Holy Crisis, Batman

2013-Feb-15, Friday 05:00 pm
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I just purchased Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (not to be confused with the comic book which it came from, Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths). I'm not even gonna lie, it's pretty sweet. In this video I geek out over it :) Please do enjoy...

Worth It

2012-Nov-04, Sunday 08:44 pm
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Batman...your argument is irrelevant :3

So Excited

2010-Nov-01, Monday 09:19 pm
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Just checking in...because I don't wanna go too long without it.




Yaviel Isilmiel

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Wow… haven’t felt this bad in… oh, right. About a month =..=‘ Figures.

So, I’ve done very little today. Picked up here and there, but no real cleaning. The only real thing I’ve manage to accomplish is watching Batman - Gotham Knight and finding an agreeable theme for my tumblr.

I’ve just been wanting a more graphic tumblr, but there are so many themes to choose from and I wanted something fairly specific… I like it when things are obviously separated and have a date stamp on them. I also don’t want it too plain or too ornate, and it had to be legible and somewhat orderly. I think I found something unique with a good date stamp that isn’t too much or too little. Overall, that’s what I was wanting.

As for Gotham Knight, it was much like the Animatrix… many different anime styles being shown off in small episodes, only this time it’s the Batman universe instead of the Matrix. I like most anime styles, but there are a few that I do not care for. A couple of those episodes are amazingly beautiful, not in the story telling of course but due to their actual graphics and fluid movement. Just like in the Animatrix, Gotham Knight has very little validity story-wise. You get tidbits of things that are interesting, but overall the stories are fairly unimportant. This DVD is sheer fan service (sans pervy stuff). As a consequence, I still want to buy it, but I don’t think it’s entirely essential to a Batman DVD collector :)

As for the individual episodes, the first episode (Have I Got A Story For You) annoyed me because it reminded me of an episode of the animated series, season 4, in which these kids are telling each other stories about Batman from their (distorted and uninformed) perspective. It didn’t help that the animation style is one that I’m absolutely not a fan of. The other episodes are all acceptable animation-wise as well as story-wise. Some are more cinematic and beautifully animated than others (2. Crossfire, 4. In Darkness Dwells, & 6 Deadshot), while others actually look like your average, albeit high end, anime (3. Field Test & 5. Working Through Pain). As much as I enjoyed the features, I was disappointed in the lack of ‘extra features’…. namely because there are none. At least not in this Netflix copy. I’m the sort of fan that enjoys (‘lives for’ might be a better term) ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘the making of’ and ‘featurettes’. In fact, it’s a major part of the DVDs that I buy. I’d much rather spend more money on something if it’s a 2 or 3 disc edition, just because I almost enjoy watching the extra stuff as much as (or more than in some cases) the actual movie. The fact that this dvd didn’t have any extra features was pretty disappointing. Though, I suppose that means I’ll have something to look forward to when I buy the 2 disc edition. Lastly, I cannot express how happy it made me to hear Kevin Conroy as Batman once again. I’m not saying he’s the only one that can do the job (Bruce Greenwood did a dang decent job of it too), but he’s so cemented in my mind as the voice of Batman, it was almost comforting to hear his voice again. :)

As for the rest of my day… I’m pretty sick actually. So, I suppose it’s good that I’ve got something decent to watch. Last night I was feeling tireder than usual (but didn’t think anything of it) and my stomach was really cramping pretty badly. I tried not to let it bother me though, because Mom and Aunt Carolyn volunteered to help me clean the entire church in one swoop. I could hardly pass that up. By the time I got home I had that itching tickle in the back of my throat… so I just took some NyQuil and hoped for the best. This morning though, my entire stomach is still cramping, I’m tired, nauseous, dizzy and weak and I’m all clammy. Not to mention I go between hot and cold >..< It’s very frustrating (though I suppose ‘sickening’ would be a better term). I can only hope it’s some sort of 24 hour bug that’ll be gone in the morning. Either way, I made myself go with Mom to Wal-Mart to stock up, and I managed to get some Gatorade. Nothing like a supplement of electrolytes to help you bounce back…right? =..=‘

I really can’t make myself concentrate much more, so I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this entry up. I’ll write again later, Sunshines.



