2010-Mar-02, Tuesday 11:45 pm
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  • 09:41 Woke up in a taco... now everyone's trying to see where the air mattress is leaking. #
  • 11:10 Hanging with the girls. We're getting Ichiban :) #
  • 12:35 Walking around Wal-Mart. #
  • 13:23 OK! I'm back and I got my cell charging... wonder if Aunt Batty would mind me having a piece of that huge lemon cake she made :) #
  • 13:24 @Umamor1 wah?....oh -_- fudgesicles...Dang auto-share <_< #
  • 22:09 So. Aunt Carolyn made supper for us. Fried shrimp with green beans and mashed potatoes & gravy :) told us the secret to fluffy fried shrimp. #
  • 22:09 Turns out, she uses egg in pet milk for soaking her shrimp before battering them :3 Mom and I shall try it with buttermilk. #
  • 22:10 But for now.... I go to sleep... I hope =..= #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2010-Feb-26, Friday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 10:03 Goodness gracious me! It's been 2 days, why'm I waking up sore still? >..< #
  • 10:06 @wotcherscamp <..< Remind me to say that when you mention your own misfortune :p #
  • 10:24 @Davlenagain Don't think so... I'll just chalk it up to travel lag and an unfamilare bed I guess. #
  • 10:31 Going to go visit the girls :) #
  • 12:32 Still at the office with the girls. G was out when I got here, so I'm kinda waiting on her to show :) #
  • 13:33 Finally got my visit with G. Headed over to see the BlueBird :3 #
  • 14:17 That was a good visit :) #
  • 14:24 @Davlenagain with visiting, yes... #
  • 14:26 ...I felt really bad about splurging on those books yesterday... So, I'm taking them back... Le sigh -_- #
  • 14:29 @Davlenagain They were horribly over priced, and I actually want to eat while I'm here. #
  • 14:32 Oh, btw, Houma now has a Ichiban resturant. I hate to be disloyal, but Ichiban < Zen. #
  • 17:46 Had to run an errand with Mom. Heading to Celeste's now. #
  • 17:49 Hopefully the worst of 5 o'clock traffic will be over. #
  • 19:24 Thank you, God, for the rain :) #
  • 19:28 @wotcherscamp Exactly! :D #
  • 19:56 Listening to Essence of RP .... I hate that I missed it :( I'm really beginning to miss everyone in Skype/Vent/IRC ... #
  • 19:58 @Kexman :D Thanks! #
  • 19:59 @Davlenagain I know but it's such fun to be talking to everyone in Skype or Vent. And be in the IRC. I'm spoiled -_- #
  • 20:32 Oh, Ryan and Celeste are home :) #
  • 23:02 Celeste read something that said 'it's amazing what pressing ctrl+W will do, really it's fascinating.' .... #
  • 23:02 ... so she pressed it and it closed her browser :D she was helpless with laughter! #
I text way too much, yo :D

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msmoon: (SM - Yummy!) I was totally fooled. I mean, I expected the “We’ll buy you lunch wherever you want!” thing, so when they brought it up, it was a no brainer thing. But then, Mrs. Ellen shows up...and half the office leaves with just me, the nurses and Mrs. Ellen. And, I’m kinda thinking, “Why is everyone always so phobic about eating with Mrs. Ellen around?”. But then, Donna and Gigi come in carrying boxes and boxes of food from Piccadilly! They decided to throw a party and have Thanksgiving early! Which, is great, because I had brought their gifts which I’d intended for Christmas. Then, they tell me they have gifts for me too! I was so surprised!

So, we eat some ham and green beans and stuffing and deviled eggs, and pecan pie, and Watergate salad and...well, you get the idea. And then I open the girls’ gift for me, and it’s a little silver bracelet that has a heart locket with written prayers inside the locket! I was so touched! And then! Mrs. Ellen gives me a present from her and ‘Rick’ her hubby (my other boss). I unwrap it and look at the box...I blink, I look at different parts of the box, and I ask aghast, “This isn’t what’s on the outside of the box is it?” and she’s like “Yes! It is!” and I kinda gaped because it was a
Trutech 7" Digital photo frame :-O!!! ZOMG, anyone? Z!O!M!G! I was so shocked because...well, those things aren’t cheap! I had been thinking of getting one, but...I dunno. There was always something cheaper I could get, you know? So I never got one for myself! It’s just so sweet!

So...I had an errand to run, right? Well, after taking a million pictures and giving them their gifts (which they cracked up about! G got the Maxine Desk calendar, and Donna got a “wet floor” sign that says “Caution: Hot Flash Zone”. But the other girls all got ‘desk cones’ that say things! Lori got “It is our company’s policy to blame the computer”. Dena got “Service will depend upon my mood and your attitude.” Lenda got “Save time. See it my way.” Nicole got, “Give me my coffee and nobody gets hurt.” And Mrs. Sandra got “Step Away from my Desk.”. They’re all so funny!), it was decided that I’d take the food home with me. So, I did, and when I got back…I got a call from Donna...she was downstairs and she said she needed something. So I go down there, and the girls downstairs have a card and a cookie cake for me O..O’ I was shocked there too. It was nice and I thanked them, and had a piece and talked and all, and then I rushed upstairs and...was so out of breath!

SO much had happened! I had to settle myself down to write it out and then settle down even more to get back to work! Needless to say I’ve been writing in between …uh…headaches? Meh...I’m tired, but I’m also cranked at the same time O..o how does that happen? I’m just so giddy about all the well wishes, and I knew that they would miss me and all, but...this was so much more than I expected...I’m so glad I got the chance to work with everyone here. I feel so blessed.

...I still can’t wait for 5 though, just so I can have a chance to show off my gifts! :-D


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Harvest Moon

Just Keep Swimming

2008-Nov-20, Thursday 10:23 am
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Welcome to the longest week of my life. Man, it’s just been insane. Work’s intense because I’m always tied to my screen for hours and taking random breaks only when it feels like my head will explode. Thank goodness it actually paid off, because I’m caught up quite a bit now. I’ve also been writing guides to tasks that only I do...that’s always fun.

I went out and got Scamp Saturday. The drive was fun, but my house was being whittled down little by little in the 4 hours it took. My parents had moved everything from upstairs into the shed and many of the things I just didn’t need as well. My mattress was on the floor downstairs. During the down-time we had when my parents were busy with...something else…Scamp and I exchanged birthday gifts! She loved her gifts and I was sooo happy! I got her the Hoard key chain and made it into a necklace, and I got her a Figure Print of Fallena! It was so awesome! And she loved it and stared at it in awe for a long long time. Scamp was...uh, a little disappointed when one of my gifts didn’t really work out. She and Bear had gotten me a beautiful necklace of an owl flying with a moonstone in it’s claws, but she’d also gotten me this tank that has fake jellyfish in it...but, the pump for the tank didn’t work so the jellyfish just sank to the bottom of the tank -..- so yeah, she was disappointed. I loved the necklace though! I told her, “I shall call him ‘Jareth’ and he shall be mine :-D!”. That night was miserable, because my dad’s snoring is unholy...and since we were all sleeping in the same room, that really came into play that night.

