No Excuses

2014-Jun-06, Friday 10:58 am
msmoon: (Strive to Write)

MsMoon fights the urge to submit to NyQuil so that she can finally post a video! =_=

Much Love to SkahfeeStudios on Etsy for their awesome WoW Text Art :D They have a ton of other text art things that you should go look at!

8-Bit Decor

2012-Jan-22, Sunday 05:40 pm
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EDIT: This actually happened March 8th of 2011, but I evidently forgot to post it here... so here it is! Enjoy.

I am on a mission...kind of like the Blues Brothers :3

Much love to Think Geek for the awesome decor!

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LoudTwitter is down. Evidently there was a server crash. I swear, I have not dropped off the face of the earth, it's just that the service I use to batch my tweets isn't working :) I thought I'd let everyone know.

Yesterday was church... and it was fun. Not because of the sermon, but because the boys showed up with their mother. This meant Alicia and I had the chance to teach as opposed to attend the Bible study. I enjoy that very much. The boys are very enjoyable and funny, thought it's very hard to keep them reigned in if only because they're so funny you don't want to stop them ^..^

We really didn't give a lesson... but! We developed a reward based system, assigning points to each person for good behavior... and taking points away for bad. After 25 points they may start claiming their rewards... and 25 points can get you 5 candy bars (of your choosing). If you choose not to redeem your points, then you can save it up for a bigger prize. We discussed gift certificates to restaurants and the big prize of 100 points earns you a $50 Wal-Mart gift card :D The gift cards were my idea... so were the candy bars now that I think about it >..> hm...Well, Alicia asked what they would work for... and they said cars and guitars -..- Yeah... nothing we could actually afford. So, I threw in candy (food's always a great reward system right?) and gift certificates... Of course... we do have to get it approved by Pastor Sam first... so... I did make up a chart with their "Names" on them.... ok, that needs explaining.

So... when Alicia mentioned the points system, and Julian said, "What does that remind you of?" to which I replied, "20 points from Gryffindor!" ^..^ They immediately picked up on it and started taken Hogwart's House names... or... something like them. Julian called Gryffindor, Jesse called Slytherin, and Billy ... decided on Ravenpuff O..o yeah I know. They got off on a tangent about combining the names to see what they might just wind up with ... and that's how Billy got his -..-' Of course, T and Lamarr weren't really there... so we gave them substitute names. T (for now) will be Tink and Lamarr with be Autobot :) We'll have to ask them what they think... whenever we next see them.

We're also talking about planning an outing to Branson... the idea is to go and get something to eat and walk the landing and then go see a movie (preferably Transformers 2 as everyone wants to see that). She had mentioned the IMax, but it won't be playing there on the 11th, which is when we wanted to go. The boys will be starting up their Football training camp, and thus they will die a bit every day of the week.... we were hoping for weekend since it'd be more fun and relaxing :) So... you know... maybe we'll have to find another theater. Shouldn't be hard in Branson.

Hmm... what else. Well, I finally got around to getting those art prints framed... all of them (so far). Scamp still owes me two Map paintings, but the Ancients Kth did for me are all framed properly and the map Scamp gave me is framed... I bought 4 matching frames for the Ancients and then 3 other frames from the maps... yes, I only have 1 of the 3, but this Wal-Mart is more of a “Get it while you can, otherwise it may be gone” sort of deal... Even if they aren’t up on the wall yet, I am proud of myself :D

Oh, we went to Sam and Karen's house for the first time since they left on their trip. We were going to go out on some lake, but... well, things didn't work out. So, we ended up just coming home. Not before visiting with Julie and Marsha of course... But, I finished my laundry (thank God). Oh! And tomorrow, Mom and I are going to Branson to shop :3 Yays. Dad said he didn't want to come and get in our way... so that means sushi :D Happy psycho bunny.

Well... I'd better be off. I still haven't showered, slothful boar that I am. I hope LoudTwitter comes back up soon... not that it hasn't been fun posting again....Oh well. I'll talk later, Sunshines :)



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Yaviel Isilmiel

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Today the revelation that is shoes has descended upon me. Today, as I was getting ready, I noticed I looked so different even though I was wearing the same outfit I’d worn that looked so…good. Today, I was wearing my WoW hunter shirt and my dark jeans, but it didn’t look as nice as when I’d worn it last time. That’s when I realized. I’m wearing my sneakers, but if I were wearing my black high heels, it’d look nice. Thus…the power of shoes.

In other news…we finally have my computer desk assembled. It was the night that my dad flooded the backroom -..- Interesting experience. You know, if you let water sit on crappy fau-hardwood, it gets underneath it and then starts oozing out and then it makes the floor buckle…/sigh. Dad was upset about that, but I tried to brush it off saying I wasn’t too worried about the floor in my backroom. But, that’s another discussion I suppose. We got the desk put together in about an hour and a half. It was not fun by any means. As we would sit down on the floor, water would ooz up and soak us. Not cool. The whole way through Dad complained that the desk was a piece of crap, which it’s cheap compressed wood so I assumed it would be. I just want something that’s small and cheap that’d work. But it’s up. Dad said he’d bring my computer over the next day while I was at work…he did, except he forgot to bring the wires that connect it -..- I was gonna take the pictures of my Christmas tree off my camera card and put it on the computer and then onto my jump drive, but it’ll have to wait. I kinda figured, maybe I should just wait till I have all the decorations up, because I really want to decorate.

In other news...I’m done Christmas shopping. Seriously done. Put a fork in me done. Ok, so there are a few little things I’d like to pick up, but I’ve gotten everyone covered. Chibi is supposed to come down for the 17th and 18th; I have that scheduled off; I’ve told Reiko I will pay for her gas for her to come; and, I’ve asked Scamp to come too. I’ve got the gifts for Mom, Dad, Bub, Jen-Twin, Chibi, Reiko, and Scamp…I got for decorations today; garlands, candy canes and the like. And I’m gonna start getting my Christmas cards together…let me say this once…

If you want me to send you a Christmas card, e-mail your address to Thanks for giving me something to do that keeps me off the streets ^..^

Oh yeah…Kamilla, the girl that took Ashly’s place, has turned in her two-week notice. Not that it’d be worth while to come back at all, since she’s been sick all this week and took off all next week. Her last day is the 19th, so I’m going to be doing her job as well as mine, while the others look for a replacement =..=..grr.