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Yaviel Isilmiel

29 ~ Batman TAS

2010-Aug-07, Saturday 01:31 pm
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I'm gonna show some love for the cartoon that catipulted me into cartoons :) Please do enjoy...


Yaviel &amp; Darcia Banner


2010-Jun-12, Saturday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3


  • 10:23 At the pastor's house. Marsha and co are in from out of town, and we're going to the buffalo river... Dear God, help me =..= #
  • 10:44 Unless you're going alone, a trip to the Buffalo is always a production. #
  • 13:52 Finally home. The plan: shower now, collapse into bed after =..= #
  • 17:41 @Umamor1 Reading and listening to classical music. I haven't been feeling too well, so it's this or sleep...or movies =..= #
  • 17:45 @Umamor1 Dunno. Going to see the doctor Tuesday, so I'm hoping for some sort of relief. #
  • 19:39 @mr_nnj oh, how I loathe you right now <..<' crabs....but then again, having them steamed?...boiled in crab boil would be so much better. #
  • 19:55 @Umamor1 ....stuffed with what? o..o #
  • 19:58 @Davlenagain @Umamor1 ......I'm getting hungry >..< #
  • 20:32 Oh goodie. Mom just called with a promise of supper. #
  • 21:57 I'm watching the old Batman movies and wondering, '...why the hell was this crap so awesome?' #
I text way too much, yo :D

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Rocks in my Head

2006-Nov-16, Thursday 09:59 pm
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I should be off this box, but alas! I am not. I got my Moon Crescent Pendant in the mail with some coupons for $10 off the vendor’s store...Then I read it again and noticed the ‘earn your wiccan degrees online’ part and that kinda fizzled. I did glance at it, and it’s got some seriously cool stuff on it. It’s called Sacred Mists, which is really dramatic but uber cool. I can find all their jewelry on Amazon, so I’d pretty much decided not to use the coupon. Then I saw the Crystals & Gemstones section and nearly came unglued. Those of you that know me well know why I’m such an avid rock/gem collector and why I’m almost obsessive about the hobby. So this site’s now officially become invaluable to me if only for that reason. Mom and Dad wont be thrilled that I'm buying these things from a wiccan site...but wiccans gotta eat too na no da ^.^  It made me want to search for books on gems again though =.= Honestly. I’ve got two huge ones already.

However, I’ve no real intention of using this coupon. So I’ve decided to make this post detailing the whole thing if only for the benefit of whatever wiccan friends I may actually have here on LJ. If anyone wants to take advantage of the coupon I’ve gotten, by all means comment. I’ll hand it on over and at least someone will be able to use it. I hate letting things go to waste.

In other nerdyer news, I also received the 3rd and 4th seasons of Batman The Animated Adventures. Coolness to me. I can’t wait to watch them all, and since I’ve been feeling under the weather all damn week, it will be a nice diversion.

OK!...I’m off to eat something and conk out. Tootles!



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Harvest Moon

The Medicated Blues

2006-Nov-09, Thursday 09:16 am
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Wow...the last few days, man. They’ve been a bit odd. Not too long after my post Tuesday, I got this terrible migraine and had to go home. I got there and Aunt Lane’s dog, Pocco, was in his kennel so I took him out first so that he wouldn’t have any accidents in the house. Then I took a quick shower, and by that time Mom and Aunt Lane were back home. Mom gave me two pills for my migraine, and I took both o them. Afterwards she says, “You didn’t take both of those did you?” and I was like “yeah…” and she says “You were only supposed to take one and take the other 8 hours later!!” so, she and Aunt Lane kept watching me like they expected me to plop over all ‘timber’ like any second, but my constitution doesn’t get sedated easily na no da. Other than not being able to move suddenly or walk a straight line, I was fine. Talk about knock the headache out too.

The next day (yesterday), I had my OBGYN appointment at 9. Luckily for me, they’re prompt and efficient along with being friendly too. I got a 3 month sample of my birth control pills and a prescription for when those are over with. When I got to work, they asked how it went and what I’d gone for because all I’d told them was I had a doctor’s appointment. I said, “I took off my Wonder Woman underoos, put on my big-girl drawers, and went to my OBGYN.” We all laughed at that.