Sunday, after church, we all went to Subway. Tried that new Chicken Pizziola or whatever it’s wasn’t bad. Just…not something I’d go out of my way for. When we got home, Mom and Dad had packed up to leave for New Orleans, but the battery on Dad’s truck died. So he had to go to town and get a new one. But once that was done, Scamp and I were pretty much on our own. The geek fest began and much talking and giddy babbling commenced.

Monday was a little was just so intense after the more busy than usual weekend. Also, at this point, everyone’s panicked because they realize it’s my last week. Monday and Tuesday went by pretty much the same. I was so very very tired, and went home to talk more with Scamp and vaguely pay attention to Bones. We packed as much as we could, but even when we were doing that, we were talking so much it was like we weren’t working. My parents actually got back from N.O. that afternoon, but they were staying with my Aunt Carolyn for the night. And, yesterday, I canceled my DSL for the 20th, and then later that day, Scamp tells me that they unhooked the computer and packed the wires in a box =..= so’s the only way to post aside from Voice Post...which may happen tomorrow ^..^ Scamp managed to crank out some seriously awesome WoW fan fiction too. I dunno if it's cause we just talk about our character so much or because here she can relax a bit more or what, but it was awesome! And just in time too, because my parents showed up to pack everything just after she finished =..=

Oh! And I found something I desperately wanted. I’ve been wanting a mac for so long, but I can’t afford it. Aaaand, I’d been wanting to get a lap top too, because…well, sometimes I shut my computer off and late at night I get ideas to write...and I’d just like to have a laptop. Especially since my Dad was saying there are two colleges in the town and I might go back to college again o..o But anyway! I looked on to see if there were any good laptops that weren’t too highly priced. Well, I found a pretty awesome
MacPro...and it’s about $700 (yes, it’s considered used, but it’s ‘Like New’ so I’m sorta ok with that!), which for a Mac is really awesome! So, I was thinking of saving up my next two checks as much as possible (which is what I’d be doing anyway) and spending my money on that...Merry Christmas to Me, you know? It’d be nice...

Oh, and last night, after class, everyone had a little party for me with this awesome cake and everything! It was funny because they gave me the cutting knife, and I sorta twirled the handle a bit so that the point was facing downward and just stabbed in the center of the cake, and everyone who was watching went, “Whoa!” After we ate and went over to join the others that were sitting about, C.J. asked me “So, did you get any more s words?” and I was like, “S words? Like…Salamander? Or...Sincere?” and he was like, “No! Swords!” and I was like. “oh....” only a minute later did I get S Words put together equals Swords...kinda like Flo Rida, put together is Florida. Yeah -..- I was tired. But yeah. I told him that I’d found the
Halo Sword on Amazon...and that I had a whole Wish List dedicated to various swords and weapons...he was thrilled, but I’m not quite sure why O..o Funny how it amazes me to meet someone just as geeky as I a place where I thought I knew how everyone already was before. Reiko comes over. The girls said that they’re treating me to Zen’s (well, they said it was my choice so booya :-D.). There are still things to worry about...but I kinda don’t want to anymore. I’m so tired and I can’t. So I’m just going to give the girls at work their Christmas/Going Away presents and have fun and enjoy my last few days here. I even brought my camera today to mark the occasion. I don’t have enough pictures of the girls as far as I’m concerned. So that’s all I’m worried about today. I do still need a change of address form, and to talk to my Edward Jones guy, but I’m thinking that’s something I might be able to squeeze in today and tomorrow. I’ll just have to check. But I refuse to worry about it.

I guess I’m off again. I was taking a little brain break because in the little time I’ve had sitting down I manage to get 7 pages of stats done =..= I can’t wait till 5. So, I’m off again, Sunshines.


Harvest Moon

msmoon: (SM - Baka)

Wednesday was madness...Madness, I say! After work, Reiko called and asked if I could design her wedding invitations that night...that way we could have as much time as possible our last night together. So I said ok. I didn’t feel like going to church anyway...So, she came over to my place, and she had her invitations – blank of course – in a box with envelopes and RSVP cards and envelopes for those. On the back of the box there are basic instructions for how to design these invitations. It basically tells you to open up Word, adjust the paper size and then begin printing! Easy, yes? Well, she wanted to match her parents’ wedding invitation (which they had framed), so we basically copied it word for word only filling in names and dates and places and such. Well, once I had everything set, we saved it to my jump drive. Problem is, I didn’t have my printer (because Target fails), so, we took the file over to her mom’s house and decided to print from there. I tried to open up the document...and it didn’t open right. That’s when I realized, ZOMG! You don’t have word!!!!

…so we downloaded the free trial version of Word onto her mom’s computer. That should’ve been easy too, except that it took a little over an hour to do =..= We spent the time talking, taking quizzes, sending wacky pictures to Jim, and speaking in LOLCat. We made the time fun. Her Mom was driving me crazy because she kept referring back to a Wedding Etiquette book...and then once we finally got Word installed, it was the trial version, so I could open it and print it and look at it…but I couldn’t alter it >..< So finally, Reiko’s like, “This is how it is! And that’s how it’s staying!” so yeah. She got all her invitations printed. Of course, by then it was after nine =..= I was a tired puppy.

The next day was better. Well, the evening was. Scamp and I got to RP a bit, and since our days are numbered for that in WoW, it was a special occasion. So I got to relax a bit and just RP with Scamp, which is awesome. I know we won’t be able to do that as much without Yahoo messenger anymore. I’ve found the most preferable IM system is when I’m logged into Yahoo and I can chat with someone. It’s just more fun. I don’t really know exactly when I’ll be in tonight because Nicole’s grandmother died yesterday. Her wake is today, and we were all going to go over there and try to express our condolences together. I don’t know how long that usually takes or what’s entailed (never really having gone to a wake for the family before) so I’m not sure how long I’ll be.

Dad was a little upset. He found out that his company isn’t transferring him as quickly as he’d hoped. So he won’t be going to Brazil any time soon…he’s a little worried, because he had wanted to get my place started right away, but now he’s afraid that we’ll have to save up a few extra months before we can do that. I told him that I could be patient and I was content to wait. As long as we have a plan, I was happy. I don’t want to work the man into an early grave, after all.