I have such a headache. I think it might be from the root beer. Too much sweets and caffeine and I get a headache. Oh well. I’ll talk at ya’ll later. Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

Trying TImes

2007-Aug-29, Wednesday 12:53 pm
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We have paint! Sure, it isn’t every paint that we need, but it’s progress. Now, the only paint we need to buy for is the kitchen & backroom and the bathroom. My kitchen, bed room and trim paint are all bought. I also bought myself some really nice lamps, the big/tall type that you can use to light up an entire room. I got 2 because they were marked half off (used to be $59.99 and they were $29.99 ^..^) and I figure I’ll need plenty of light in that place. We looked at flooring, but decided to visit with one of Dad’s friends that laid the floor in their house. Any break is a good break. And I was a little disappointed with the fall through of the end tables I wanted to get, and now I don’t really know what I’m going to buy...there are some other options that I like even better but they’re $20 more. So yeah. Now I’m a little hesitant.

Dad is somehow going to get prices from his friend on the flooring, fix the mower, mow the yard, and paint my bed room, living room and Mom fussed him because he said last night he would probably be up before we were, and he could use that time to fix the mower. But of course, he got on the computer and played golf and cards and all those games that he plays instead. Then we ate breakfast and he played some games again until Mom woke up and then he went and started around 7:15 he got to work. So he has from 7:15 to 5:30...I suppose he could do it...

I have had a headache every day...for two weeks. Damn already. It’s only just starting to seep away, and I’m sure the two Tylenol Sinus I took had something to do with that. It was almost unbearable up until now though. I’ve been staring at my water for fifteen minutes =..=

I haven’t heard from Scamp in a while...I assume it has something to do with that post she made a while back about the fight she got into with her older sister. I hope she’s all right...I could call her, but...neither she nor I are big phone girls. /shrugs. On the other hand, Reiko called me the other day to make sure she knew the exact day when I’d be having my party so she could schedule off for it now. That was nice.

Oh, another new development. I talked to Mom about taking my computer with me, and she was fine with that. In fact she said she preferred it since they were already used to the older one. Then I was talking to both of them later and I said, “You know, if that router is strong enough, I may be able to access the internet from my house...” Dad said we’d have to see if the router was powerful enough, as the Nexus is about 200 feet away from the house. He said, if not, we’ll just get a new one. They are looking into getting satellite though because Comcast has been a total ass about our monthly bill. They said our bill was $120 and then when the rents went in to dispute it (because they have a whole package deal) it was whittled down to $18..zomg! And it’s like that every month. So they’re looking to switch.

Oh well. I should be getting back. I’ll write later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

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EDIT: As of five minutes ago, the end tables I'm about to mention are out of stock and I will not be getting them. Just more icing on a great day =..= Continue.

Dang...I really need to get a post in for this week, and that means ya’ll are gonna have to listen to me bitch. Because today was not a great day. On my lunch break, I checked my bank statement online, because I finally purchased those Hokkaido Japanese End Table Nightstand Shoji Lamp / Lantern in CHERRY ROSEWOOD and the Japanese Lantern Ball Shaped Indoor Lights - String of 10 and I wanted to see if the transaction had cleared. It had, and I noticed some other charges that I didn’t recognize at all…


There were several charges for AP9*Shoppingessential and AP9*Passporttofun+ ...and I had no idea what this was, much less why there were charging me multiple times for $1.00, $8.95, $9.95 and $5.95. So I call up my bank and ask very politely “What the hell?” and they direct me to a claims handler that I need to speak to who can see the entire name of the company and their phone number and all. So I call him up and he gives me the Shopping Essential number. So I call up and speak to Mona (employee number 26371) and ask here very politely “What the hell?” and she says that Pyramid Collection signed me up to Shopping Essentials and I have been billed monthly by them since January...right about now, I was ready to drop the politeness and just throw in some expletives. But I didn’t. She then tells me that Passport to Fun+ has been charged since June...So, I then tell Mona to cancel my account on both of them, to which she does, though it takes her a while since it’s two services. She and I chat about the weather, and I bear with it just because it isn’t her fault her company’s scamming me. Then she tells me to have a nice day...

/sighs. Well at least now I know that I have to watch Pyramid Collection and my bank statement after I’ve made purchases because evidently they do that often by tricking you into clicking on “rebates”. These two things are evidently memberships that allow you to save money on certain things you buy. Thing is, they never sent me an e-mail about my membership or how to use it. Not to mention somehow hiding the charges, since I check my bank account religiously. It just ticks me off that people do that.../sighs.

In other news, my Mom informed me yesterday that my Dad called my Uncle Steve and told him never mind about painting the house. I’m a little bummed about that…but at this point, as long as it gets done, I really don’t care who does it. Dad argued that he’s puttying holes, sanding the walls, cleaning the walls, and priming the walls and if he’s going to go through that much trouble he doesn’t see why he should pay someone else to roll paint on the wall. He can do it himself. fine with me as long as he does it right. The $200 that I had set aside to help them with the charge has now gone into the order I placed on Amazon…mentioned above.

This afternoon we’re going to get paint and maybe some crown molding to separate the kitchen and living room a bit. He said that he’d be priming today...I doubt he’d be able to get it all done, though it might just be that I’m underestimating him. I think he can if he sets his mind to it...but Dad not only has ADD he’s a procrastinator so...yeah. Sometimes I’m not as confident in his focus. He did seem very sure that he’d be able to do it all though...and that’s good. 

We’re also going to look at laminate / rug floors that look like hard wood floors. I really would rather the rug since it’s cheaper and lower maintenance. It’s just as pretty too, if it’s installed correctly. He has all this week so I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to knock this out. The only issue is the money issue =..= Meh, I get paid next Friday.

All I have to do is survive till 5 o’clock (as is always the case). /looks at clock. Dangit, why can’t you move faster? Ah well. I’ll write later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

Scheaming and Dreaming

2007-Aug-16, Thursday 12:36 pm
msmoon: (RVB - Caboose Hamster)
Phew! Man did I scare myself silly yesterday. Ok, I started feeling better towards the end of the day (Plus), and I decided to go and get Mom’s birthday present since she’s away (Plus), but then I remembered that I didn’t have any wrapping paper (Minus). So, after work, I hurried over to Target and got 3 rolls of wrapping paper and make up (because I was almost out. Plus!). Then, I run over to McDonnald’s for my supper that night and lunch today (minus =..=). Then I run to Sam’s and buy Mom her Wolfgang Puck 18 pc. Cookware Set (Plus/Minus). Then I rushed home to wrap it. I was almost done when Mom called and told me she was home with Aunt Annie and after a good night’s sleep, she’d be heading home (Plus).

