2014-Mar-03, Monday 12:22 pm
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On March 1, B and I embarked on a journey into the unknown on the suggestion of two of our teachers. We were not disappointed, as our adventure gained a sense of kinship with our fellow warriors, and even a bit of loot :3

Package of Love

2014-Mar-02, Sunday 07:42 pm
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We got a package in the mail from my lovely cousin :D There was much glitch and squeeing :3

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First up, and even though I'm pretty sure you guys can guess which of these is false, I enjoyed the chance to give it a go :3
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This video is horrible because of Lokitty....that's my story & I'm sticking with it.

(no subject)

2014-Feb-10, Monday 10:13 am
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You know, I never thought I'd get to tally the second coming of Christ in a video....

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There's a ton of things that I do that I don't think I need to do anymore, and there are things that I do that I think I should continue to do.

Encouragement Videos

Encouragement for MsMoon:

Encouragement for MovieMoose:

Encouragement for B~Bear:

Encouragement for ATG:

Encouragement for Glitch:

February Freeze

2014-Feb-02, Sunday 03:04 pm
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So, we woke up to a frigid surprise this morning. We were on our way to church, and got a call that there was no church we decided to keep ourselves productive by stocking up on a few groceries...

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It's Monday, it's Theme Week, and it's time for some encouragement!

140120 - School Daze

2014-Jan-20, Monday 08:32 pm
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I hope everyone else is enjoying this down time as much as I am!

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So, it turns out most messages from the past are completely pointless and unhelpful...

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Just a table full of friends playing Cards Against Humanity :3 What could happen?

Poster Project

2014-Jan-08, Wednesday 08:44 pm
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I've got a few artistic projects going...but first, the easiest!

18 Hour Madness

2014-Jan-07, Tuesday 08:38 pm
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Trip. Must. Home. For Aslan.

Now & Again

2014-Jan-02, Thursday 08:30 pm
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First check-in if 2014!...things and…stuff.

MI13 - Day 5

2013-Dec-30, Monday 08:27 pm
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MI13 - Day 3

2013-Dec-28, Saturday 08:23 pm
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We finally ventured forth...but not for long. We were going to do more...but then, we didn't get our sushi until after the movie started. Then we went back to the Bear Den and gamed, and watched movies, and cuddled puppies, and played Cards Against Humanity... :3 It was a great day.

MI13 - Day 1

2013-Dec-26, Thursday 08:22 pm
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I wouldn't say it was eventful, but it was fun :3 We game, we make food (burritos, yum!), aaaand despite the ice we went shopping!

Traveling to MI

2013-Dec-25, Wednesday 08:15 pm
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Looooong trip is long :|

4th Circle

2013-Dec-24, Tuesday 04:59 pm
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So we're brave souls. Beth is in need of a few last-minute, forgotten things... so we must venture forth... to Wal-Mart...on December 24th....dang.

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MM kicks off theme week with her family's (boring) Christmas traditions.


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