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First up, and even though I'm pretty sure you guys can guess which of these is false, I enjoyed the chance to give it a go :3


2008-May-14, Wednesday 11:38 am
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9, much like 11, is a number I like for my own quirky reasons. But 9 turned into a foreboding number yesterday. I got home from work and changed into something more comfortable, straightened up the living room a tad (Reiko was coming over) and then headed over to my parent’s house. Dad was supposed to spray my house, so I asked him if he found a wasp nest on the back of my house. He said, “No, I didn’t find a wasp nest, I found nine!” O..O’’’ Wow. So, yeah. That explains the wasp problem I’d been having in my house. Hopefully I won’t have to worry about it….well, I’m sure I won’t since Dad said he practically hosed down the backside of my house ^..^

Reiko dropped by around 6:15 yesterday afternoon. She showed me the trailers for the soon-to-be movie Twilight, based on the book. I seem to remember the book…at least, the cover of it…I think my Twin had told me it was awesome. So I was excited to see that a movie about it is coming out. Really should get those books before the movie comes out. She also dropped off The Pearls, which she said was amazing, and she’s upset that the next book in the series doesn’t come out till November. Then we watched Tin Man, or at least the first “episode”. She thought it was awesome and she said that was something her dad would love since he was a Wizard of Oz freak. She left around 9, so I didn’t get to shower till then.

It was pills, quick shower and then BED!!! For me. I slept so hard and so good. I swear it’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately…I woke up at 7 O..O I leave for work at 7:30. So, in record time, I put on coffee, got dressed, straightened my hair, ate cereal and left. Well, I guess at least I know now that I can do that if I need to =..=

Oh, yeah, something else great happened yesterday! I did a random search for Invasion American DVDs because sometimes that stuff happens and I have no idea until much later. Well, I found this place called iOffer. I found all the 13 episodes on DVD available by this amazing seller, the store's called Lion-O’s Den, so of course she rocks ( least I think it's a she O..o). She has some really great products up there for really good prices and they’re all in great quality. So I’m stoked. Not only did I get all of Invasion America (PS: there are 7 other copies of it if someone wants to get it too!) I also got all of Daria, which I’ve only ever seen the movies out. So I’m uber happy, even if I’m completely broke. It’s ok though; I get paid Friday. Hell, I would’ve bought it even if I had a week to wait for fresh money. I haven’t seen I.A. since it aired in ’98 and I am so excited to get it.

Speaking of things that are awesome, I’d totally forgotten it but I ordered THIS PEACE OF AWESOME a while back, and I finally got it in the other day! I wore it to work even (and since it was black shirt Tuesday, it actually matched). It’s much smaller than the one that he wears in the movie, but that’s good because it is made of metal and something that big would give me a headache. It’s perfect if you ask me.

…there are a lot of links in this post. But I’ve been so sick for so long, I haven’t felt like saying much and now, I have so much to say! But now I’m running out of things to say….tonight, since I’m actually feeling better, I’ll be at church. Ohh…I really must wear my new necklace ^..^ Mom’ll love that /sarcasm. Oh well. Lunch must be eaten now. Later, Sunshines!



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Harvest Moon

The Medicated Blues

2006-Nov-09, Thursday 09:16 am
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Wow...the last few days, man. They’ve been a bit odd. Not too long after my post Tuesday, I got this terrible migraine and had to go home. I got there and Aunt Lane’s dog, Pocco, was in his kennel so I took him out first so that he wouldn’t have any accidents in the house. Then I took a quick shower, and by that time Mom and Aunt Lane were back home. Mom gave me two pills for my migraine, and I took both o them. Afterwards she says, “You didn’t take both of those did you?” and I was like “yeah…” and she says “You were only supposed to take one and take the other 8 hours later!!” so, she and Aunt Lane kept watching me like they expected me to plop over all ‘timber’ like any second, but my constitution doesn’t get sedated easily na no da. Other than not being able to move suddenly or walk a straight line, I was fine. Talk about knock the headache out too.