Ya’ll, I didn’t even post about the weather that happened here Monday. It was so bad. It was just Dena and Me that day. Lori had to leave to see her daughter’s teacher (first day of school ^..^). So, it gets really dark, and Lori had just installed a blind so that we wouldn’t have to worry about over-heating or glare. Well, it got dark outside, and then we hear it raining really really bad out. So, we open the blinds so that we can see the weather and all. The wind is whipping so hard, that it’s like a solid horizontal wall of rain whipping around the building. The power went out twice and then Trevor (our PT down stairs) comes up and looked in our storage. Then he announces that the rain had pushed the windows in a bit and water was now dripping down into the wall O..O; Freaky.

I was so upset...I ordered that beautiful TV stand from the first vendor and they canceled on me. Then I reordered it from the second vendor...and they canceled on me. Now there isn’t one and I kinda felt strapped for time. So, I went ahead and setteled on this Splendor-TV Stand. It’s nice, though not very much like the original one I wanted….still, it’s a cheap option that doesn’t suck.

I had said that I’d like to buy those BookWyrms...but I realize that I’m not going to be able to for a while. I was looking at the two main sites that I usually buy from (Amazon & Pyramid) and I have big orders that I want to make next check and I’ve no idea if I’ll even have the money for it. There’s just too much that I want to get from other places, and it’s more stuff that I need/want for decoration or necessity.

Ok, from Pyramid Collection, I want to get the Shipwreck Framed Print ($79.95), Dragon Creamer and Sugar Set ($19.95), and the Dragon Cell Phone Caddy ($24.95). A total of $124.85 and with tax and shipping it’ll probably be closer to $140ish. So there’s that.

Then there’s Amazon, I want to get a Bamboo Tabletop Fountain ($23.99), two Hokkaido Japanese End Table Nightstand Shoji Lamp ($79.77x2), the Bamboo Collection Coaster Set ($9.99), and since the costers are sold by amazon, I figured I’d get something else for myself just so I could get super saver shipping…like Supernatural: Nevermore ($7.99) and The Girls Next Door - Season 1 ($16.99)….don’t judge me.

So, all together that probably comes to about $385, and that’s just a rough guess. So my beautiful BookWyrms will have to wait. A lot of things are gonna have to wait. But it won’t be forever. I can’t wait till I’ve got everything situated and I can just buy stuff for pleasure’s sake (like books and dvds and stuffs). Oh well. I also can’t wait till I become rich (or well-off enough) and I can sleep till 9 every morning. That’s a real fantasy. Oh well. Back to work now. Later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Firefly - *Beams*)
You know this day has been a bit odd…I mean, I woke up before Mom (not that it was early, but I was the first one up), and I had a craving for eggs. I haven’t made eggs since I was little (and even then, I tended to make them only to please Dad). But I actually wanted a big, well-rounded breakfast. So I made eggs, over easy and some toast. I would’ve cooked some bacon and ham too...but I wasn’t sure where Mom kept it. Mom woke up a few minutes after I’d eaten, and I was proud of myself because not only had I made my own stuff but it actually tasted good.

After a minute to finish eating my mini-wheat cereal, we got ready and went to town. I spent over $60 at Bath and Bodyworks, but I think I’m completely set for the next three or four months for aroma therapy, body wash and hand soaps. I also bought Mom some body butter that she really liked and some hand soaps as well. Then we went to Wal-Mart, but they didn’t have the chairs and futon that I really wanted. They had one, but it wasn’t the type that I wanted. So I decided not to get it. Instead I spent over $60 (again) on two twin sheet sets (for the spare bed/futon) and some oil. Now my room smells like I’m cooking an apple cobbler, which is very odd since there’s no way that I could do that ^..^

When we got home and unloaded, I quickly went to and looked to see if the chairs and futon I’d found were still in stock and available for shipping. They were, and I went ahead about bought them. The chairs will ship the local store, but the futon is coming straight to us (I don’t know why, but they couldn’t ship both there).

So, in one week, I have ordered my Gusdorf 17623GUS TV STAND 36 Inch COGNAC, my Butterfly Chairs + Ottoman and my Convertible Futon/Twin Bed. S’been a busy week. Thank God I had that extra in my pay check otherwise I’d be really in a bind. As it stands I have almost $300 in my checkings, and I like to keep $200 bare minimum. So I’m good. I want to try and not buy anything else unless it’s absolutely necessary until my next check. (I also got Bottle Holder, Napkin Holder, Salt and Pepper Shakers with Holder, and Incense Burner as a set for my kitchen, but those weren’t that expensive).

I am a happy (psycho) bunny ^____^

There are only a few other things that I feel I really want to order for my living room. And next check I’ll be getting the End Tables, Tabletop Fountain, and the Coaster Set. Then, maybe with my next check, I can get the last pieces. The Coffee Table, Indoor Lights to go on the beams and the decorative Jade Lotus. When it all comes together, it’ll be awesomeness on a stick.

Oh! I almost forgot! I also placed a small order to pyramid collection. I got the Mermaid door topper, and this Calendar. And that'll be my order from Pyramid for a while. =..=

It’s funny, but it feels good to spend all that money in such a productive manner and have plenty left over. Now, all I need to do is buy my Mom’s other birthday present and bring it to work to wrap, and I’ll be set. The only other gifts I need to buy are for my ‘Mouto-chan’s extra Christmas presents...Oh, and I need to get Thomas’s Christmas/Birthday presents too. Darn. And here I thought I was close to done with gifts and all. Geeze. But, none of that needs to be done before September. Mom’s birthday is Sept. 2, so that’s the priority.

Now that you’ve been updated on all my money matters/shopping schedules, I feel good ^..^ I think I’m gonna go and get some lunch. Shopping like this can wear a girl out ^..~ Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

Excited Optimism

2007-Aug-08, Wednesday 02:58 pm
msmoon: (Firefly - Shiny)
I really need to post about the good things in my life. It’s not like my life sucks or anything, but I’m always posting about the negative. I need to stop that. Or at least remember to sprinkle salt with the pepper. So, in no particular order...The good things that happened recently in my life...

