140609 - The Change

2014-Jun-09, Monday 05:27 pm
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MM and B~Bear both had really challenging days today...here's MsMoon's contribution.

Special thanks to Mr. Caruso for loaning me his super powers...though they were not entirely wanted.

140317 - Field Trip

2014-Mar-17, Monday 07:10 pm
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MM has been a tiny bit busy, and scattered, so...Field Trip!

MI13 - Day 1

2013-Dec-26, Thursday 08:22 pm
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I wouldn't say it was eventful, but it was fun :3 We game, we make food (burritos, yum!), aaaand despite the ice we went shopping!

231013~ Stroganoff

2013-Oct-23, Wednesday 12:04 pm
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A bear shares her recipe for Stroganoff...and she lives in the U.S....so she spells it with a double "f" as apposed to a "v".

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A bear throws together some sweets, school things, and a shout out to her friend.

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My Submission for the Life in a Day event :) Yeah, it isn't much, but I lead a simple life. And when you break it down, what I love and what I do is very simple. Please do enjoy.



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2010-Jun-28, Monday 11:45 pm
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  • 00:52 Q:Does age matter to you in a relationship? A:..eh..well. At first I think, 'not really' because age and maturity ar... 4ms.me/aKHu65 #
  • 15:33 Listening to @DifficultyCheck with @mr_nnj & oddly enough @Leto :) #
  • 16:49 Making supper for Mom. #
  • 17:42 Omg, this food is so good :3 #
  • 19:26 I made supper tonight! And from scratch no less o..o who knew. Well, I made the chicken spaghetti and... dailybooth.com/u/3idjy #
  • 19:59 Q:Whats your all time favorite fandom? A:Ehn....I'll take the easy way out and say RPers :D That fandom covers so ma... 4ms.me/cDKxmI #
  • 20:40 All I can think is, 'Make haste, a storm is coming.' o..o dailybooth.com/u/3iepo #
  • 21:38 Time to touch up my hair -..- been putting it off, thinking I'll do it when I feel better, but I have no idea when that'll be. #
  • 22:00 God, but this stuff sticks so much >..< We can put a man on the moon, but we can't make freakin hair color that smells decent...wtf? #
  • 22:56 Finally out of the shower :) @TheCouncilofSix made it so much more fun. #
  • 23:07 Watching the Dune movie....not quite sure why, since the miniseries is leagues better... #
  • 23:21 @Davlenagain Good luck! :D #
I text way too much, yo :D

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I kinda got the idea for this episode from Pride (PrideL9I), because he had the idea of doing a YouTube cooking show, AND he’s somewhat obsessed with sandwiches... Please do enjoy :) (ps: I’m still not making your sandwich for you).

Songs are used without permission but without intent of infringement for non-profit, educational purposes in accordance with the "Fair Use" clause of Title 17, Section 107, United States Code.




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2010-Apr-13, Tuesday 11:45 pm
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  • 23:50 @Umamor1 :) No. I'm just in a funk... and someone point out that sometimes, it's good to complain. #
  • 00:00 I hate that teacher who told me I was stupid and would never learn on my own, because her voice has been in my head since 3rd grade. #
  • 00:00 I can't remember her name, but her voice has pointed out every flaw and failure for years now. #
  • 00:04 @DJTimeKiller :) I know she's wrong. But sometimes, I forget to tell myself that. #
  • 00:06 I am weak, and I mourn, and often ill… But those parts of me sometimes make me strong, give me joy and make me push through :) #
  • 00:12 And now... I'm really tired... and I have a long day tomorrow, where I'll hopefully forget this fit =..= Goodnight. #
  • 07:40 My dad is a sadist =..= *rolls over* #
  • 09:51 Ok. On my second cup of coffee, and about to get moving. #
  • 10:27 O..O Oh, but I cant wait to vlog this -..- #
  • 10:44 @Davlenagain you'll see -..- #
  • 12:09 Ok. OMW home. #
  • 12:12 @DJTimeKiller Occasionally. I like almost all types of music, really. Depends on my mood. #
  • 12:36 Home -..- Editing. #
  • 13:10 @strixus S'hardly fair to say that about just the English :3 #
  • 13:46 Saving my vlog and fighting with my internet -..- #
  • 14:02 Ok, uploading to YouTube... #
  • 15:21 @Pride1G orly... #
  • 15:24 @Pride1G ...will it do any good to ask what it is or do I have to wait? :3 #
  • 15:32 My internet = le fail -..- #
  • 16:09 @Umamor1 You too? #
  • 16:23 @Umamor1 Aw man. That does suck. #
  • 16:35 @Umamor1 To taunt you. #
  • 16:56 ... I just sang Dance Magic Dance to myself ... I want the Labyrinth soundtrack. #
  • 16:57 @Umamor1 What babe?! #
  • 16:59 @Umamor1 What power?? #
  • 17:00 @Umamor1 <..< Who do? #
  • 17:01 @Umamor1 o..o Do what? #
  • 17:03 @Umamor1 XD #
  • 17:04 @Umamor1 Sorry #
  • 17:05 @Umamor1 Was fun while it lasted :3 #
  • 17:06 @ #
  • 17:20 @Davlenagain I wubs that song :D #
  • 17:44 Going over to cook. #
  • 20:34 Finally home. Had my phone on silent while I was there. A little pissed that my internet failed AGAIN. That's the 11th failure to upload... #
  • 20:35 @wotcherscamp <..< You know I always think you may be pushing yourself a little too hard sometimes...but then it all turns out marvelous :) #
  • 20:37 @wotcherscamp Yeaaah... the two continents that you're working on now are MASSIVE o..o #
  • 20:39 @wotcherscamp You're probably right... still, I wouldn't have that awesome art work :) ....can you imagine a fully colored one O..O' #
  • 20:41 @wotcherscamp With the painting or the quilt? O..O because that'd be so much more work either way you spin it. #
  • 20:44 @wotcherscamp O..O Could you imagine a full color, world map quilt? That would've been so massive =..= Waaaay too mcuh. #
  • 20:47 @wotcherscamp Brain Breakingly Awesome O..O but soooo much work =..= #
  • 20:49 @wotcherscamp Oh...I know ;_; I cried my way through the last two chapters. There was no way I could leave a comment in that mind frame -..- #
  • 20:55 I'm wondering if something isn't up with YouTube, because it's been giving me trouble all day. Not just uploading, but loading pages... #
  • 21:12 =..= I need a big tripod... #
I text way too much, yo :D