The next day (yesterday), I had my OBGYN appointment at 9. Luckily for me, they’re prompt and efficient along with being friendly too. I got a 3 month sample of my birth control pills and a prescription for when those are over with. When I got to work, they asked how it went and what I’d gone for because all I’d told them was I had a doctor’s appointment. I said, “I took off my Wonder Woman underoos, put on my big-girl drawers, and went to my OBGYN.” We all laughed at that.

Yesterday we got about 16 charts in the mail and the day before that we had 13… estimate for today? Close to 200. They’ve been doing that the past week or so. Earlier in the week, or mid-week, there aren’t that many charts coming in, but Thursday and Friday suck! It doesn’t bother me too much, because it means that I have plenty to do from the moment I sit down till it’s time to go. Like, yesterday was tough for me at first because I’d finished all my work and there was very little to do. Lacey had done all the copying and our shredder died on us (rest it’s poor little mechanical soul) so I was like “I need something to do.” Luckily there’s always something to do, even if it doesn’t fall under my job criteria. So when Nicole left, she handed me the 800+ invoices that she’d been saving up that were supposed to go in folders in one of her drawers and asked me to put them in order. The folders that she has are categorized by the name of the companies and she prefers to have the most recent towards the back. So I worked on that after she left at 2. I was happy to say that I got all the way up to the company Foundation Coal done.

I don’t know why, by my mouth has been really soar the inside, all around my lips. It aches and itches and when I eat, it feels like sandpaper rubbing against my mouth. It’s really bad. And this morning, I noticed that my eyes were itching too…I hope it’s nothing. But I’m gonna ask the nurses this morning when I go in what they think of it. Lori worked in ICU for a long time and she’s seen a lot, so she’s got a wealth of knowledge when dealing with things like that. Either way, I’m glad I have my benedryl handy in case the itching should get too bad. Of course, that’ll put me in a proverbial coma, but at least I won’t be itchy.

I guess that’s all for now. Hope everyone else is having a better week than me =.=


You are "Sleeping"


Harvest Moon

PS: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Last night I impulsively bouth the 3rd and 4th seasons of Batman the Animated Adventures. I really just wanted to have at least one complete fandom in my DVD collection, and that was not only cheap but easy to get. So yay for me and my Nerd Card. On the flip side, I won't be buying anything (for myself) for a very long time.

Oh, how cheezey...

2006-Oct-21, Saturday 01:32 pm
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Many thanks to [profile] purrsia for this. It provided many laughs ^.^

Harvest Moon

Work and Cats

2006-Oct-19, Thursday 10:29 pm
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Wow...Today was interesting. I did 82 charts done and I still had a huge stack on my desk when I left. But there was some fun to it. Lacey had to clean up in the storage room a bit, and she found this duck of Dr. Bunch’s. Problem was the beak had been broken off. Well, Nicole said that duck was worth a lot of money and she was not gonna be the one to tell him about that. So, Lacey got some super glue and tried to glue the beak back on. I mentioned that we should name the duck Ben (after Ben Affleck and the Afleck duck). So Lacey’s sitting there by her desk, holding the duck, and she holds it so that the duck is…well...looking at her, and she’s pressing against his beak lightly and I said “God, I’d kill for a camera right about now.” Which caused everyone else in the room to look at Lacey, who looks like she’s babying this duck. We all cracked up laughing, and Nicole said she almost spit her coffee out her mouth. Then, Lacey goes to put Ben back in the other room. She delicately places him on the top of the book shelves, and she goes to leave. She walks through the door and no sooner had she said “That way nothing can hit it and make the beak fall off.” Did the beak clank loudly off. We all cracked up again and Nicole was like “Officer, I have no idea what happened to that duck...I swear I never touched it.” And I said “This is gonna be the best CSI ever.” We just kept getting the giggles all afternoon all...half way due to our over-work load =.=