Gosh I’m tired. I’m so glad it’s Friday. Sleeping in till 8 will be nice tomorrow. I can’t wait till next Friday though :D I actually went and got Reiko and My Twilight outfits done, and they look so awesome! I'm so pleased with them, and I can't wait till the 21st!

Well, I gotta go now. I’ll talk later, Sunshines.


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In the Valley there are two trees
One of Honor and one of Beauty
The people have their victory
The Gift from God and their Lady
And Me. The Reaper.
Harvest Moon

A really good day!

2008-Nov-12, Wednesday 09:40 am
msmoon: (MM - Genki!!)

OK, so yesterday was perhaps one of the funniest days and best days ever. Normally, at work, I get about 12 pages of stats done on a good day. Yesterday, I got 18 pages done! It was awesome! Oh, and Nicole does this weird thing with her coffee...she drinks a cup and then pours another cup and lets that cup sit. Then a few hours later, she pours pickle juice into her coffee (effectively turning into greenish brown much). Well, today, she did that and she left. And I looked into my purse, and sitting there, most literally staring up at me, was a gummy-bear Eyeball…. :D So! While she was gone, I unwrapped this red eyeball and plunked it into her coffee XD!!! She comes back and a few minutes later, “You guys, what the hell is in my coffee!!” I was rolling. And then, later on. Dena tells me, “Listen to my newest ring tone!” and she comes over by my desk, and Mrs. Ellen (our boss) was on the line with Lori. Dena hits play, and really really REALLY loud, comes out Achmed yelling “lelelelelele! Infadel calling! Infadel! Pick up the phone before it explodes! Lelelelelele!!” and Lori turns and looks at us like “Zomg, too loud!”. Dena and I cracked up.

And then, the day was nearly over, and I got an e-mail from Wal-Mart saying that the stuff I’d ordered ages ago finally came in. So I went to pick that up right after work, and as I’m walking through Wal-Mart, Mom calls asking what I’m gonna do for supper. I asked “You mean, what are we gonna do for supper?” and she was like, “Well that’s why I’m calling. Mrs. Betty called, and she wanted to take me to supper and go out on the town.” And I was like “OK, well, I’ll figure something out.” And as I’m talking to her, I hear my phone beeping. Reiko had called. I called her back and she was like, “Hey! I’m in town! Wanna go to Zen’s!?” and I was like “Uhhh.” And she said, “I’ll pay!” and I was like “Sure!” So we went to Zen’s and she had her rainbow roll and I had a saint’s roll. And it took us all of 15 minutes to eat them...and we were still a little hungry. So we ordered a tempura roll and split it. So very very good. Then, we walked across the parking lot to Hobby Lobby, and as we’re walking in...I see Mom and Mrs. Betty going inside from the other doors. We talked for a while, then Reiko and I went one way and they went the other. We cut up and had fun and I bought some cross-stitch...which...she said she’ll give me as my Christmas present >..> Whatever. It keeps her off the streets.

I got home and showered. I tried to get on WoW, but the patch it being evil and I couldn’t get on Senteniels. But, I did get to talk to Scamp on Yahoo. That was fun. I enjoy Yahoo messenger through my e-mail. It’s great. She talked to me a lot through it yesterday too. It made the time go faster, and it’s not as time consuming as some other things that distract me from the monotony that is stats. We did a little RP. Not much, but it was our first try at it, so it was really good, all things considering.

And then Dad got in...and he had my birthday present….and that’s when I posted last night :D I asked Dad how big the thing was, because I wasn’t sure and I didn’t have a ruler or anything, and he was like, “Bay, that’s probably 15 inches long from tip to tip.” O..O awesomeness.

….now…I have much work to do today. I’ve gotten off to a good start. Let’s hope I can keep it going. Later, Sunshines!


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Harvest Moon


2008-Nov-09, Sunday 03:39 pm
msmoon: (You're On Notice)

iTunes was being a real ass. I bought a bunch of blank RW CDs in hopes of backing up the music I’ve bought off of iTunes, right? Well, for some odd reason, it would spit the CD out after doing a few songs and say “Error 4000”, and something about it couldn’t burn the disk. Well, I tried searching for the problem online, and there were a few options. One was going into the control panel, and when you get to iTunes repairing it. That made it so your computer recognized it as the main audio burning thingy. I tried that, and it really didn’t work. So then I tried the other thing, selecting the “preferred speed” as 8x. At first, that didn’t work either. I figured I’d give it one more chance, and it actually finished burning a CD! I was so excited! I tried to put another CD in and get that to burning too...but then it spit the CD back out with that error again. That’s when I realized the problem. iTunes? It’s a jealous and very distractible program. Yeah, see I clicked on Word, and that made it freak out and stop. So, I tried again, not getting out of the iTunes program worked! I turned off my screen saver, and focused entirely on iTunes. I could move around in the program, but any clicking outside of iTunes shut down the burning process. I don’t know why it’s so crazy, but it totally works. Now I have all my stuff backed up to CD...of course, with all the experimentation, I only have 1 blank disc left =..= But oh well. At least now I know what’s up and can do this on my own.

In other (extraordinarily frustrating) news, my radio for my car? It’s not working right. It’s never been great for catching radio signals really, but it played CDs just fine, and that was what I needed, so I just let that go. But now, it keeps spitting CDs out at me...I keep trying to put them back in, but it just spits it back out again. It’s so annoying! I only just bought that thing in August! And I, of course, have no money to get it, I’m in a bit of a bind at this point. Tomorrow, I’m gonna be calling Sam’s Audio (who did the installation) and asking them, very politely, what the hell.

On the brighter side of things, Friday was a real treat. Some of the girls from work and I went to Zen and had hibachi. It was fantastic. I finally caught the egg in my mouth too! Uh...for those who don’t know, the hibachi chief cooks egg and then takes turns throwing it to people at the table for them to catch in their mouths. It was the first time I’ve actually been able to catch the egg! It was awesome. And he was so much fun, and really preformed for us. The rice was awesome...but I’m a sucker for hibachi rice. Mom got Shrimp and I think everyone else got filet mignon.

