Belated Update

2011-Oct-13, Thursday 05:33 pm
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With no new episodes of ThunderCats, I've kinda gotten used to not having to do a 'sit and talk' check-in :3 Random Days at NAC is spoiling me to just having random funny collages. So here's an update :) Please do enjoy...

Lewt Joy

2010-Jul-21, Wednesday 11:26 pm
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Yeaaaah… I just bought Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Guild Season 1 & 2 and it’s totally [ profile] rei2rei s fault :) Not that I’m complaining or anything. Srsly, I’m thanking her for pointing it out. I don’t even have shopper’s remorse. I’m just excited to get my lewt :D

...that’s...all I have to say. Ja!



You Love to Talk About Ideas
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2010-Mar-05, Friday 11:45 pm
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Take a look at my Tweetin' :3
  • 08:26 Woke up with a cough and a terrible sore throat. #
  • 08:27 Cleaning my kitchen while the coffee brews. #
  • 08:46 Sore throat + Warm coffee = sothing 'Ahhh' moment. #
  • 09:10 Still can't find my cell charger... I would blame Mom, but it's my own fault for not packing it before she OCD-cleaned the room. #
  • 09:58 Cleaning up the living the slowest pace ever -..- #
  • 11:29 Aw. Reiko is really upset and depressed. Wonder if I should send her birthday present early... #
  • 13:19 I has a table. #
  • 13:50 @Davlenagain Only the normal table sort of tricks :) #
  • 13:53 @Davlenagain I'm not sure I've seen many 'fun' tables :\ #
  • 17:31 Found my cell charger! It was in a bag with Mom's shoes. #
  • 18:16 Supernatural season 4 only 16.95 on Holy cow! When'd that happen!? #
  • 19:10 Submitted reviews a while ago on iTunes for EoRP, Fragged Up and Off Topic. Glad to see they're finally showing up on their iTunes pages. #
  • 19:13 I need to write one for Council of Six...but I don't think I can write a good enough one that'll do the show the justice it deserves... :\ #
  • 19:25 @Umamor1 I know, right! Hiccups are the most annoying thing! Right next to people who don't know how to drive! >..< #
  • 19:33 Goodness, @Davlenagain, you gonna make it? #
  • 19:37 @Davlenagain Aw, sha, I know what you mean :\ Good luck till then. #
  • 20:43 @Pride1G ... Did you film this event? #
  • 20:49 Oh, silly @Davlenagain! @Pride1G doesn't have to cook to get a burn! ... That's our job :3 #
  • 20:59 Silly, @Pride1G! The 'clap' is an STD, and I'm little Miss Abstinence. If such a implausable thing were to happen, you'd be giving it to me. #
  • 21:02 @Pride1G ...*sigh* You obviously have no grasp of the word 'implausable' -..- #
  • 21:08 @Pride1G the difference between possable and plausable is that anything is possable. :3 And you can keep your head to yourself, thanks but . #
  • 21:08 @Pride1G ... No thanks. #
  • 21:11 @Pride1G oh, I thought you said love was just a state of mind :) And the you change your mind a lot. #
  • 21:12 Sorry, @Davlenagain. :( Are we killing your phone? #
  • 21:13 O..O @Pride1G are you quoting DC Talk?! XD #
  • 21:15 @Davlenagain Hm. Got any more of those hot dogs? They sounded tastey #
  • 21:18 @Pride1G LOL! XD iSqueal (a new application from Apple ^..^)! #
  • 21:20 @Pride1G No, just the irony that you know it :) #
  • 21:22 @Davlenagain True, true. Try pouring that Tostitos Queso cheese on 'em next time :) #
  • 21:24 @Pride1G Yeah... It's easy to forget you have a religious background. #
  • 21:27 @Davlenagain hm. That's too bad. And it makes me wish we could have an OMFG con... Just so's I could cook... And that's just weird -..- #
  • 21:29 @Pride1G ...uh... I'm sorry? :3 #
  • 21:31 @Davlenagain That would be awesome... even if embarrassing stuff would leak to YouTube. #
  • 21:41 So, after coughing and sneezing all day long, I still managed to clean my living room and kitchen! Tomorrow I'll clean my bedroom =..= #
  • 21:47 @Pride1G Thanks, but I only clean when I'm sick of having to clear a path. I'm too laid back to care if everything's in its place every day. #
  • 21:50 @Pride1G erm o..o the fact that it's what my last post was about I suppose. #
  • 21:53 @Pride1G oh... hm... How 'bout that Drew Brees, huh? :3 #
  • 21:55 @Pride1G I've been answering my cell that way for months now :D #
  • 22:01 @Pride1G yeah, I can only imagine. Never really been in a bar. Anyway, I know it was nuts watching it at the house :) #
  • 22:07 :) @Pride1G yes well, as I don't drink and all... though I DID go to a club once before it opened to drop my big brother off... #
  • 22:13 @rebeccacurrence K! Have fun, dear! :D #
  • 22:15 @Pride1G Guess I'll have to take your word for it :) I live in a dry county now :D #
  • 22:18 @Pride1G ...dry....parish? O..o' But...but that's an oxymoron... #
  • 22:24 @Pride1G yeah...I have no idea what that means *nod nod nod* #
  • 22:26 @Pride1G If you feel it when I drop this :) You know the first time I heard that it was to a pink pig-tailed gnome machinima o..o' #
  • 22:31 @Pride1G I know. It was Gnome Invasion 2, and that's how I discovered TFK (Let's shock 'em with the bodyrock 'til the party stops) #
  • 22:35 @rebeccacurrence o..o oh dear... that doesn't sound healthy at all... #
  • 22:38 @rebeccacurrence Ohhh! Well, that's wonderful, Darling :) #
  • 22:39 @Pride1G ... I refuse to fall prey to your blatant shuffle tactic &lt;..&lt; #
  • 22:41 @rebeccacurrence Oh you know :) Mostly, it's going good. I don't have any enemies blood to bathe in, but I manage ^..^ #
  • 22:42 @Pride1G lol, the next line of that song would be opening a door and begging someone to just walk on through xD I will not be provoked :3 #
  • 22:43 PS! < Gnome Invasion 2. It's actually pretty awesome... even if I only favorite it for the song :3 #
  • 23:00 @Pride1G Right. Because Skype and Vent are too much and evidently AIM and Yahoo are outdated -..- #
  • 23:10 Dang...I'm starving all of a sudden... I'ma go scrounge up some noms. #
  • 23:12 @Pride1G Lucky :) Have fun. #
  • 23:16 @Pride1G Figures. #
  • 23:18 Making poptart melts and hot coco, and watching S1 of Batman the Animated Series. #
  • 23:22 @Pride1G almost didn't get that with the misspelling. Gonna hafta pass. Ned to eat and take meds that'll make me stop coughing and sleep. #
  • 23:39 You know, the graphic art behind The Cat and The Claw ep always strikes me... and that's not just the Nyquil talking. #
I text way too much, yo :D