Yesterday we got about 16 charts in the mail and the day before that we had 13…..my estimate for today? Close to 200. They’ve been doing that the past week or so. Earlier in the week, or mid-week, there aren’t that many charts coming in, but Thursday and Friday suck! It doesn’t bother me too much, because it means that I have plenty to do from the moment I sit down till it’s time to go. Like, yesterday was tough for me at first because I’d finished all my work and there was very little to do. Lacey had done all the copying and our shredder died on us (rest it’s poor little mechanical soul) so I was like “I need something to do.” Luckily there’s always something to do, even if it doesn’t fall under my job criteria. So when Nicole left, she handed me the 800+ invoices that she’d been saving up that were supposed to go in folders in one of her drawers and asked me to put them in order. The folders that she has are categorized by the name of the companies and she prefers to have the most recent towards the back. So I worked on that after she left at 2. I was happy to say that I got all the way up to the company Foundation Coal done.

I don’t know why, by my mouth has been really soar lately...like the inside, all around my lips. It aches and itches and when I eat, it feels like sandpaper rubbing against my mouth. It’s really bad. And this morning, I noticed that my eyes were itching too…I hope it’s nothing. But I’m gonna ask the nurses this morning when I go in what they think of it. Lori worked in ICU for a long time and she’s seen a lot, so she’s got a wealth of knowledge when dealing with things like that. Either way, I’m glad I have my benedryl handy in case the itching should get too bad. Of course, that’ll put me in a proverbial coma, but at least I won’t be itchy.

I guess that’s all for now. Hope everyone else is having a better week than me =.=


You are "Sleeping"


Harvest Moon

PS: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Last night I impulsively bouth the 3rd and 4th seasons of Batman the Animated Adventures. I really just wanted to have at least one complete fandom in my DVD collection, and that was not only cheap but easy to get. So yay for me and my Nerd Card. On the flip side, I won't be buying anything (for myself) for a very long time.

Get me offa this ride

2006-Jul-21, Friday 11:19 pm
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Beware, for I am: Anxious Anxious

Wow. Today’s been a roller-coaster ride if ever there was one. It started off great, then was mildly annoying to absolutely painful, to surprisingly peaceful and fun to slightly anxious...But I don’t want to touch on the beginning or even some parts of the middle. Too weird and depressing and angsty and...emo. Can’t have that. So, without further ado, the good stuff.

I’d pretty much convinced myself that Max could, in fact, understand human speech until tonight. The other day, it was about to rain and Mom told me that she’d taken him out but he hadn’t done anything. So I took him out into the yard and I said, “Max, it’s about to rain. I understand you’re particular and all, but you should probably take care of business now. Lord only knows how long the rain’ll last and you certainly don’t want to have to use it in a mess like that.” Max promptly sniffed around in a circle and did his business. Both businesses actually... Then, I’m walking him around the yard this afternoon, and Rex (my Uncle Charles and Aunt Doris’s dog) sees him and of course starts barking. Max looks up and quickly becomes distracted. I roll my eyes and say, “Pay attention to what you’re doing.” And he returns to his sniffing and continues on. Seriously. That’s when I got to wondering about this dog. Tonight, Mom’s at prime timers and I’m laying in bed with my door open so that I can see Max while I watch TV. I hear some crumpling and sniffing and I realize he’s gone under my bed. I say, “Max, I don’t want you under my bed.” He emerges from my bed and looks over at me as if to say, “oh really? I’m sorry...” Of course, later tonight he ruined it when I calmly asked him if he wanted to go outside. He just stared at me blankly, but then when I went to get his leash he was all prance. Totally broke the ‘he can understand me’ spell -_-

Ok, so the thing that has me so anxious tonight...I kinda wrote a letter and an e-mail...to Ellen. Ellen DeGeneres that is...I addressed the letter to her Crazy Dream department, but the e-mail will be logged under questions. It was basically me introducing myself and then asking for help with writing my book and making a movie about said book. Although I’d want to make my movie first then put out the book. I’m sure you all know my theory on that whole thing so I won’t bother mentioning it. At the end of the request I admitted that it was a bit far-fetched and if it was too much, would she mind helping me figure out how to copyright my original ideas like the idea for my MM’s Jellies stationary as a consolation. I figure I have nothing to loose by trying, right?