Work. I was great appreciative of everyone at work. My yearly review came up and I got $1.05 raise. Then when my boss heard that my parents were moving and I might be going with them she replied with “But we can’t replace you...You have to stay.” Which, I’ll admit, was very sweet. It’s very nice to be appreciated. But I’m most excited about the raise =..=. Let’s face it, appreciation is great, but that won’t buy the stuff for my house faster ^..^

Home. Mom and Dad are home, and it’s great to have them back. I really missed them. They came back with hilarious DVDs of their trip (we’ve only watched the first once, which was mostly them in the car very little sleep on the 22+ hour ride up there with and we laughed so hard it hurt). They also brought back cool souvenirs for us. Scamp and I both got a beautiful necklace that’s a silver aspen leave. It looks great against my albino-skeletor skin ^..^ I also got a little tree, that’s got purple rocks at its base and tiny green rocks for leaves, and a large rain stick. Oh, and Aunt Batty actually paid us for taking care of Fred. So that’s extra money for furniture and décor etc. So that’s good.

I totally plan on buying my TV stand once I have this money deposited...because I know it’s possibly the most expensive thing I’ll have to buy and there’s only like 7 left =..= So yeah, must get now. Oh, and I’m getting this Dragon Incense Burner for my kitchen. I think it’ll go well on the counter above my garbage can. Y’see, I have this crazy OCD/anal retentive thing, where I want there to be different smell-goods in each room. On secretary appreciation day, the girls at the office all chipped in and gave me a gift card to Pier 1, and I noticed the only thing they had that I really liked (that I could actually afford) were the Reed Diffusers. And that’s gonna be my bathroom/laundry room. Now I have the incense for my kitchen (because bathroom is water and kitchen is fire). So, I was thinking that I might just use candles if I need to scent the living room and my upstairs bedroom...because I can’t think of any other really creative way of spreading scent in said areas. So, does anyone have any ideas about that (don’t know why I bother asking since no one answers my questions. Moving away from the negative again)? Oh hell, I might just get that glade plug in thing and get it over with.

Oh, and I got in my bathroom stuff minus my toilet seat. It’s backordered =..= I hope it comes in soon. The stuff that I did order is nice ceramic stuff, not cheap plastic like I thought it’d be! I was so happy! I can’t wait to actually put it all where it goes ^..^. Then I can finally take pictures and show all of ya’ll and be done with it and you won’t have to hear me blather on about it. Sounds like a good plan, no? Ok, I’ll stop now =..=’

My cousins goes back home tomorrow...and I’m trying not to feel bummed about it. It’s really weird, but each time she leaves I can’t wait till she can come back. Oh! The next chance she’ll get to come is when we’re painting my house! I’z excited all over again ^..^’

We did get some stuff done this visit…/thinks. We got my DVDs boxed up and put …no wait…I had that done. At least the ‘boxing up’ part. She helped me put them away. Oh! We got my books— I did that too. She helped me figure out how to box those up though. It was funny, because I was so very very tired, and I’d just gotten out of the shower, and I realized “OMG, Mom and Dad come home tomorrow, and all these boxes are all over the place and my books are packed O..O’” so in less than 20 minutes I had all my books on the living room floor and I had started boxing them. She pointed out the huge box I choose was way too flimsy and suggested putting them into the two egg boxes that I’d gotten from our renters. I talked to my books as I put them away, causing much enjoyment for all parties involved/witnessing. You know, it doesn’t really matter if we do nothing or go anywhere because we always end up having fun and enjoying each other. I’m glad both of them came…I am so soar.

Well, I gotta go ya’ll. I think they actually want me to do my job at work. So, I’ll talk later. Ja, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

House and Home

2007-May-16, Wednesday 12:56 pm
msmoon: (BC - Basketcase)
Ok, so not only did my dad have that whole procedure yesterday, but it turns out they stuck something in his throat that records when he coughs, and he has this little machine on his waste that keeps track of it all. So that way they can see why he’s coughing. They think he might have acid reflux, since his stomach and esophagus was all red…so they’re just making sure.

Plans changed slightly for Scamp’s visit. Instead of Mom picking her up sometime Friday afternoon, she’ll actually be picking her up between 1 and 2:30 Friday MORNING. Yeah, they were gonna stay with some friends, but the friends changed their plans. So now, it’s a drive by. Oh, and Mom and Aunt Audrey are both going to Tennessee (another cousin of mine is getting married and Aunt Audrey couldn’t afford to go, so Mom’s bringing her), so Scamp and I will have the house to ourselves for the weekend. She said she’d be returning Monday evening ^___^ So, I’ll just have to make sure the house is straightened by Sunday night and we should be set

…We need more ice creame. /shakes head Anywho. I’m tired, bored and I have a headach…/nods yeah. Oh, and the Rents met me for lunch today because they had something they wanted to show me at Lowe’s. It was decorative wall paneling, which I actually like better than the idea of having to put up plywood or luan =.= We also looked at paint samples, and I’ve kinda sorta decided what I might like in my livingroom, kitchen and bathroom. So, I’m sorta-kinda set. Now all I have to do is work up the money to buy all this crap (not that Dad doesn’t want to buy it for me…or that I’d even mind him buying it for me, but I really demand on paying him back for it later).

I’m tired and I want to go home. So I guess that means I’m the same as always. Later, sunshines.



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Yaviel Isilmiel

msmoon: (RVB - Words)
Well...hmm. So…yeah.../tries to think of something to write.

Oh, my dad’s having a colonoscopy and…that procedure where they put a light down your throat today. It’s probably over by now, actually, but I keep getting Mom’s voice mail…which means, her phone’s pretty much off =_=. I hope they figure out what’s wrong with his throat…it’s only been bothering him since the beginning of the year. It’s been terrible to watch him have to go through the prep though…not just because it sucks to see him so unhappy…but man…it sure stinks around our house =.= Yeah, yeah. TMI. I know. What else?

If you couldn’t tell, I’m super sleepy. I keep getting distracted too...If I’m not looking at Amazon at gifts that I want to get people, then I’m browsing around places that sell swords. I really want to get a few before I move into the house...I’ve found some really good sites too...Sword Direct is my current favorite, followed closely by Online Discount Mart, and then Medieval Weapon Art. Sword Direct’s fantasy swords are just made of awesomeness. We’ll see though. They have a Dragon Tooth Dagger, and I’d like that at least for my kitchen. It’s not too long, so it’ll fit right above my spare shelf. Maybe take away from the nasty AC thingy. Though, those Kit Rae daggers are pretty impressive too...