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Gift Giving

2009-Dec-09, Wednesday 03:19 pm
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OK, so... I already got the gifts for Dad. I got him some thermal socks and there's this stuff that's like thermal wear that people who professionally snow ski use to keep warm, and I got him some of that too. So he's all taken take of. His presents are all wrapped and everything. Mom's were more of a problem since I could only find one of them locally -..- For Mom I got
The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole, but all I really know is it's supposed to ship out on the 14th. I also go her a set of Woodstock Chimes of Venus that only shipped out today... it's estimated to get here on the 11th though, so that's good. For Thomas I got Japanese lacquer rice soup bowl (don't know when they'll get here but it's estimated between the 14th and 17th) and I've already received the Asian Red/Black Soup Spoons to complete the set :) The only real worry is that something doesn't show up in time =..=' But, I'm being optimistic...I can panic later if I have to :)

Anywayz! Being the total selfish brat that I am, I did order a couple of things for myself... though most wont get here till after the first of the year... although I'm going to believe they estimate in the worst case scenario so that you're delighted when it shows up early. I got myself
The Complete Novels of Jane Austen (because it's about damn time), Divine Comedy (hey, it doesn't get more classic than this) and Warcraft: Death Knight ... because I really don't know very much about Death Knights, and I would very much like to. Perhaps I should've just e-mailed in to But Wait, there's Lore! and asked them.... ah well! So! The point is that I've taken care of everything... I think ... I only hope that I haven't forgotten something important.

Well, that's all for now! Later, Sunshines.

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orly? <..<

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PS: What does everyone think of the new signature? :D

Catching Up

2009-Apr-18, Saturday 04:30 pm
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/sigh. Gosh I suck. No postage for way too long. It’s almost been a week >..> and I cannot have two quiz spams side by side.

Uhhh, I had to order that charger from Amazon to get Makoto up and working. I mean, I tried just holding the charger in place and hoping it'd charge but, no dice. So, I finally have my charger :D It came in and Makoto is back to 100%. Thank you, :)

So! Let's see....I should probably make a list of things to discuss since it's been almost a week. Alicia and I met Tuesday night at
Uncommon Grounds. I busted my bum to get what little I have of my original story typed up properly and put into a folder so she could take it and read it. So far, her only problem is that there's so little of it =..= I'm hoping that if we keep meeting regularly, that I'll find some motivation to write more :) Lord knows, my original needs all the help it can get.

Hey, Scamp? How much of my original did I actually send to you o..o? I'm wondering if I actually have more now or if I sent it all to you...

You know something else that's been bothering me? I have been swinging for about 3 weeks or so now, and it still hurts to do it most of the time. I thought you were supposed to exercise for a time, and then your body would adjust to that and it wouldn't hurt to exercise >..> I have never enjoyed exercise. It's really hard to make yourself do something when you don't enjoy it. I enjoy swinging, and that is the only reason I've managed to stick with that exercise routine. Mom and I do want to get, like, yoga mats and weights with DVDs, and get some sort of exercise routine going. I mean, I've switched entirely to drinking water now, and I feel great, but I've got to get moving more often....and as much as I hate it, that means cardio -..- God, but I do hate cardio.

You really don't know frustration until you have to move. Or when you have to unpack...that's frustrating too. Especially when you have no power or water in your house...and no money. That sucks. Every day, I've been taking boxes and stuff over to my trailer and just stacking some of those boxes. Mom and I went over there today and started unpacking the kitchen....we agreed that all the pots and pans and dishes were dirty and would need to be cleaned before use =..= We also went to Target yesterday, and I got everything I need for my spare bathroom. I've never had a spare bathroom, so it was like, "What can I do there?" I didn't want to over do anything, but I still wanted it to be nice. Oh, and Mom and I unpacked all my clothes and put it in my enormous closet :) That was fun. We did sorta agree that there's no point in unpacking books or DVDs (the main mass of my things really). I mean, till I get those book shelves, my books have no place to go, and till I get a DVD cabinet, my DVDs have no place to go so....yeah. Kinda don't want them spread out all over the place.

It's weird to move and unpack, because you feel almost like you're getting presents when you remember everything that starts coming out of boxes. And you get all nostalgic because you're like, "Oh! This box is full of my movies!" or "Wow! I'd forgotten I had that!" even. It's just strange...good, but strange. The down-side, of course, is when you pull something out of the box and it's broken ;_; quite a few things have taken damage actually.

I've been working on Mom's Mother's Day gift for a while now. Every time I get the chance to stay home alone, I take it. What I'm doing is, I'm scanning as many old photos as I can find onto my log in on her new computer. I'm hoping that I can get a jump drive and transfer them all over the day before Mother's Day, and that'll be her Mothers Day gift :D I'm sure she'll love it, because she has no idea I'm doing it and she absolutely loves surprises. And plus that's something she's really been wanting to do, you know? Safeguard all her memories and such. So, shhh, don't tell anyone. But I've been working like a mad woman to get as much done as possible. It's not easy when the photos are not dated, and most of them aren't >..> Still, it's good to have them safe :)

Oh, our Trailer dude who sold us the trailer and moved it for us and all, he said that during every move a trailer takes some damage. So, we're supposed to take note of the things that are messed up inside the trailer and he'll fix them for us. So far, this is what I have...

1. The screen door has some damage to it on the outside.
2. The siding around the door is coming off in one spot.
3. The front door will not stay closed unless the deadbolt is locked.
4. The outside light fell off...we still don't know why o..o.
5. The floor in the kitchen is messed up, bowing slightly.
6. The joint in the kitchen has come away from the wall.
7. The recessed lighting in the kitchen is not sitting right.
8. The laminent near the stove and on the floor near the dishwasher is crackling.

Considering the hills and thrills they endured coming here, that's really a small list of things :) Every time I go into my trailer, I'm happy. I like how it looks inside, and it's just bare bones, so I know I'm going to enjoy it a lot whenever I actually can move in and put my stuff everywhere.

I haven't heard anything from my Twin recently...which is weird, since I re-sent her the letter that I'd e-mailed to the wrong place -..-' Dad and I were talking, and he figured since she's close to Atlanta, we might just get a round-trip ticket for me and I fly out :) That'd be really awesome. Oddly enough, Reiko has been so lonely lately, when I told her I'd be near Atlanta, she wanted to know if she could come to the wedding o..o' She was like, "I'll bring a gift! That's all that matters, right? The guests need to bring gifts! Atlanta's only 4 hours from here! And I can see you!" ...yeah...

Oh, speaking of Reiko. Like I said, she's been really lonely lately. Oddly enough, she has very few friends in NC, and since the army wives she does know have very little in common with her, she's actually transformed into the 'quiet one' of the bunch. I know o..o weird. But, I've been thinking how much I'd love to go to an anime con (not this year, but maybe next depending), and
Animazement is right there in Raleigh. If we want to get together again (and if we actually have money to attend), I could meet up with her and we could go there :) That'd be fun! And Mecha Con was such a blast.... cons really are the best way to get together :D I think. I mean, the Gathering with my Twin and then Mecha Con with Reiko. Both of them were a blast, and more so because of the company than because of the con. The Con's just a great excuse to get together and be crazy :)

Of course, I started looking up conventions close to me. The easiest for me would be the
Arkansas Anime looks pretty cheap for a con though (even if they're calling it a festival. It's $17 per day for adults who are pre-registered AND it's in Fayetteville... that's an hour and 40 minutes away (not to mention dirt cheap)! I mean, I know that there's also Kawa Kon (in Clayton, MO) and
Naka Kon (in Kansas City, Mo), but Fayetteville is just uber convenient.

