other, only to be kicked off, or we have to leave early. But then we get to talk about absolutely crazy things when we don't RPG......but then...there's no time when we don't talk about crazy things....

And I feel like such a dork. I've started watching Batman Beyond. Kinda cool though, since just today was the starting episode. Oh well, at least I'm into something besides this big black box. Not like I'm a new fan either. I watched the old batman constantly. I taped it and re-watched it. So in the end it's not really so stupid I guess.

And I'm trying to type out the story for my Dragon page tonight that way I won't have to rush it tomorrow. You see I finally got a Chesmu egg, and the Chesmus age in three day cycles. Meaning I got the egg Wednesday, it must hatch Friday, it'll be a pup Sunday, and it'll be an Adult Tuesday. I don't really mind, in fact I enjoy it. But I've got the idea fresh in my head so I don't want to forget anything now.

And now my brother needs the phone. I'll write later minna. That's all she wrote.


P.S. Go visit my web site and sign my guest book no da!

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Hey Minna. Don't ask about the title. It's a Gilmore Girls thing. Today started somewhat early for me. I woke up around 2:30 and my stomach was killing me. I took some medicine but it didn't get any better. I figured I was just queasy since my sinuses were draining. Well around 3:30 I started gagging so I went into he bathroom and boy did I ever throw up. I'm sure it wasn't pretty but I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't exactly see. But then again, when is that ever pretty?

Went to sleep right away after that, and I slept surprisingly well...Woke up around...9:00, and ate breakfast, even though my stomach still felt a little weird. Got online and talked with my Twin-san. We didn't get a chance to RPG today but we still talked about our dragons and all. Or, rather we talked about how we were working on getting our dragons. They have eggs now, but there are only six and we're not sure if we'll get any.

I don't have my page even updated yet! Though Chibi-Imouto-chan is coming over tomorrow to help me. Yatta! Ok I'm done. So yeah Chibi's coming over tomorrow. I can't wait. She's so good at web designing and stuff, I'm sure she can help me. She always does.

Anyway, enough with my bragging on my Imouto-chan. Today was mostly just cleaning and such. Mom and I worked out together. Then we finished up cleaning the house. I was on the computer on and off all day.

I set my new watch to go off at 4:55PM. Other wise I wouldn't know that DBZ was coming on. I just get immersed in what I'm doing and forget. So I watched that...and found myself watching Batman Beyond. I'm a hard core Batman fan-at least a fan of the original cartoon-and I've seen Batman Beyond a few times. Never really gave it any thought. But when I saw the old Superman on there, and Aqua Girl and heard the plot I was glued to the screen...I'd probably watch Justice League too...if I could remember when it came on. Anyway, so I'm probably gonna start watching not only DBZ but Batman Beyond too.

Ah well, I guess I'll sign off here. I'll write later Minna. That's all she wrote.



2002-May-26, Sunday 12:57 pm
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Man, if I thought I was soar yesterday I'm even worse today. My arms aren't so bad as my legs and waist. I can't wait till tomorrow. Mom and I decided to start working out again. We figure the only time we have is early so we can wake up a little early, eat, work out and water our flowers. Mom and I have been attempting to plant various flower and develop a green thumb. Our seedlings are starting to blossom too ^.^

Today looks like it'll be a normal Sunday except Twin-san and I wont be able to talk. McDonalds has her working hard again and she won't be able to see me today. And we'll have to RPG early every other day too. Oh well, doesn't bother me that much. I'll just have to put my attention in other places.

After we got out of Church and I ate, I immediately started working on my Dragons lair. I'm still developing my lair and persona. I have my background, and the character I want I'm just developing the story line and such. I'm looking for little treasure graphics. Anyone knows where I can get things like that, please tell me. I don't really want to have to beg, but I will if necessary. I just want my dragon to have the best home he or she can.

I'm thinking about going on EQ and taking pictures of gems and jewels and jewelry there and putting it in there for now, but if I can get other things I'd like them too. Anything that'll look like a dragon's hoard no da?

Oh well, since Twin-san's not on or anything and it's 1 over there and she's got to be at work for 3, and it takes 30 to 40 minutes to get to town *deep breath* I guess she's not gonna get on. So I'm gonna go on EQ and get pictures...^.^

That's all she wrote Minna.


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Hey Minna. Today was interesting...Woke up about 8:45 only to be informed that Mom was angry with me. Evidently she told me to make sure I'd done the dishes and hung up the clothes that was in the dryer before I went to bed last night...and I forgot. We squabbled for a minute (literally) and I put all the dishes in the dishwasher—washed those that wouldn't go—and hung the clothes up. After that I ate breakfast.