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2009-Dec-10, Thursday 11:45 pm
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  • 11:43 Making baked salmon. #
  • 12:30 Hmm, the recipe siad 8 to 10 minutes at 450, but... It doesn't look done... #
  • 13:10 twitpic.com/sy9px - Note to self: cooking is a hot mess.... #
  • 13:16 <..< My power just flickered... #
  • 13:24 Getting ready to go and clean the church. #
  • 13:27 PS: I <3 aluminium foil! Easiest clean-up EVER :3 #
  • 15:39 AMOS still isn't staying online, or getting online in the first place. /le sigh. #
  • 16:17 ... why is the sound not working on Mako? O..o' #
  • 16:18 Rebooting. #
  • 18:31 Gosh, but coyotes are noisy. #
  • 21:35 The fact that Namie Amuro-san's Play album is $89.99 at Amazon, yet you can get it from iTunes for $9.99 floors me. #
  • 21:36 ...and when I say 'floors' I mean it in the disbelieving, almost disgusted sort of way... #
  • 21:40 It's only $9.99? Man, I'm buying that! This looking at it longingly crap isn't gonna fly. #
  • 21:47 Oh, J-Pop, how I've missed you :3 #
  • 22:11 Congratulations! ....is that the correct sentiment in this situation? O..o' @rebeccacurrence #
  • 22:38 *trying to imagine how fast down load time would be if my connection didn't SUCK* qq more u..u' #
  • 23:37 Showered and I feel a bit better. I still nervous about the Berryville lock in tomorrow...like I'm forgetting something... #
I text way too much, yo :D

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Wendy's on a Windy Day :3

2009-Dec-09, Wednesday 12:39 pm
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I'm thinking of doing a bunch of posts... maybe back dating some, because I wanted to write them up and post them on the days they happened. Hmm... may be a good idea.

We've been awfully busy late... but no more so than when this time of year comes around. I think the cold weather had been making it a little harder on me to get things done though... I'm more tired than usual, and I just don't feel good at all. It's nothing definitive really. Sure, I wake up feeling my sore throat... and my vertigo has been especially weird lately, but there's nothing like a huge red flag saying "I'm sick!"... So, I'm hoping that means I'm not getting sick, that I'm just feeling weird due to the weather. Srsly, it's 20 degrees out right now, but the wind is blowing so strong, if feels like 0 degrees.

Last night was pretty bad at NII. The wind gusts got to 40 mph, so my house was sort of... shimmying o..o' I really didn't get to sleep until around 3, even if I did try to go to bed at 1. My vertigo went a little nuts, and even though I was lying still I kept feeling like my body was spinning around. And I would drift off, but every time the house would shimmy it would wake me up.

Dad was actually working outside on his tractor, and I asked if he wanted some coffee. It's a good excuse to get out of the cold :) He came in and he had two gloves, two jackets, a face mast and a hoodie on one of the jackets and he was still cold. Mostly because his hands and feet were cold... But he came in and had some coffee and warmed up a bit. But we also used that time to partially wrap one of Mom's presents. it's so big, that we used 3 rolls of wrapping paper, and it's still not fully covered.... geeze.

Hm. Mom and Dad just called, and they're bringing lunch from Wendy's. Tomorrow, I'm definitely cooking that salmon recipe that I found >..> No matter what. But looks like today's lunch is Wendy's :) All do another post or two later. Ja, Sunshines :)

You Are a Pig

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You are both mentally and physically strong. You can remain focused and determined, even under extreme pressure and duress.