....wouldn't it be awesome, if every couple of years my friends and I could just meet up at a con? I mean, we could take turns since we're all in different places, but each year one of us would have the con in our state/nearby, and we'd all just have a great excuse to go :3

...all that anime/friend talk being said...I really miss my Red vs. Blue =..= I wanted to buy
The Blood Gluch Chronicles after I'd given my individual DVDs to Reiko...but then the Rents told me I was moving so...yah.. And now! they have the new season, Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, out....and it's totally effin' awesome :D I mean, I've seen it all on the web site, but I really do have to have that <..< will be mine..

Meh....I've talked/typed enough...goodness, but did I ever type enough. I really can't think of anything more to say and...I'm wanting to relax a bit. I'll post again later, Sunshines :)



You Are Dusk

You are a naturally idealistic and creative person. You look forward to nights where everything is possible.

You spend most of your energy on play. Work is okay, but the true you emerges after the work day is done.

You're an offbeat type that doesn't like rules or schedules. Life's too short to waste at a desk in a cube.

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Yaviel Isilmiel

msmoon: (Gargoyles - Lex nerd)

The area we live in right now is under an ice-storm warning. Local officials have shut down pretty much everything for the day (schools, nonessential businesses, etc.), and warned everyone to be prepared. They’re expecting anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 inches of ice to fall, and that could mean downed power lines. Mom and I have gotten pretty much everything we could possibly need for this occasion. We have plenty of water and food and wood for the fire. We’ve charged up our cell phones as well, and cleaned and then filled my bath tub with water (just in case). Over all, we’re pretty set to hunker down and wait till Wednesday or Thursday...whenever the weather decides to brighten up a bit :)

In other news, this morning while we were watching the Food Network, a show came on that I’d never seen before in my life. But it was a show called Giada at Home and the only reason I kept watching it was because they showed some sort of sushi roll and someone in the back was saying “Doesn’t that look good?” Or something like that. And Mom was like, “Oh look, she’s gonna show you how to make sushi.” and know, I taped it (naturally). But the sushi she was making...well, it just didn’t thrill me. So, I did what I always do, turn to my dear friend Google. From my search I found 2 web sites:
Sushi Recipes and Sushi Links. From the Sushi Links place, I found the Sushi Magic Kit which looks fantastically awesome (it’s also awesomely fantastic :D), and that is now the top priority on my Asian Theme Wish List. Among the myriad of books in my Book Wish List, the one at the top of the list is Sushi For Dummies (for obvious reasons :D). Also, if you scroll down a little, you’ll see after all the sushi books the Where’s Waldo? The Complete Collection book XD Feel free to laugh, I usually goodness but I did love those books. has been a busy day. Mom didn’t sleep well, so she’s gone off to take a nap. I plan to stay in the living room for a while and hang the clothes up when they’re done...and make sure the fire does not go out. Other than that, it seems it will be a very slow, lazy day.

Last night, before I went to bed, I managed to upload a bunch of pictures to my
deviantART page. I now have 2 small galleries, one is Trees and the other is Sunset. I’m actually really happy with all of them. Sunset especially, but I did manage to get some really good shots of those trees in Bayou Blue. So, I’m happy with both.

....I really can’t think of anything else to write...Ice storm - check. Sushi obsession - check. Photos on deviant - check. Guess that’s everything. :) Later, Sunshines.



You Are a Playwright

You are a highly literate wordsmith. You love both reading and writing.

You are also a natural storyteller. You can turn a mediocre anecdote into a riveting tale.

You find people and all aspects of life fascinating. No topic is off limits for you.

In modern times, you would make a good filmmaker or novelist.


Yaviel Isilmiel

Just Keep Swimming

2008-Nov-20, Thursday 10:23 am
msmoon: (MM's Jellies!)

Welcome to the longest week of my life. Man, it’s just been insane. Work’s intense because I’m always tied to my screen for hours and taking random breaks only when it feels like my head will explode. Thank goodness it actually paid off, because I’m caught up quite a bit now. I’ve also been writing guides to tasks that only I do...that’s always fun.

I went out and got Scamp Saturday. The drive was fun, but my house was being whittled down little by little in the 4 hours it took. My parents had moved everything from upstairs into the shed and many of the things I just didn’t need as well. My mattress was on the floor downstairs. During the down-time we had when my parents were busy with...something else…Scamp and I exchanged birthday gifts! She loved her gifts and I was sooo happy! I got her the Hoard key chain and made it into a necklace, and I got her a Figure Print of Fallena! It was so awesome! And she loved it and stared at it in awe for a long long time. Scamp was...uh, a little disappointed when one of my gifts didn’t really work out. She and Bear had gotten me a beautiful necklace of an owl flying with a moonstone in it’s claws, but she’d also gotten me this tank that has fake jellyfish in it...but, the pump for the tank didn’t work so the jellyfish just sank to the bottom of the tank -..- so yeah, she was disappointed. I loved the necklace though! I told her, “I shall call him ‘Jareth’ and he shall be mine :-D!”. That night was miserable, because my dad’s snoring is unholy...and since we were all sleeping in the same room, that really came into play that night.

Sunday, after church, we all went to Subway. Tried that new Chicken Pizziola or whatever it’s wasn’t bad. Just…not something I’d go out of my way for. When we got home, Mom and Dad had packed up to leave for New Orleans, but the battery on Dad’s truck died. So he had to go to town and get a new one. But once that was done, Scamp and I were pretty much on our own. The geek fest began and much talking and giddy babbling commenced.

Monday was a little was just so intense after the more busy than usual weekend. Also, at this point, everyone’s panicked because they realize it’s my last week. Monday and Tuesday went by pretty much the same. I was so very very tired, and went home to talk more with Scamp and vaguely pay attention to Bones. We packed as much as we could, but even when we were doing that, we were talking so much it was like we weren’t working. My parents actually got back from N.O. that afternoon, but they were staying with my Aunt Carolyn for the night. And, yesterday, I canceled my DSL for the 20th, and then later that day, Scamp tells me that they unhooked the computer and packed the wires in a box =..= so’s the only way to post aside from Voice Post...which may happen tomorrow ^..^ Scamp managed to crank out some seriously awesome WoW fan fiction too. I dunno if it's cause we just talk about our character so much or because here she can relax a bit more or what, but it was awesome! And just in time too, because my parents showed up to pack everything just after she finished =..=

Oh! And I found something I desperately wanted. I’ve been wanting a mac for so long, but I can’t afford it. Aaaand, I’d been wanting to get a lap top too, because…well, sometimes I shut my computer off and late at night I get ideas to write...and I’d just like to have a laptop. Especially since my Dad was saying there are two colleges in the town and I might go back to college again o..o But anyway! I looked on to see if there were any good laptops that weren’t too highly priced. Well, I found a pretty awesome
MacPro...and it’s about $700 (yes, it’s considered used, but it’s ‘Like New’ so I’m sorta ok with that!), which for a Mac is really awesome! So, I was thinking of saving up my next two checks as much as possible (which is what I’d be doing anyway) and spending my money on that...Merry Christmas to Me, you know? It’d be nice...