In other news, I got the first part of season 1 of the Thundercats in today (the good one -.-). You know...I love the Thundercats...but I just didn’t’ realize how smarmy the thing was at times -.- Seriously you guys...I’m so up to my @$$ in smarminess ==___== I’m squeeing and sweatdroping all at the same time. Also, it bothers me that Mumm-Ra has a void in place of his crotch, yet he’s the one with the most crotch shots. And is anyone else a little wigged out by the simple fact that Jaga is a billion years old, yet he’s still got that ‘cut from marble’ body. These things worry me...

Well! That’ll be all for tonight…….’Night.



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 ....ok then! So, many thanks to Scamp, Odango, and Ratty-chan...the rest of yo ucan stick it where your uncle did!

Harvest Moon

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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by LOL!!!

OMG! Watching reruns of Supernatural, and they show little Dean and Sam, and Sam's watching the Thundercats on tv!!! OMGWTFLOLBBQ!!!

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Beware, for I am: Content Content

Ok, so this morning got up, went to church, Bro. Gary Sap was there. He used to be the director for the LA youth conventions...I remember when we made him shave him shave his head...Man...teens are so easily amused.

Anyway. After coming home and eating, I worked a bit on the web site. Mostly just the Written Word section. I’ve been making a table for my main content to go in and then having a background image inside that table. Then I’ve been putting the chapters in a white table and having a black background. Well, I decided to actually make a few backgrounds for the EQ Saga that’d go instead of the drab old black background. Then it got to be like, 30+ backgrounds /rolls eyes. So then I went and got some X-men backgrounds from the X3 web site, and I decided to use those for the Different from Me chapters. So that sections is all but done. No more worky on that section. I think the only thing I really have left to do is order the movies, tv, anime, and toons lists and give summaries of why I liked certain things, and the whole links section needs serious work. I’ve almost got Toons and Anime done. Gargoyles has been done as well. So, really all I have to is TV and Movies. Movies in itself will be huge because I have such a huge list of movies that I’ve seen/want/like/hate etc. Obsessive? I think so.

So then...I vegged out a bit. You know...just laid in bed for a long time thinking about where I could go with fics and other such stuff. And just thought, you know? I like to just think with no particular goal in mind from time to time.

Then I gave mom a pedicure because they’ll be leaving tomorrow, and I can’t very well send her out without giving her the professional toe treatment ^__^. Oh, and Reiko came over just as I was finishing up. She asked my Dad if he wanted her to do his toe nails, and he said, “Sure, let me go and clean them.” And he went in the other room and got the toe-nail that had fallen off when we went to Toad Suck to visit my cousins =__= Strange sense of humor runs in this family, na no da. I bet you might get pretty grossed out by that. You’d probably prefer that I just stop right there, because things just couldn’t get weirder, right?

If so, don’t read beyond this point )

Then Reiko got on her MySpace and I showed her something that I’d only discovered about an hour before she got there. I saw the cutest little hamham (hamster) video on there, and when I went to the person’s page I found that it was a page for the hamster, albeit organized by the hamster’s owner. I then stumbled upon the S. S. H.. Apparently it’s a MySpace community just for rodents...Hamster, chinchillas, gerbils, etc. Now, while it did gain me two new spots on my MySpace friend’s list...I must say I find it a bit...interesting. I mean...these people have either made their pet the main character on their MySpace or they’ve just made a whole MySpace page for their pet...interesting. That’s all I have to say about that. As a result of these people and their overwhelmingly cute pets, I now cannot get the Hamester Dance remix song out of my head...and I'm no longer certain that I want to.

Aw, cripes! I really have to get Reiko to show me that button thing again. It was histericle. But anyway. Shower’s taken, pills are kicking in, and I’m getting up early to see the rents off on their grand adventure to Arkansas. Goodnight.