So the letter isn’t even sent, and I’m already anxious and freaked. I really hope I can forget about it quickly so that I won’t spend too much time agonizing over a response. It’s just that I feel like I’m treading water, and I don’t know how to move forward. I don’t feel like I have the energy to move forward on my book because I can’t summon the energy to work on it and be the responsible adult that my parents want me to be. Things were so much easier when I was in college. Why is that? Why was it so easy for me to dream up things in college and now that I’m working they’re so much harder? I did most of my character work in college. I dreamed up the thousands of characters that inhabit my world and gave them names and colors and voices, but I can’t put life into them now. I feel useless and restless...but I don’t know what to do to help myself and I don’t know who to ask to help me...

Here I said I didn’t want this to turn into an emo/complaint entry and it seems to have done so anyway. But it’s my journal. So there. You could’ve stopped reading a while ago (and you probably have -.-). But anyway, that was today. I think I’ll go watch more of Batman till I get too tired to stay awake. G’night.


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PS: mmhhmmmm….Batman...#___#

Laid back Saturday

2006-Mar-18, Saturday 09:18 pm
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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Content

Well, today certainly started out earlier than I would’ve wanted, but it was a good day. Started out going to Chibi’s. We were going to wait for Reiko to give her those birthday presents we got here. I got there around 9, and when 10:30 rolled around and Reiko was a no show, I called and found out she had spent the night at a friend’s house. So, Chibi and I watched the third episode of Firefly and then we had hot chocolate and she packed, and I left. I got home, played City of Heroes, leveled a few characters on a few server, watched the rest of Batman and that was my day. Not very thrilling was it? Oh well. There’s so much more drama when I’m at work.

6 a.m. always comes early so I’d best be off to bed. I hope Chibi and her parents have a safe drive up there and back again. Goodnight, all.

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Wow...that's kinda funny consider that I'm turning 23 this year. Huh...


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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Frustrated

I made two orders from Amazon.com, and they were shipped out Tuesday (the 14th). And I’ll be dad-gum if I can’t track their packages. All it says on the web site is that they were shipped out on the 14th and they’ll arrive anywhere between the 21st and the 24th. I really cannot stand the fact that Amazon.com has gotten so sloppy about customer service. Sure, I get the stuff, but I used to be able to track packages whenever I wanted just by being on Amazon and all. Waterfalls, people? Waterfalls!

But as for what I ordered, here’s a little list.

1. Batman - The Animated Series, Volume One (DC Comics Classic Collection)
2. City of Heroes Binder: Prima's Official Game Guide; Issues 1-6 (Prima Official Game Guides)
3. Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (TV Miniseries)
4. Thankful by Kelly Clarkson
5. Legend (Ultimate Edition)

I cannot wait till it arrives too. I mean honestly...

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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Blank

Well, I didn’t get to sleep in half as much as I wanted to. Mom woke me up around 10. She said the weather was predicting 90% rain by noon, and if we wanted to go to Wal-Mart and get the stuff we needed before it started pouring, we’d better get moving now.

The funny thing? It didn’t rain. It hasn’t rained yet. It’s coming, but it’s just windy outside. Figures. But we did get a lot of things. Most of them were unnecessary, but we’ll enjoy them none the less. I got these four folders that are pronged as well as folders (so you can punch 3 holes in paper and have stuff in the pockets). I hadn’t planed on getting them, but I saw the first one sticking out and I had to have it. It’s nothing really fancy. It was just this dark sagey folder that simply reads,

“save the humans”

That was way to funny! I got 3 more; one says “waiting to be discovered” another says “You make me look good!” and the last one says “What happened to recess?” All cynical messages that I enjoy very much.

We got home and watched Batman Begins. Mom loved it. She actually wanted to cry when young Bruce’s parents died. That’s what I like about it. It’s not overly theatrical or anything. It’s just the base story, the raw human emotion. So if there are any Batman movies that follow along like this one did, we’ll be watching those too.

Oh, also, we redid my hair today. It’s totally colored different now. The roots were beginning to show so we put a color in it. This time I went with a darker brown. Mom says it almost looks black in some places. I think I like it though. It’s a solid color, and it doesn’t look disgusting. What more could a girl want?