After we were all finished eating (and a few pictures had been taken) G and I went and watched the 8:00 showing of Madagascar 2. It was so fun. G said it wasn’t as good as the first, but I really disagree. I think it wasn’t better but it was just as good. But you’ll get no secrets from me (because I’m sure you’re just scrolling through this post for Madagascar 2 spoilers u..u). G was starting to feel bad...and truthfully, so was I (but that’s expected this time of the month), so our plans to go to New Orleans to the little Asian markets were totally blown. a good thing because I work up Saturday feeling like petrified crap on a stick (on a steek!). Mom and I haven’t done much outside the house, and we really have done only a little packing. I’ve done a lot of organizing because I have so many papers and stuffs upstairs =..=

Twilight Soundtrack is out...and I has no money =..= I was going to order that with Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion, but there really is no chance of that now. Thank God I get paid Friday, because I’m running low on funds as is. I had wanted to buy Breaking Dawn on audio book too, to listen to on the way up (because the book took me about 4 hours to read, so I figure hearing someone else read it out loud would occupy a lot of time while I’m on the road), but it’s kinda counter productive to have CDs to listen to first if the car CD player DOESN’T WORK! I’m just gonna have to fix that...soon. Still, it doesn’t bother me so much about not getting the Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion, because if I had my druthers, I’d rather have The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide, considering it’s hardback and it’s the guide to the whole she-bang, AND it’s by Stephanie Meyer herself. So yeah...of course, that doesn’t come out till December 30 =..= Nya.

I’m gonna go head and go now, before my complaining turns my already sour mood into a terrible one. Quiz Spam to follow. Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Jesus Saves)

OK, so after e-mailing Mrs. Ellen, we renegotiated my departure, and I’m not leaving on the 20th of November instead of the 14th. Also, after November 30th, I won’t have insurance any more =..= and there’s no way I’m gonna be able to afford it on my own. I’ll just have to find a new job as soon as I can.

…..the clear soup at Zen’s is just so freakin’ awesome. There isn’t much to it. Just beef/onion broth with green onion and mushrooms, but it’s just so warm and soothing. It’s just so nice. I could eat it any time. That’s all I have to say about that.

Oh! So, remember how I got that printer? Yeah...yeah, I got it in, and I tried to fool with it for two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Well, I’d turn it on, and it would say “Paper Jam, clear paper and press Enter” well, I’d pretty much done just about everything shy of taking the dang thing apart piece by piece and putting it all back together. In fact, I hadn’t even put paper IN the paper I took it back to Target and got my money back =..= I’m gonna order another one eventually...but. I’m gonna wait till more towards Christmas. I know it was supposed to be a Birthday present, so my Dad’s sort of upset that it didn’t work for me. I told him not to worry. I’d just wait till they got their next credit card statement, you know, make sure they didn’t owe a lot of money, and then order it. But this time, I’m ordering the
5300 version.. At least that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about packing up -..-

Now that I’ve finally got the basics of my scrapbooking down, I know that I need to focus on some of the more embellishing aspects of the craft. I mean, I’ve got all the pictures printed out and most of my supplies (I’ll need to get tons more cardstock, adhesive and a spare book tomorrow), so now I need to get some embellishments and page headers. The first page, I’ve decided to have one picture on it in the center of the page, which will tell the content of the scrapbook. But there are so many costumes for the cosplay sections that I want to have page headers, ya know? So, I either need to get some sort of decorative cardstock header type, or just get some peel-and-stick letters that I can use to form words at the top of the pages that begin certain sections. I’ll have to just look about and see what they have to offer. The theme colors are red and black (for the book and pages – all the cardstock that I’ve got the pictures on is different colors =..=), so if it’s just words and designs, I’ll have to be red...If I get a border to put words on, then it’ll just be black. It depends on what I want XD

Work has become a lot better. Now that everyone’s adjusted to the news, we’ve all gotten back to joking around with each other. I just hear a lot more of, “You see what you’ll be missing!” and “How are we gonna go on without you?” lately. But things have gone back to “normal”. I just have to start thinking about my soon-to-be lack of insurance and how to train someone for this job whenever they finally decide on someone. But things have gone back to being fun again – which is what I really wanted for my last few weeks. I saw these little “Desk Cones” at Books-A-Million. They’re like, construction work cones or men-at-work cones, but they’re tiny for a desk and they say things like “I haven’t had my coffee yet, don’t make me kill you.” And I want to get G a 2009 Maxine Desk calendar, because we both have enjoyed Maxine so much. I figure it’ll be great parting gifts :D

Meh...Gotta get back to work now =..= Later, Sunshines!


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Harvest Moon

Face the Change

2008-Oct-28, Tuesday 02:54 pm
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I finally got around to telling the girls what was up. Probably one of the harder things I’ll have to do in a long line of hard things. At first there was shock, and then joking ( “who we gonna ask when the computer messes up?” and “Can I have your desk?”) then...then it set in. And now they’re a tad on the devastated a way, it’s better to have everything in the open...but, I also feel bad for having them share my despair. Sure, friends are for that right? To help shoulder what you’re feeling... But still. What I went though over the weekend was torture – thought most of that was because I kept it all to myself. But is it right to expose that cycle to everyone now? Now they have to start thinking of finding someone to replace me, which they say is impossible. Of course, considering my replacement sort of finalizes it...I really wish I could’ve stayed till December, but then I would’ve been raining on everyone’s maybe it’s better this way...I’ve e-mailed Mrs. Ellen, asking that my last day be Nov. 14th. That gives me two weeks to work and two weeks to pack/spend time settling affairs and being with friends.

Dad leaves for work some time this evening. Mom’s going to rest for a couple of days (they both cleaned out Dad’s entire shed...which is a huge feat that took an entire day to do), then she’s going to ask Uncle George if she can borrow his truck to get some boxes for me. She’s gonna start packing up the ‘non essentials’ while I’m at work...that’s the plan so far. Reiko called me too, she said she’s coming down Sunday and wanted to know if I wanted to go cake testing with her. I’m certainly not getting any thinner here, so I guess that’s ok :)

On one hand I’m sad about the whole thing...but on the other hand, I’m a little excited. I mean, the work situation isn’t going to get any better for a while...I assume it might take a while to get another job. And yes, things won’t really be that great till after Reiko’s wedding, because I’ll have to drag myself back here and then leave again...but, I’ll be grateful when Christmas finally turns to New Year and I can settle in. I just wish I could have a “satellite office” like my bosses do, so that I could still work for them. They’re just such great people.

We’re still all set to have our sleep-over on the 20th and then all go see Twilight on the 21st. My house’ll be a little bear, but all that really matters is that we’re together. I’m on the fence about whether or not I should go ahead and buy those outfits for Reiko and I to wear. We had planned on wearing matching outfits of black that I designed – my shirt would say “Bite me” on the front with “Team Edward” on the back and the pants would have “Cullen Coven” on the leg and “Dazzled” on the back (all in red letters) and Reiko’s would be opposite...her shirt would say “Dazzled” on the front and her pants would say “Bite me” on the back ^..^ A part of me wants to save money...but another part says to go all out for one last ho-ra. I’m really leaning towards the latter. It’s important to me to have fun with my girls...more good memories than sad ones.

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll talk later, Sunshines.