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Beware, for I am: Apathetic Apathetic

Other than the rain, there was very little that happened today. I surfed around the ‘net, and watched X-men: Evolution again. The latter of which inspired me to write a tinsy bit more in my Different from Me story...but nothing worth showing yet. Not enough words, not enough content, yada yada.

Tried to watch last night’s episode (or at least what I caught on tape) of Supernatural. So aggravated with the WB for that. They interrupted the show and were showing a rerun of that American Inventor show. Now, that show’s plenty funny, but still when I wanna watch Supernatural and something’s on in its place, it’s just aggravating. I did manage to get, like, the last 20 minutes of the show...which isn’t nearly enough! Especially since they were dealing with Vampires. The whole Vampire mystique and I missed the first 40 minutes of it? And I’d actually tuned in, so it wasn’t even my fault! /sighs I cannot wait till this comes to DVD box set, just so I can buy it and fill in all the things I’ve missed.

Well...I suppose that’s all. Chibi says she’s doing a little better, but then her attitude always seems to make things a bit easier. I gotta go shower, and then there’s the wedding to go to tomorrow.

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I can hear my Twin laughing all the way from Georgia....


I shot the sherif

2006-Jan-18, Wednesday 09:26 pm
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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Calm

Ok, so today...lots of good things happened today. Today around 10 a.m. I got a call from the staffing place. They got an interview for me tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. I just have to zip on by there sometime before 3 and pick up a ‘packet’ that has stuff in it like a thank you letter from the staffing place to the dude who’s interviewing me. How nice of them.

I folded the towels, and Mom and Dad got back from their bill paying/grocery event. My package finally came in. Gargoyles Season 2 Volume 1, at last. I’ve been watching it all day long. It’s sublime. It’s got me thinking about the show all over again, and possibly writing a fic or something. But it’s just passing thoughts, I assure you. Until I actually start writing and keep writing till there’s something worth showing, I won’t say anything about fic ideas.

Wednesday night service was the usual unusual. We went to Wal-Mart afterward to buy me an outfit. They have this combo of a skirt and a nice shirt in these three different options that I like. I chose the brown shirt with the peachy-brown flowers on while skirt. I’ll take a pic tomorrow or something and post it. We’ll be going for the shoes tomorrow too. I wanna get some nice brown dress shoes to go with it. I’ve only had those open-toed, backless black shoes for ever, and they’re not very attractive. So, hopefully we’ll find something at Payless tomorrow and that’ll be that.

Ok, I’m off to go shower and eat and then to bed (I hope). Goodnight.

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Not Enough to Read

2005-Dec-19, Monday 07:00 pm
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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Productive

Ok, so what’ve I done today? ...Not too much. I did manage to measure my posters so that whenever I have the frames made I’ll know their measurements.

Note to self... )

Hm, what else? Well, I watched the rest of the last Survivor with Dad, since he hadn’t seen it. That was fun. I honestly get more out of watching them watch the show.

After that, I read over From the Shadows by Black Queen. I hadn’t read the thing in so long, I wasn’t even sure where I’d left off. Lord knows, I had so much catching up to do. There are, like, 91 chapters now! It’s a great story just need, like, a whole day to read it. But really, it is a great piece of fan fiction. Gotta give her that much. Not that she’s through with it or, of course, right afterward I went over and updated my alerts list so that the story was on there. Otherwise, I may never know if she updates it...beings as I sometimes forget to check up on those things.

Speaking of, I really wish my Twin-san([profile] animequeen) would continue on with her Evil is no Laughing Matter. I so miss reading about the Risa’s story. I only know it from where I entered in on it from our RPG. Besides, I just love reading her writing. And since her web site’s out of commission,’s the only option I’ve got...I think. I don’t know if they have her old Sailor Moon Meets the Backstreet Boys on have to check into that.