Scamp is coming over this Friday. I cannot wait. It’s so cool to have someone around to be silly with and talk nonsense with, and yet they understand exactly what you’re saying. Plus we always seem to put one another in a better mood. Mom’s supposed to be taking Dad to Lafayette (or just outside Lafayette) Thursday. They have friends that came down to visit family in that area, so they’re gonna visit with them and spend the night there. Then she’ll swing by Scampers house whenever she’s rested and ready to come home. I think she might try to make her drive again...I feel childishly disgrunteled that I won’t be there to show her my bed…why is that? I mean, she’s gonna see the bed…it’s not like she won’t see the bed. But it’s like when Mom showed them the Nexus…I was like “Aww…” because an odd part of me wanted to be there when they saw it…weird no? Ah well. I’ll just have to remember to make my bed before leave that morning. Oh…and I need to hide those gifts too….Yeah.

Ok. I’ve no idea what else to talk about, and that’s usually a good sign that it’s time to shut up and get back to work. /check clock Yup. Perfect timing. See ya’ll later, sunshines.



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Yaviel Isilmiel

msmoon: (Firefly - Shiny)
Wow…ok so, yeah, eventful day. Uh, You remember how I said that Mom got me those really nice towels from Sam’s as a sort of ‘house warming’ gift. Well, today she said she wanted to go looking around with me and Dad. She said that she and Dad had seen some really nice bedroom sets at Ashely Furniture. So, I was game, it never hurts to look and I didn’t have anything planned anyway. So, we go out, and it’s ouring down raining. And we head in there and look around, and Mom shows me this bed that I really like because not only is it very pretty wood, it’s also high up and has a storage unit underneath the bed. That’s something that I’ve been wanting for a while now. But Dad asked if I really liked it, and I said I really did (for some odd reason he thinks that Mom is constantly influencing me...which is true, but it’s not like she’s influencing me into things I don’t want any part of). So, Mom and I walk around, and we’re looking at differen’t pieces of furniture, mostly plush rocking chairs and a few of these really nice lounge like sofas. And then we go to find Dad…and he’s signing paperwork to get me the bed, the two storage units and two beside tables………..


One day, I will be able to convince myself that I am not spoiled/pampered……..but it won’t be this day. Obviously =.= Don’t get me wrong! I’m thrilled and very thankful, but I was telling him last night (when we’d talked about getting the bedroom set) that it wasn’t something that had to be rushed or done right this minute…I swear, the man is so impulsive. God, I love him. So yeah, my parents have bought me this Bedroom Set…sans Dressers and crap.

In other news, Yalisilwen is level 17……….. When did that happen? Oh yeah, somewhere between killing Gnolls and Night elves I guess. I hate it how I never realize when I level. It’s like….I’m in combat so I just don’t realize…too focused on everything else. I have started zooming out my camera angel more now, so I actually see myself enveloped by the golden light. Kyo and I were killing major Night Elves tonight. We headed to that island, where that boat they’re on is and got some plans from them…twas great. Oh, and Kyo’s my best friend now /girlish grin I love that cat! It was sweet too, even if slightly inconvenient….I was using my archery skillz to pick of Night Elves from far away. Well on the island, they have druids and hunters, so not just the spies that run over to you. So I’m shooting at this Night elf hunter that’s on the ship, and she shoots back at me, and Kyo get’s mad at her and runs on the ship and clobbers her…there by getting himself attacked by two other night elves, but it wall worked out in the end. The only thing I can’t figure out is where the other plans are. I got the ones from the ship, and I looked at around the camp that I’ve always been to (tons of fun picking off Night elves there), but I didn’t see anything. It’s possible (in fact highly likely) I’m just missing something obvious. But oh well. I’ll figure it out. I swear I’m gonna have nightmares about Knuckelrott chasing me around. That thing gives me the creeps.

That’s all for now. I'm in the mood to read some of my Twin-san's and my old RPGs. I’ll see ya’ll later, sunshines.

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Yaviel Isilmiel

Plans within Plans

2007-Apr-09, Monday 12:36 pm
msmoon: (Light or Train)
How can a weekend fly by when you do almost nothing the entire time…? I just don’t get it. What did I do of merit this weekend?...Saturday, I went shopping with Mom. That was Wal-Mart and Sam’s. We didn’t go too overboard at Wal-Mart, but Sam’s kinda did us in. We got to looking around at stuff...I guess, we just figured we didn’t have anywhere to be so it wouldn’t hurt to look around. Of course, that’s a mistake...

Scamp’s not feeling good again…In a way, I wish I could help, but if she’s anything like me, she’d rather just be left along when she’s sick...It’s probably the sudden change in the weather. I mean, just last week I was complaining that it felt like a sweltering Summer day and then Saturday we wake up and it’s freezing outside, we we’re having sleet (yes, even we with our almost-beach-front-properity, got sleet!). I was sitting in my room, and my parents had gone to town again, and I heard this ‘tink tink…tink tink” and I new it wasn’t Seymour or the Fairies, so I looked around the house, thinking it might be the blinds in the living room if Mom left the fan on. But she hadn’t, and I listened while I was in the living room and it sounded like normal rain. Then I realized that normal rain on the tin porch wouldn’t make that noise, so I rushed out and opened the door, and it felt like I had steped into a freezer =.= Another excuse to wear my fuzzy socks, I suppose. But this morning, I heard the weatherman say that we’d be in the 80’s by the end of the, I expect to get sickly by then as well =.=’’’

I don’t think I’ve done a Nexus update recently. I think I had mentioned that our renters were moving out sooner than later, but I don’t think I mentioned that they suddenly got a big break and were going to start moving out on the 10th…or 11th…I can’t remember which. I know it’s one of those dates. So, yeah...Gonna be getting that house a lot sooner than I had thought. So, after they’re off and on their way, we’ll open up the house and let it air out for a few days. Then we’ll try to clean it as best we can. Mom said that Dad may have to repair some of the sheet rock (egh, sheetrock =.=). And then, we’re gonna have Lowe’s lay the lynolium tyle that looks like wood. Then I’ll be moving in. Mom bought me my first ‘house warming’ gift Saturday at Sam’s. They had these beautiful, light blue towels of Egyptian Cotton (*deamy music*), and Mom bought me two towels, two wash cloths and a bathroom rug. She said she knew I was doing my bathroom in mermaids, so she figured blue towels and accessories would be a good choice. Of course, I won’t be thinking about decorating for a while. First I’ll just start from the bare bones and pay my bills. Then, as I get more stable and allow myself to save up more and more, I’ll get more things. Of course, I always have plans, but with something this big, I have plans within plans. Not only do I have a list of priorities, I have a list of which priorities are more…priority. I’ll make it work…somehow.