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2008-Oct-17, Friday 11:16 am
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Gamer Gabbing )

This morning, I got in to work and asked Lenda how home life was. She replied that her 16 year-old had to be rushed to the emergency room last. She said they got home yesterday, and the girl was in her room and she turned to sit on her bed…and her knee cap dislocated. She was on her butt in seconds, her left knee cap had gone to the left side of her leg, and the bone was stretched upward, but hadn’t torn through the skin. She heard her scream, and she couldn’t see what it was since the girl was wearing her school jeans, but she felt it lightly and immediately called 911. Her little boy had to call her husband, but when the paramedics got there, they discovered that morphine wouldn’t work on the girl! She didn’t sleep at all last night till about 12. I’ve never heard of a knee cap just spontaneously popping to the side of your leg for no reason.

Tomorrow I gets to has lunch with Misty ^..^ I is happy bunny. I shall try to contain myself. I was thinking that I want to wear my sandals to the restaurant, but those aren’t the best to walk in. So I was thinking “put your croc-flops in the car and just put those on after you eat ^..^”. Desperate times right?

I guess that’s all for now. Work doesn’t seem like work today, we’ve all be goofing off and talking so much. That’s when things get very distracting =..= So, Later, Sunshines.


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So! Dad is home for a little while. He’ll be leaving tonight...or early tomorrow morning. He got in around 7:45 last night. He’d brought burgers for supper, but I only ate half of mine. We spent a little time talking and then just went to bed. Before he got there, I made sure to turn on the WoW downloader. Huge update thanks to Echoes of Doom (or whatever it’s called). After about an hour of downloading and all, I checked to see if I could get on. Sentinels was down, but Icecrown did manage to come up...not well, mind you. It just came up. I only got to see my characters once and it was after ten minutes of waiting. I tried to check again today (this morning) around 7:05, but it wasn’t cooperating. I’ll check it again this afternoon when I get in, but I doubt I’ll be getting on. Either we’ll be going to bed early, or I’ll be going to church. I doubt the latter too, because I’m a little afraid that if I come back from church, I’ll wake Dad up, and I know he has to wake up early as it is =..=

I am very anxious to get back on though. And not just to check out the newness and what they’ve done. Scamp and I have been...I guess you could say ‘collaborating’ on a fan fic for our two characters. Her Rogue Carandole has such a past that I’m surprised she hasn’t written about him before...then again, she knows his past so well. Anyway, Cara and Yavi used to run together, but they got separated (when I took my sabbatical from WoW and the hurricane happened). Of course he’s like, level 40 something, and Yavi’s just hit 30. We had to devise some sort of story for why they got separated. Well, it’s come out so much better than I could devise on my own. I used to dread getting on Yavi – unless there was a festival or anything – because she didn’t have Cara to play against …so she was a tad on the depressed/boring side. But now, there’s a serious back-story to motivate more really does make the whole game seem more awesome :D

Dad picked me up for lunch, and we went to the Official Wings/Coffee Zone place on Corporate dr. I got my usual mushroom Swiss, but this time, I got it as a hamburger. It was goodness. I ate about half of it, and then I got myself a large cappuccino. I had to pour a lot of sugar in there to make it taste good, but really did taste great. Then I get back to the office, and the girls decided to surprise Lo (our head nurse) with a veggie tray and a red velvet cake. God knows, just with the cappuccino, I had plenty of sugar and caffeine in me. So...I left the cake a lone =..= As much as I love red velvet, I just don’t need it. My body type could easily be described as a busted can of biscuits as is...I don’t need the help, kthx. I mean, a dessert now and then isn’t so bad, but that much sugar? I’d be bouncing off the walls o..o

…………..I can’t think of anything else….guess that’s all for now. Later, Sunshines.


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Well that was quick!

2008-Oct-06, Monday 02:41 pm
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So, I called the AC people (who rock), and got our friendly AC man, Wade, to come out to my house. He asked where I lived, and I told him. I told him I was fifteen minutes away, and I’d be there to let him in. I get to my house; Wade’s sitting on my driveway, smoking a cigarette. I’m like, “Good morning!” and he’s like, “Fixed it.” And I’m like “?!” He checked the unit outside and found a burnt wire, which he quickly replaced. That was what was wrong. Awesome! So, since it only took him 2 minutes to get that done, I paid him and then went to town to deposit some birthday money (from Dad and Mom who rock too) and pay my car insurance. I was still back to work in an hour. So, yay. I can get on WoW tonight and not be sweaty :D

Aaannnd, the girls bought me dinner, and they had ordered me a cookie cake and I had a nice card with money in it. My girls are awesome. Oh, and my cookie cake? There was one large square of blue icing on it for me XD I didn’t count the money (I figured that’d be rude -..-) but it’s the thought that counts anyway. The card is cute too; it had an old lady on the front of it and she says “The secret to staying young? Lie about your age.” And when you open it up she’s saying, “If I’ve learned anything in my 29 years it’s that!” Really just cute.

Now, I’m much more awake – having to run around town will do that for you – and with a better disposition because I don’t have to return to a hot house. I shall count and deposit my money some time today (I think...or tomorrow. Whichever). I think my actual plans are to go home, shower and just get on WoW. I hope Scamp’s feeling better...she wasn’t feeling so good Saturday, and I felt really bad...

I guess, that’s all for now. Later, Sunshines.


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Brewfest Shi-nanigans

2008-Sep-29, Monday 09:21 am
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Night before last (Saturday), I climbed into bed, turned out the light, put on my headphones and when I turned on Calliope (my iPod), I could only hear out of one side of the headphone. The suckers have been battered and abused for a couple of years now, and I’m really impressed that they lasted this long. So, I took them off and laid there for all of a minute, resigned to buying a new pair whenever I could. Then I iPod had come with a pair of those ear-plug headphone thingies. I don’t really like them that much, but that was because I had my huge head-phones and they were worn and comfortable so…yeah. I never used them. So I turned on the light and got them out. They're...interesting. I mean, they work perfectly and’s just, sometimes my ears are like “oh, there’s music and we don’t feel a dang thing!” and then other times they’re like, “What is that annoying pinch? Yes, the music, the music is very nice, but there’s a pinch!”. So, I think I could adapt to these new headphones and then whenever I actually have money to spare (some time after Christmas) buy another set of new’s just...a flip of the coin as to how satisfied I’ll be at this point. /shrug.