Other than that, I’ve also gotten the yen to watch X-men: Evolution. Kinda bummed that I still don’t have the rest of the 3rd and 4th season, but I totally dived into season 2. Makes me wanna write a fic about X-men: Evolution...but then I slap myself and move on.

Oh well. I guess that’s all. I still have the second half of the second season and the first third of the third to go through ^_^ Goodnight!

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Uber Weirdo

2005-Sep-17, Saturday 09:39 pm
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Mood: Image hosted by Cynical

Yo. So, after finishing all the self-assigned work I was doing this morning, I found it even harder to keep up that “don’t feel sorry for yourself” routine. Once you get bored your mind starts to wonder around to places it probably shouldn’t go. Like about how worthless your life is. But I tried not to let it get to me. I cheered myself up by watching the Black&White 2 cow dance around on the videos I downloaded from the site. It’s really funny when the cow uses his udder as if it were a basket ball or something.

So, I tried brainstorming for the EQ Saga, and I might’ve gotten struck by lightning. I’ve been wondering a bit about how to introduce certain characters into the story. I think I may have figured it I just need to figure out where and when they’ll come in. But at least I’ve got the how. Although I don’t know why I bother, since I still have a mound of papers on my desk. I always get distracted while I’m online. Mostly by reading stuff (friends’ journal entries, fan fics, new stuff off the B&W2 site, etc). But still, it makes me feel like I’m lazy. I’m not lazy; I’d ADD. ADD = Easily distracted & forgetful.

Speaking of trying to be creative; I also tried to make a Thundercat icon. I saw this pic up on [profile] purrsia-san’s site. I was just browsing through the Lion-O pictures and I found this one, and the first thing I did when I saw it was to shriek “HUGS!” at the top of my lungs. I was very glad I was still home alone at the time too, or my Mom would’ve given me such a strange look. But I saw the pic and thought “That would make a really funny icon.” And I know I don’t really do it justice, but I was the only one around when I thought of it. Yes. My name is MM, and I am an uber weirdo.

So after rewatching all the crazy Black&White 2 footage till I’d gotten board with it (and believe me, that takes a lot), I decided to watch the second Gnome Invasion video that my Twin ([profile] animequeen) had sent me ages ago. I mean, it’s totally hilarious. All these World of Warcraft Gnomes moving in mass...they all have pink hair in cute pigtails and they’re only like 2 feet high...but there are hundreds O.O It made it even cooler that there’s this guy in the background singing “Throw up your rock fist if you’re feeling it when I drop this!” Hard rock playing while little gnome women swarm the screen...wicked. But Twin-san had a Gnome character in this named Shock tarts, and that’s why she was always so interested in Gnomes. Behold! )

On another note. I have decided that [ profile] _guinevere_’s little icon will be the Yoda icon. Because not only does she know about games, she works at Game Stop. So her name will now appear like this: [profile] _guinevere_. That’s all for this segment.

...Anyway. I’ve written enough for tonight. I suppose I’ll write again...whenever...I write again. Goodnight.

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Another day...

2005-Sep-11, Sunday 10:04 pm
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Well...another day. Church was almost miserable at first, because I didn’t get to sleep till like 2 a.m. this morning. But they finally split our Sunday School classes, and I ended up in the ‘Young Adults’ which was where I wanted to be anyway. The other class was ‘College and Career’ and it’s mainly for young adults who are just about to enter college. And I’ve already graduated college, so there’s no need for me to go there.

After getting home from church, eating, checking mail, etc. Mom and I decided to head over to Target to see if we could find book shelves there. We found shelves, but not the ones I’d wanted. We then went to Wal-Mart, basically for milk, but we decided to look at stuff there too. Mainly shelves. After looking to our heart’s content, we headed towards the grocery section. Mom said I should go and check to see if they have Root Beers, because lately there hasn’t been any root beers anywhere. So, I went to check, and gal-dern, but they didn’t have any. I saw Mom at the front of the isle and told her the news and inquired as to why she hadn’t gotten the milk. ...They didn’t have any milk either...waterfalls!.