Oh, and last night, after class, everyone had a little party for me with this awesome cake and everything! It was funny because they gave me the cutting knife, and I sorta twirled the handle a bit so that the point was facing downward and just stabbed in the center of the cake, and everyone who was watching went, “Whoa!” After we ate and went over to join the others that were sitting about, C.J. asked me “So, did you get any more s words?” and I was like, “S words? Like…Salamander? Or...Sincere?” and he was like, “No! Swords!” and I was like. “oh....” only a minute later did I get S Words put together equals Swords...kinda like Flo Rida, put together is Florida. Yeah -..- I was tired. But yeah. I told him that I’d found the
Halo Sword on Amazon...and that I had a whole Wish List dedicated to various swords and weapons...he was thrilled, but I’m not quite sure why O..o Funny how it amazes me to meet someone just as geeky as I a place where I thought I knew how everyone already was before. Reiko comes over. The girls said that they’re treating me to Zen’s (well, they said it was my choice so booya :-D.). There are still things to worry about...but I kinda don’t want to anymore. I’m so tired and I can’t. So I’m just going to give the girls at work their Christmas/Going Away presents and have fun and enjoy my last few days here. I even brought my camera today to mark the occasion. I don’t have enough pictures of the girls as far as I’m concerned. So that’s all I’m worried about today. I do still need a change of address form, and to talk to my Edward Jones guy, but I’m thinking that’s something I might be able to squeeze in today and tomorrow. I’ll just have to check. But I refuse to worry about it.

I guess I’m off again. I was taking a little brain break because in the little time I’ve had sitting down I manage to get 7 pages of stats done =..= I can’t wait till 5. So, I’m off again, Sunshines.


Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Supernatural - Drama!)

Holy Crow, and Super Pig! S’been a while…um, updates are…Ike was terrible in the way the Rita was terrible. Gustav and Ike were very much like Katrina and Rita. Gustav had terribly high winds and storm surge, but Ike had a storm surge too! And the rain! Half of my backyard was underwater. My yard almost dried up, but then more rain came yesterday…so yeah. Back to the mud pit takes on a whole different meaning.

Power, running water and internet…we have that, but no cable still. Some people have gotten it back, but my cable’s pretty much been out since the 1st. There’s nothing to really do about it, because the crews are working as hard as they can and as fast as they’s just an annoying dilemma. I totally missed the first episode of Supernatural, and I’m hesitant to buy it on iTunes...I bought all of season 3 on iTunes, and even if it made it easy for me to catch the episodes I missed, I still was a little less enthusiastic about the 3rd seasons box set when I actually got it. I haven’t gotten the second season of Heroes yet either (trying to save money) either…I know I’m going to miss the third season opener – or at least I’m preparing myself for that since I don’t think I’ll have cable by then. /sigh. what a mess these hurricanes are.

I finally placed an order with the other day (I had a $24 gift certificate too…which…I don’t understand, but thanks to whoever got that for me!). So now, my list of gifts has included Scamp’s Birthday and Christmas presents (which I’ve had for a long time now), Part of Dad’s Christmas present, Jen-Lyn’s birthday and Christmas presents (I got more than one, so I just figure I’ll call them both) and Chibi’s Birthday Present. I still need to buy Christmas presents for Mom, Chibi and Reiko...But, I’m working on it.

Big dent in my money – Reiko called me yesterday saying she’d found a shop in New Orleans (or somewhere) that had her perfect wedding dress and perfect bride’s maid dresses. I needed to call them, before 4 pm that day, and give them my measurements in order to not have a rush order and pay $40 more. Oh, and of course, it’s my job to throw the bachelorett party…which would be just fine if that meant that I had to invite girls over, decorate my house, and put on Supernatural, but I have this bad feeling that Reiko will want alcohol involved, and I’m not up on buying booze so…yeah. I may just buy the decorations I was looking at and tell everyone BYOB if you must. Pull out the futon and air mattresses and let everyone sleep over…….oh, also, I’m designing her wedding invitations. I’ve done it before, but never someone who was so important to me. I really hope I can give her what she wants.

Dad finally came in from offshore. What a fiasco that was. I’ve never hated a company so much in my whole life. He had been told to drive to Lafayette, LA when Lafayette was being evacuated thanks to Gustav, right? Well, they rerouted him to Houston, TX, and flew him out to Mexico from there. When he come in, they brought him to New Orleans, then fueled up the plain again to fly him to Memphis, TN (Quoi?) and then back to Lafayette, LA, where he had to catch a hot-shot drive to Houston, TX………….WTF, People!? Seriously! Is that not crazy? He finally called me around 10 pm Monday night saying that he was safely at his truck in Houston, and that he’d be driving over to my place. I told him I’d leave the door unlocked for him. It’s a good thing I did, because he didn’t get in till about 3 am.

He spent the next two days helping me buy some groceries (my fridge was virtually bare), mowing the lawn, fixing busted pipes, and mending the roof to both our houses. I mentioned to him about this printer I’ve been having my eye on. It’s the
Kodak EasyShare 5500, which I’d seen advertised one day. Sure it’s a great printer and everything, but what really got me interested in it was the fact that the black ink cartridge is $9.99 and the color is like $14.99 – together you can get them for $22.99. And that’s an amazing savings right there. Plus it’s a superior printing product. So, after I’d told him about it (Because I knew Mom needed a new printer too) he says, “Well, you’ve got my credit card. Why don’t you just put it on the credit card and buy that?” So that’s my birthday present from my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

A couple of nights ago, I read a lot of the Twilight saga before bed. Then I had a dream about it...and it wouldn’t go away. So, I decided to write a Twilight fan fic…Which is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. If only I could channel my inspiration and just work on my original story! But, alas! I must write within a world of hot vampires and werewolves…../sarcasm. woe unto me. I’m surprised at how quickly it’s coming though...maybe because I’m making myself get into the characters and stare at the computer screen…really flushing out what I want from this story and who the characters are and all that jazz. I have 2 chapters and one’s all small stuff…but then again that last little fic I wrote about my and my cousin’s WoW characters was small too….maybe I’m expecting too much of myself. Maybe I should focus on smaller chapters. /shrug. who knows. Either way, at least my creativity is going and not dead.

Work’s been work….it has actually been somewhat bearable if only because it’s all-consuming. I work on a mountain of files and don’t notice what time it is for hours. I find myself saying things like, “Whoa…it’s already 12 (3, 5)?” It’s actually pretty awesome. Oh, and you know what else is awesome? For the week of the 1st through the 5th (you know, when Gustav hit and power was out and all that?) my boss is paying us without taking away from our vacation/sick time. How cool is that? My bosses rock.