And I am now charging up my camera batteries. I plan to take my camera with me Monday to take pictures of my office and everything. I hope they don’t mind. So, so far I have to take pictures of myself with the new hair, my new folders, and work stuff. That’s the list thus far.

Well, I’m gonna go and watch more of Slayers Next. Later.

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Non-Existent List

2006-Feb-23, Thursday 09:20 pm
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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Pensive

Today was really good. Work was challenging as usual, but good. The weather’s changed again and we have a pleasant north wind blowing around. It was very nice after being cooped up in the office to step outside and be greeted by that nice, fresh wind. Got home, showered, watched last night’s American Idol with Mom. We watched the first few minutes of the one tonight too, but we quickly lost intrest and changed it to Survivor.

I am sorely displeased about CSI tonight. Total rerun. But lately, everything’s a rerun. Either that, or there’s something in its place. I mean CSI: Miami rerun, Gilmore Girls and Supernatural not on because something else is showing, Bones taken over by an unnecessary 2 hour long American Idol, and tonight CSI a total rerun. Such a drag.

What else did I want to rant about? Oh yes. I noticed this early on, but I never mentioned it because I have a terrible memory. I actually had never even looked at previews or reviews or anything that had to do with the newest addition to my DVD collection Batman Begins. I bought it because a friend who’s seen it said it was awesome, and I know that he has very high standards. So, I bought it. And when I put the DVD in my DVD players an odd thought crossed my mind, “I wonder who they got to play Batman.” So, the first thing I said when I saw Bruce Wayne was...

“Dude! It’s Laurie! OMG! He grew up!”

That’s right. This man will always be Laurie from Little Women. That’s where I loved him first (probably because it’s where I saw him first...). The whole way though I kept hearing that stupid speech he gave poor Jo when she rejected him only fall in love with Amy...Amy of all people!

Ok. Next on the list. I don’t have a list, but I seriously think I should actually start making one because I’ve gotten so tired lately that I’ve been more forgetful.

Where was I? Oh yes. Next on the non-existent list. Fan fiction. Today I did a lot of work, but there was a lull around 3:45 where I didn’t really have much to do. All I had in my box was one thing, and it was a huge project and I didn’t want to start it if I was going to have to put it off till tomorrow. So I opened up my jump drive and started writing. Mostly working on the next chapter of my EQ Saga. Not too bad of a job, if I do say so myself. I’d ht a hump that I hadn’t been able to get over for a few weeks, and today I got over the hump and landed in the valley below said hump and plopped into a nice field of wild flowers. I’m finding it a lot easier to write now, so that’s going good. Also, I got the first two reviews for the last two chapters that I put up. For a while there, I thought no one had really noticed that I’d updated with two chapters, one of them extremely huge. But I got a review on both chapters from a nice person who asked me to marry him...at least I think he’s a him. There’s no way I’d accept a woman’s proposal. There can only be one Ms Moon after all.

I really need to write a letter to Chibi again...I sent her one a while back, and she never replied so I never wrote again. But I’m sure she’s very busy with school and all so I’m not very mad. I’ve always been the one who has to make the time for everyone else (especially Chibi and Reiko). I can’t expect that to change at this point.

And the sleeping pills are really starting to kick in. So, I’m going off to bed now. Goodnight.

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And it's only beginning

2006-Feb-22, Wednesday 08:12 pm
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Beware, for I am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Content

Well work was great, and now exclusively confined to my private journal except for the occasional mention that it was either good or bad.

I got Batman Begins in the mail the other day, but by the time I finished watching it was late, and I didn’t want to stay up too late. And after watching it for the second time, I have this to say.

This is the best damn Batman thing of all times!!!

Sorry. That was just too much drama this late, but I couldn’t help myself. Mom and I have already made a date to watch it Saturday afternoon. It’s just so much more real than any other Batman I’ve ever seen, and I love that about it. It’s not theatrics or over the top it’s just the original store and it holds up on it’s own.

Other than that, I have nothing to say...for now.


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msmoon: (Crescent)
Mood: Image hosted by Photobucket.com Happy

Yo. God, the last few days have been terrible. I’ve had to keep fighting off a sinus/tension headache. It tends to make one slightly disagreeable. But I think I may’ve gotten it whipped...although it was kinda still with me till just after my shower this evening. But I feel decent enough to post and not sound so crabby.