Yaviel Isilmiel


2009-Dec-07, Monday 11:45 pm
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  • 10:32 At Wally world with Dad. #
  • 12:39 Wrapping presents! Gotta hurry before Dad gets back to wrap Mom's. #
  • 13:09 Ok. Got everything that can be wrapped done. Just a few more but I'll need Dad's help. #
  • 13:12 Hm... wonder if I could catch something on WoW Radio... #
  • 13:48 Amazingly enough, I'm in the IRC at WCRadio, listening to my favorite show The Essence of RP :) #
  • 14:19 I got a shoutout on EoRP... O..O' how did that happen?! /all.excited.happy.embarrassed XD #
  • 14:47 OMG, sweet! :D RT: @wotcherscamp On a chat show in the UK Vin Diesel admitted to loving WoW and being completely addicted #
  • 14:57 At the Rents watching Ace of Cakes. #
  • 15:38 Cooking with Mom :) #
  • 15:58 OMG! Bubble wrap! Thank you, Reiko! ... oh. And there are wrapped boxes too :3 #
  • 16:06 Texas toast sandwiches ftw! #
  • 16:40 Decorating for Christmas :) #
  • 18:08 New Christmas Tree = DRAMA!D: #
I text way too much, yo :D

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Today was fun though... well, the end was a little frustrating... and the beginning was nothing to write home about... but the middle there was really great. Mostly because Mom and I got to cook together, but also because the meal of choice was of my making and it turned out awesome. You learn a little bit from each venture really, but when it comes out tasting really great is when you're really happy. Though, I have to admit that, it's probably much more pleasurable now because Mom doesn't have to drag me kicking and screaming into the kitchen :)

I came up with the idea off cooking for Mom and Dad at least once a week, but to tell the truth, Mom doesn't really let me just cook on my own. She says that she's happiest when we cook together, because it reminds her of when she was younger and cooked with her mother. She considers those memories precious, and the making of new memories with her own daughter to be equally precious. So, instead of getting possessive of the meal I'm making, I've decided the time spent learning from her is more valuable. Lately, I try to come up with a meal that she hasn't heard of or made, and run it buy her. Then we buy the ingredients and cook it together. Usually it's me saying all of what I want to do by means of defer to her. If she thinks it will work, we do it that way, but sometimes she has easier (or smarter) ways of doing things. Mom say she's no cook, but she has been doing it longer than I :)

So, I came up with the idea of Texas Toast Sandwiches.... basicly, we got some chicken breast, onions, tomato and shredded pizza cheese, then bought a box of Texas toast from Wal-Mart (it's in the frozen section, and we were thrilled when we found it... even if we had no idea what to do with it). We took a whole onion and sliced it in rings, then we put it in a skillet with butter and cooked it down (for quite a while actually). We also sliced the tomato, and then cut the slices in quarters. We took two chicken breasts and cut them into bite-size pieces. After the onions cook down and are nice and flimsy, we put season all on the chicken pieces and let them cook completely. After they were cooked, we added the tomatoes. We pretty much let everything stay on medium, stirring it occasionally just to make sure everything cooked evenly. But once we had everything in the skillet and it was all fairly well cooked down, we just put a lid on it and turned it on low. We put the Texas Toast into our toaster oven and cooked it until it was nice and golden brown. Then, we put the chicken/onion/tomato mixture onto a piece of toast, dumped a mountain the shredded cheese on top of that before smushing it down with another piece of Texas Toast. Mom had put some frozen broccoli in a pot and let it cook till it got soft, and then she took some of that nice, zesty cheese dip that you usually buy with Tostitos chips for dip, and mixed half of it in with the broccoli. It. Tasted. AMAZING. Mom agreed that the same thing could be done with shrimp (for the sandwiches) and be equally awesome. You could also add mushrooms, or roll up the mixture in a tortilla and add some guacamole and it'd be good too.

Now that I really think about it, I think having her cooking with me not only makes it easier, it makes me more calm about cooking. If I were trying it all by myself, I would be a lot less sure of myself... not only in the execution of the cooking but in the final product. So it's probably best that it's this way :)

So that's the tale of my cooking today. There are left overs and I fully intend to enjoy them ... with or without the Texas Toast :D Night, Sunshines!

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As long as you have friends who don't take advantage of you, your empathy is only a good thing.

If there were more people in the world like you, you wouldn't feel like you have to look out for everyone.

Yaviel Isilmiel

Good Day :)

2009-Mar-17, Tuesday 12:26 pm
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Yesterday was a great day. I mean, it wasn’t fun as in Ammusement-Park-Loaded-With-Excitement fun, but more of then Dang-but-that-was-a-good-day fun. Dad had to leave that night, and I had decided to cook. My speciality, fried rice with egg rolls and Mom showed me how to make sirloin stir-fry. But, during the day, Mom and Dad went about doing some errands. Dad finally took his truck into the shop to figure out what’s wrong with it. It’s been giving him trouble for a while now. Plus, they had other errands to run... I stayed home and washed clothes and did the dishes and all.

When Dad got back, he hung a swing in one of our trees. I had told him that I would love one of those one-person-rope-on-each-end-of-a-single-board swings....you know, the kind you swing on when you’re a kid and you can just go on and on for hours because you can swing yourself without ever touching the ground? Yeah, one of those :) Aaaand he finally got around to doing that. It’s pretty sweet if you ask me. It’s hung in one of the oaks near the garage/basement entrance, and it’s just a nice view in front.... I told Dad that we need to put another swing on the other side of the tree, and then rig a bench around the base, that way if two people want to swing they can...or if one person does and the other prefers to sit that’s cool too. Yay for reliving childhood :D

Mom and I watched some of American Idol....but we didn’t really watch too much TV. We did walk down to the back of our property. There’s a cedar tree there that took a whole lot of damage from the ice storm. Dad says he’s going to use the fallen limbs as kindling because evidently cedar makes for great kindling. We also surveyed another section of our land, this one the place I hope my trailer will soon be. There is much preparation that will need to be done for that. Luckily, the people who sell the trailer also help with arranging the area for the trailer to be on, and they take their labor for preparing the area out of the trailer fee....which is pretty awesome.