I don’t expect to be in that house any time soon. Not until a little after June in the very least. But already I’m trying to be aware of what might be in store for me. It’s exciting and terrifying all at once. At lest I have my parents to fall back on though…not that I really want to. But at least I know I’ll have people to help me bear the burden. That’s good to know.

Well, I’d better be getting back to work. I’ll write later, sunshines.



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Well, glad we got that out of the way -_-...


Yaviel Isilmiel

Moving on Over

2007-Jan-08, Monday 10:08 am
msmoon: (Kitty - Coffee)
I must say, I am just so fit to be tied with being bored without the computer. The weather has been splendid ‘stay at home’ weather, and all the movies I have, I’ve already watched a billion times, and I can’t exactly afford to go out and buy more. There are two things that I’m looking forward to this week; getting AMOS back (preferably fixed), and Friday (payday!).

I’ve already paid all my bills, so I’m hoping to have a bit of spending money for movies and such.... I’m not sure. If I make the usual $300+ then $100 will automatically go into Savings, leaving me $200+. You know me with my money plans; if I don’t have a plan for my money, I’ll end up spending it all. I definitely want to get V for Vendetta, the four disc box set of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Lady and the Tramp because Disney has made it clear they’re pulling the last two back into the vault at the end of the month (and I’m buying V ‘cause it rocks my soxs). I already bought the special edition of Bambi the other day at Sam’s. I checked there for the other movies while I was there, but it’s cheaper at if you can believe that. So, as soon as payday rolls around I’ll make another Amazon purchase. But I was thinking of buying other things...maybe something other than movies >.>... Because we all known I need to increase my DVD collection...<.< Not sure. We shall see (I’m open for suggestions ^_^).

I finally got the chance to talk to Scamp Saturday. We musta been on the phone for about two and a half hours. It was fun just to talk and catch up. Without the computer and being able to post and send e-mails at any time, it feels like we haven’t been communicating properly. She said she would be writing me back soon and enclosing Lacey and Jade’s portraits to add to my Scamp Art© binder ^.^ That’s always really cool to hear.

I said earlier that there were some things I’d been stewing about lately. Well, after getting along so great with me and my parents, Dad and Mom brought up the option of Scamp moving in over here. Then they said it might be better for us to move into the A-frame house and live there. The rent would be reduced to $100 a month instead of the usual $400, but it still wouldn’t be a free ride. Of course, if we could both have jobs and such at the time, it’d be a very nice living. When I called, I talked about the A-frame with her, and she said even if it would be small, it’d still be nice. We already talked about how we want to decorate it. The bathroom/washroom would have the mermaid paintings and such from Pyramid Collection. The kitchen would have a dragon décor, beings as the kitchen represents fire and all. The living room would have the lotus decorations, because lotus is more soothing and peaceful and we see the living room as a room where you go for conversation or TV watching and such and you want that to be peaceful. My room, I want the fairies from Pyramid, just because Pyramid’s fairies look better than most. Scamp said she might save big time and decorate her room with swords and such from the Lord of the Rings section on the Nobles Collection. The only thing I’m not sure about is all the eastern art and décor I have in my room right now. I kinda don’t want to get rid of that, but I’m not sure if it’ll go anywhere in the house...we’ll see. It might-could fit in the lotus living room. The next thing I worried about was furniture. I can keep my bed of course. But chairs and such for the living room might be a problem. But I told Mom that, and she assured me that between garage sales and local thrift stores it shouldn’t be too hard to find some cheap furniture. All I really want for the living room is a few chairs and end tables next to those chairs. No coffee table...we’re both a bit klutzy and there’s very little room, so I can’t see having a coffee table. The only other issue would be the computer issue. I mean, we might-could fit a little computer desk in the nook behind the stairs where my closet would be...but after thinking about it, I thought it might be easier if we got Scamp a laptop (at some point), and then put my computer upstairs with me in my room, and got a wireless router that would transmit internet wirelessly to her lap top and she could use that anytime in her room and not be limited and have to either come up to my room (which would kill her, because those stairs are very verry steep), or go to the living room. might just be better if we both had laptops, if only because it’d save a whole lotta space =____=’ Chibi had a very nice Mac LapTop...I might-could start looking at prices now...But now I’m just over thinking everything. But, hell! It’ll be my first time living on my own...I think I’m entitled to over-react if I wanna.

Oh! I almost forgot! Scamp told me that Sev had wanted her to dress up as a peep for Halloween. And I was like “Oh! That’d be so cool if you modernized it! Like, get a sequin, sparkly, slinky dress in purple, and have a peep-chick head as a hat! Oh!! And then I could get a blue sequin, sparkly, slinky dress, and have a peep-bunny head on top!! And we’d be themed!!! That’d be so cute!” and she’s like, “Stop taking his side! You traitor!” I still think it’d be very cute...I can’t help it. I love peeps -.-

I suppose that’ll be all for now...the weather’s making it really hard to stay awake, much less concentrate on typing. I might try to write a bit again later if I can. Ja.



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Harvest Moon

OMG, owie...

2006-Nov-04, Saturday 07:36 pm
msmoon: (Are you ok?) was eventful. I found out several things...1) At 6:20 in the morning, I can get to Lenda’s house in 10 minutes. It usually takes me 15 minutes. 2) Lori’s a distracted driver. 3) My posture sucks, but my management skills concerning my hypoglycemia and ADD have gotten much better. & 4) All McDonalds in rinky-dink towns suck fly spit.

Went to that work seminar thingy =.=’ Of course, I started falling asleep almost instantly, and we knew she’d need a volunteer so...When she asked, I volunteered to be her PT Test-Dummy. And now I’m so freakin’ sore. My neck, mid back and lower back have been hurting too. I’m kinda wishin’ someone else woulda taken that but I figured if I volunteered it’d hurry things along more and get it over with, and I didn’t want to end up falling asleep watching someone else do it. So yeah. Great reason, but still. Soreness.