So, we came back, and Mom decided to head over to Aunt Carolyn’s. She came back an hour or so later with a migraine. They just don’t realize how loud they are. And Trevor —my 10 year-old cousin who acts 5— was being his usual bratty self, and of course no one wants to correct him for his rudeness. I really do hate children, but I hate their parents even more. When I see little hellions like that, it just reminds me that stupid people are breeding. When you’re life is run entirely by a naughty 2 year-old and you ‘just don’t know what to do’ to help the’re being stupid.

Perhaps I haven’t gone over the contrast of Stupidity and Ignorance. Ignorance is behaving a certain way without knowing better. Stupidity is when you know better, and you still behave a certain way. When a parent does know that their kid is a brat and doesn’t do anything about it, they’re stupid, and they should’ve never procreated. At least that’s my opinion, and I’m sticking with it.

My dad did call from off shore to check up on us. He told me that he’d get me a computer soon, and I told him I didn’t mind waiting. Because I don’t. I feel like the biggest burden ever. I have no work and I’m a financial weight on my parents. And the man’s worried about buying me a computer. I’m worried about the bills being paid. If they’re paid and we have money, by all means, get me a computer. Other than that. Let’s just not fool with it.

That’s about it really. I did get a chance to talk (briefly) with my Twin-san ([profile] animequeen ). And I did start out reading a bit of some Thundercats fan fiction, but I’ve quickly lost interest. I’m just not up to it right now.

So that should be all for tonight everyone. Goodnight.

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WAHAHAHA!! I got the jellyfish! That's so kismit!


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Yo. Today was fun. After getting up late, I quickly went about doing chores. Mom had gone out with Aunt Batty for lunch, so I had the house to myself for a while. But after Mom got home, we decided to head to Dairy Queen for desert and have a Moolate(sp?). I had Mocha and Mom had Caramel. Then we went to Best Buy and Circuit City to check out computers and shelves, which was fun, but futile as I cannot afford either at this moment. I still say Office Depot has the best offer so far. But we shall see. After that, we stopped and got some fried chicken from Popeye’s. Much goodness. We got back home in time to get the end of Trading Spaces. Then we cleaned out the cars (I did inside, Mom did outside).

One really cool thing that happened tonight was [profile] purrsia-san’s chat with Larry Kenny (the voice of Lion-O). That was fun. At first, I was totally gonna just stay in the back and not say anything, but then I couldn’t help myself and jumped right in. I suppose I just thought that the chat would be like LJ, and no one would care or like what I said or respond to me...but, it wasn’t at all. It was fun. We even had fun after Lion-O-sama left the room. Although I think that competition between QueenLynxanna and Drea is still going on. From what I understand, it never stops. /shrugs.

It’s been ages since I had been in a chat, and it just felt good to get out there and talk to people who shared a similar interest. I did use one of my more humble aliases; the misused yet still very kawaii shadow cat, Kerani. I really need to focus on writing that Thundercat fan fic that I’d dreamed up ages ago. But there’s so much else to consider...I mean, most of the ‘Thundarian Knowledge’ I have is basic...I wish there was a site where you could ask someone about things, like the ‘Ask Greg’ site for Gargoyles. I really do have a lot of questions, but I doubt that Kenny-san would actually know the answers...much less care. And besides that, they’re all questions about Thundera and Thunderian society as opposed to him and his experiences on the show.

I so need a life.

Man! I've only noticed how I'm slipping back into Japanese! I keep using it in my journal and I used it in the chat too!...It must be a side effect from watching so much anime...Yeah, that's gotta be it.

Well, I suppose that’s all for tonight. Goodnight.

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Yo. Today was another day. We’ve all gotten this terrible thing we keep doing where we can’t stop watching the news, but we get really really sick of seeing it all! It’s terrible. We’ve heard terrible stories of people being beaten and women being rapped in the superdome. Only in N’Awlens.