So, last night I got my first real taste of Brewfest (no pun intended :D). I had heard of Brewfest a time or two before, but I never understood it...of course, that hampered me from participating. Luckily my cousin got on Voice Chat and whenever I was like “I pressed this!! WTF!” she would get there and actually say “OK, you have to use the reigns to make the ram go faster, but you have to make sure you don’t exhaust it. Run by a barrel of apples every time you can – it refreshes the ram.” “Quoi!” “I dunno, dude. It’s just the game!” So yeah. I actually got both Wenny and Yavi souvenirs from the event (kawaii little hats!). And I’m hoping that Wenny, Yavi and Silima will walk away with those nice little Brewfest dresses. It’s much more interesting when you have people near by enjoying it with you and all. Oh, and there are pink Eleks in Silvermoon when you get drunk…just thought I’d share…You know, when you get drunk there are those…I don’t know what their called in game, but jack-o-lopes with wings? They’re around Org. Well, if you get drunk at the festivities outside of Silvermoon…there are pink eleks. Hmm……I wonder if there’s such things in every location…./imagines pink undead jack-o-lopes. o..O

There was an interesting...occurrence. Wenny was at Brewfest waiting for Hothien (but, alas, Scamp had to babysit for a while longer than she thought, so Wenny was on her own for a while) and two night elves just…showed up. Now, they were level 70’s so of course, they could just show up and not be too worried. Wenny’s just standing there, waiting for things not to seem so fuzzy and I notice the shape behind me, and when my mouse hovers over it, it says “Night Elf” so Wenny mutters something like. “…someone’s behind me…” and then she turns and waves like the dork she is because she’s so drunk (and she’s such a friendly drunk…when she’s in a happy state of mind). Then the girl turns into a furblog and starts dancing...of course, she just came up and stood on the side-lines, so I kinda knew she wasn’t really there to hurt anybody. People start to gather around and a night elf dude shows up too. Wenny...uh...jumped up on a table and started dancing. Things went ok, until one of the hoardies rallied two other level 70’s to the location and they started attacking the Night Elves. They didn’t win…even in that one hunter did have the most awesome pet. But still, I thought it was kinda in bad taste. I mean…they weren’t really harming anything. I dunno.../shrugs. Maybe I’m too big of a Twilight fan and I’ve just gone pure Team Switzerland XD

Oh, also, thanks to the Lakeside Collection, I’ve found the new bed set that I want! It’s called the
Plumeria Bedroom Collection. Of course, I’m in no position to buy at this point, but still. It is nice to have an idea. I’ve been wanting to change my bed to a soft, but almost metallic purple (lighter mostly, but I don’t mind dark undertones if it’s pretty), but everything I’ve seen has either been ugly or just childish (and furry o..o). So when I saw this, I like to died. I also noticed that this place carries Plush Micro Fleece Sheets, and my dad really hates cold weather, and I can assume that he will complain of the cold at lot now that he’s up north and all. So I thought that’d be a great Christmas present for him ^..^

/sighs. Trying to explain things that happen in game to normal people – like people at the office, is both hilarious and frustrating. I started simple right, “This weekend, Wenny learned to fish and she caught a 17 lb catfish.” The girls around me were all “Wow, that’s great!” and then G was like, “Wait a second…who’s Wenny?” and I was like, “My character on World of Warcraft.” (in a tone that rhymed with ‘duh’). This caused a bunch of ‘wtf’ expressions followed immediately by laughter. And Brewfest? Yeah, not even gonna try.

Well, work’s a-waiting. Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

Time Warp

2008-Sep-04, Thursday 12:52 pm
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What day is it? It’s …Thursday, right? Good God...I’m telling you, in a off the beaten path country home, time stands still. If you don’t have something to divert you, it all runs together and you forget what day it is and what the heck’s going on.

So, Reiko got up here safe and sound (though there’s always some question about just how sound she is). She and her mom and dad all stopped in a resort town called Fairfield Bay, which is about an hour and a half southeast of here. Scamp and her peoplez actually went to my Aunt Lane’s house. I know the power went out and at some point, their generator went out too, but evidently it’s back up and running. I’m sure since it’s farther north, the power will be resorted soon.

I had a bit of a way-side adventure yesterday. Reiko had told me that she and her dad were heading down Wednesday morning, and that if I wanted to, I could go with them. She figured we might not be able to get back into Houma, but her house in Hammond (Robert) would be reachable. We could bunk there till we could come down. So, I packed up most of my stuff (forgetting a lot =..=) and headed over to meet them. We all went to Wal-Mart and stocked up on the essentials we’d need (potted meat, water, gas cans, and for me and Reiko granola bars and pop tarts). Well, after checkout, I get a call from my mom (who was really upset that I we were leaving so soon), and she said that the mayor said not to even bother coming back till Friday; and, that power would not be restored for up to 2 to 3 weeks! So, that was very discouraging, but her opinion was what clenched it. She said she didn’t want me going down there when it was still a disaster zone, that it was her birthday and she wanted me here where it was safe. So...I sold Reiko and her dad my gas cans and potted meat, and came home. Reiko was a bit upset about this (not as upset as she was about my driving though >..>) but she got over it and I came back here.

…And now Mom and I both have some freaky sinus infection that we’re fighting =..= Reiko called sometime…the other day…and said that they had decided not to leave. That she was feeling sick with a sinus infection too, and they’d gotten the bulletin about not being able to go back till at least Friday. So, now they’re planning on leaving tomorrow morning.

I called Blue Bird (my boss), and asked her if they’d evacuated or if they were alright. She said that they’d made it to Baton Rogue, but the hurricane hit just as badly there. I told her my mom wasn’t allowing me to leave till it was safe, and she said, “Oh no. No don’t leave at all. They’re not letting anyone back in and there’s no power.” So, she has my private e-mail, and she’s going to e-mail me updates, but other than that, I’m not really worried about work. I also called Cole, and she said that her family was heading back today (I think her hubby manages one of the power plants). She said to call her Saturday before I even thought about coming so that she could give me updates first. I also called my energy provider asking if they had an estimate for when my area would have power. They told me to call back Friday. So…here I am. Can’t go home and no idea when I’m gonna be heading that way anyway.

I don’t have a TV or anything in my room here, so the only thing I can really do is read. I brought Breaking Dawn and The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Both of them are great books, and I’ve enjoyed reading them over and over…and over..and over again. Unfortunately, I’ve dang-near memorized them and…well, after 50 times, it becomes a little old. I did buy the 3rd season of
Supernatural today. I got it at Wal-Mart, because I figured “Why not?”. Of course, no private TV to watch it Yeah. I’m stuck admiring the pretty pictures on the cover (and man, are they pretty ^..^). And, I did a recent search, and Bones season 3, is available for Preorder. Of course, it won’t be coming out till November 18, but still. It’s something to look forward to.