Oh, after coming home from New Orleans, Mom wanted to drag me to town again. My luck. But it wasn't a total loss. I bought incense and a long wooden incense burner. I wanted to get the fancy one that had mushrooms and such on it, but that was like $27.99 and that’s too much money for something to burn sticks on. I also bought 3 packs of 20 incense sticks. The scents that I picked are Sex on the Beach, French Vanilla, and Uplifting...I’m hoping that Sex on the Beach is just a fancy does smell really good. I tried out Uplifting tonight and it smells really good. That’s what matters. I finally found a frame to put Ruby in. The only thing that sucks is that the frame I bought had to be bigger than the actual picture, because apparently no one makes decent frame in 8 x 11. But it's a nice enough frame. Not quite as grand as what I'd like to put Ruby in, but it'll have to do ^.~

I’m so tired...and sore. Already. Shouldn’t that wait till tomorrow? I mean, goodness. Let me rest already! But no! You’ve gotta start protesting already. Seriously.

Alright...I’m gonna go watch The Soup and rewatch what I missed from Supernatural.


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OK, let’s hope that’s the last of the Halloween quizes =.=

Harvest Moon

Bert, Beatrice, and Bill

2006-Aug-24, Thursday 07:17 pm
msmoon: (Firefly - Shiny)
Beware, for I am: Tired Tired

You know something funny? I can wake up at 5 a.m. and not really feel tired. Not right away that is. I don’t start feeling tired till much later. Round ‘bouts mid-afternoon. To make matters worse, I pulled a little muscle in my back late last night (somehow), and it’s been bugging me all day. Not so much that I can’t move or anything, but it’s just enough to remind you that it’s there and not let you get on with life.

Tomorrow is pay day and I have 3 things now on my list of things to buy. We all know about World of Warcraft (*cough cough*warcrack*cough cough*), and Supernatural, but the other thing which I was gonna get earlier but didn’t get the chance to...Mom’s birthday gift. I’d been eyeing these special humming bird feeders that she wants in a magazine and thought I’d get one of them for her. But they were extremely expensive so I thought I’d wait. Turns out the ones she actually wants aren’t available. Figures. So, I’m just gonna have to get her the other one, which is very pretty, and I’m sure she’ll love.

That’s my financial dilemma. Moving on. Today, (and some of last night), I totally reformatted the ‘Writing’ section of my web site. Not that I’ve posted anything as of yet, but I’ve got most of the ground work laid out. I just need to write up a few rants to add (yes, I’m adding rants to the Original section -.-), and then I’ll post everything and we’ll be in to speak.

I’ve been so tired after work lately, that I haven’t really done much but loaf around afterwards. Which, I figure I can do since I am a full-time worker and all. But Mom asked if I wanted to go and visit Grandmere tonight, and I was too tired. But it bothered me because I hate missing visits with her. So I told Mom to ask Grandmere if she’d mind us all coming over on Saturday. She said she probably won’t mind unless she already has something planed. So, I’m hoping to spend some time with her then.

Oh also, I got Beatrice and Bill in. So now Bert doesn’t look all alone and undignified up there.

Lookit! )

Anyway...I guess that’s all that there is to life at this point. I’ll talk at ya’ll later. Ja-ne.



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‘Careful not to deprive myself’? Boy is that an understantement!



My Epic Horse Drama

2006-Aug-08, Tuesday 09:02 pm
msmoon: (My Little Poney - Drama queen)
Beware, for I am: Cynical Cynical

Update, update, update ti~ime! Ok So...the big week before Mecha Con, and what does MM do? She spends money...that she hasn’t actually made yet...=_= oi...Ok, so I had enough money in my bank, ok. It was all there. And then I realized...I was board out of my skull with nothing to watch. So I meandered over to Amazon and took a gander at my Movie wish list. I found four movies that were really cheap. Added together, they came to about $34 bucks (maybe a little over, what with taxes and shipping and what-not). Then, today, I happened to receive the Painted Ponies news letter. I went on over to take a gander at my favorite horse, Epic. Now, you really must understand; I promised myself when I saw this figurine that I’d buy him to go in my Zen-style, Japanese-ish room. So, I’ve always been kinda watching it. But...well I’ve been a little out of touch lately. I noticed his status was 'Retired' which meant if I didn’t buy soon, I might not be able to. ----_________---- I’m sure you see how that went. So, I’ve got about $40 in my bank now (according to my checkbook, although a check hasn’t gone through and that means I’ve got well over $300 according to the bank – God bless internet banking). But I do get paid Friday, so I’m not too worried. Still...probably coulda planned that a bit better. Oh well. What, with all the over-time and extra work I did these past two weeks, I shouldn’t be hurting Friday...when did I turn into a drama queen? Dear God, I must go take a pill or something... other stuff that’s goin’ on. Well, I moved up to full time officially. I have to be at work at 10 tomorrow and I work till five with a 30 minute break in-between there somewhere. That’s about all that’s really going on at work. Today I had lunch with Mom and Dad at Chick-Fil-A. Didn’t enjoy the food, but I really haven’t gone there a lot, so I didn’t know what to get. But I’ve got to try their cheesecakes some time. Maybe I’ll get like a whole bunch and bring them home for Mom and me sometime. Dad’s not a cheesecake type of guy. But anyway…about work...I’ve logged 154 charts so far this week, and it’s only been the first two days. Yesterday we got 118 in and that took all my time a-doin’. Today we only got 36 so I finished that up and made copies of the invoiced charts that Nicole was through with. Pretty long day. Oh, but I stopped by Dairy Queen (*angels singing*) and got a Hazelnut Moolate. /sighs oh, sinful rapture. I think I’ve decided that’s my favorite. Sure Moca is good, but Hazelnut is my fav fav. ………..I need to get a coaster. Something cool for when I have a drink or something at work...that’ll be cool. Yeah. A coaster...hmmm…where can I find a plethora of cool coasters?

Mom, Dad and I had a family night tonight and watched Hook. Mom’s been feeling bad lately and bored out of her skull. She’s been asking if I have any good movies we could watch and I say, ‘only the ones we’ve already seen’. So I said something about watching Hook and she was like, ‘isn’t that a bit immature?’ Then she realized that she had no idea what Hook was. She says she’s never seen it, but I’m betting that she has, she just doesn’t remember it. It’s an older movie after all. So we watched that and laughed. It was good.