Oh! My commissions finally came in yesterday too! Our mail passes really late in the afternoon here (like 3ish), so when we were walking the mail went by. I went to go and get it and lo and behold, there was my commission from Kth. I contacted her...in 2007, after I’d attended the Gathering of the Gargoyles in Tennessee. Her artwork really just captured me, and it was awesome how she just seemed to understand animal anatomy so well. It made me think that if would be great to work with her on animal sketches since she’d really be able to help decipher what was all fantasy and what could actually work. So, I asked her to draw my 4 Ancients for me...and, over the period of 2 years I finally got them. We both ended up going through circumstances that lead us away from the project, but now it’s finally finished! When I got them, I immediately put them in protective sleeves, because I don’t have frames to put them in yet, and, well, a house to hank them in =..= So, they’ll have to go in with the artwork that Scamp drew for me for now....until I can get them framed properly. Anyway, the pictures are all at her deviantArt page. There’s
Kaze The Wind Lord, Kaiyou The Ocean Lord, Tenkaichi The Earth Lord, and Shakaku The Flame Lord.....and they look so awesome XD It’s just so nice to actually see them...outside of my head. These were the first four characters that I ever thought up, and they’ve been with me since I was about 10. I still don’t have anything to represent their human forms, but I knew their animal forms would be more dynamic, so I was very eager to find someone who would help me with that. So much love for Kth for this. I hope if I can find a job and get back up on my feet again, to contact her again :) I also got Sea Horse from her...because it’s just so awesome :) Shoo-Bee-Do my @$$ :3

Oh, I got my tax refund in too, which is awesome. Sure, it’ll mostly go into a savings account, but hey. Having money is always a good thing. I just hope I can get a job and keep that money untouched until it’s otherwise needed. Tomorrow, Mom and I are going to head in to town and I’m going to apply at the local college, along with a few doctor’s offices and I’m also going to a staffing place. I’m optimistic that if the other places aren’t haring, at least the staffing place will help...though, the realist in me knows no matter how many resumes you hand out or interviews you go on, your fate is entirely in other peoples’ hands.

Anyway....after supper yesterday (which was early strangely enough), I made some oatmeal raisin cookies (my favourites) and they were the enormous ones....they were awesome. I made sure to pack some away for Dad’s trip, because they’re some of his favourites too. He and Mom wanted to watch Wheel of Fortune....and I took that as my queue to get on World of Warcraft :) Yaviel is finally level 40, and she’s wearing a rockin’ red outfit....actually, I’m just grateful that she’s out of the short-shorts -..- Those were a tad embarrassing. Got to talk with Scamp while she was on too. That was fun. I was slightly distracted by my Dad’s GPS dilemma. I asked him if he’d taken his GPS out of his truck (which he’d put in the shop) and put it in my car (which he was taking for his trip out). I got a “O..O” face as a response, so I had to give him a bit of instruction on how to use my GPS so that he could actually get there. Thank God for GPSes though...I’d be so lost without them :3 punny.

I guess...that’s really all there is to talk about. We did go to Branson with the Pastor and his wife Saturday, and I have pictures from there that I really need to upload to FaceBook and MySpace (there was sushi; we went to Wasabi for supper...I still prefer The Sushi Place, but when you’re with people who don’t eat sushi, it’s considerate to go to a place that has more than just sushi). Other than that there’s really nothing else to talk about. So...Guess I’ll write later, Sunshines.

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Yaviel Isilmiel

I made the yummies!

2009-Feb-12, Thursday 08:19 pm
msmoon: (SM - Yummy!)

Today was definitely a day worth remembering. Admittedly, not much really happened early, and I ended up getting on World of Warcraft and enjoying/hating a bit of the ‘Love is in the Air’ festival. No lovely black dress, but from what I understand Scamp has a surplus of them so no worries there.

The afternoon/evening was great. Dad came in and asked me to help him with moving the wood surplus about. All he really needed was for me to sit in the back of his truck and get the logs to the end and hand them to him so that he could put them on the pile. So, I helped him move the truck bed which was full of wood. After we emptied that out, I fixed him a hot cup of coffee, and we just sat on the front steps while he drank it. It was nice, because we got to talk and we saw the cardinal that frequents our bird feeder. Then he pointed out the daffodil sprouts that are coming up in the flower beds. I noticed that there was a little green sprout on the edge of the flower bed near the steps, but the rest of it was buried under fallen oak leaves. So I got the rake and raked the whole flowered, and we found 2 dozen sprouts (they were yellow from the lack of sunlight) in there, buried under those leaves. It was actually pretty cute to see those tiny little sprouts and knowing I’d helped :D

Then, I went in to ask Mom what she wanted to do for supper. She hasn’t been feeling great lately - came down with a migraine Monday and then a little virus after that, so yeah. She isn’t skipping about and whistling show tunes. She wasn’t feeling up to cooking, but didn’t want anything we had in the fridge. So I went through the freezer and I did a small search online. I ended up cooking my first full meal tonight XD!