Mom and Dad decided a while back that Thomas should probably shut everything off in his house and just live over here. Well the room he's in has no working fan and Thomas likes it cold. So he asked if he could borrow my osculating fan and I said sure. Well whenever he unplugged it he unplugged my TV, VCR, and Will as well. And for some reason my VCR decides that the Remote control shouldn't work at some points, and now I can't set anything to tape. And since Thomas unplugged everything all my programs evaporated.

What was the point of that story? Well, this morning I set X-men Evolution to tape in the living room and it didn't work right, so I missed it. Talk about a round about way of having to explain something ne?

Well our church had "Family Day" today. It's basically a big get together of the church and any of their friends and family that they want to invite. We all sit around in the park and eat craw fish and attempt to play sports and enjoy each other's company. Well...some of us do ^_~.

Well the Park has three sets of swings, one in the front, with about four or fives swings, one in the back, near the trees with three swings that vary in height, and another about 12 yards to the right of it that has three even swings. I choose the third one to swing on. Why? Well, it's secluded, it's at a point where you can see everything, and of course, you don't have to worry about hitting into shrubs when you swing back. So how long did I swing? Oh, an hour and a half. I'm so soar too.

After swinging for an hour and a half I discovered that there was a very large dark black line across my backside. The shorts are now soaking in Shout. I started getting where I couldn't stand very well, and that's when I decided not to swing any more.

Ate a lot of Crawfish, and watched everyone being funny and crazy. Then Dad said he had to leave...Got home around...2:00 or so I think. Saw my Twin-san's Dragon Lair and thought it was incredible. But she and I can't talk today so that's not cool. Hopefully tomorrow.

Till then I'm gonna keep working on my Dragon's Page. I'm getting the hang of the graphics and all; it's just the developing story line that I really have to work on. I'm trying to incorporate stuff from EQ. Oh speaking of EQ; all my characters except Shenna got invited to the Shadows of Honor guild. Isn't that cool? Shenna doesn't want to be in any guild unless her fiancée wants her to join his. So that's ok.

Well I guess I'd better close this diary entry. It's pretty long already. Today was ok, if a little tiring. I guess I'll check in whenever I can next. That's all she wrote Minna.


I want a Dragon

2002-May-24, Friday 01:33 pm
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Hey Minna. I just got through peeling shrimp. It's not the worst thing to do in the world, but it's not the most wonderful either.

But that's not what I need to post about. I've been eyeing this site for three days, go check it out. Keltic Rose Isle. It's an adoption agency for Dragons. I've been wanting to get something like that on my page but I haven't found anything that I really wanted. Sometime Yesterday night I decided to adopt one of the Glen Dragons. I want a Crystal but a Black would be nice. Maybe I can get two....but I don't want them from the same clutch.

Yes I'm a dork but I'm a fun dork. So now I'm working on my first dragon's page. I'm gonna let Yajuu be the caretaker of the dragons since she loves them so much.

Oh! Speaking of the EQ peoples! Bijo's been accepted into a guild! She's in the Shadows of Honor guild. Unless this is some weird joke. I hope it's not a joke. Oh well, for now it seems real. Anyway, that's really cool, since I never expected to actually get an invite to a guild, but hey whatever. Bijo loves it ~.^

Well that's about it. I'm making a page for my first dragon and Bijo's in a guild. I'll keep Minna updated on everything, but for now I guess I'll sign off. That's all she wrote Minna.


I cooked Shrimp!

2002-May-20, Monday 10:19 pm
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Hey Minna. Today was kinda fun. I woke up around 12:47 which totally blows me away. I haven't done that in forever. But anyway, I woke up late and watched some Whose Line is It Anyway, my ultimate cure for boredom.

Then I played some EQ and worked on my web site some more. Then Twin-san got online and we talked. It wasn't long enough but hey that's just the way things go.

Got off and I peeled and butterflied some raw shrimp for my mom. Then Mom asked me to slice up some potatoes for fries. And then I actually fried the shrimp. I'm not a kitchen girl, though my mom's trying to fix that. We ate and then watched the season finale of Survivor. I was hoping Kathy would win, and somehow new that the final three would be all girls, don't ask me how.

I hung out online looking at various sites. Go here and check out the Guardian Dragons. They're cool.

I got off when my parents told me it was time for me to get off. Talked with Arashi though, which was cool. She's making music videos O.o. Way to go for her. I probably couldn't do it. Anyway, I've taken my shower and now I'm off to try to sleep. Ja-ne Minna. That's all she wrote.



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