….what else is there to talk about? Hmm….well, I finally got back on WoW the other night…well, night before too. I got together with my cousin and we did some RP. But last night, I took Agaruwen to ….wherever she was before I stopped playing =..= I don’t even remember the name of the place! I might’ve played for about an hour...just doing the quests she had and all. But without anyone there to talk to, it’s sort of boring, wasn’t long before I called it a night. Still. At least I’m playing a bit.

…Kinda feel a little pleased with myself. I woke up this morning, put on a pot of coffee, swept my kitchen, washed the dishes and set the clothes to washing….now, I really should go and have some breakfast =..=

Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

P.S. Most awesomest icon EVER! Dramatic Dean – dun dun dun!!!!

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Hello from

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'em! That's what I'm talkin about! Thank you,!
/clears throat. I mean, uh. Yeah...thanks =..=

Harvest Moon


msmoon: (Supernatural - Happiness)
The good news…is that I learned never to assume that someone has done what they said they would do, just because they said they’d do it. The bad news is...I still have no internet (and more importantly WoW). Mom had said when they got in from their trip (sometime late week before last) that she would call Bell South and ask if they could come out Saturday the 23rd and install a phone jack in my house so I could have the high speed service. I thought she’d taken care of calling them and gotten that seen to…but then I realized on Friday (the 22nd) that I had yet to hear anything about it. So I called her on my cell and asked and of course, she had not called them. I advised her to do so as soon as she could and she did. They will be coming out to my house….March 4th. So I will be waiting till then as patiently as I can.

In other news, I went to Reiko’s yesterday. And other than J10 being a tad under the weather, it was a very pleasant visit. Mom had loaned me her GPS (till my TomTom comes in. Yes, I’m so bad with directions my parents bought me a TomTom), and I have to say…it wasn’t very effective. I typed in Reiko’s address and it said it had no record of the street -..- I don’t know how to go about updating that either…so, I pretty much had to go off my memory of getting there (which, other than a small 20 minute detour towards Gramercy, worked perfectly!)

When I got there, we all went to Ponchatoula and walked the streets looking at the sights (aka Antiquing). We got hungry and went to a little deli they had there, which was great. I bought lunch since they were kind enough to invite me along. We walked around and there was a sign that said there was a butterfly garden 3 blocks down the street. So we walked 3 (very long) blocks down the street, only to find that it was closed. By the time we walked 3 blocks back to the main drag we were very hot. I saw a sign that said “Daiquiris” and Reiko said something about it’d been a while since she’d had a strawberry daiquiri and I said I’d get her one. This spawned a little argument between Reiko and J10 about which shop they’d previously been in, which caused us walking from shop to shop…it was tedious, but when we finally got our daiquiris it was heaven! They were virgin of course (because she was driving and I don’t want to get sick…or in a wreck) but they were awesomeness. As the drinks are being made and I’m about to pay for them I look at Reiko and say “Well, last time I came here I took you two to the movies and now I’ve bought you lunch and drinks…next date we might just get to first base and be an official ménage à trios.” Which disturbed J10 to no ends since…well, Reiko and I met at church. We both thought it was hilarious (as we have joked about our “relationship” for a long long time now).

We went back to their place and Reiko and I watched the end of Supernatural season 1 while J10 tried to sleep because he was still feeling terrible. Reiko seems to have gotten really hooked on that show, which I’m pleased about. It just gives us all (she, Chibi and I) something more to talk about. Common ground is always good. But J10 couldn’t sleep so he decided to shower and go in to work early…

A little after he left, Reiko turned to me and asked if I wanted to go to Baskin Robins Of course when a question about Baskin Robins comes up, the answer is usually “Hell yeah!”. The drive was maybe 15 minutes, but it was soooo worth it! We got waffle cones with chocolate (she had sprinkles) and on the way back, we got so messy! I’m laughing at her because at some point she’s like “Holy crap! It’s leaking! No, not on my wallet! Why, Mrs. Sprinklecone! Why!?” I started laughing at her till I realized that I had some dripping going on as well..right into my lap. We started devouring our treats as quick as possible, which was quite a feat for me as I was driving and all. This only ended up making us more of a mess... She decided to take pictures of us trying to quickly eat these huge waffle cones with ice crème flavors oozing out once we finally got home. I think my pics were the best because I was not afraid of chocolate all over my face! It was great though. Then, after watching a bit of Dressed to Kill with Eddie Izzard, I realized it was 7 and I really needed to go before it got too late. It’s basically 1 hour and 44 minutes away (91.6 miles according to Google) depending on traffic so I knew I’d be home a little late. Still the GPS had no problem finding my address (which is something I didn’t need since I knew the way home just fine!) and I was home by 8:45.

All in all…one damn good day. Even if I am flat broke now. What else do we make money for anyway?...I wonder if there’s a Baskin Robins nearby...Ah well.

Anyway. My parents gave me the money to order a TomTom, which I did from Amazon. Of course, no order of mine is ever so simple. No, no. Altogether, I ordered the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Signature Series Guide, X-Men(tm) Legends Official Strategy Guide, Online World of Warcraft Binder, Devil Does Exist, The: Volume 3, Return to Labyrinth Volume 1, Return to Labyrinth Volume 2, Shrek 2 soundtrack, AND the TomTom. I’m a happy bunny. Of course, I did use Super Saver shipping, which means I can expect it within 2 weeks of ordering it =..= I also finally ordered the final part of Reiko’s birthday gift. And all of this…explains exactly why I’m flat broke. It’s a damn good thing I make sure my bills are paid first, no? I think I have a spending problem…I’ll crack down on that eventually.

Other than that…nothing special is going on. I guess I’ll clock back on and get back to work. Later, Sunshines.


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Harvest Moon

Weekend Washout...

2007-Nov-26, Monday 02:04 pm
msmoon: (BC - You gotta be kidding)
26 years old…That’s how old the pipes to my hot water heater are. You know the biggest problem with fixing something that old is? At least for my Dad. You never can just take stuff apart and put it back together, expecting it to work better than it did when you hadn’t touched it. I spent most of Friday afternoon, helping Dad mop up in the back room and hastily moving everything as far away from the hot water heater as I could. Then, once Dad had “fixed” it, I came to survey everything. “Do you hear something?” I asked. The pipes inside the wall were leaking =..= So, Dad had to pull a part of the outside paneling off to tend to those pipes. Now he’s saying he’s going to replace those pipes. So, that’s what he’s doing today…replacing pipes =..=

Then, Saturday night, don’t ask me how this happened because I’ve no idea. But, I was trying to jump up and swat something off of my lights that were hanging from my beams. Well, I don’t know how it happened but I hurt my left shoulder. I mean…bad. There was no comfortable position to favor it in, it was just serious pain. Well, I’ve sorta resolved that it’s going to hurt and if it doesn’t get better by morning I’ll have to talk to Mom and Dad about going to a doctor or something. Anyway. I went to lie down in bed and read a bit. Then after a while, I realized I needed to get something I roll out of bed….and accidentally slam my (hurt) shoulder against the wall. It was like a huge bruise and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. But then, I rotated my shoulder…and it felt fine. It felt great! I was so happy because the pain was gone!...and then I was like. ..”….wha? O..o’” when I talked it over with my Dad, he said I probably popped my shoulder out of socket and ramming into the wall put it back into place…I told Scamp about it and she agreed, to which I crowed “I’m Xena!”