I woke up very early...like 5 a.m. early. I kept trying to go back to sleep, but it wasn’t working out. It’s one of those things where you wake up and you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and you can’t get back to sleep, but then by the time you’ve decided to get up, you’re exhausted from the struggle of getting back to sleep. So, I finally got up and made breakfast around 8:20ish. I fixed breakfast and coffee. I’ve been told I have way too much sugar and carbs for breakfast (muffins, toast, cereal, and the like), so I tried eating a slice of ham with breakfast. That didn’t really go over that well, but I managed to finish it.

Watched Gilmore Girls. And I’m pleased to say they’re rerunning the episodes from the very beginning, so I actually get to watch them all over again from the beginning! I think I came in near the end of the second season / beginning of the third. So, I’ve never seen them from the beginning. This way I get to see them all.

So, after GG I jumped on the computer and I did a lot of writing while it was still morning. I have a huge stack of papers on the floor that comprises over half of what I’d written up over the last few months. I got a call from Chase from Hancocks. Turns out the month that I worked, we made enough to qualify for bonuses, so I had an extra check. I waited for Mom and Dad to get home (they’d borrowed my car to fill it up), and then I headed over to pick that up.

I ended up talking with Chase for half an hour about movies and such. It ranged from Star Wars to Batman Begins to X-Men. Star Wars was mostly about the stuff we’d like to see, everything from Exar Kun to Mara Jade. He said that when George Lucas made episodes 1-3 he said something about how he wouldn’t do 7 and the later ones. But lately there’s been a rumor that the people that work for Lucas all signed confidentiality agreements concerning episode 7. I was fairly well psyched about that. Then I couldn’t wait for X3 and the second Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I said I’d heard that Juggernaut was gonna be in X3, and I suspected Phoenix would come into play too. He said he heard Emma Frost would be there too (woot!) and that they would even go into the whole Phoenix saga. Serious woot-age, man. He even told me what a great movie Batman Begins was and encouraged me to go see it. Now, I really want to see it, even more than I did before.

After the good talk, I went and deposited the money into my checkings and then headed home. Mom told me I’d gotten a call from someone at Hibernia bank about an interview. So, I called them back, and I’ll be going on an interview 8:30 a.m. Thursday. I’m looking forward to it and dreading it all at once. But I’ll just approach it as I do everything else. Laid-back, waiting for it to come on it’s own. No use getting my hopes up right?

Now, I am relaxing and watching the first season of X-Men: Evolution. I’m on the 3rd DVD and quickly moving towards the 4th. God, I wish I could afford the next season /sigh. And I wish even more that the other season were available through DVD...at least Amazon doesn’t have them...I might need to check eBay.

Well, that’s about all there is for today. Till next time, goodnight.

[personal profile] rattgirl like totally had this, and just had to try it out. (Is it just me, or did I totally go Kitty Pride there? Genkies.) Check it out!


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My ISP sucks

2002-Jul-19, Friday 11:41 pm
msmoon: (Crescent)
Hey Minna. Today was nice. Got up at 10:00, and only 'cause mom woke me. She asked me to come with her to town. She had to go to a physical therapist for her neck and she wanted to make sure she'd have someone around in case she couldn't' drive. It was fine though, and she could drive perfectly well.

We got home and I was..12:00/30. After talking with my Parran for a while, I jumped on the PC and started fooling with the site. BSG was on but I kept getting kicked off. My ISP is really getting on my nerves. Normally we go at 45.kb, but lately we're lucky if we get 35. And even when we do I get kicked off all the time.

Anyway, we did get to RPG and it was fun, then after she got off I busied myself with my site and dream weaver. Then about 5:00 went and took my shower. Then around 6:00 go back online again and talked to Twin-san. Once again we had fun.

I once again fooled around fixing up our chats and sorting files till I got off and took my pills. Watched DBZ, Batman Beyond, and Hamtaro; then realized I hadn't checked the episode listing for X-men Evolution tomorrow. It's another re-run.

And so I figured while I was at it I'd write in here. Not much to report. I wish there was. But the sleep meds are finally kicking in and I've no reason to fight them off. I'll write later Minna. That's all she wrote.



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