I made stir fried rice, egg rolls and shrimp lo mein. I must say, the rice and egg rolls were the easiest if only because (duh) they came in a box. The rice was in a little green box I’d found in the frozen foods, the egg rolls were in the frozen foods isle too. But I gotta say, you cannot microwave this stuff. I totally hate micro waving meals like that. The stir fry, it called for oil, but I prefer butter in there, and you just put it all in the skillet and stir it and it was done in a few minutes. The egg rolls, you put them on a pan and in the oven for 10 minutes then turn them and put them in for another 10 minutes. They’re done and gorgeous. The lo mein was harder if only because I just found a recipe for it and made it from scratch. The recipe was just
Shrimp Lo Mein on the My Recipes web site. We didn’t have the broccoli and I can’t really eat bell peppers (they make my stomach hurt), so I substituted that with zucchini and mushrooms. Also, instead of using peanut oil, I just used butter....because better>oil :-D. It...tasted...awesome! I just hated that I kept having to refer back to my laptop, but practice right?

What was really great was that everyone loved the meal. I mean, I made sure to have plenty, so we have left-overs, and anything with rice and noodles usually gets better if it’s allowed to sit. But, everyone really loved it all. And, it was surprisingly filling. I only had a little bit and I felt huge =..= Of course...now they’re talking about me cooking all the time. I’m thinking maybe I should try cooking once a week, and then if I can do marginally well, start more often. Of course...now I gotta think of recipes to cook. Oi vey...

But, over-all today was a very good day. ....aaaand now CSI is on, so I’m thinking I should stop talking about food (corpses, bodily fluids....don’t mix well with the thoughts of food). So, I’m off for now. See ya’ll later, Sunshines :).



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Yaviel Isilmiel

msmoon: (Christmas Kitty)
I need days off from my days off! That isn’t even fair...The weekend...it wasn’t bad really. In fact it passed as most weekends do. Unfortunately, very little can prepare for all that can (and will) happen when the ‘Mouto-chans come to town.

Monday didn’t go quite how I thought it would. Scamp and I ended up cleaning most of the day and Chibi didn’t make an appearance till after 6. I had “cooked” Potstickers and Ragoons ^..^ so we had a nice meal. She told us that she had to be ready to leave around 10:30 the next morning for an appointment at 11, so I made sure to call Reiko and left messages on her voice mail. We talked a bit between things, and ended up doing more watching TV than anything. A funny event came when there was something on TV about seeing someone in a vision, and Chibi said, “Well that sounds like a bad romance novel...” to which I looked at her and promptly flipped her off. Those of you who don’t know the premise of my book, won’t see why that’s funny, but it cracked Scamp up.

We stayed up late (much later than I’m accustomed to) watching the first season of Supernatural (which, Chibi has yet to finish even now). We watched up to Hell House – 1.17, and by then it was 3 a.m. and I was exhausted. I told them I was going to bed and they should, too, since we had to wake up at 8ish. Of course, they didn’t actually go to sleep. They probably didn’t stop talking till 4 =..= I was not a happy psycho bunny.

During this time, I tried to get to sleep but couldn’t. At one point I had to go to the bathroom, so I got up and went to go down stairs. Of course, Chibi and Scamp’s excited talking came to a halt and Scamp yelled out “I see whiteness!” and Chibi yells out “She looks like a ghost!”. These statements accompanied mass hysteria, with the girls going on and on about how I was glowing and eventually collapsing into giggles. I ignored this, with disgruntled amusement, and just went to the bathroom. While I’m in the bathroom, I hear whispering (which wasn’t covered up very well) and then a long series of loud thumps. I quickly realize that it isn’t, in fact, a herd of wild wildebeest going up my stairs (that’d just be crazy!) but it’s Chibi and Scamp going up my stairs into my room (where they have no business being! ^..^). So I get out of the bathroom and turn on the upstairs light, and sure enough, they’re frozen in my bed, as if caught red handed. They though they’d “sneak up” and then surprise me when I got back upstairs...I guess they forgot that my hearing is great and my bedroom and stairs are directly above my bathroom.

The next morning, I woke up around 8 and went down stairs to make coffee. I wasn’t quiet but I wasn’t loud ether since the girls needed to wake up too. I fixed my breakfast and then Scamp fixed hers and finally Chibi dragged herself off the air mattresses and made hers. We talked a little bit and then watched one more episode of Supernatural (Something Wicked – 1.18). Reiko called at some point saying that her new boyfriend, whom I shall call J10, had a job interview and they probably wouldn’t make it till 3. Of course, Chibi had to leave at 10:30, but she said she might be able to make it back for 6.

After Chibi left, I honestly don’t remember much. I know I tried to go back and take a nap...though I can’t say if I succeeded, because while I “napped” it felt like I was still awake and aware of everything. But I woke up around 12 and I was just as tired…so I determined that it wouldn’t help me to take a nap. So…I had a Mountain Dew. That woke me up better than any cup of coffee could. Scamp and I didn’t do much other than watch TV after that till around 2ish. I decided to throw the lasagna into the oven so that it’d be ready when Reiko got there. Of course, it was ready long before she got there and was a little cooled…which, I suppose is better than raging hot.