Oh yeah, I went to Scamp’s yesterday (Sunday). I figured, I probably wouldn’t feel up to driving over there Wednesday (on her actual Birthday) to give her her presents, so it’s be better if I just went down early. I took the camera and recorded her opening her gifts, which she loved. We (Dad and I) couldn’t stay for too long, but we did manage to stay for a little while and talk. But then it was back home. We drove over there, and all the way it rained terribly. The way back wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t clear either.

And over my lunch break, I spent the time revising my Manga Wish List. I only have 2 pages of Manga up there, but it occurred to me that both The Devil Does Exist and W Juliet have been completed, so I could add all of them and put them in order on my wish list. Of course that made me check to see how many Fruits Basket editions were available and putting them up there and in order. Along with placing the two most important sets Return to Labyrinth and Alice 19th at the very beginning of the list. I already own the first 4 volumes of Alice 19th, 3 volumes of Fruits Basket, and 2 volumes of the Devil Does Exist. I really need to get W Juliet...and buy all of that and DDE. /sigh. There’s lots of stuff I need to do, it seems. I should probably tell my parents to just get me a gift certificate to Amazon for Christmas =..= That I will definitely go to good use.

Ohh…lunch break is almost over…I hurt. My back hasn’t been letting me sit easily. I think it might be this stupid chair. It’d figure. Oh well. Back to work I go. Later, Sunshies.



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Yes I am! My chibi-Christmas Tree is already up and decorated! I cannot wait to decorate the rest of my house/livingroom! Though I have a feeling Mom may resent me for never participating in decorating for Christmas back when I was at her house =..='

Harvest Moon

A Lunch Update

2007-Nov-13, Tuesday 01:19 pm
msmoon: (RVB - Caboose Hamster)
I have not been writing as much as I usually do. It seems weird not to post every few days or so about absolutely nothing…but then I kinda realized that I was posting about nothing and no one cared. So it sort of took the joy out of it. As a result though, it feels like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. I never check/send e-mails anymore and all I do is work…yeah, yeah, I know that technically I am supposed to be working at work, but I used to take brain breaks and check e-mail and stuff. Not now. No. I no longer care, because there’s nothing worth typing about. Leastwise, nothing anyone else would care about.

So, what causes this post? Well, a few things come to mind. I’ve completely updated ruby_unicorn. My private journal is now paid for. I figured it was only $19+ for a year, and I was always getting frustrated that I couldn’t do as much as I liked with it. Now I have my own mood theme and I’ve changed the layout a bit. I guess I need to find more Unicorn Icons =..=

Reiko called me last week asking if she could dump all her anime, manga and wall art with me. She’s moving to Hammond soon with her new boyfriend, and she doesn’t have room for all that stuff. She knows how well I take care of my stuff, so I guess she just figured she’d rather it be with me. I intend to go out and buy a big plastic bin to put it in, because the box is not moth/rodent/pest proof. I’ll put that away in my little nook closet…just as soon as I’ve gone through it all ^..^ I would talk about the new boyfriend, but there’s a lot that I’ve been sworn to secrecy on. So that’ll come later in ruby_unicorn.

For the last three weeks I’ve been writing out a scene. A few nights a week and every weekend I take time and write a bit onto it. It’s so long, I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut a lot of it. But I’ll type it all out first and then take a red pin to it. Unfortunately, it isn’t a scene that happens right away in the story, but that’s ok, because I’ve noticed that the last two things have some things that need work on them. I’ll be editing that too =..= It’s times like this that I’m thankful and yet hate my OCD. As soon as this scene works itself out of my system, I’ll start working on the story as it goes. But right now, this scene is demanding to be written now.

As of now…I have no idea where we are on the commission I requested. I haven’t heard anything, so I assume it’s in progress. There are 4 portraits after all. It will take time. I just don’t want to not talk about it and then one day say “It’s Finished!” and everyone wonder what the hell I’m talking about. And maybe I’m a tad bit on the anxious side to see how the pictures turn out.

I actually bought something that wasn’t furniture, decorations or gifts from Amazon recently. I got the special edition of Blue Submarine No. 6, which I loved btws. I wish there was an actual series, because the world it takes place in is so vast and interesting. And I got Supernatural: Nevermore, The "Supernatural" Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls, and Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 1…I was actually surprised by how good they were. I was expecting the usual “Guide to WhateverFandom” with a big book and large pictures on glossy pages and a little text about stuff I already know...but these are actual books, with detailed descriptions and lore and all sorts of crap that I just did not expect (but love to death). I also ordered the 3rd and 4th volume of Alice 19th, but that hasn’t come in yet.

Well, all my Christmas looking is done. I have picked out everything that I want to get everyone. Hopefully with my next pay check, I can manage to buy some, if not all, of it. But I really have to be careful. Between bills and groceries (and Misc expenses like clothes and stuff) money isn’t always freely flowing. Luckily I did have some saved up. But still. It never hurts to be careful.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. And this has been another productive lunch post ^..^ Talk to ya’ll later, Sunshines.


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Patience Winslow


Harvest Moon

Cranky Customer

2007-Sep-12, Wednesday 12:05 pm
msmoon: (MMEQ - Scruffy)
I really shouldn’t post now, because I’m somewhat cranky. It’s never a good idea to post when you’re not happy because then you rant about everything. And I hate it when I complain too much. So, I’m gonna try and get the ranting out of my system and then go on to the good things that are happening…I’ll try.

...I’m not so certain that I want to preorder anything from any more. I mean, I expected for my Bones and Supernatural to be paid for, packaged and sent out yesterday. It came out yesterday, why is it so difficult to do all that? But, I keep checking back, and even though I’ve paid for both, the estimate when I will get them is between September 24 – 28...I could go to Target and get it right now and just take it home. /nod nod nod. And I know they try to overestimate it just so that they’re never late in delivering…but come on! My plan of anticipation has been shot to hell now. I can’t anticipate it if it’s gonna be so far away. That would just be exhausting. Oh...on the other hand, the first thing I’ll be watching in the Nexus will be those things ^..^ so I guess that’ll be the only good part =..=

So, Mom and I were feeling like crap all weekend so we did nothing constructive (other than the limited amount of shopping). Mom was feeling a little better yesterday during the early morning, but she said she quickly began feeling worse as the day went on. She thinks she’s dehydrating, so she stocked up on Gatorade while she was at the store with Aunt Batty. Consequently, she hasn’t been able to sweep and mop in the Nexus like she wanted to. I told her, if you sweep today I’ll mop it when I get home. I probably should’ve done both, but when I suggested that she said no. So we compromised.