This…whatever. Sickness or whatever you want to call it, is seriously fooling with me. I’m so tired and disoriented and…just miserable. I just want to be in my own home. I love Mom, and Aunt Carolyn is alright, I just like being on my own too much. I like having my space and my stuff and my routine. Here...if I don’t feel like watching HGTV for a 24 hour period or switching over to the Hallmark channel, I really have nothing to do. So yeah….No way to entertain myself away from the fact that I’m miserable. If I wasn’t feeling bad, then none of this would really bother me so much. But I Yeah.

I guess I’m just gonna go ahead and sign off now. There’s really nothing more to update on (that my frazzled mind can recall). I’ll talk to ya’ll later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

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Thank God for unwinding time. I was lucky enough to have Giggles (a coworker =..=) bring me to the Ford place to pick up my car (she lives near there). I picked the Puma up, and I was very happy to find the charge was only $110. I called Chibi, but she didn’t answer. So I waited till I got home and then messaged her. She didn’t respond. So, I went ahead and took my shower. She finally responded, saying that he mom had the van so she would be late. I told her that was fine, I would make Gyoza and Ragoons. 40 minutes later, I got a ‘OMW’ message. I don’t think she got to my place till after 7...But I got to take my shower and cook a meal (in the sense that it came out of a box and I heated it up properly).

We started watching more of Supernatural, when my Mom called. She had set up an e-mail account for my Aunt Carolyn (who’s now living with the rents), and she couldn’t access it (or just didn’t know how -..-). After about 20 minutes of struggling to get them to the hotmail web site, she read me the “you’ve tried to log on to many times, so you’re locked out. Kthxbia!” message, so we decided to put off that trial till the next day. We gabbed back and forth for another 15 minutes, and then she said goodnight.

Chibi stayed for a little while longer. I showed her the YES dance – which has scared me for life – and the Urban Ninja – who I want to be when I grow up. We stopped...when did we stop?.../goes to the Super-Wiki. Ah! No Exit! The last one we watched was No Exit. Talk about a creepy episode. Possibly even more creepy than Everybody Loves a Clown. That was creepy too, but I’m more of a claustrophobe than a clown-o-phobe, so No Exit gives me the willies. I’m also a little creeped by, you know, psycho-serial-killer-ghosts-that-like-to-drag-you-off-and-paw-you-while-you-slowly-die-or-are-smothered-by-chloroform... That sorta freaks me out too...I suppose Dean said it best when he said, “The only thing worse than a pissed off spirit, is the pissed off spirit of a psycho.” Man...even if Asylum didn’t have too much creepy stuff in it, just the thought of the ghosts of inmates at a psych ward is freaky. The possibilities, you know?….

….what was I talking about before? Oh…right. The evening we had -..- But yeah! After No Exit we knew it was a little late to start watching another episode, so we just talked a bit about our plans for today. We decided that I’ll order something from Zen’s to go (Scamp, don't hate me), and she’ll just meet me out the Nexus. Just so’s we can watch more Supernatural (because God only knows when I’ll see her again ;_;). I do want to catch up on her life, and plans and…just talk and everything.

…I think that’s everything. I feel so much better in comparison to yesterday. No more days like that anytime soon, kthxbia! Later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

PS: Both my icon and my title are a terrible inside joke from last night. So, I don't expect anyone to really get don't worry about were confused...
msmoon: (RVB - Caboose Hamster)

It’s been so long since I’ve posted! Or at least it feels that way. But the 17th was kind of hard so…not really in the mood to post.

OK, so hears what’s been happening. The 17th, is G’s birthday along with my Dad’s. I got a call from Mom that morning saying that my Uncle Bobby (who lives in Atlanta) had died that morning. On my Dad’s birthday his older brother died...not a great way to start a birthday, I tell you. Mom told me she was driving down and Dad would be coming in from the rig by boat (which is a long and arduous process). I checked the schedule, and knowing that G would be leaving for the remainder of the week to see her granddaughter graduate from basic training, I knew that there was no way I’d be able to take off. So I was going to be staying home this time.

Mom got to my house some time that night around 9 and had brought food. She went next door and got some sleep and so did I. I know Dad got in some time much later, but I was too tired from the emotionally draining day and just hit the hay. The next morning, my Aunt Tammy dropped off her dog, Max, and Dad popped over to say good morning and then goodbye. Once I had Max all situated, Mom and Dad got in their car and followed Aunt Tammy and the rest of the family on the way to Georgia.

Aside from having a house guest, not much really happened for the next couple of days. Friday, Mom and Dad got back from the funeral (which had been on Thursday). They called me just after lunch to find out where Max’s leash was so they could take him out for a walk ^..^

Around 4:45 I got a call from Kayla . She said that she and Renata and Celeste were going to World of Wings and then going to see Get Smart that night, and they wanted to know if I would come too. I told her I’d see if I could make it, as they were meeting at 6:30 and I got off at 5. I rushed home and told my parents what was up and they agreed that I should go. I pulled in to the restaurant parking lot (and it was so full) and I got a call on my cell. It was Kayla saying “Get your butt down here now!” which tickled me. I then told her I was in the parking lot. I joined them, but I really didn’t eat. In fact the only thing I ordered was a vanilla milk shake. We rushed off to the movie afterwards (as they were slow getting our food to us) and we all sat together up in the very top.

The movie was awesome, but I’ll wait to talk about that for a full movie review. Afterwards, we laughed and giggled about our favorite parts. In the parking lot, Kayla was like “I don’t wanna go home...” so we talked about it and decided to go to Starbucks. Renata couldn’t go…I think because her little sister Alyson was with her. But Celeste, Kayla and I enjoyed the coffee shop (me being very wary about the whole experience, as I’d never been to Starbucks before). We sat and talked till around 10:40, and then we all went home (after freezing inside the coffee shop).

Saturday and Sunday run into each other, as I was feeling absolutely terrible through both of them. Bloody hell week started on Saturday, and aside from getting Mom to “teach” me how to make one of her spaghettis (by filing her for my Cooking with Clara dvd), I did little but sleep. In fact, all Sunday I was napping…and nothing else.

Monday, I started my new duties, tending to the mail, though I had been doing that since Wednesday of the following week as G was on vacation. My days were full of mail and stats and checking much so that I barely looked up long enough to check my own e-mail.

Oh, also, I finally got the book, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I’ve only gotten up to chapter 5, but I’m confident that I’ll have that book read before the movie comes out (since according to the IMDB profile, the movie won’t be out till December 12. It seems fairly interesting...even though I have a sneaking suspicion (mostly from Reiko’s excited ramblings) that I know what will happen. Still, if it’s good, I’ll get the other books ^..^ Or maybe...I’ll wait to see the other movies that come out and read the books after the movies…it’s always better that way.