Oh! This morning, I pulled out of my driveway and I was driving up the street, and what do I see but these three feathered butts! It was so cute! These three little ducks were just walking up the street. So I slowed down and they stopped! They were looking at my like “OK..why’s she stopping O.O!!!” and I’m like, “Kawaii ^.^ !!!!!!” So! I whipped out my cell phone and took a picture and made that my new wallpaper for my cell phone...too bad I can’t figure out how to get those pictures on the computer huh? Oh well...

I guess that’s all. Mom and Dad couldn’t find my shampoo at the store today...guess that means that Thursday after work I’ll be swinging by Wal-Mart for that too. What else do I need to remember? ...Oh yes! Must bring more candy to work tomorrow. Nicole came over the weekend with her two girls, and they kinda raided my candy bowl =.=’ Can’t say I’d’a done any different if I were a kid. Oh well. I’ve got plenty of Kisses (Hershey’s, that is) in the fridge. So that’s taken care of. Guess that’s all so far. Goodnight everyone!



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So'm I, buddy. So'm I.



busy busy busy

2006-May-20, Saturday 09:10 pm
msmoon: (HP - VoldeMart)

Beware, for I am: Drugged Allergic...

Ok, so today was fun. Mom woke me up around ten and we went to town. We didn’t find any clothes at the mall but I did get some of the Bath&Bodyworks Cherry Blossom perfume and shower gel (thanks for the head’s up on that [ profile] chaineddove-san!). Then we went to Target and I got the other half of my Cherry Blossom artwork thingy (man, am I sensing a pattern here? Oh well. It’s not like I can help the fact that cherry blossoms rocketh). Then we went to Wal-Mart (of all places -.-) and found some nice kacky’s and a few around-the-house shirts. We also got some of those plastic storage bins. We’ve been talking forever about getting me some book shelves for those books that I have in Dad’s shed. But I only just realized that with all the new artwork in the room and how small the room is, there’s really no place for book shelves. So I decided to settle on getting a billion of those plastic bins, and putting them under my bed with all my books in them. It’ll be out of the way and I’ll have my books out of Dad’s shed ¬.¬

Then we got home and we piged out on Taco Bell / KFC. Oh! I got the soundtrack to .hack//sign in too! Such pretty music! And I got notice from Amazon that I’ll be getting the other package that I ordered as well soon. At least, it’s been shipped...that was like, late last night whatever. After eating I watched Tenchi Muyo again just for the laughs. If you ever wanna laugh, that’s always a good anime to watch for it. The rest of the day was spent with me kicking myself for missing The Soup, and trying to write the next chapter of Different from Me. I’m making progress, but it’s at a “slow, deliberate thought...distraction...furious typing with massive ideas...distraction.” pace.

Mom and I finished the day with Trading Spaces. I so hate black&red oriental stuff. Just so you know. I really do. Also, I’ve sneezed more within the past two days than I have in the last six months. It’s weird. My allergies and sinuses have made an unholy alliance to torment me...and I must say…I’m not pleased.

Ok well. 6 is gonna come early...and I have a lot to do tomorrow (must clean under the bed so that I can put those bins in =.=). Goodnight.

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PS: Wah! I just got Reiko’s graduation notice in the mail! She’s graduating on the 24th! Sugoi!

msmoon: (WTF)
Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Disappointed

Well, so far the City of Heroes is being a pain. It turns out that it’s my router that’s causing the problem. The people at CoH asked if I could bypass the router, and I was like ‘’. They sent me an e-mail saying, Go to this page and it’ll show you an example of different routers. You said you had the Westel router, so check and see which one you have and then after you find your router it’ll tell you how to configure it. Unfortunately when I got to the page, all of the links were 404. They said that I’d have to contact Bell South to figure out how to bypass the router. Wonderful. I can see that this may take a while.

[personal profile] rattgirl posted about getting a Jack Russel Terrier with a picture of Wishbone in her journal, and for some odd reason it made me want to talk about my stuffed animals. I have a Wishbone stuffed animal, so I guess that’s why. So the stuff below the cut is all [personal profile] rattgirl’s fault.

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I guess that’s all for now. I really should go and make me something to eat. I only had some toast and coffee for breakfast. Later!

Nothing in the Dark
A particularly spooky Twilight Zone episode is
where you belong. It's called Nothing in the
Dark, and is about a woman who is so frightened
of Mister Death that she lives all alone in a
deserted neighborhood with no human contact.
But, she soon finds out that death is not as
bad as it seems.

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Ok, several things of note have happened today already, and if I don’t mention them now, I’ll forget.

I saw two brown pelicans today on the way to the hair place. I know you’re probably thinking, “You’re from LA...that’s your state bird...what’s remarkable about that?” Well, Miss. Lane, it just so happens to be the first time I’ve ever seen a brown pelican in my entire life. That’s right. I kid you not. In all my 22 years of life, I’ve never actually seen a brown pelican. Weird no? In fact, I’m one of those people that think they should’ve had the Egret for the state bird. I mean, those birds are all over the place. But no, they had to do something unique. I don’t even think brown pelicans live anywhere above I90.

Ok, so I got my hair cut. I’d take picture and show everyone, but I hate taking pictures of myself and my hair’s wet. But it’s shorter, and it’s layered so it doesn’t feel so heavy, and the bangs are cut to frame my face. I like it.

Also, Mom and I went to Target. Now, usually going to Target means that we do a lot of ooohhh-ing and awww-ing and Want-want-want-ing, but today we actually bought some stuff...that is to say Mom bought some stuff...but it was mostly for me! We’ve been wanting to decorate my room with a Japanese style, and we found the most wonderful things! She got me these things that are basically just wall art, they have a little bamboo and a large kanji with a bunch of discrete little kanji. She also got me these candles that come in a round tray, and the candle holders have kanji all over them. I also think the candles are supposed to represent wind, water, earth, fire, and spirit...mainly because there was the kanji for wind and water on the plastic thing it came in. She also got me this journal that has an autumn leave on it with kanji on it. But the journal’s for something else later on...which I might disclose later, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise right now.

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And that has been my day thus far. We shall see how the rest goes later...if I’m up to posting. For some reason I’m so tired now. Maybe it’s just from being so energetic during the day. Oh well. Later!

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