Now, some good stuff. Last night, Mom was trying to find some inexpensive African style decorations for the African style room that she’s helping out with at Church for their missionary thing. (I’ve yet to receive a call btw.) And so we found 3 really pretty vases that were nice and not too expensive. And then she says “I want to buy you something too. What’s something you want?” At first she wanted to get those glasses I wanted, but thank God I ordered them because that would’ve been too expensive. She ended up getting me this Japanese Calabash sake set. I had wanted to get that as a decoration for my room for God knows how long, and I just haven’t gotten it yet. So she bought that for me along with her vases. How sweet is that?

Also, according the USPS tracking, my first shipment of glasses should be out for delivery now. Happiness.

I started watching Joyce Myer in the mornings. I enjoy her style of preaching if only because it’s very real and practical and she manages to pull it all off without sounding pious. Heck, sometimes she’s down-right hilarious. And for some odd reason, listening to her makes me wish I were a better person.

I may call Mom and see how she’s doing. I’m just waiting on my crab soup from Castalano’s...after I eat that, I’ll call her.

That’s all I got so far. I’ll write later, Sunshines.



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Purrrfect ^..^

Harvest Moon


2007-Sep-10, Monday 10:09 am
msmoon: (Firefly - Shiny)
Yesterday I got lights and glasses. Behold:


That’s all I have time for now. Just had to share. Tootles!



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Harvest Moon

Obssessive Much? Nah!

2007-Sep-07, Friday 08:24 pm
msmoon: (Obsessions)
Ok, so I promised that I wouldn’t spend too much this check, if only just to make sure that if Mom needed help, I’d have it for her. But that didn’t mean I had to just not buy anything. So I went ahead and pre-ordered Transformers, even though it doesn’t come out till October 16. I just saw that it was available for order...and had the money. So yeah. I figured why not.

Of course when you take a look the new movie you bought, you end up looking at the other new movies soon to come out. Oh, of course you don’t mean to, but feels it necessary to show you all the ways they can take your money. Kind of them to provide such a service, no? Anyway, I managed to spy Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End, but that doesn’t come out till December 4, so I’m thinking of just buying that and Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest in one package. Also there was Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer (October 2, 2007) because I’m just a die-hard fan like that, and Spider-Man 3 (October 30, 2007). Both good movies…just not as important for some odd reason...

In other news, I have watched all of Heroes – Season 1...zomg. I’m so glad that I decided to buy that early on before the second season came out so that now I can watch the second season and not feel left in the dark. This coming Tuesday, both Bones – Season 2 and Supernatural – Season 2 come out. I cannot contain myself. I actually didn't get the chance to see all the episodes in the seasons, so I'm excited to see new things and memorize old things...and then memorize the new things till they're old ^..^ Luckily I will have that to distract me from the commotion that has become my house. In fact, I intend to focus all of my energy on anticipating and then watching those two things, just so that when the whole floor laying stuff’s going on, I won’t implode from excitement. That is the plan…let us hope that I stick with it ^..^

Ah well, I’m off to watch more Heroes until 10/9c when The Soup will be on. I missed Joel last week ;_; sad panda.

Goodnight, Sunshines!

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Harvest Moon

Trying to be Girly today

2007-Aug-25, Saturday 11:03 pm
msmoon: (Trying to give a damn...)
I think, from now on, I should probably either post about my day, or about what’s going on in my brain...but not both. Because then I get giant post that’s all over the place. This one is gonna be about my day, because I actually did stuff...and because emotions are so all over the place right now that I really just don’t want to get into my emotions and explaining them.

So, my day. I woke up late, because I always do on a Saturday. But, when I was so awake that I couldn’t go back to sleep, I got up. Then I fixed a big breakfast for myself. I made two eggs over easy, two pieces of toast with butter and apple jelly, and some strops of bacon along with coffee. I ate breakfast slowly, debating over what I should do since, I didn’t really have anything set for the day. I called my Mom on the cell to see what was up with my Dad, since she’d left Thursday afternoon for Lafayette hoping to pick him up sometime Friday. She hadn’t slept well, because she expected him to call at any time. She said if I was bored, I could go to town and look around at stuff.

So, I decided that was probably the best idea, since it would kill quite a bit of time. And I needed to get gas in my car (I always run it to about a quarter of a quarter of a tank ^..~). I made a list of all the things that I get constantly, then I decided to add groceries to the list like dish washing detergent and 409 and such, then I thought I should add food to it too (so you can see it became a huge list). And I had this idea that I’d go to town and price stuff and see how much my grocery bills might be. Then I had this great idea to go to Pet Smart (where Reiko works) and price pet stuff!..The list is still here on the desk because I gave up after Pet Smart =..=’

So, forgetting the whole list, I headed out of PetSmart and over to Target. I looked at different furniture just because that’s something I enjoy. I also looked at their selection of glasses, because I had seen some that I really liked on Amazon, but I wanted to look around and make sure if there wasn’t anything else I liked better that would be cheaper. I didn’t find anything I liked, and I knew that I needed to at least get one new pair of shoes, so I looked at their shoes. Didn’t find anything that I liked, even though I took 30 minutes looking to make sure. I really don’t like shopping around with tons of people there though...I should shop on weekdays...but I consoled myself by browsing the movies. I got The Count of Monte Cristo and The Holiday and for just $10 too. That was great. I also go the first and second season of The Girls Next of my few guilty pleasures.

I then went to Wal-Mart and spent another 45 minutes looking at shoes...with no luck. By now, the only good thing was score more DVDs and I had sore feet and I was really tired of town. So, I trekked it over to Sam’s where I got some gas and then headed home. I was really getting hungry by now too, so it was just time to go home. Although, I was a little upset that I didn’t just get all the Star Wars movies…but I knew I’d go over my budget if I did. So. Sad panda. But…eventually.

Anyway, I started watching the first season of the Girls and started in on the second when Mom and Dad finally got home! So, I took a break to eat with them and give Dad a hug and all and we watched the DVD that Aunt Batty gave us with the pictures from their Colorado trip. But we didn’t watch much because Dad was so tired and all. And now it’s bed time...wich is just after shower time ^..^ I so cannot wait till the next season of Red Vs. Blue comes out.

Well, I guess that’s all for today. I tried to be a normal girl today and shop for shoes (that rawk) but I couldn’t pull it off…I think I’ll enjoy the DVDs more ^..^ Goodnight, Sunshines.



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You never stretch yourself too thinly, and you think out your decisions carefully.

Taking the time to enjoy each day is important to you, and you don't let your emotions rule you.

You stay the course and do what's right... knowing it will all work out in the end.

At your best, you are tolerant and understanding of other people's quirks.

You take "go with the flow" to the extreme. Even if you don't like where you're going.

At your worst, you repress your feelings and end up being a little tightly wound.

You definitely have some explosive emotions that occasionally come to the surface!