Wednesday, Dad came in from offshore (again. I know) and he and Mom packed up, planning to leave the next morning for Ark. Mom knew that I didn’t like borrowing Cole’s (from work) phone, so she said she’d talked to my cousin Tammy. She said that Tammy had a razr that she didn’t need anymore, and would give it to me since I was having such phone troubles. I was excited about it, till I learned that it was a pink razr. But I got over it, reasoning that a good phone is still a good phone. And how many of my friends would have a pink razr? None of ‘em! Anyway, I headed out to church that night, and talked to Tammy. Turns out, she was still using the phone, and while she wouldn’t mind giving it to me, she’d need to convince her husband to upgrade first so she’d have one of her own. Celeste, who I’d been talking to before hand, mentioned that I could probably get a good quality phone off of eBay for much cheaper than it’s sold normally. So, this morning, I bought THIS. I’m pleased with it ^..^ Though, I have no idea what I’m going to name it. I’m thinking, it should be a girl name though. I’ll figure it out.

Other than that…I get paid tomorrow…but nothing else to report on. It’s rained here every day. Sometimes, so hard that the trees bend and there are white-out like conditions. I love it!



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Harvest Moon

Pilot Program

2008-Jun-16, Monday 01:31 pm
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Any time Blue Bird talks about a “Pilot Program” she means something they’re testing. A new pilot program, along with new duties was introduced today. Effective July 7. For 5 weeks, anyone who wants to can work 10 hours a day instead of 8. This means, coming in at 7:30, getting a 30 minute lunch and leaving around 6. The up side? You get a day off in the middle of the week sometime; either Wednesday or Thursday. Also, job duties are changing. Every day I come in to work, check our voice mail, mail out invoices, go through stats, check base stats when G is done logging the daily mail, and then go back to stats. If Blue bird or Eagle call and need something, I do whatever is they ask of me, and I answer the phone (usually after the first ring). Now, I’ll be responsible for getting the mail and logging it in, taking e-mailed evaluations and logging those in, Order office depot supplies, and take care of Blue Bird and Eagle’s things as needed. No longer responsible for the invoices going out, answering the phone, or checking the voice mail. These new duties have not been given a starting date, as there’s something Cole needs to do first.

While there are a few reservations I have concerning my new duties (or giving up my old ones), I’m actually very optimistic about the whole thing. I’m hoping to get Wednesday off, so that’ll be the one day I can sleep in and/or do anything else that needs to be done. This is only going to be a trial thing though, and it’ll be done for just five weeks (starting in July). I still think, what with the break in the middle of the week, that I could easily pull off a 10 hour work day (especially with the addition of coffee and chocolate into the equation). And it’s not like I’m sacrificing my pay check either. I’m still full time and I still have the right amount of hours. And it really wouldn’t require me to be up any earlier as I’m always ready at 7 anyway. I just use time from 7 to 7:30 for “Am I forgetting anything” time (and I still forget things). Since it’s a pilot program, that means we get to try it out and see how it goes. And that means if it doesn’t work, we can change things. So I’m going to go ahead and go for it.

Let’s see how long it takes me to crack ^..^ Later, sunshines.



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Yesterday, Mom was excited to announce that there would be people coming to look at our house. Evidently that means that we cannot be home while they’re looking …for…whatever reason. So, Mom says “Let’s eat supper out in town and just kill time while they look at the house.” And for you Yanks, Supper is a meal eaten late in the day…I believe you refer to it as dinner. Anyway, we ate a bit at Chick-fil-a and then headed over to Target.

Walking around Target for 45 minutes is usually a bad idea. You see so many things you want and can’t afford to get. I am proud to say that we only spent $10.48 on a new steering wheel cover for my car (the leopard print is getting ragged). Of course, the really bad thing about walking around Target (or anywhere) for 45 minutes, is that at the time I was doing it, I was wearing my heals. Now…I don’t have very high heals (for a reason) but I can’t stand to be up on my feet for the long anyway. Needless to say, when I finally got back home my syatic nerve was killing me. But it seems like it’s getting worse. Instead of just feeling it in my butt and the top of my thigh, I now feel it going down my thigh and into my knee (even skimming the top of my calf). So I was really hurting last night.

Scamp’s not feeling good either. I texted her to see if she was getting on (after I got on and noticed she wasn’t there), and she said she was so sick. Luckily, I had received great distractions from my pain with the World of Warcraft: War of Ancients Archive and the Tin Man mini series that came in. Mom had said she wanted to see Tin Man, so I satisfied myself with my book.

….That book is bigger than my Bible…it’s even bigger than my copy of The Lord of the Rings. It’s going to take forever to read =..= I only got up to chapter 5. I’d taken my pills around 8:30ish. Then I went upstairs to read…..but I was kept awake till 11:45 with diarrhea. This morning when the alarm clock rang, I was exhausted….and soar.

Today, there was little to be done in stats, so I ended up checking the nurses’ folders and trying to make a graph for Mrs. Ellen. Gigi went to Zenn’s, a new Japanese restaurant and she came back singing it’s praises. She even brought me crunchy rolls back. I ate a few, and Lori ate the rest. It was so good. So tomorrow we’ll be going there again, because Lori wants more. G said that she talked to the people there, and they said that on Monday’s everything on the menu is 15% off and Tuesday’s from 5-close is free saki night….I’m gonna have to tell Reiko.

…now I have the biggest headache in the world =..=..

Dear, 5 o’clock, please get here quickly. Kthxbye!

…later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon


2008-Apr-24, Thursday 02:30 pm
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Work is always more pleasant than work has any right to be, even when we’re not happy we just enjoy each other. But today, Mrs. Ellen decided to celebrate the Office Assistant holiday by ordering us lunch from a nice restaurant. Well, we had some pasta (which I usually hate, but this is awesome), and some Cesar salad, and a platter of brownies. We spent the hour eating and then we took pictures (Nicole had brought her camera).

Mrs. Ellen then tells us she has to go and that the delivery guy will be picking it up around 2. So, we all rant and rave about the salad and how good it was (even though it was just lettuce, Parisian cheese and crotons with the dressing). So the girls decided to call the restaurant and order more salad and extra dressing so we can have it tomorrow with our left-over pasta. Well the delivery guy comes and Lori asks how much it is.


Lori says, “No, dude, I’m paying just for the salad, not the whole meal.”

And he says, “That’s how much the salad is.”

“…just the salad is $85.353?”

“The Salad is $63.00, the dressing, crotons and cheese around $13 and then there’s a $9 tip.”

“…ok, take it back.”

We are still shocked. This dude came at 1:45-ish, and it is well past that. We have been laughing and gawking and we just cannot get over this.

$85 for a salad…


Harvest Moon


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