Away from the depressing stuff...Today I got up a little earlier than usual. I had left a little note and Mom’s birthday present on the table where she would find it. Evidently she liked it, because she taped it to the refrigerator. But she’d gone off to a funeral or wake or something, so she wasn’t home. Today is her 55th birthday…or as we all like to politely refer to it, the 5th anniversary of her 50th birthday. Dad was outside mowing the lawn with Uncle C’s push mower. Ours has been broken for a while. The belts on it keep breaking. So, I made him a glass of tea, which he was very grateful for. He took a little break and sat out on the porch with me for a while. Then I came back inside, and fooled around on the computer.

Mom came home and we headed to town after putting some laundry on. Have you ever noticed the phrase ‘ran to town’ ? Everyone down here uses’s the most ridiculous saying in the never ‘run’ to town...Unless you’re Forest Gump.

But anyway. We went to the bank, and we went to Wal Mart, and then Rouses, then to State Farm. Mom and Dad got into a bit of a fight...but I don’t think Dad realized it at all. After paying the bills and all, Mom’s always left worrying over how much she has left and if it’s enough. Now, she only has $148 to live off of for 3 weeks. That worries her. But Dad seems to think it shouldn’t, and so when she says anything about it he yells that she should be able to live off of that much. She says he doesn’t seem to realize that sometimes stuff happens and it would be convenient if we did have extra. /shrug. Oh well.

We got home, and Mom had said that they were asking for pillows and bedding material for the refugees from New Orleans. They were sleeping on bare floors with no pillows or blankets etc. ...And I know I can’t do much of anything very well...but I do know a thing or two about making pillows. And I did have some fabric left over from some I’d bought. So we started cutting the material and getting thread and such...but Mom thought it’d be really cool if we used this miniature sewing machine she’d bought. But we couldn’t figure out how to work the thing. So we went to Aunt Batty’s, ‘cause she knows so much about sewing and such. But she said the machine wasn’t worth anything. So we decided to sew it by hand. Aunt Batty gave us a lot of pillows and blankets to bring when we gave the pillows to the civic center.

I found out that Mom doesn’t really know how to sew. At least not the stitch you use for pillows. Her stitching shows terribly and it leaves holes sometimes. So, after I’d sewed my pillow, Dad started stuffing up my pillow. Then I sewed up my pillow up, and we had to work on Mom’s pillow.

Now we’re all happily watching Forest Gump. Dad and I are trying to correct Mom’s stitching. That’s all that there has been today, I guess. Forest Gump’s an interesting be sure. But I can’t wait till I can get a job...then I can buy myself Thundercats on DVD and watch it.../sigh till then, I shall dare to dream. Goodnight everyone.

Thundercat Lord

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I wish there were more Thundercat quizes out there...I would take I should make one...


More Wall Papers

2005-Aug-05, Friday 12:38 pm
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Yo. Just got through with the Thundercat Wall Papers. Hope you like them.


Late Day

2005-Aug-03, Wednesday 12:27 pm
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Yo. Today I woke up and thought “Hmm..It must be early.” Only to look over at the clock and see it was 11:15 a.m.! Dude! I remember Mom and Dad waking me up with racket. It was probably around 7ish...I just went back to sleep. So I guess it was one of those things where you fall asleep thinking it was only a few mintes when it’s been hours.

So after waking up and fixing breakfast I did something I haven’t done in a while; I turned on the Sci Fi channel. Something called The Outter Limits that I’ve never heard of. But tuning in has made me want to start taping Ghost Hunters again. Just for fun this time. Last time, I kinda got hooked ‘cause of all the cool things that I saw, but then I got tired, because it always seems like they get just enough evidence to have something but not enough to actually prove something. But anyway...