After opening her gifts (which I hurried her through, because by then we only had five minutes left on the DVD Camcorder), J10 decided he wanted to try running up the walls of my house…which sounded so bizarre, I agreed. We all went out and watched him run at the house and try to get as far as he could. Then he grabbed the side of the house…and the metal rim sliced through two of his fingers, cutting him really deep. Blood was gushing, Reiko was freaked, J10 wasn’t that bothered by it…well, other than the pain. So we go inside and wash the cuts out. I hike over to my parents place and they’re just arriving so I ask for peroxide. I grab a huge thing of peroxide and bring it back, repeatedly drenching his fingers in them. The ring finger didn’t look so bad, but the middle finger was really bad. We wrapped them, and he kept his arm elevated. He had some beef jerky, and I suggested beer for the blood loss, but he said that beer didn’t really work that it was wine that would help with blood...so, now I’m confused. But oh well. They hung out for a little while longer, and we got a call from Chibi’s mom saying that they had to have dinner with some family or something, and she wouldn’t be here till 9. So, Reiko and J10 begged us to go to their new place...which is in Hammond…which is a little over an hour away. We mulled over it a while, and called Chibi to see if she could make it any sooner and then just go with us…only to find that Chibi was sleeping…and her mom couldn’t wake her. So the answer was basically no. So we told them we were going to Harahan, so not to come tonight. She called later to say that she’d come over for a little while Wednesday night. So we left, but not before stopped by Reiko’s parents place to make sure she had all her stuff.

The ride over was…uh…eventful but quiet really. Well, quite when you consider who was in the car. Reiko drives at excessive speeds, going 80 in 55 MPH zones and 90 on the interstates. Of course, I haven’t had my tires aligned in a while, so as soon as I get over 75 MPH, my car starts to shake a little. And then there was the one guy who had some serious road rage when Reiko passed him. He wouldn’t let me pass at all, so we ended up letting him go around or something. It was weird. I gotta say that was a long car ride, but mostly because we were quiet. I had things like Mortal Kombat: Annihilation playing on the radio really loudly, so it wasn’t like it was all quiet. Just…we were. We got there around 8ish...and their house is really cool. I almost wish I’d brought the camera.

We stayed over for a while, enjoying the banter between Reiko & J10 and Chimera’s antics after being exposed to catnip. We left around 10. Aside from one mishap, we got home right as rain. Of course, by then it was after 11 and was exhausted. I showered and ate a little bit then crashed. 5:30 always comes early. I got ready in a haze and took a Mountain Dew with me…after discovering it’s magical powers, I decided to keep a bottle on hand for rough mornings ^..^ I got through work and went home. I gotta say, after all that activity, it made me really miss my parents. Mom had a nice meal made and we had Mr. Harvey over for supper. We ate and talked a bit and then Scamp and I went back to the Nexus. I showered and then we talked and waited for Chibi to show. We talked a little when she got there, but she wanted to see more of Supernatural so we finished off the 5th disc. So there are only 2 episodes left! I told her, “By the time you’re ready for the second season, I’ll have the fourth on DVD….Which, I suppose, works out really well!” Chibi’s mom came and got her around 11 and we said our goodbyes. I promised not to die before I wrote my book so she could see me again ^..^

Damn…that’s a big entry. But that’s what I’ve been doing and all the eventful things. I’m sure if I’ve missed anything, Scamp will comment on it…as soon as she gets home that is. I can’t wait till Friday just so I can sleep in again on Saturday =..=. But, I guess that’ll be all for now. Later, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

Trying to be Girly today

2007-Aug-25, Saturday 11:03 pm
msmoon: (Trying to give a damn...)
I think, from now on, I should probably either post about my day, or about what’s going on in my brain...but not both. Because then I get giant post that’s all over the place. This one is gonna be about my day, because I actually did stuff...and because emotions are so all over the place right now that I really just don’t want to get into my emotions and explaining them.

So, my day. I woke up late, because I always do on a Saturday. But, when I was so awake that I couldn’t go back to sleep, I got up. Then I fixed a big breakfast for myself. I made two eggs over easy, two pieces of toast with butter and apple jelly, and some strops of bacon along with coffee. I ate breakfast slowly, debating over what I should do since, I didn’t really have anything set for the day. I called my Mom on the cell to see what was up with my Dad, since she’d left Thursday afternoon for Lafayette hoping to pick him up sometime Friday. She hadn’t slept well, because she expected him to call at any time. She said if I was bored, I could go to town and look around at stuff.

So, I decided that was probably the best idea, since it would kill quite a bit of time. And I needed to get gas in my car (I always run it to about a quarter of a quarter of a tank ^..~). I made a list of all the things that I get constantly, then I decided to add groceries to the list like dish washing detergent and 409 and such, then I thought I should add food to it too (so you can see it became a huge list). And I had this idea that I’d go to town and price stuff and see how much my grocery bills might be. Then I had this great idea to go to Pet Smart (where Reiko works) and price pet stuff!..The list is still here on the desk because I gave up after Pet Smart =..=’

So, forgetting the whole list, I headed out of PetSmart and over to Target. I looked at different furniture just because that’s something I enjoy. I also looked at their selection of glasses, because I had seen some that I really liked on Amazon, but I wanted to look around and make sure if there wasn’t anything else I liked better that would be cheaper. I didn’t find anything I liked, and I knew that I needed to at least get one new pair of shoes, so I looked at their shoes. Didn’t find anything that I liked, even though I took 30 minutes looking to make sure. I really don’t like shopping around with tons of people there though...I should shop on weekdays...but I consoled myself by browsing the movies. I got The Count of Monte Cristo and The Holiday and for just $10 too. That was great. I also go the first and second season of The Girls Next Door...one of my few guilty pleasures.

