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2014-Jul-21, Monday 11:48 pm
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AWOL Knights, Moving Stuffs, and Marvel Comics... There's really SO much more that MM could've talked about, but she had to limit herself to 5 minutes :| Also! Comment about Theme Week!

...and I got to use the term 'Mjölnir Mojo' in a sentence :3

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-Thor 2

-American Horror Story

-Zachary Quinto


Theeing Thor 2

2013-Nov-09, Saturday 02:09 am
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We knew we would need nourishment and sugar and giggles to survive...and survive we did :3 Spoiler free btw!

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A moose shares his comparison between two superheroes.

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In which the topic of Highland Time Travel Romance is brought forth...

Holy Crisis, Batman

2013-Feb-15, Friday 05:00 pm
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I just purchased Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (not to be confused with the comic book which it came from, Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths). I'm not even gonna lie, it's pretty sweet. In this video I geek out over it :) Please do enjoy...

Concerning Collaboration

2013-Jan-31, Thursday 11:36 pm
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So, Glitch and I write this fan fic together. It's an Avengers fic, and we figured it was about time we shared our process and stuff :)

Loki's Lumbar Trouble

2012-Nov-07, Wednesday 11:11 pm
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It's a pretty self explanatory vid that quickly descends into nerdy giggle fits.... I'd apologize, but we all know I'm not really sorry :3

Worth It

2012-Nov-04, Sunday 08:44 pm
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Batman...your argument is irrelevant :3


2012-Jun-08, Friday 03:44 pm
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So, the other day, Kallie and I were just hanging out. She told me to bring my camera and vlog about the day even though we weren't doing anything special... and this happened :3

Loki Loki'd Random Funny Tom Hiddleston Avengers Comic Books Comic Book Characters lol


2012-May-27, Sunday 03:27 pm
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Kallie and I went to go see the Avengers! :D We didn't do any spoilers this time, but we had to make a video :3

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Year: 2011

Rating: Full

Category: Comic Book Movie – DC Universe

Viewed On: June 24, 2011

Opinions:  As with most of these comic book adaptations, a few things are changed. But in this case most of the changes only enhance the story. Hal Jordan is the essence of humanity, struggling at the place between striving for fearlessness & struggling with the true meaning of courage. The movie is very captivating with no low spots which cause attention spans to waver. The fantastical elements of the story are stunningly portrayed yet very realistic. As adaptations go, it's true to its source material and does very well as a stand-alone movie. I look forward to any sequels that may come from this :)

X-men First Class

2011-Jun-14, Tuesday 03:40 pm
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So, I finally managed to pry myself out of the house. Instead of just going to the movies and going home, something interesting (and totally unexpected) akshully happened o..o I met a couple of people that were a little like me :D

Film Log - Thor

2011-May-12, Thursday 12:52 pm
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Year: 2011

Rating: Full

Viewed on: May 12, 2011

Category: Comic Book Movie – Marvel

Opinions: This move was amazing. The display of magic and magical abilities was phenomenal and the story was very touching and done perfectly, even though it could’ve been made redundant as it’s so basic. The only thing that really got me was the ending…because technically, Thor is supposed to be stranded on Earth, not Asgard. Still, I’m sure that the Marvel dream team knows what it’s doing, since they’ve been doing such a fantastic job with all of their stuff so far. The character of Loki and Thor are amazing when played off each other. To be honest, I don’t know that I actually like Thor much without Loki. The actor who plays Loki is incredible. He plays what could be a typical villain in a very understandable light. In fact, I’d dare to say that Loki is the only ‘villain’ thus far that I’m more sympathetic towards than the hero. I really can’t wait to see where they go from this… I just hope there’s more Loki in the future :)


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