After turning on the Sci Fi channel I got on to check e-mail only to find out Arashi’s updated a lot of her stories on It makes me regret not keeping in touch with her, but when I dropped out of the whole Tenshi thing, I really dropped out. But, I still check up on [profile] kaedabean and [profile] nutmeggy due to their Live Journals. The least I could do is keep up with Arashi through She had a few stories by someone by Tamora Pierce...I just realized that I have no idea who Tamora Pierce is or what she writes. But considering Arashi’s good taste in writing, I decided to look her up. It looks pretty interesting...

I had another weird dream last night. Although I know very few dreams that aren’t strange. I dreamed that Batman and Lion-O were fighting...because Batman thought Lion-O and the Thundercats were in league with Catwoman...Then Lion-O used the Sword of Omens to call the other Thundercats...and Catwoman showed up due to the cat signal! I don’t know what happened with the whole Batman situation, but the next scene was in Cat’s Lair...Catwoman had evidently joined the Thundercats and was in love with Panthro!

I then woke up and went back to sleep, only to dream that one day I woke up with beautiful reddish-brown hair. I loved it. It was lush and vibrant and beautiful...but everyone else hated it. When I asked them how it looked they would make disgusted faces or give me sympathetic looks. Weird.

Oh well, gotta get back to Outter Limits. I still need to figure out exactly what it is I’m watching...


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Yo. Today was fun, while it lasted. I got up at 9 a.m. so I could eat and get ready without rushing. I hate to be rushed. So, I had plenty of time to eat, dress and get everything together that I wanted to take with me. I left around 10:25 and got there around 11ish. We watched a little bit of Red vs. Blue season 3, but we only had till 12:15, so we didn’t get very far. Chibi’s mom came in and said to call her from the theater and she’d come and pick Chibi up. I offered to drive her home, since we were supposed to watch a few of my movies…Chibi’s mom then informed/reminded both of us that Chibi had promised to work this afternoon. So, that whole idea didn’t go through.

So we packed up and then headed to the theater. We both found that we were extraordinarily tired upon leaving. It was odd. I was so tired, I missed my first turn and had to take the long way. But it was ok. We got there and had to wait ten minutes for the movie to start. Other than the fact that the theater was extremely cold, the over-all experience was very enjoyable. I love the whole Willy Wonka thing because it’s a rich, crazy man serving up justicd to a bunch of brats. I love Johnny Depp, so Johnny Depp + Willy Wonka = Chocolaty Goodness. I am biased. Don’t go see the movie because of what I say. Just go and see it and make up your own mind. But there were many things in the movie I loved, so I will be getting it...eventually.

Other than that...nothing’s really happened today. I came home, showered, got on-line...I’ve been searching around for Thundercat pictures. I’ve decided I want to try my hand at making wall papers for things I love. Thundercats is a big thing that I love, so it means I need to make a wall paper for it...but the pictures I’ve been finding are...I dunno. Either they’re poor quality or they’re too small. It’s frustrating. And I’m not sure what theme I want to work with. I’ll give that a few days to think on it.

Speaking of Wall papers, I finally uploaded the Gargoyles wall papers I’ve made. I say Gargoyles, but they’re really Demona wall papers. I’ve always said she’s one of my favorites, and so of course I made some wall papers just for her. It helps that there’s a plethora of good Demona pics out there. I’ve only found 2 pics of Angela and only 1 I consider is a descent pic of her. Other pics are available of other characters, but none of them are very...inspiring. I mean, Demona is inspiring, Elisa maybe, Angela sure...bute Broadway?..Yeah. Maybe next time.

Ok so here are the four wall papers I have of Demona, I have two base which were made and then the other two were where I added text to the bases. I can’t figure out if I like the bases better...or the words better...So what’s your opinion? Give a click, take a look at the big ‘un and tell me what you think.

Well, I guess that’s all for me tonight. For some reason, I’m still inexplicably tired. Could be that it’s all an ominous warning...the signal of the crimson wave and all that jazz. Whatever. I’m too tired to care or make excuses. Later.



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