I then went to Wal-Mart and spent another 45 minutes looking at shoes...with no luck. By now, the only good thing was score more DVDs and I had sore feet and I was really tired of town. So, I trekked it over to Sam’s where I got some gas and then headed home. I was really getting hungry by now too, so it was just time to go home. Although, I was a little upset that I didn’t just get all the Star Wars movies…but I knew I’d go over my budget if I did. So. Sad panda. But…eventually.

Anyway, I started watching the first season of the Girls and started in on the second when Mom and Dad finally got home! So, I took a break to eat with them and give Dad a hug and all and we watched the DVD that Aunt Batty gave us with the pictures from their Colorado trip. But we didn’t watch much because Dad was so tired and all. And now it’s bed time...wich is just after shower time ^..^ I so cannot wait till the next season of Red Vs. Blue comes out.

Well, I guess that’s all for today. I tried to be a normal girl today and shop for shoes (that rawk) but I couldn’t pull it off…I think I’ll enjoy the DVDs more ^..^ Goodnight, Sunshines.



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Harvest Moon

Loooong Weekend

2007-May-21, Monday 02:26 pm
msmoon: (Are you ok?)
OMG, so sore. I think I actually worked harder over the weekend than I do at work…And I’m pretty sure it’s a forshadowing of things to come, what with the Nexus needing so much work. We didn’t even do any work on the Nexus this past weekend either. We went through my closet and my books, and then we cleaned up the house for Mom. Mom and Aunt Audrey went off to Tennessee, and they came back early (Sunday Night/Monday morning instead of Monday evening like was planned). So, we worked franticly Sunday…Saturday, was more going through stuff and putting everything off to tend to Sunday ^.^

Saturday statrted out well enough. We woke up and watched The Prestige, which was an awesome movie. I mean, I kept thinking “Ok, this has got to explain itself and get better soon...” then at the end it was just pure “O.O” in awe. Seemed like the answer was so simple, but you never would’ve thought about it till you got over half way through the movie. It doesn’t really help that they keep going from present to past either…but it works. It just increased it’s priority level on my wish list ^.^

I hurt my arm pretty badly Saturday too. We were going through my closet and I picked up my backpack which was way in the back, and I was trying to bring it up front so I could see what was in it. Well, I’m all the way in the closet basically, and the closet door slides shut so suddenly, it throws me off balance and I hit the wall, my right arm trying to brace myself, lift myself back up and hang on to that back pack. So, yeah, afterward, my arm really hurt. But, like the workhorse that I am, I just ignored it (or tried to). Then once everything was done and we decided to watch TV, my arm really was killing me. So much so that I decaded to bite the bullet and rub banalg (or however it’s called) all over my arm. That sucker really hurt then. It was like that burning sensation and it hurt from my shoulder to my fingers and even into parts of my shoulder blades and under arms. I mean, I moved my pinkie and I felt it all down my arm.

I got Scampers to watch Voyage of the Unicorn, which isn’t a bad movie if you just keep in mind that it’s low bedut =.= I liked the story line, even if it was a tad on the juvenile side. But I think half way through it we ended up forgetting the move (save for one or two parts where we cracked jokes about it) and just ended up talking to one another.

Oh, and we had forgotten to check the mail, and I went to check it Sunday morning and my Sailor Moon Super S had come in, which was the superest super fast shipping that I’ve ever experienced. I mean, I have two orders that were placed on May 4 that still haven’t come in. One of which was supposed to be in by the 15…Now, I really am more than a little anxious. But, there’s nothing to do about it yet. I have to wait on USPS, because that package is in the mail. If I see that it gets “delivered” and I don’t have it in, then I’ll take issue. The other one isn’t due to till the 28th…we’ll just have to see what we see. But anyway. I got a copy of SMS, but it’s in decent condition, so I don’t really mind so much. And it was pretty cheap (for anime).

Sunday was a lot of cleaning, some Warcraft and some watching TV/Sailor Moon. We also went through all the books that were in my bin and put them in my bed shelves….and then I realized that one of the bins was nearly empty. So I emptied all of the books into one bin, got that old crate that held the other half of my books, transferd all of my Saddle Club books into the other bin, and put the other part of my books into my bed shelves. All in all, a productive day. My arm started to hurt towards the end of it though.

Oh! And I got to cook…well sorta. I mean, I didn’t really do much actual cooking…I ”cooked” egg rolls, ragoons and ramen for lunch. Twas very good….if I do say so myself. I guess it’s just a small bit of an accomplishment when you can actually think of everything and do it all yourself.

Waking up this morning was hard…I was so sore. Aunt Audrey was on the couch when I woke up, so I tried to be quiet while I was making breakfast. I just couldn’t seem to wake up, so I’m sure I didn’t do that great a job. Everyone was up by the time I was finished getting ready (dressed/makeup/hair), and Mom seems to be getting a bit of a sore throat. I had some groceries written down on the list and there was some medicine that I need picked up too.

That’s all for now. I hope Scampes hasn’t zoned out on too much Warcrack. She was addicted to it enough yesterday. I’ll go ahead and sign off now though. Later, sunshines.

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Yaviel Saerwen Isilmiel

Bow chika bow-wow

2006-Jul-30, Sunday 09:30 pm
msmoon: (RVB - Tucker Box)
Beware, for I am: Accomplished Accomplished

It’s been such a busy weekend...Friday was a day that I just relaxed after coming home from work...because work was work and all. Talked to Lacy and she said I could get insurance if I went full time...all the time that is. /sigh But gotta have insurance, so there ya go. At least I’ll have more money though ^_^.