Harvest Moon

msmoon: (Firefly - Messy), yesterday had its ups and downs. I did manage to write a bit last night (plus). The AC froze up and then proceeded to leak all, so we either had to have it off or keep it on 80 (big freakin minus). So..yeah. Oh, and I kicked off bloody hell with (Mi~nus)...Mom and I did stay home from church though, so it’s not like I had to endure that surrounded by people (plus).

I did have a Star Wars marathon (plus). It made me want to get everything on DVD. I still only have my brother’s old VHS tapes. /nod nod nod I have the box set of the wide screen original Star Wars movies and then the three prequels on my wish list...I just haven’t gotten around to getting it. I feel ashamed...I had a good reason though! I was waiting to see if they’d release a uber-cool collection with all of the movies and tons of extras and interviews from all of the movies and actors and I had a good reason, they just didn’t deliver like I wanted them to. /pout.

I did write move onto the first chapter though (big honkin’ plus!). It wasn’t much, and it’s far from done, but every time I say I’ve written, it isn’t much and it’s not close to maybe soon it’ll be enough and done. I just have to keep at it. It was weird too (not that that’s much of a surprise…). Last night, I had a hankering to watch Sailor Moon I dug out Sailor Moon ~ Sailor Stars and started watching it...but then I was writing at the same time o..o’ Don’t ask me why, but having something engaging on the TV that I’ve already seen kinda helped. Maybe I just need background noise and since I’d already shut off my computer (because it gives off such excess heat, you wouldn’t not believe).

Oh, and Mom brought some boudin back from her trip with Grandmere Calla. It’s so funny, because I guess I just thought everyone knew what boudin was. So I’m telling my Twin that my cousin’s parents came to pick up Josh and they brought boudin. And she says…”Who’s Boudin?” ROFLMAO!!! I’m like “….uh…Boudin is a food. It’s something you eat =.=” And I couldn’t really describe it to her. But they do have it on wikipedia, see: Boudin. So it is real, and I’m not crazy (at least not because of that). And it’s no where near as gross as it sounds. I swear. I’m addicted to it. In fact, I had some for lunch.

Oh! Mom and I started ”Cooking with Clara”! She decided to make a corn soup, and I filmed her on Zeiss. It was great to do it, because it isn’t hard (as long as you have everything to make what you want to make) and she’s really good at telling you how to make things. She just doesn’t write anything down. So, this is a great way to take notes on how to makes things. She’s always after me for not being in the kitchen more, but I’m a precise person that needs recopies in front of me. She goes by “dashes” and “sprinkles” and just feeling the food out. I need measurements. So this is a way for her to show me how to do stuff whenever I want her to. ^..^ Plus, as she said, it’ll be a great keep-sake after she’s kicked the bucket. Kinda morbid, I know, but she’s the one that brought it up. She was like, “See you’ll have this long after I’m dead, and you’ll be sad and cry but you’ll have your soup!” and I’m like, “ O..o’ uh, yeah, Mom, and I won’t have to use salt because of my tears =..=”

Party never stops at MM’s house. But yeah, that’s the news. I haven’t turned on my computer since turning it off yesterday afternoon. I don’t want to heat up my room too much. Mom said that AC dude is suspposed to come over sometime this afternoon...which could mean anything 1 to 6 right? =..= Joy. We may end up sleeping in the Nexus, depending on how hot it gets out. Luckily it is cooler at night. Zowell. I gotta go clock back in now. Later, Sunshines.


You Are a Believer

You definitely believe in God - and you're very unwavering in your religious beliefs.
In fact, religion and spirituality are definitely big parts of your life.
Religion shapes how you view right and wrong, as well as the decisions you make.
It's hard for you to imagine how your life would be without your beliefs.

Harvest Moon

Scheaming and Dreaming

2007-Aug-16, Thursday 12:36 pm
msmoon: (RVB - Caboose Hamster)
Phew! Man did I scare myself silly yesterday. Ok, I started feeling better towards the end of the day (Plus), and I decided to go and get Mom’s birthday present since she’s away (Plus), but then I remembered that I didn’t have any wrapping paper (Minus). So, after work, I hurried over to Target and got 3 rolls of wrapping paper and make up (because I was almost out. Plus!). Then, I run over to McDonnald’s for my supper that night and lunch today (minus =..=). Then I run to Sam’s and buy Mom her Wolfgang Puck 18 pc. Cookware Set (Plus/Minus). Then I rushed home to wrap it. I was almost done when Mom called and told me she was home with Aunt Annie and after a good night’s sleep, she’d be heading home (Plus).

Ya’ll, I didn’t even post about the weather that happened here Monday. It was so bad. It was just Dena and Me that day. Lori had to leave to see her daughter’s teacher (first day of school ^..^). So, it gets really dark, and Lori had just installed a blind so that we wouldn’t have to worry about over-heating or glare. Well, it got dark outside, and then we hear it raining really really bad out. So, we open the blinds so that we can see the weather and all. The wind is whipping so hard, that it’s like a solid horizontal wall of rain whipping around the building. The power went out twice and then Trevor (our PT down stairs) comes up and looked in our storage. Then he announces that the rain had pushed the windows in a bit and water was now dripping down into the wall O..O; Freaky.

I was so upset...I ordered that beautiful TV stand from the first vendor and they canceled on me. Then I reordered it from the second vendor...and they canceled on me. Now there isn’t one and I kinda felt strapped for time. So, I went ahead and setteled on this Splendor-TV Stand. It’s nice, though not very much like the original one I wanted….still, it’s a cheap option that doesn’t suck.

I had said that I’d like to buy those BookWyrms...but I realize that I’m not going to be able to for a while. I was looking at the two main sites that I usually buy from (Amazon & Pyramid) and I have big orders that I want to make next check and I’ve no idea if I’ll even have the money for it. There’s just too much that I want to get from other places, and it’s more stuff that I need/want for decoration or necessity.

Ok, from Pyramid Collection, I want to get the Shipwreck Framed Print ($79.95), Dragon Creamer and Sugar Set ($19.95), and the Dragon Cell Phone Caddy ($24.95). A total of $124.85 and with tax and shipping it’ll probably be closer to $140ish. So there’s that.

Then there’s Amazon, I want to get a Bamboo Tabletop Fountain ($23.99), two Hokkaido Japanese End Table Nightstand Shoji Lamp ($79.77x2), the Bamboo Collection Coaster Set ($9.99), and since the costers are sold by amazon, I figured I’d get something else for myself just so I could get super saver shipping…like Supernatural: Nevermore ($7.99) and The Girls Next Door - Season 1 ($16.99)….don’t judge me.

So, all together that probably comes to about $385, and that’s just a rough guess. So my beautiful BookWyrms will have to wait. A lot of things are gonna have to wait. But it won’t be forever. I can’t wait till I’ve got everything situated and I can just buy stuff for pleasure’s sake (like books and dvds and stuffs). Oh well. I also can’t wait till I become rich (or well-off enough) and I can sleep till 9 every morning. That’s a real fantasy. Oh well. Back to work now. Later, Sunshines.



You are Ready to Date Again

If you're not out there already, you should be.
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Harvest Moon


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