And there’s the Sloths’ Con. That was...fun. Once it finally got started. I went and bought Red vs. Blue season 4, and The Strangerhood from Game Stop. I figured we might be able to watch some of it. Then I fixed the lasagna, loaded up the car and headed over to Chibi’s. I got there around 12:10...and Reiko wasn’t there. She’d said she’d get there around 10...actually she told me she’d come over to my house around 10. So...I’d been kinda wondering if I’d heard her wrong, and she’d said she’d be going to Chibi’s around 10...which she’s been known to do. But anyway, I got there and we tried calling her. She’d just woken up. =___= We had that whole ‘it’s not my fault’ ‘the hell it ain’t’ conversation again. It goes a little like this...

MM: Reiko, it’s 12. I told you to be at Chibi’s at 12.
Reiko: You did?
MM: Yes.
Reiko: Well, I was out partying in New Orleans till 3 this morning!
MM: That’s no excuse, and neither is it our problem.
Reiko: yes it is!..an excuse.
MM: No it’s not! You’re 18 years old! You can set a frikkin’ alarm clock! I’m not here to be your nanny!
Reiko: I’ll be right over! I just gotta get dressed and pick up Ty!
MM: Whatever. *hangs up*
Chibi: So?
MM: She’ll be here in a couple of hours. -___-
Chibi: oh u___u

yeah. Then Reiko and Ty showed up and had lasagna and we watched The Breakfast Club...well sorta. Ty and Reiko were playing there little PSP thingies. They stopped periodically to wrestle, bite each other, and make jokes. Anyway. They left after that. Chibi and I watched The Divine Secret of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. I left Ghostbusters 1 & 2 and House Arrest.

Then I went home and watched The Strangerhood. .....it was all right. Not as good as Red vs. Blue, but ok. Then I went to bed. Woke up, went to church, got home and ate. Watched Red vs. Blue season 4, and then proceeded to type of those documents for my boss. Of course, I realized a little too late that I had the template on a floppy disk and my computer doesn’t have a floppy disk, and Mom’s doesn’t work -.- So I had to start from scratch and rebuild a template for the documents. Then I proceeded to type of 14 eight-page documents...which means, that while I did end up earning a good extra pay check, that whole assignment took too long. It was from like 1 – 5:30. Seriously. It usually doesn’t take me that long to finish a typing job. -.-

So, now I’m rewatching the Red vs. Blue season 4 dvd. Now I’m updating and stuff. I’ve also updated Chibi’s DVD List.

...and now I’m tired and I’m going to bed. G’night.

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msmoon: (Firefly - Misbehave)
Beware, for I am: Groggy Groggy

Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while. Anyone wanna guess why?....right. Why guess when I’m sure to be telling you anyway -.- Work’s been work is all. I get home and I’m just super tired. The boss lady wants the storage room to be in tip-tip shape by September because we’re being ‘audited’ although not in the sense that most people get audited. This is someone from another clinic coming to look at ‘how we do things’. Of course, what with 200+ charts coming in every week, and the 5,000+ that were all ready there, getting all of them into their proper place is nigh-on impossible. I spent two full hours (without a break) in that hot room yesterday before I came home. And I feel I can say with absolute certainty that what Secret says about it’s deodorant being tough enough to stand a man’s job is nothing but hog wash. When I got home yesterday, I positively reeked =___=

Speaking of ‘when I got home’ a few things happened yesterday when I got home. The most notable is that Mom had a migraine. She used to be plagued with them, and now they come and go but they don’t bother her near as much. I reckon it was from cutting the grass in the blazing heat of the noon-day sun. So, shortly after I got home and showered, she took a pill and went to bed. She’s yet to stir from that room a’hers and I’m figuring that’s best left alone. She could use the rest.

In other news, I talked with Chibi and Reiko yesterday. I was surprised to get a call from Chibi, and she was on her cell phone no less. We’ve decided to get together Saturday around noon. I called Reiko’s place, but she wasn’t there. Listened to her Dad for about 20 minutes telling me about how she never listens to him, and he’s pretty much decided not to get on that ‘emotional rollercoaster’ with her and all that jazz. Then about fifteen minutes later, I get a call from Reiko on her bf’s cell phone. They’re at the mall and evidently her mom had called her to tell her I’d called (man...that sounds weird). She said she’d come over with bf in tow Saturday around 10ish to just hang out and then we’d head over to Chibi’s after that. That reminds me, I need to buy a lasagna...I had mentioned making a lasagna at Chibi’s instead of ordering pizza because we all love lasagna; and, last time I made one neither Chibi nor Reiko got to eat any of it. So yeah. Guess I'll have to grab a few movies from my collection and bring 'em on over. Oh, that reminds me. I cannot forget to bring Chibi's Firefly back -.-''''

All that blathering was basically to say that we’re having a Sloth’s Con. Saturday. Whoopee.

Also, I just got an e-mail saying that it’s my Ebay Anniversary. So, a year ago today was when I started Ebay-ing (that’s like baying at the moon, only it costs more ^_^). Go me.

Well, that’s all (at least all I can think of) for this morning. Ja, till later.

Yo ho ho! And a bottle of RUM!


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Hah! Arg! What fun!


PS: TGIF =_______=’’’’’


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